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September 27th Show Coverage


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The Amazing Race 8

This is your Show Thread for The Amazing Race 8 and this is how it works:

We need people to cover the show so we can post a summary on our TAR Page. We need volunteers to commit to writing a segment (from commercial to commercial) and people who will post as they watch the show. Anyone doing screen caps can post them in this thread too. When you have written your segment, please post it here and it will get picked up and edited into our show summary.

The show is nearly here

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Guest ranster627

Televised Show: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

never done this for two hours before ... but welcome to the 2 hour premiere of The Amazing Race: Family Edition

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Guest ranster627

we opened on New York City ... Phil ... 10 families will embark on a race for one million

they come in by water taxi

The gasghan ... marathon runners ... connecticut

The siblings ... always a joke being played 1 daughter ... division by ages Linz

Paolo Family ... italian americans ...

The Black family ... we respect each other ... you don't have to hurt anybody in this race to win ... we have a lot of drive

Brankton ... dad and three daughters ... they joke about dad walder ...

Weaver family ... widow and family ... dealing with father's

Aeillo ... father and three son in laws ...

Shroeders ... dad step mom and children ... he has boisterous personality ...

sisters ... all blonde /// strong personalities

Rogers from Louisiana ... man is authority of the house ... underestimate them because they are from south

which family will muster the right combination needed to win one million dollars

they are gathered in park in brooklyn

most cases success will depend on ability to work as a team

some money at beginning of each

7 elimination points ... pit stops ...

they race for clues on bags

then jump into cars and drive across bridge into Manhattan

good luck travel safe ... go

they run across the park

drive yourselves to soho and get 4 sleeping bags and so on

gaghans first ...

weavers second

schroeders following people to brooklyn bridge

two rogers fell

paolo's slow


weavers in second ...

schroeders wrong way

rogers girl skimmed knee in run at park

god: driving wrong way ...

gaghan's first ... get directions ... they travel a lot ...

aiello's in third

Linz ...

gods get map

schroders ... Mark is very hardcore ... they might take him the wrong way

Bransens ... dad and girls ...

Black family works together rely on kids to watch ...

aiello's fight a lot ... but anyone get between us and they're in big trouble

purchase ...

schroder's in third

navigate 90 blocks to hot dog stand between Park and Lexington

aiello's ... so lost ...

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Guest ranster627

still in New York ...

(this ain't wasy to write folks)

most have left sporting goods store

sorry bickering ones were italian americans

"the weavers scream so loud" from dad and girls team ... weavers knocked over display

gaghan's working together

"too bad we don't have any handicapped children to push in the street to block the way ..."

black family hasn't travelled outside east coast

Linz's get there first

"cross G Washington Bridge and travel 97 miles ... find george washington crossing in Delaware park to ghet next clue ...

one by one they find hot dog stand

god girls in 4th

aiello fatherin-law team ... "he's going to have a heart attack"

bransens in 6th ... vendor would like to be on their team

weavers in 7th

blaxcks in 9th

paolo's bickerers in last

they all seek directions

weaver's confused about Pennsylvania ... get map

peolo's still trucking ...

historic criossing delaware costumes ...

chhose rowboast cross river get 13 star flag then row back and observe flag folding ceremony

aiello's first

bransens second

bransens get stuck on sandbar, dad dives in and saves them ...

aiello's get flag first

each boat has historic figure in it ...

pink ladies lost

recap ... all have supplies and head have hit hot dog stand heading to delaware crossing ...

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Guest ranster627

(sorry about the confusion ... so many people to keep track of)

aiello's completing task ... bransens behind them

rogers and weavers get to boats

gaghan's 5th

aiello's first with flag folding ...

philadelphia 34 miles ... fairmont park to camp overnight

race to set up camp an eagle scout will inspect camps and give one of three departure times

schroeders 6th

blacks in 7th "keep the general baby" caught in current ... drifting downstream

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Guest ranster627

black family needs to paddle harder to fight current

aiello's get to campground

weavers next

racing to set up tents

10 am aiello's


bransens 4th 10:30 time

god girl;s get to river in 8th place

linz family in 9th

sis wants to prove herself to brothers

Peolo's bickering in last

rogers 10:30

schroders in 6th ... 10:30 (he made handicapped remarks earlier)

Peolo mom lost clue ...

times are departure of camp times ...

