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2014 Celebrity Big Brother UK (CBBUK) - Season 12


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Day Twenty-Five - Wild West Celebrity Confessions

Twenty-five days ago, a dozen housemates entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. Only half remain, hoping to be crowned champion by the voting British public: Casey, Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Ollie and Sam. This is their story.

A rejuvenated Jim jokes with Casey, who wants to go exercise. You have big muscles, Jim says, they need a lot of pumping. Dappy is secretly applying Ollie's fake tan. Luisa in the DR still can't get over Lee's surprise eviction. She is surprised she made it to the finale considering how annoying she is but she's grateful that the public keeps voting for her to stay. Ollie tells BB he's worried about Dappy starting to use his makeup. Casey announces to Dappy and Jim that she and Luisa will do face masks and get in the bath. Dappy and Jim decide to gatecrash the girls' morning. Jim says 2 buckets of ice cold water. Dappy says wait until they're nice and warm. They sneak the water into the bathroom now while the girls are in the bedroom getting ready.

A few minutes later, Ollie is applying the clay to Casey's face as Jim brushes his teeth. Sam is in the DR talking about how the adreniline is kicking in with only 2 more sleeps to go. Luisa and Casey ask Jim to tell them a story and he starts: Once upon a time, there was a man who went to the planet Dappy, and on the planet Dappy, there were these creatures (Dappy has gone to retrieve the hidden buckets of ice cold water) that lived near a nice big waterfall where lovely clear ice cold water fell down from the sky... Dappy has chickened out and left the water and is backing out of the bathroom. What are you doing, Jim asks, I'm telling my story! Jim reaches down to get the buckets of water, and repeats, ice cold water... He takes the water and tosses it onto Casey and Luisa who scream in shock. Dappy, Ollie and Jim laugh. That was our task, Jim says, we set ourselves a task. Dappy wimps out, telling the girls he would have emptied the cold water slowly.

Sam and Ollie are making inappropriate bread, shaped like penises and boobs. It feels like a willy when you hold it like that, Sam says, I haven't said one in ages! Luisa says I don't even want to know what your penis looks like. I've got a good looking willy, Ollie claims. BB gives Dappy a secret task create a rap about his fellow housemates that mentions prizes on display in the DR, without letting the housemates know that it's at task. BB gives Dappy some hip hop help to get his creative juices flowing. He's not good with freelancing but works out some words in the DR and in the bedroom before delivering his performance.

Downstairs, Sam says the limited alcohol they've had has probably saved them. The talk turns to Lionel who Jim says acts gay but had kids and would get upset if you asked him about it. Dappy is ready to rap, starting with Ollie holding the breaded willy. He first raps to Ollie mentioning fake tan, Sam mentioning ice cream, and Luisa mentioning Pizza. BB calls the housemates to reveal the secret task and lets them know he has won them spotted dick (a fruit pudding), fake tan, ice cream, chocolate and pizza, then delivers those prizes to the house. Oh, that's what that was about, Jim says as the other housemates congratulate Dappy.

Casey talks German vocabulary with Jim, who tells her that Büstenhalter is German for bra. He correctly guesses that Casey's knockers are double-G. He says he has GG pants. In the DR, Ollie does impressions of his housemates. He says he has a hard time with Dappy because it's street. Jim is hard because he doesn't say much but has a patented move. He proves he's channeled his fellow housemates pretty well after 25 days. Later in the afternoon, Jim is in a contemplative mood in the tree house loft. Casey, Luisa and Sam give Ollie advice on talking to girls in the living room. Ollie wants to whisper to a girl that she's beautiful but the girls tell him it's cringy to do that in bed. Ollie calls Dappy to test his whispering in Dappy's ear. Dappy wisely sides with the girls on the creepiness factor. Are you mad, Ollie asks?

It's Big Brother's Last Chance Saloon where BB will ask each housemate questions written by each other and viewers. Casey goes first, saying she would marry Ollie, snog Dappy and avoid Lee. And have an affair with Jim. I'll take it, Jim says. She's asked if she's ever had sex with a woman (no) and Jim spits out his drink in surprise. When asked what happened in the toilet, she asks coyly, which toilet? Luisa goes next and decides between Jim, Dappy and Ollie, that Dappy would have multiple orgasms during sex, followed by Jim and Ollie. You got that in the wrong order, Jim quips. Luisa admits to having had a wet dream about going down on Liz. You're obsessed on sex, says Luisa, whose life is obsessed about sex. She admits she has a superiority complex and yes, she is better than everyone else. You might be a cow, Jim owns, but you're our cow.

