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Houseguest thread: Kyle Shore


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Kyle Shore

Age: 24

Hometown: Porter’s Lake, NS

Occupation: Personal training and picking up the ladies downtown. It might as well be an occupation.

Describe yourself in three words: Jacked, charming, and athletic.

Who is your Big Brother idol (any season, any country) and why?

The BBUS12 cast is cool. Enzo is funny. Britney is a fireball – hot as hell. Rachel’s (BBUS12 and BBUS13) laugh echoes around the world and it’s God-awful. It was a clutch cast for sure. Ultimately, I’m going to say that “The Brigade” (Enzo, Matt, Lane, and Hayden) had the best strategy – Final 4 until the end.

Side Show Showdown! Who would you take to final two, Gary Levy or Peter Brown, and why?

Gary for sure! He was dead honest and played himself the whole time. Peter I’d probably eat him for breakfast. I’m always hungry though. I’m 225 lbs.

What prized possession (person, place, or thing) will you miss most and least?

Most: My friends. We get together with drinks every weekend and hit the clubs. Booze and friends. None of this tear-jerker family stuff. I’m not going to say that.

Least: Living in my mom’s basement of course! There’s no privacy there. It’s like Shawshank Redemption down there. My life is the Big Brother house already – I’m always being watched at home. Now, I just won’t get yelled at for leaving the lights on. People think I’m joking, but I’m not.

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

Brain. What do I look like here, an astronaut?! I don’t even know where my boxers are right now. I don’t fear the brain challenges, though. People will mistake my stupidity for strategy. Like “Awwww, look, he’s just like a monkey learning tools.”

Do you have a strategy going in to the house?

I have somewhat of strategy. I know how to play the field and I’m upfront. But in the house, if I survive, I want to gauge everyone, and figure out personalities. Assess situations and interact with each person on their terms and then weed them out. I don’t want to be an ass right off the bat – I’ll hold back and then slowly unleash the douche bag.

What is your biggest pet peeve about other people?

Fake people. Really dishonest people who change their loyalties every five minutes. People who aren’t real bug me. Gary (BBCAN1) was real, he was awesome. Be you in the house and don’t change it up! Liza (BBCAN1) went from being a strong woman to crying in the hammock with Tom (BBCAN1) and Peter (BBCAN1). Brutal.

If you could warn your fellow houseguests about one of your character traits, what would it be?

You better not be in my way in a physical competition because I will steamroll you. Pain train is coming through!

What are you in it for?

I wanna get out of my mom’s basement. But really, I want to show the world that Canada isn’t just full of apologetic people! The guys in season one had way too much estrogen.573x.jpg

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