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Survivor 28 - Episode 2 - March 5 2014

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Tonight on Survivor: Spencer is struggling with the choice to keep Jtai at camp after she sabotaged the food. Tasha says she changed her vote to vote out Garrett after she found out about the alliance. Now she and Kass have agreed on a girl alliance. Kass hopes the girls will say loyal to her.

On the Brawn tribe, Tony was snooping around and Sarah approached him at the fire. He admits to her that he is a cop. She says she has "copdar" and cop blood runs thick so she will be loyal to him and they will be partners in crime. He plants seeds in her head about convos to see if it comes back to him. It was a lie but he is trying to trap her.

It is raining, heavily. Tony complains. Trish tells us she is trying to keep the fire alive, they have it partially covered but it is still getting wet. If the fire goes out they say they are screwed.

The storm is raging. They have non stop rain, running out of water. They have been up the whole night. Lindsay lost a toe nail. Tony is spreading rumors to Sarah again. He is laying it on thick. She tells him "Blue blood, it's the blue blood." They agree that they are now Cops R us alliance and he tells her not to go behind his back. Tony tells us he trusts no one.

The beauty tribe is huddled in their shelter. Jefra says this is a survival nightmare, they are soaked and are wrinkly and the reality is it is really really hard. Jer and LJ are working to fix the shelter as the girls stand, shake, complain and watch.

During the monsoon heavy rains, LJ starts looking for the idol. He thinks that Morgan was looking for it on the cliff when they arrived at camp day 1 (he is right) and he finds it! In the water attached to a rock!

The morning brings drier skies! Brains gets treemail with a little budda like thing attached to it. "You'll be mazed and confused, this much will be true." It is a team challenge for a better shelter and supplies which they need after Jtia dumped the rice in the fire. Tasha wants to practice and the rest of the tribe is procrastinating. Spencer wants to work on getting water. Tasha takes him to the beach to practice throwing water at one another for the challenge.

Challenge time! The teams come in. They will use a bucket to scoop water to pass the water from tribe mate to mate into a container. It will release a ball and they need to use it to work through a maze. They are playing for Shelter items and comfort, net, tarp, blankets and pillows. Second tribe gets a tarp and rope. Plus they will win immunity. Tony and Lindsay Jefra and Alexis are sitting out.

They have to pass the water then toss the bucket then throw what is in the bucket to the person who then pours what they got into the container. Beauty tribe is in the lead. Spencer is struggling to get the water to Tasha and Tasha and Jtia start to bicker.

Beauty tribe is working on the maze! They have a good lead! Brawn are now working on the maze! Brain tribe is really behind. Spencer is frustrated.

Brains are on the maze! finally! The Braun tribe is very close to winning and They did it! First place!

Beauty is struggling big time! Brains have it! They won! Immunity and the reward! They are ecstatic!

The Brain tribe (Luzon) is very emotional. Jeff says he will miss them at tribal. He tells the Beauty tribe he has nothing for them but a date at tribal. He dismisses them.

Brawn is very happy that they won the reward. Tony found another immunity idol clue. He has the idol but he doesn't want anyone else to know it is out there. He found it in the hammock. Which falls down the first time someone tries it.

the Beauty tribe is really down with the loss. The fire is out, they lost the challenge, they are going to tribal, LJ asks if any of them are ready to go home tonight. He wants to give them that option. No one says anything. He and Jer are talking about getting rid of Brice. Brice worries that he is a social threat and he wants to talk to Jer to get rid of a girl tonight.

Brice is trying to talk Jer into voting out Alexis. Jefra is confused by the discussions happening and she wants LJ out. Morgan tells her they need him for challenges. Jefra thinks someone is going to get blindsided. Jefra goes to Jer and tells him what Morgan said. Jer feels stuck with the way the votes may go.

Day 8 and Beauty is going to tribal. There is talk about the votes splitting. Jer fears being put in the middle. He is thinking LJ and Brice should help him vote Alexis out. Brice feels comfortable with LJ and Jer.

at tribal they get fire. Jeff asks about the cliches about being beautiful. Brice says he was excited to be apart of this tribe and he is at the butterfly stage of his life. Jefra says it was like one big party at their tribe until the storm came. Now they are paranoid. Brice says there have been clear formations about people at camp.

Brice rambles til he lets it slip that he is voting Alexis. She says he could be saying that because he wants to swing the vote. They talk about idols and how people think Morgan might have one. Brice, Morgan and Alexis are all concerned with going home. They begin voting.

No one plays an idol.

One Alexis, One Brice, One Morgan. Alexis has 2, Brice has 2, Morgan has 2. They have a tie. So, now LJ, Jefra and Jer will vote for those 3.

Second round of voting.. Brice. and Brice again. He is the first one off Solana!

Jeff asks them how quickly they can recover and dismisses them from tribal.

Next time on Survivor. The Brawn tribe is looking at throwing the challenge to get someone out but, the challenge itself is very difficult!
We will see you next week!

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