When asked if he secretly wishes he were sharing a bed with Sam, Ollie says no while shaking his head yes. When pressed for more, he becomes flustered. He rates Sam a good 8 out of 10. His favorite sex position is missionary and he hates doggie. How can you say that, Dappy asks? He describes Sam in 10 words as dry sense of humor, smiley, caring, intelligent, intriguing, elegant, shy, loving and orange (her fake tan color). Sam is next, saying it would be OK if Ollie tried snogging her on camera, and their babies would be named after fake tans. Dappy is next, describing his willy as thicker than his wrist, and long as well with a big head. He admits to having stolen and used Ollie's fake tan and describes Luisa as bossy, intimidating and voluptuous. So I'm bossy, scary and fat, Luisa says, I love you too. She could boss him around in bed sometime and would like to enter her domain and shoot her with his minions.

Jim is next, saying Ollie is more down to earth than Dappy because Dappy doesn't dome from earth. He moves at the speed of light. He says if he was a woman, he would want to be a woman of horizontal refreshment named Polo because he'd make a mint with a hole. Luisa is a little slow to get the joke. Jim says it would be nice to win but this is a house made fun by 5 young people here and he would be proud to share the winner's podium even from the bottom, it's been an honor.

Later in the evening, Jim and Luisa are chatting and Luisa says she doesn't care if she got booed. She could deal with it better than anyone else in the house. Outside, Casey tells Ollie and Sam she wishes her BB experience had been different. Sam says Lee is gone and you're still here and no matter what is said, people saw you had genuine feelings for him. Back at the dining table, Jim says to Luisa he was up against a bright woman who had it in for him, so when he said those things to her, he meant it to hurt so she would lay off. Luisa laughs says it made her respect him, no one stands up to her in life. She says she doesn't want Dappy to think she's intimidating but she gets that a lot from guys. it's not attractive, Jim says, it's like being assertive, it makes people feel awkward about you. The thing about an audience, Jim quotes, is they love sincerity and if you can fake that, you've got it made.

Luisa thinks she'll never get a boyfriend after the BB House. Jim says that's because you walk up to people and ask to have sex with them. Not with the nice boys she says. But then the not nice ones talk about you to the nice ones behind your back. Luisa says she doesn't have sex with everyone, sometimes she's gone to a sex party and not had sex at all. She thinks if she meets the right person, he'll accept her past. Men find that difficult, Jim says. Out in the garden, Dappy and Casey dance on the benches and howl to the moon, celebrating making it to the final. Ollie describes what his first date will be with Sam to Luisa and tells her that Luisa can't come. Casey comes into the house worried that she's being portrayed that she chased Lee. Jim says she was easily susceptible to his advances, he was like a child. You didn't even shag, did you, Jim asks?

Jim takes some alone time in the garden while Dappy sets the record straight in the DR, telling BB he's glad for the opportunity to show his real self. On the living room floor, Ollie says he doesn't know how to act around Sam. What are the options, Sam asks? You've never responded to comments, you challenge them. What does that mean, she asks? You never react to comments, he says. Give me an example, she prompts. It doesn't matter, Ollie deflects. There are a million things I want to say on the outside, he says. To me or everyone? Just you, he says.

With Jim sitting at the table watching, the other five housemates dance goodnight in front of the mirror. After the housemates are in bed with the lights out, BB announces: This is Big Brother. Goodnight, housemates.

Coming up...

There's only 24 hours left in the Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014 Winter Season, and for Ollie, Sam, Dappy, Luisa, Casey and Jim, they've done all they could to win the favor of the voting British public. Over in the UK, this season has been so successful that it was extended an additional 5 days. Who will take home Rylan's crown? Catch all the details of the Celebrity Big Brother UK finale on our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk!

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Day Twenty-Six/Seven - Britain Crowns A Celebrity!

Before we check in on the last days of the CBBUK finalists, let's welcome back some familiar faces: Jasmine! Lionel! Liz! Linda! Lee! Evander is noticeably absent from the finale on this wet (what else is new) British night.

Voting is now frozen.

