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Saturday, March 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:06 am BBT brief snippet from HOH with Andrew and Kenny. So it seems it was Paul who passed the remark to Andrew that riled everyone up but it is better strategically to send Kyle out first. They know that Paul will try to backdoor one of the guys if he gets the chance but Kyle is a bigger threat.

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12:16 am BBT Sabrina Ika Kyle and Adel in the bedroom with Adel carrying around a Canadian flag as if he just won an Olympic medal. The boys in the HOH are headed downstairs again. Adel says he loves this country and wanted to be a pro hockey player but he was too short. Sabrins keeps saying she is terrified and will hide all day tomorrow, then says she is just kidding. audio cutting in and out but returns in time for Sabrina to say her nipples are out and she covers her boobs even though she is wearing a sweatshirt. Kenny and Andrew headed outside probably for another smoke. John follows them out with a coffee mug.

12:23 am BBT Paul, Kyle and Adel are in the bedroom now where the guys are giving Paul a hard time about not having a good poker face and how playing the family card with everyone is not working. Paul keeps talking about how one of them can win the POV and they will be OK and the other two keep telling him that they are screwed in the game. Feeds are all loading now except for 5 which is in the War room. They are talking about auditions and getting into the house.

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11:46PM BBT The Hn Ika and Heather is whispering very softly. While Andrew Sabrina Kenny talking loudly in HoH.

11:54PM BBT Jon and Arlie in BR cooking up a plan to watch was is going on and they both plan on keeping an alliance secretly.

11:58PM Adel,Paul on Hammock they are saying that Sabrina and Andrew is running the house and they are going to stir up trouble.

12:02AM BBT we have foth at the moment.

12:08AM BBT We continue to have Hush Hush screen.

12:16 AM BBT Kenny and Andrew in Hoh they are about to have a smoke break. Sabrina Kyle, Ika and Adel Laughing in the Br, So far no mention why we was on hush screen.

12:22AM BBT Sabrina and Ika is in the BY Sabrina is asking Ika what Kyle said she refuse to say.

12:26AM BBT Paul,Kyle and Adel in BR making fun of Kenny and Andrew. Paul said as a joke he never watch this show. Paul has a plan to fight for the Pov and take himself off.

12:31 AM BBT Sabrina and Ika just join Adel and Paul Sabrina said to them you guys are not sure you are going up on the block.

12:35AM BBT Andrew,Kenny Arlie in KT. They are amking fun of Rachelle. While in the war room Scott and Allison thinks the boys are running the house. They think Paul and Adel could come up with drama. The war room is asking to use the BR.

12:41AM BBT Ika is lying on the green couch, Jon And Arlie just join her they are having chips but she is on Hn.

12:45 AM BBT We continue to have Hush hush screen.

12:49 AM Sabrina, Andrew Arlie and Ika in the Kt making a snack. they are all wondering what the twist is.

12;59 AM Andrew, Kyle and Jon on the green couch Planning for a work out day tomorrow..

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1:05 AM BBT

Arlie was called to the DR. Kenny, Jon, Andrew talking farts. Now they are talking about when the internet started and napster and what grade they were in.

1:10 AM BBT

BB scolded the boys for their language and talking about production. They were not sure if BB was talking to them.

1:15 AM BBT

Andrew, Kenny and Jon are trying to figure out the time and the time zones between areas. Arlie just came out of the DR.

1:21 AM BBT

Arlie started to talk about looking at his junk today and BB cut the feed. Do you think they have a big red panic button to hit when they don’t want something heard that cuts all the feeds at the same time? The WR has been on HotH for a while now.

1:32 AM BBT

Kenny and Andrew went to brush their teeth. Sabrina was in the WA while Kenny was doing that. In the WR Nate, Allison and Scott went to bed while the feeds were off – all is quiet.

1:39 AM BBT

In the BR two of the girls are whispering (can’t tell who) but the audio seems to be off. In the HOHR Kenny and Andrew are waiting for the lights to go out. Kenny is sleeping on the couch tonight. In the LR Artie is reading the rules and whispering to himself in the mirror.

1:50 AM BBT

Artie went into the WC. Artie says to himself he is rattled. In the BR it looks like the girls talking are Sabrina and Ika? They seem to be having quite the conversation with a lot of giggling. Artie is walking in circles as he brushes his teeth. Artie just entered the BR.

2:00 AM BBT

Artie is putting water on a shirt or shorts and putting that on his head and then sprinkling himself with water trying to cool down.

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2:15 AM BBT

Everyone is in bed. In the BR Ika and Sabrina are still talking but still no audio.

