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Survivor 28 - Episode 1 - Feb 25 2014


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3 tribes... Beauty, Brawn and Brains. They make their way in by helicopter, truck and boat. We have beauty queens, models, lawyer, cops, athletes, MLB team owner. JP tells us it is the ultimate challenge! Who has what it takes to claim the million dollar prize? 39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor!

JP welcomes them to Survivor. He tells them there are 3 qualities to succeed in this game, Beauty, Brains and Brawn. They have to guess which tribes they are in, they all guess right. Brawn says they will stomp on the other 2 tribes, they all giggle. They are choosing a leader for each tribe.

LJ is chosen for the beauties, Sarah for the brawn, David for the brains. The leaders from each group have to decide who the weakest is from each group. LJ picks Morgan. She says there is a first for everything.

Sarah names Trish. David says the pants didn't match the jacket he is wearing so it is not a suit. He picks Garrett as his weak player.

JP says they are flying ahead to camp, the 3 tribes will be there eventually and the weak players will be making a decision for the tribe once they get there. The 3 tribes are Luzon, Solana and Appari.

"You have a decision to make, you can help yourself or help your tribe. You choose to help the tribe, you will be given a second bag of rice. If you chose to help yourself, you will be given a clue to the hidden immunity idol."

Garret chose the idol. Trish struggles with the decision. She chooses the rice! Morgan chooses the idol.

Garret is crawling around the water in the waterfall looking for the idol, he finds it! He is very confident now!

Morgan is looking along the rock shelf for the idol. She climbs up on the rock cliff along the shore as the tribe walks on to the beach. She takes her time walking back to the beach, she looks sick that she got caught.

Solana ("Beauty") have arrived at their beach!
Morgan says it was obvious to what she was doing. Then she realized she can lie, they don't know! She tells them she picked the rice, shelter and fishing stuff and she was checking out the tide pools for crab. LJ is suspicious. He says she either has the idol or the clue.

Morgan and Brice talk smack about LJ. Brice tells her he has her back and Morgan says they have a connection. They have fire, they did it without flint. They want to prove that beauty can mean success.

Aparri ("Brawn") is at their beach. Trish came to them with open arms and tells them she chose the rice and the tribe over the clue. They all agree to build shelter first. They are all talking while building. Woo is on to Cliff Robertson from the Portland Trailblazers! Cliff came clean to the tribe around who he was. Tony denies being a cop.

Luzon ("Brains") are at their beach! Jtia says she is a nuclear engineer and she is going to tell them how to build the shelter. Tasha worries about Jtia's bossiness as she tells them how to do things but, she isn't helping otherwise. When tribe members ask her about her plan, Jtia gets confrontational and they are giving up on her fast. David says she is too much.

Challenge! JP welcomes them to the arena. It is for immunity! They need to move a cart through a course to collect keys to unlock chests to remove pieces to create a puzzle! He shows them the idol. They cheer. They are also playing for a fire making kit. Second tribe to finish gets a flint.

they all take off with their carts, they all have their keys, they unlock the chest, move them on to the carts. On to the second chests! They are all pretty close. Cliff got a lead for brawn! He is on to the 3rd chest and ar taking the cart apart to go through the obstacle. Jtia is screaming at the tribe.

The Brawn tribe has the cart back together, getting it through the obstacle course well. The brains have fallen behind. Their cart has fallen apart several times. Beauty and Brawn have their puzzles well underway. Brain is not even at the puzzle. JP says the worst showing in Survivor history out of the gate.

Beauty and Brawn are done the first 2 puzzles. Beauty is close. 2 pieces left. and they win immunity and fire kit (they already have fire) Brawn wins immunity and flint. Brains are going to tribal, someone is going home.

Jtia is rehashing the challenge. The others say they need to stop saying they are smarter, they are getting their butts kicked. David is talking to Kass about Jtia vs Garret, Kass says Jtia needs to leave first for tribe harmony.

Kass tells Jtia she wants to vote for her. Jtia says she pulled her weight in the challenge, Kass says "You got to rest for 3 days!" Jtia heads to Tasha and complains about Kass. Garret is pushing for David to go home. He says David is the biggest threat.

Spencer talks to Garret about idols. Garret says nothing. Spencer thinks they should vote out Jtia, to play it safe. Garret doesn't have 4 solid votes for tribal, he doesn't want to go that way. They arrive at tribal!

Garret jumps off his seat at tribal. He was spooked by a spider. JP asks Jtia about camp. She starts running on about the shelter and being helpful, how Kass told her she was voting her out. David says he thought it was going well with Jtia and they it stopped going well. JP calls her out about saying she blew it and then jumps in once David says she blew it. They begin talking about David's decision to nominate Garret as the weakest.

Garret says he now trusts his team. David says Garret is safe tonight. Jtia is talking again. She says they are her people and she wants David to go home. David says when you are going to be voted out, that is what you do, you throw others out there. Spencer thinks they should be voting out the one who no one gets along with. Kass votes first, Jtia looks nervous..

No one plays the idol. Lots of huge cracks of thunder!

JP Beings to read the votes. Jtia has one David has one. They are now tied with 2. 3 David... 4 David! David is the first voted out.