It's the last night together and the men are in tuxes, the ladies in evening dresses, as they sit down for a final catered dinner in the CBB House. To the other six, Jim toasts, F*ck 'em! Each of the finalist housemates stands to say a few words about the other five. Casey thanks Jim for helping her cope and Dappy for making her laugh. Sam thanks them for making her laugh and cry and laugh again. She thanks Ollie for always being there for her. Ollie stands and says he will most miss waking up and spending 24 hours a day with Sam, and it's in her court what happens next. Look at Sam's smile, Jim says.

Luisa says I thought I'd hate Dappy but he's kind and loving. Sam is super smart and determined. Ollie is not a trustifarian. There is more to Casey than a massive pair of boobies and Jim has been the biggest learning curve for me, he's a funny guy. I've learned I could be kinder sometimes, less bossy occasionally, but the biggest thing I learned is not to judge a book by its cover and cater to stereotypes. As for all the beautiful ladies in the house, Dappy jokes, I love Luisa but I love your a$$ more. Beautiful Casey and Sam, we'll be clubbing together in the nearby future. Despite covering all my clothes in fake tan, Ollie is one of the most endearing, kind-hearted, posh men I've met in my entire life, friends forever. The same goes for Jim who I now call Dad. I lost my dad in a very sudden way, and Jim is the closest thing that can match that, I want to be your friend forever. We are the best six of all the housemates.

Jim goes last. One of us will win, but to me, all six of us have won already. This is a unique program and it's turned out five unique people and me as their dad. I'll never forget you all and I'll never forget Big Brother, so here's to Big Brother. Just when we thought we were leaving, he says... They drag you back in, the others stand up and shout! The group moves into the DR and gives a message to next group of celebrity housemates: Try to follow this sh*t!

The house is in harmony at last. So it's time to get the show on the road and reveal the celebrity who has come in 6th place. The results are in. It's time to talk to the house. Celebrity BB House, this is Emma. Casey, Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Ollie, Sam. They are all holding glasses of champagne. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the Celebrity housemate with the fewest votes and in 6th place is...


Casey, you have lost your place in the CBB House. Please say your goodbyes. She hugs her former housemates and after a quick makeup touchup from Luisa, ascends the stairs to the front door. Outside you can hear the audience chanting her name. She exits to a mixture of cheers and boos, mostly applause, pausing to pose for the paparazzi. There are five celebrities remaining and voting has reopened.

During her interview, Casey reveals she has a history of going back to guys that have hurt her. After the voting freezes again. Should we get another one out? It's time to talk to the house again! Celebrity BB House, this is Emma. Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Ollie, Sam. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the Celebrity housemate with the fewest votes and in 5th place is...


Sam, you have lost your place in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Please say your goodbyes. She blows kisses to her former housemates after running up the steps, saying I'll see you all in a minute. I'm so happy to be out, she tells Emma. The lines are now open for the final four remaining Celebrity housemates. During her interview, Sam reveals that she was ill for 2 weeks and that really hindered her experience in the house.

Voting has frozen again. We have 4 Celebrities left, how about we make it 3. It's time to talk to the house again! Celebrity BB House, this is Emma. Dappy, Jim, Luisa, Ollie. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the Celebrity housemate with the fewest votes and in 4th place is...


Luisa, you have lost your place in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Please say your goodbyes. As the last female Celebrity says her goodbyes and walks up the stairs, Jim instructs her to smile and try not break anything. She lifts up her skirt to give the boys a final look before stepping out of the house to a healthy dose of boos converting to cheers. Once again, the lines are now open for our final three Celebrities: Dappy, Jim and Ollie. Who will be crowned champion of Celebrity Big Brother UK Season 13?

The last girl standing, viewers either loved or loathed Luisa. She doesn't think she ever crossed the line and but thinks she may have crossed the line with Ollie, he's such a sensitive bloke.

Voting is now frozen again as we have 3 Celebrity blokes left. Should we start dishing out some medals? Whose going to be bagging bronze tonight? It's time to talk to the house again! Celebrity BB House, this is Emma. Dappy, Jim, Ollie. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the Celebrity housemate with the fewest votes and in 3rd place is...

Dappy is repeating I'm going to be next, I'm going to be next...


OMG, Dappy says!

Ollie, you have lost your place in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Please say your goodbyes. Well done you two, the fashionably Ollie says on his way out. I love you all, he says to the audience, thank you. A fan hands Ollie a banner reading Made In South Hampton. So it's down to Dappy vs Jim. Whose dreams will come true? The voting lines have reopened.

A pumped up and animated Ollie says it's nice to see real people. Ever the gentleman, he says he likes Sam much more than a friend and he very much wants to take her out to dinner, on a South Bank walk in London. The voting lines are now closed for the final time.