2:32 AM BBT

Ika is crying. Sadness or happiness….we’ll never know. Sabrina is giving her a hug and laughing.

2:54 AM BBT

Ika and Sabrina are still talking, and laughing in the BR while the other HGs sleep. Audio is still off.

3:03 AM BBT

BB has moved the cameras away from the girls to Artie as he sleeps. Time for me to head off to bed too. Night all!

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10:25AMBBT: We are on HotH on 4 feeds. The war room (WR) feed is up. They are awake and drinking water, coffee. Small talk, nothing major going on.

10:30AMBBT: The WR is now moving the bobbleheads around, talking about who is with who, Alison sings "Secret Society in the morning!" Scott says about Kenny "He is as gay as the hills are alive with the sound of music." They call Kenny's bobblehead the bearded lady. Nate says they are always out to lunch in the morning. Nate is now eating twistos, Scott says "I love taking my Twistos and crumbling them on to salad!" Alison says "They are like tasty croutons!" (Twistos is sponsoring the secret twist in the game)

10:35AMBBT: They are talking about Alison's friends and chicken wings. She says her male friends are very "beardy" right now. Nate asks if the bearded lady is "doing it for her". They are now talking about parties that Scott has thrown. Turkey dinner, all the fixings, at a rooftop patio at Christmas time (he rented it) for 12 of his friends and they ate Christmas dinner while viewing the Halifax skyline. Alison has done a ski shot (6 shot glasses on a ski and 6 people have to take the shot together as the glasses are attached to the ski)

10:40AMBBT: Alison "Oh we have Frosted Flakes.... uhhh I mean flakes that are frosted!" They have discovered they have cheerios and fruit loops. It is a lot of small talk, Scott is getting used to the bright lights in the WR. Scott is talking about his niece and nephew.

10:45AMBBT: Scott is explaining a game he would play with his niece and nephew. They would have to pretend to be dead and then the "undertaker" has to wake them up without touching them. Alison says she just wants to eat. Scott says he has drag queenified the room. Nate says there is glitter everywhere and Gary would be proud.

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10:50AMBBT: Scott and Alison are missing communication. Alison misses her interval timer. Nate offers to countdown for her. She says no. Nate wants to paint his nails. Scott says they have no nail polish remover so he better not screw up up. They are all now painting nails.

10:55PMBBT: Nate is learning how to paint nails. He sniffs the nail polish, says it is deadly. Alison is coaching him. Scott seems nervous. Now Scott has showed him how to apply it in 3 strokes.

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11:00AMBBT: The main house feeds are still "hushed"! In the WR, Scott's nails are done. He gave Nate a 9 out of 10 for painting them. Nate says he enjoyed it. Alison is going through other colours she has. Scott keeps saying "Nice! Nice!" Nate asks what a top coat is.

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11:12AMBBT: The nail party is done in the WR. Alison and Nate are quoting Ace Ventura (there are still some audio issues today). Alison is making them laugh with her imitations of Jim Carrey.

11:15AMBBT: Scott is explaining the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" to Alison and Nate. He does a really good job giving the rundown. Big brother tells them to "Please stop using brand names" They are confused about what brand name they used. Nate thinks it was the movie name.

11:20AMBBT: The WR chat is talking about favorite foods. French Onion soup, bisque, seafood chowder. It is just making conversation.

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11:25AMBBT: Alison is talking about her Ipsy bag and how she gets great stuff for $10 a month plus shipping. Scott gets excited. Scott then says "There are 13 people standing in our way for $100K" They do not know about the trip. Scott thinks it is a car still. Then the talk goes back to Ipsy. Nate is out of the loop. Scott tells him "I will get you a nail file to grate some cheese!" Scott pulls out his pedicure kit, callous/corn remover and tells Nate he could use that!

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11:30AMBBT: Alison and Scott miss facebook. Scott has 300 plus friends on FB. Alison has over 700. Scott doesn't have twitter. Someone is there! They have a delivery!

11:35AMBBT: It is a food delivery into the WR. We can hear but, can't see them. They got iced tea, a little pepsi, some nachos, salsa and cheese (which Nate was whining about earlier). Ice is melting in the fridge. Alison says "Thank you Big Sister!" Nate is mowing down! Scott says he needs to ask some hard core questions. Alison says "Ok but my parents are watching!"

11:40AMBBT: The food discussion continues. Every time they mention a restaurant, Big Brother tells them "Please stop talking about brand names." Scott and Alison agree they can eat lobster and butter everyday.

11:45AMBBT: We have all 5 feeds on HotH. Stay tuned.