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Guest ranster627

paolo's still fighting over clue ... don't go back for it

Black family at 11 they have cheer

god girls leave at 11

everyone helps last people

Linz's 9th

Paolo's make it ... 11 dep

rains overnight

10 am

weav, aiello, gaghers

92 miles to Mount Joy pennsylvania to farm to get next clue

pouring rain

1030 group leaves

bransen ... rogers ...

11 group leaves

Brubaker Farm is where they are headed

Paolo's bickeriong

at farm:

weavers ... detour

building and buggying

build a mini working water mill

buggying ... amish buggy with two team members ... physically demanding

aiello's weavers .... choose buggy

two pull and two ride

gaghans: buggy ... kids ride ...

weavers screaming ... buggy outta control ... one team person down

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Guest ranster627

mother got back up ...

aiello's pass them

weaver's move to building

Linz: buggy

gods: build

bransen: build

gaghans ...kids singing in buggy ... kids pass aiello's

black family: build

schroders build

rogers build 9th

Paolo: build then change minds to buggy

Linz's legs tired

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Guest ranster627

(does this show ever end?)

Linz's get moving again

weavers 1

lancaster pennsylvania ... pit stop

paolo's building and bickering

gods in 2nd

gaghans 3rd

bransens 4th

aiello's 5th

Linz kid pukes from farm smells

gods fighting

aurora family farm ... weavers praying

gods get tghere first!!!!

news: winners ... $20,000

weavers vs gaghans

foot race

gaghans get 2nd

weavers in 3rd

back to tasks ...

rogers leave in 6th

linz walking still

schroeders having trouble pin wedged in building

(Ed. Note: to now: we have three in at pitstop and the other 7 finishing tasks or driving to get there)

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Guest ranster627

schroeders got it ... leaving farm in 7th

he says turn right

paolo's leaving in 8th

bickering in car

mother upset ... she's had it

black family building

Linz's pushing

rogers ... team # 4

schroeders #5

Paolo mom yelling ... team # 6 now hugging and kissing

linz's walking ...

black's building ... son fell

bransens # 7

aiello's #8

black's finished building

Linz's finally done ...

last team will be eliminated

linz's following black family

linz's take another route ... make a move ... girl wanted to follow

Linz's are team # 9

Black Family is team #10

the last team to arrive

you have been eliminated from the race

boys crying

father ... can never be disappointed in my family

"we're a proud family"

mother said showed them the boys aren't babies anymore ...

very touching ...

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New York City.

From this city, 10 families embark on a race for $1,000,000.

The Teams


Gaghan Family - Marathoners

Siblings Family - Siblings

Paulo Family - Yorkers

Black Family - TBF

Bransen Family - DLG

Weaver Family - Holy Rollers

Aiello Family - DSIL

Schroeder Family - StepFam

Godlewski Family - Blondes

Rogers Family - Suthners

Now the question is how long will it take for me to remember who these 40 people are.

Are you ready?


Go! The Amazing Race is underway!

The first task, drive across the Brooklyn Bridge to Soho to find a supply store where they are to pick up supplies for the race. Out of the gate, Yorkers mom says she pulled something. Holly Rollers are second ones out. The Suthners' daughter fell and the son lost his shoe. The DLGs talk about shopping in soho. Marathoners are in first place, followed by Holly Rollers. StepFam go in the correct direction. DLG's make it onto the bridge. TBF crosses the bridge. Blondes go the wrong way down a one-way street.

Marathoners asks directions. StepFam family now in 2nd place. DSIL in 3rd place, try to sneak behind the 2nd place car and nearly run into a limo. Siblings follow a Yukon, ask them for directions. Blondes get a map from a guy driving next to them. DLG's are people watching. Suthners : daughter thinks NYC is pretty; son does not. TBF Dad says the kids are quicker on their feet than the parents.

DSIL family fights and argues, but they are family. Just try and get between them. Siblings get to Broadway and find the store, Eastern Mountain Sports. Marathoners are 2nd. Siblings must now navigate to hot dog stand 90 blocks away, Marathoners right behind. Blondes arrive and almost go to the wrong store. StepFam arrive. Blondes in 4th, StepFam in 3rd. Yorkers famly bemoans being lost in NY.

Yorkers are lost, without a phonebook. Son wonders why there are no phonebooks in the city. DSIL reaches the store. Suthners reach the store. DLG arrives at the store, screaming all the way in 7th place. They knock over a display. TBF arrives at the store in 8th place. Yorkers stops for directions and finally find the store. Siblings exhibit some rivalry. Marathoners little girl comments that spraypaint is popular in the city. DSIL Father says he has never been camping; the SILs say they will teach him how to be a guy. Marathoners overtake Holy Rollers. TBF has not travelled out of east coast - new to the city.