So, this is it. We're about to find out who you've crowned your winner of Celebrity Big Brother. It's time to talk to the house again! Dappy and Jim are sitting side by side on the living room couch, Dappy a bundle of nervous energy, Jim the calm, experienced senior. Celebrity BB House, this is Emma. Dappy, Jim. Jim points out the cheers Dappy received from the outside. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last six days, the British public has been voting for their winner. I can now reveal the Celebrity housemate with the most votes and the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014 is...

Dappy is nearly hyperventilating, biting on his crossed fingers. Jim has a soothing hand on his shoulder, but is holding his own breath amidst his stoic demeanor. They are grasping hands for support.


Jim has a look of disappointment on his face as he tells Dappy he's sorry. Emma tells Jim to stay where he is. He stands up slowly and says thank you. Dappy, congratulations, you are this season's Runner Up. I told you you deserved it, Dappy says, hugging Jim. Go for it, Jim says, be a big star. You're back! The countdown from 10 begins and then the doors open and Dappy steps out into the rain, blowing kisses to his fans, wearing a huge smile on his sunglasses-at-night face.

Dappy says he never in a million years thought he would come in runner-up to this group of people. In the background, Jim can be seen sitting alone and gathering his thoughts. Dappy said growing up he had a hard time separating Dappy from Costas (his real name is Costadinos Contostavlos) and he's learned how to separate the two. He says he never really grieved for the loss of his father, and Jim taught him so much in such a short time, need I say no more, I love him and call him Dad. We both like cod-fishing. He's hard-bodied on the outside but softy on the inside, more soft than Lee, he jokes.

It's time to talk to the house for the last time. Jim, congratulations, you are the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. You have 30 seconds to prepare yourself, your public's waiting! Jim takes a swig of a probably empty champagne bottle, then paces at the bottom of the stairs, muttering here we go, here we go...

Jim, please leave the Big Brother house. You are the winner! He walks slowly up the stairs, pounding on the railing and saying bye bye, house. The audience counts down from 10 and the door opens, sparklers celebrating the end of a terrific season. Jim seems almost embraced as he descents the steps that led him handcuffed with Linda into the house just 27 days ago. He's big smiles for the camera, pumping his fists youthfully, shouting Yes! Yes! Yes!

In his interview, Jim continues to display uncharacteristic energy as he says the experience is overwhelming to have so much support from the public. He was nominated every time and they never apologized, he says, and I got saved by these people, pointing to the public. He says he wasn't playing a game, when he had arguments, he was just standing his ground and being himself. He was supposed to do it last year but he was unavoidably detained (in jail). He says he didn't want to do it but his kids got at him, his mates got at him, the blokes in the pub got at him. So he did it and just tried to be truthful and show who he really was, not the character the press made him out to be.

It takes 2 hands to clap and 2 to argue, he says, talking about Linda, we were forced to be together, a fantastic artist who I admire, we clashed and I can't wait to buy her a pint of Guinness. I may be waiting a long time. He admits to being a bit grumpy and old. I've got a grumpy face, he says. But if you walk away from an argument, it stops. He says Luisa is a very dangerous woman, and I'm still scared to death of her, she knows no rules whatsoever. But once we decided no more arguments in the house, we got to know each other. I'd buy her a pint too. That may happen quicker.

We'll see you back here in the summer more fun and games. Please welcome back your winner, Jim! Confetti joins the rain drops falling in the outdoor studio as Jim again pounds his fist and shouts his excitement. He is joined by his fellow housemates, receiving a big hug from Dappy.

Wrapping Up...

Congratulations to Jim Davidson for winning Series 13 of Celebrity Big Brother UK 2014!

Thank you for joining Morty's TV for the first reality competition of 2014, Celebrity Big Brother UK. We appreciate your choosing Morty's TV as your source for Reality Television and hope to continue to earn your trust and patronage throughout the year. If you feel so inclined, please express your gratitude with a small donation to help us keep this site and all our services up and running at our Donation Link: http://mortystv.com/donate.shmtl.

Keep your eyes tuned right here on the Morty's TV Fan Forums & Chat and at the Morty's TV BBUK and CBBUK coverage page for Series 15 of the regular Big Brother UK this summer, followed by the autumn series 14 of Celebrity BB. And remember, you can continue to follow @mortystv on Twitter and follow Morty Port on Facebook!

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