JP throws them a flint. David says he played the way he did to get forward in the game, the tribe needs to get it together. The next morning, Jtia asks who has suggestions about putting the fire together. Garret says he is not having fun. It's not a cool adventure for him. He is whining.

Spencer says tribal went as good as they could have planned, this way they now have options. Kass says she was blindsided and she tells us she is now #3 for someone. She is the swing vote!

Kass "We can do our stupid handshake, whatever, I have no allegiance to anyone, but ya they think I am final 3."

Cliff say "Batman had Robin, Cliff has Woo! Woo is my wing man." They took the boat out and flipped it. They bring it back to the beach, hold it up and tilt it to drain the water out. Tony seems jealous of Cliff. He doesn't like that the tribe likes Cliff. Cliff is a fave among the tribemates.

Brice tells us is a beautiful day on a beautiful tribe. He tells us about his tribe mates and how some are a few crayons short of a full box. Brice has worked everyone's angles. Tells LJ that country folk have to stick together. Tell Morgan he has her back.

Lindsay and Trisha get confrontational about collecting wood. As Trish leaves, Lindsay starts imitating Trish's Boston accent. Tony starts calming her down (which would pump up everyone else) he is making a little spy shack. He is really paranoid. His main target is Cliff. Tony says he has more brain than brawn.

JP tells them David was voted out as they walk into the challenge. They need to swim out to a bamboo cage, untie the cage door, remove the traps, swim back to shore where one person puts the puzzle together. They are playing for a large fish kit and pans! Second gets a smaller kit with lures and line. Cliff and Brice are sitting out.

Everyone is swimming well but Jtia is the last to get to the cage, everyone has to get in the cage to start working on it. Brains are behind again.

There are several knots in the cage to untie. Brawn and Brains are first out, the fish traps are heavy, Brains have picked up some time.

Brains are back first! Brawn has lost momentum, Beauty is struggling. Spencer tells Brains to not get confident. Jtia is working on the puzzles. Brawn is hurt, Sarah and Tony are both cut open. Beauty is still in the water.

Jtia has one piece in. Sarah has 5. Beauty is now on the beach! Brawn wins immunity and reward! LJ has 2 pieces now for beauty. Jtia is panicked.

Jtia only has 2 pieces in. LJ wins! They came back from behind. Jtia says she failed.

Brains are going back to tribal.

Brawn makes it back to their beach. Sarah says blood, sweat and tears and they get the job done. Tony goes for the basket, looking for the idol clue. He finds it in the tackle box. Puts it in his pocket. It says a body of water holds protection. He thinks it is in the pond behind camp in the log. He finds it.

Tony whispers "I am king of the jungle"

Garret asks the tribe what they want to do, they should talk as a tribe. Kass says Jtia held them back. Spencer says that he agrees and they do need to win. Tasha says she wants to talk to people individually. Garret says he doesn't want that. She is saddened by the lack of scheming and side talk. Garret says he doesn't want to do that anymore. She yells at him to quit. She is frustrated as Garret thinks they should all stay together until tribal. She tells us he should get out of there, it is not how the game is played.

On Luzon (Brains), the tribe is still struggling with the way things are being done. Spencer feels like they now have to babysit these girls so the right person goes home. Tasha and Kass go to the water and Tasha tells her "I am telling you, 1.2." Jtia is at camp. Tasha is really making her case and the guys go to the water as Jtia starts snooping around. She tells us she was the mental patient, they left her alone and she went crazy. Jtia poured the rice out into the fire.

Garret says he is at a new rock bottom. Kass wants to see the data about how they came up with the criteria for brains. She was going to talk to Jtia when she got back to camp but now says she can't align with someone like that.

At tribal, the brains tell JP about the drama at camp. Jtia says she got upset and wanted to hurt Garret so she poured the rice in the fire. Tasha says that is why she wanted to talk in private was because Jtia is volatile.

Kass tells JP about her and Tasha washing their feet and the boys came down to observe them. If they had stayed at camp, they would still have rice. JP is confused as to how this all happened and tells Garret that was his own fault for leaving the rice. Garret is talking about an alliance and who is in or out, no one is sure if they are in or out. We are now voting.

No one plays the idol. Garret one, 2 for Jtia. Tied with 2 each. Garret is out! The girls are all smiles. Spencer looks nervous.

Spencer "Who wants to welcome me to the bottom?" Kass "It's not so bad" JP tells them they are the strangest tribe he has seen and sends them back to camp.

Garret says he was totally blindsided and left his idol at camp because he was so sure about what was going to happen that night. It was embarrassing.
Next time on Survivor... Tony is looking for an ally, everyone else is looking to hang on. Lots of rain and thunderstorms.

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Garret sealed his fate when he said that Kass made the overtures to have an alliance with him and Spencer. Kass was not going to work with or trust someone who lied and exposed her that way. It was a great blindside and utterly deserved because behind Kass' back he was talking about voting her out. Too bad he left the idol at camp...at least he would have had something to auction off on ebay.

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I wonder if someone can find the idol in his stuff and use it?

Was thinking the same thing Rose. Probably what will happen is the idol will be re-hidden and no mention that production took it from his personal stuff.

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