Siblings find the Frank Stand. They must cross the George Washington Bridge and travel 97 miles to Pensylvania to the Washington Crossing Historic Park. Marathoners reach the Frank Stand and send the little girl to get the clue. They are in 2nd place, StepFam in 3rd place. Blondes in 4th place. DSIL in 5th place, runds down the block to get his clue. DLG get their clue; the vendors, Frat brothers from a previous race, want to be on their team in 6th place. Suthners send mom and kids down to get their clue; they call the vendor Frank, and are in 7th place.

Marathon Kids take a nap. TBF gets their clue in 8th place. Yorkers gets their clue in last place. Lots of following going on. A number of teams stop for a map. One woman drives with her right leg up on the door handle. Another family stops a truck driver for directions, and tells him to stick with the lord. TBF kids sleeping. Yorkers mom asks if they want to stop to get something to eat or use a bathroom. Siblings stop at a rest area that is closed.

DSIL is first to the park. They have to row George Washington across the Delaware and back again with an American Flag. DLG arrive in 2nd place. DLG gets stuck. Former Marine in DSIL says it was moving to walk in Washington's shoes. If only it they were knee deep in snow and ice and freezing rain. DLG gets their flag. Suthners following Blondes who are lost. Holly Rollers say they will not let the rug rats (TBF) beat them.

TBF find the Washington Crossing, followed by Suthners in 4th place. Marathoners arrive in 5th place. DSIL delivers the flag (a Betsy Ross flag) and watches it get folded. Next stop is Fairmont Park in Philadelphia where they will camp for the night. Eagle scouts will award departure times in the order that tents are pitched. DLG makes their way to Philadelphia in 2nd place. StepFam arrives at the Crossing. Suthners grab their flag and head back to Pensylvania.

Suthners and Holy Rollers get their clue and head to Philadelphia. StepFam gets their flag. Marathoners get their flag. And their clues. TBF almost drives past the Washington Crossing marker. George Washington gives them tips on paddling up river. Siblings stop for a map, still looking for the Crossing. Yorkers try not to panic when they realize they have been driving the wrong way. TBF having trouble rowing up stream; the kids try not to panic.

After the commercial break, TBF gets their act together. DSIL is the first to arrive at the park, pick a spot and pitch their tent. DLG is stuck in traffic and are told they are going the wrong way. Holy Rollers arrive at the park. Marathoners arrive at the park. DSIL get the 10am departure. Marathoners are third. DLG gets 10:30am. TBF reaches their flag and sets back from Delaware.

Blondes arrive at the Crossing in 8th place. TBF leaves for Philadelphia in 7th place. Siblings arrive at the Crossing in 9th place. Yorkers arrive at the Crossing in last place. DSILs offer to help other teams set up their tents. Suthners get a 10:30am departure. StepFam get a 10:30am departure. Yorkers leaves the Crossing, but dropped the clue. They decide not to turn around and return to the crossing, as the younger son recites the clue to the letter.

TBF get their tent pitched and get an 10:30am departure. Blondes arrive and start their tent. The other families help them, and they get an 11am departure. Siblings arrive in 9th place and get an 11am departure. Yorkers arrive in last place and get an 11am departure. It rains overnight. There are 3 in the 10am group: Marathoners, DSIL, and Holy Rollers. They are on their way to Mount Joy, PA.

StepFam, Suthners, and TBF leave in the 10:30am group. Siblings and the rest of the 11am group leave. The Siblings decide to follow the Blondes. TBF says they have to follow someone. The teams travel through into Amish country. Holy Rollers are the first to reach the Detour. Teams must either Built It (a Water Mill) or Buggy It (transport an Amish buggy 1.5 miles with 2 team members inside). They choose to Buggy It.

DSIL arrives in 2nd place and chooses to Buggy It. Marathoners arrive 3rd and Buggy It, with the kids inside and mom and dad pulling. Holy Rollers trade out pullers. DSIL catches up. They go down hill, and Holy Rollers loose control of their buggy, with the mom getting run over by the buggy, screaming the brake did not work. The sisters and mom are shaken but OK. DSIL sets the brake. The Holy Rollers buggy is busted and they walk back to Built It, warning Marathoners to check their brakes.

DLG asks for directions. StepFam stops to give directions to the the car behind. Siblings and Blondes make their way into Amish country. TBF arrive at Mount Joy. Siblings choose buggy, DLG builds it, Blondes Built It. One of the siblings passes gas in an open air buggy; sister makes a big deal but Amish buggies don't run on gas. Marathoners catch up and pass a struggling DSIL, as the kids are singing "Coming around the mountain."