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12:30pm BBT the only cam that is on is the
war room all others have the hoth up, the three
of them are sitting around the lite table just chatting
no game talk, they are watching the live feeds that we
dont have.

12:35pm BBT Nate is playing somekind of game that they made up,
Scott says that he is flying high right now, but its worth it for
his country. (like does CA really care?)

12:40pm BBT nothing has changed Nate and Allison are throwing something in a cup, a game they
made up. Scott is just walking around all other cams are on the hoth. Scott says they
saw the pov comp and hoh.

12:45pm BBT the game as stopped now. they are
now just sitting around talking Scott and Allison are
laying on their bunks Nate is sitting at the round table playing
with the dolls.

12:50pm BBT Scotts is saying that it will be hard to
figure out who is nominated. Paul will freak out, now they are talking
about who they think will be nominated Kyle? Neda maybe.
Scott is talking about what he wants to dress the breaded lady in.
I think hes talking about Kenny. Its the HOTH

1:05pm BBT Its still the HOTH must be nominations.

1:25pm BBT well it look like we arent going to
be seeing much in the house, until later on its been
the HOTH for like ever.

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3:00PM BBT: House is still FOTH. War room pretty quite they can see into the house but with no sound they are having a very hard time determining what's going on.

3:04PM BBT: Trivia- What percentage of Canadians voted Gary back into the house in the Power Shift?

3:20PM: Trivia Answer 39.18%. That was a hard one will make the next one easier .

3:30PM BBT: Trivia- What did Talla give Tom on the KT table when he was HOH?#BBCAN2 3:50PM BBT: Trivia answer a lap dance. Congrats 2PeopleRStupid13

3:55PM BBT: War Room guests discussing how some of the house guests are blindfolded and doing chores. Allison said Sabrina, Sara, Neda, Ika, Kenny, Heather, and Arlie are the ones wearing the blindfolds.

4:12PM BBT: Feeds up! Jon is helping a blindfolded Neda linesome shoes up at the end of a bed in the BR. Jon is explaining to Neda how to complete the task.

4:16 BBT: Paul is in charge of blindfolded Ika and Kenny. They just walked up the stairs picking up shoes, makeup, basically anything out of place and taking it to the BR. some shoes up at the end of a bed in the BR. Jon is explaining to Neda how to complete the task.

4:21PM BBT: Andrew has a blindfolded Sarah straitening the WA. They are working very well together. (They must have been at this for awhile, house is really looking good)

4:28PM BBT: Adel has a blindfolded Arlie they are up in the BR alone and Arlie saying to Adel I am sorry for what the boys did to you last night I hope you know I don't feel that way. Adel said he know's and he wants to work on getting the big 3 out next.se is really looking good)
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4:37PM BBBT: Andrew said the house is clean now and everyone can stop cleaning. He said this is task 1 of 3.

4:40PM BBT: They are discussing that when they finish the 3 challenges they will get a reward.

4:46PM BBT: Everyone on the green couch discussing what they want they reward to be (Most want alcohol).

4:55PM BBT: Next challenge is for all of the house guests to stand on top of a red sheet. They have to turn it completely over without anyone touching the floor with any part of their body. They have to do it in the middle of the green couch.

5:00PM BBT: The HG's just finished the task!
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5:00PM BBT: HG's have complete the "Magic Carpet Ride" for the 2nd task. They had to stand on a red sheet and not step off and flip the sheet over without stepping off. Feeds to HotH.

5:04PM BBT: Meanwhile the War Room 3 are fairly quiet.

5:06PM BBT All in LR on green couch. 3rd and final task the HGs will be tied together with a rope, in one hg's shirt sleeve and out the pant leg and vice versa for the next HG and so on. If they complete the task, BB will "give them a ring". They think a phone call.

5:10 PM BBT: Andrew is starting. They are unravelling the rope and Andrew puts the end down his shirt sleeve. Adel and Kyle whispering, but can't tell what they're saying.

5:11PM BBT: The rope is getting tangled. Andrew, Jon and Heather try to untangle it. The rope looks like it's a mile long! Andrew puts one end up his shirt sleeve.

5:14PM BBT: Can hear Adel and Kyle whispering "She's so fake". BB tells Adel to adjust his mic. Kyle tells him to whisper louder.

5:16PM BBT: Andrew has weaved the rope down his sleeve and out his pant leg. Heather puts the rope up her shorts and out her shirt sleeve, next is Ika in the sleeve and out the leg of the shorts.

5:17PM BBT: Sabrina has the rope through her pants and out her shirt sleeve, next is Kyle, then Adel, and Paul, pulling the rope out his sleeve as Neda pulls the end down the top of her dress and out the bottom.