TBF arrives at the farm and choose to Built It. Marathoners arrive at the turnaround. DSIL realizes it is only the half way point. StepFam choose to Built It. Suthners choose to Built It. Yorkers arrive in last place and choose to Built It. Siblings realize they have to come back too and are running out of steam.

Holy Rollers complete their watermill and head for the Pit Stop in 1st place, Blondes in 2nd place. Marathoners return their buggy in 3rd place. DLG completes their watermill in 4th place. DSIL returns their buggy in 5th place. Siblings reach the turn-around, one of them puking to mark the event. Holy Rollers thank G-d and swear never to do strength again. Blondes need to take a pill. Marathoner's mom got a good butt workout. Holy Rollers pray for directions.

Blondes reach the pitstop as Team #1 and win $20k. Phil asks if they always talk over each other. Marathoners pull up behind Holy Rollers, who say a prayer, unbuckle and run. Marathoners are Team #2. Holy Rollers Team #3. DSIL and DLG try to find their way. Suthners complete their Water Mill in 6th place. StepFam jams their wheel but Dad gets it fixed and they get their clue to the Pit Stop.

Yorkers complete their Detour and head for the Pit Stop. Mom gets stressed out with the youngest's constant mouthing off. Suthners arrive at the Pit Stop, team #4. StepFam arrive in 5th place. Yorkers mom screaming at both kids now, but arrive at the Pit Stop in 6th place. Dad gives Phil a big bear hug, and an hour later Mom feels good about her kids and moving from 10th to 6th place. This will be the Jonathan and Victoria's of this season.

TBF kid goes to get water to test the mill and falls into the ditch, needing a Dad bailout. DLG arives at the Pit Stop in 7th place, DSIL in 8th place. TBF completes their Water Mill and receives their clue. Siblings return the buggy and get their clue. Both leave the Detour at the same time, TBF only a minute ahead. Siblings decide to follow, thinking they can run faster than the kids. Then they decide to go in a different direction.

The Siblings spot the silos. TBF spots the silos. Siblings arrive at the Pit Stop as does TBF. Who will it be? Siblings arrive in 9th place. Phil asks how it feels to be beaten by kids. The Black Family is the last time to arrive and is eliminated from the race. Phil says it has to be tough on the kids. Dad says sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but he is pround of how his family raced. Both kids remain stoic while fighting back the tears.


Who has to laugh at what the Amish had to be thinking about the racers...

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Guest ranster627

Televised Show: Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We open on the landmarks of New York City. Phil: This is New York City: beacon of freedom and cultural diversity for nearly 400 years, and from this great city a first in the history of The Amazing Race, ten families will embark on a race for 1 million dollars. Phil goes on to explain that the ten families (teams of four) are speeding by water taxi to Fault and Ferry State Park in Brooklyn.

The families: The Gaghan Family who feel that they will be underestimated by the other teams are marathon runners (Mom, Dad, and two kids). The Linz Family, all siblings (three brothers and a sister Megan), are pranksters. The Paolo Family is headed by Tony an Italian-American who immigrated to the US when he was 12 years old and is living the American Dream (Mom, Dad, and two boys). The Black Family is African-Americans and they too feel they will be underestimated but are very supportive of each other (Mom, Dad, two young sons). The Bransen Family are comprised of a father and three adult daughters who love to tease their dad. The Weaver Family are dealing with the tragedy of losing the father of the family (Mother/widow and three children). The Aiello Family is comprised of a father and his three sons-in-law. The Schroeder Family is a father, stepmother and two children team but the dad is considered boisterous outside of the family circle. The Godlewski Family is four blonde sisters who say not to let their blonde hair fool you and think they will be underestimated. The Rogers Family (Mom, Dad, two older kids) are from the south (Louisiana) and they think people have a stereotype of southerners that will leave them underestimated.

In the park, the teams are lined up for the start of the race. Phil: In just a few minutes you will be leaving on the ultimate family adventure. As you travel you will have to complete various tasks. Some of these tasks will require individual strength or endurance. But in most cases, success will depended on your ability to work as a team. The race is divided into many legs. At the start of each leg of the race, you will receive a small amount of cash that has to cover your expenses except airline tickets and gasoline. At the end of each leg of the race: There is a pit stop, seven of these are elimination points. So you need to get to them as fast as you can, because if you

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