5:21 PM BBT: After Neda, Kenny puts the rope up his pants and out his sleeve, next is Arly, then Sara and Jon last. They're almost done. Speculating what BB means about giving them a ring. One of the HGs says it's gonna be a wrestling ring. The rope is complete, just making it tauter now.

5:23 PM BBT: They tell BB they're done the task then feeds go to HotH. The War Room 3 discuss the comp and aren't sure who they are rooting for. Feeds back. The HG's still tied together and going up the stairs

5:25PM BBT: They each touch the entryway door then head back down the stairs. Must be instructions from BB.

5:26PM BBT: They have a LOT of rope left so trying to maneouver around with the excess. They are now all in a circle back inside the sofa ring.

5:28PM BBT: Someone must have made cookies which are still in the oven. They were concerned about them getting burned. All feeds, including War Room now on HotH.

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6:40PM BBT: All feeds still on HotH.

5:46PM BBT: Feeds back. Adel and Kyle talking. Neda is on the block, Adel and Kyle think they are going to take Neda off and put one of them up.

5:48PM BBT: Kyle and Adel leave the WA area and go to the main bedroom. Looking for PJ (Paul) and couldn't find him. Both laying on beds whispering. They think one of the 3 of them are going home. Adel and Kyle think it'll be PJ leaving since he pulled the racist card.

5:51PM BBT: Heather comes in the bedroom looking for something while Kyle and Adel still whispering. They say so matter what, Neda will come off the block and one of the 2 of them will go up. Kyle says Andrew is walking around the house like "King SH*T".

5:55PM BBT: The rest of the HG's are in the kitchen, making food or eating food and making small talk.

6:00PM BBT. Adel and Kyle agree to ignore the girls. Adel and Kyle agree the 3 of them (incl. PJ) are in the worst position in the house.

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6:33 PM BBT The HGs inside the house are eating. The war room HGs are having casual conversation.

6:36 PM BBT Scott says he needs to make Andrew's costume for this evening.

6:37 PM BBT It seems like Allison is getting ready to do Yoga in the war room. Nate may join her. Then the feeds shut off.

6:39 PM BBT Actually Allison and Nate are exercising while watching the HGs inside the house. Scott is preparing Andrew's outfit.

6:43 PM BBT Allison tells Nate not to give up. "They don't want to see a quitter.

6:45pm BBT Heather says one of the guys are trying to turn the rest of the girls on her. Sabrina tells her, "I told you to watch out for him."

6:53 PM BBT Sabrina is whispering about Kyle, but I can't make out what she is saying. Andrew says he is going to win the POV tonight.

6:54 PM BBT Andrew says Kyle is going home this week and Paul will go home next week.

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7:00PM BBT: In Hoh is Andrew, Arlie, Rachelle, Ika, Sarah and Sabrina. Talk is about some people making personal attacks against others. Sabrina was called "a cow" earlier. Other have complaints about mean things being said. They looking fwd to their tasks reward later and trying to figure out what the reward will be.

7:02PM Jon joins the HoH crew and crashes on the bed...complimenting all the girls in the room. Everyone is exhausted.

7:05PM BBT: Heather and Neda join the HoH room. 8 peeps in there now. Jon and Sabrina talking. Jon says to her he'll love all these peeps inside and outside of the house.

7:06PM BBT: Talk about them getting to watch a movie later? I don't think it's part of the reward b/c they were discussing earlier what "ring" could mean. Talk is now about things going missing and Kenny guarantees it is probably one of "them" (Adel, Kyle or Paul).

7:12PM BBT: Feeds 1 and 2 on HotH. 3 and 4 are on 9 peeps in the HoH and 5 is also on HotH. BBCAN asks the HG's to remember Canada is watching and to please watch their language. Not much else but small talk right now.

7:18PM BBT: Noms are confirmed as Neda and Paul. HoH crew anxious for PoV. BB calls all HG`s to the kitchen.

7:18PM BBT: BB says there is a screening coming up (movie) and that Neda, Sarah, Jon and I didn't catch if there were other names as feeds went to HotH. on Cam 4 (the one I was watching).

7:20PM BBT: All 5 cams on HotH now.

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7:37PM BBT: All cams still on HotH.

7:45PM BBT: I am guessing BBCan production doesn't want us to even speculate on what is going on in the house right now with ALL feeds, including War Room being on HotH.

7:50PM BBT: While feeds are on HotH, I've been watching a bit of After Dark on another computer. It seems Adel's in-house nickname is "Spider Monkey". I think it may have come from Ika.

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