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Finale Night!


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Finale night! We are reminded of the first day in the game and how the loved ones were playing against returning players. Rupert sacrificed his game so his wife could play on. Galang won 4 challenges in a row. Colton's freak out and telling lies and bullying.

The drama on RI and the heartbreak of loved ones leaving. Laura winning her way back into the game at the merge. Laura and Ciera were the only couple left when Ciera voted her mom out to further herself in the game. That was when the returning players took over the game.

They show us clips from last Wednesday's tribal when Hayden was voted out to RI. Gervase, Monica, Tyson, Ciera are left. Hayden, Laura and Tina are on RI. There is one final RI duel to see who reenters the game.

Back at camp, Ciera tells us that she planted the seed with Monica and it didn't work but there is still RI and someone is returning. She is hoping her Mom, Laura will return. Tyson tells Monica that she trusts him 100%. He shows her the idol. He tells her to take it home to her kids. She tells him to keep it. He says he will send it to her for Christmas. Monica is telling us she is on both teams and with someone returning from RI, she now has 2 chances to be in the final 3! Opening Credits.

Hayden says this is the 2nd time he's played a game like this and the first time he has been voted out. He tells the girls about the drama at tribal and that Ciera won. Laura cheers! Hayden is hoping he can win against 2 "grandmas" he likes his chances.

We are in the RI Arena! Jeff welcomes them. They place one foot on a balancing board, vase on the other end, your vase drops and you are out.

Challenge is on, no second place today. You win you are back in the game. Laura is shaky right away. She has won 5 out of 6 duels.

Tina is rock steady, Hayden is too, Laura almost lost it! She hops around a lot to save it!

Incredible save by Laura and BOOM Hayden is out! Laura and Tina are in it to win it! Laura asks Tina to give it to her. Tina says "No way, it is a million dollars! I am in it to win it!" Tina is very steady.

At the 30 minute mark, Tina begins to fight through pain. She gets rocky but saves it. Laura gets wobbly and her vase drops! Tina wins and is back in the game!!!

Hayden says being on Survivor, you really appreciate what you have back home. He kisses Laura and Tina on the cheek and tells everyone "Love you all" as he leaves. Laura says the failure part of her is raising kids and telling them to finish strong and she didn't at this moment. Jeff says finishing strong is not always winning. She is crying as is Ciera. Ciera tells her mom that out there she learned how to be a better friend, person and mom. Laura struggles with the loss, She kisses Tina goodbye on the cheek and leaves, they applaud her. Tina decides to keep the idol clue for herself. They head back to camp.

Back at camp. Ciera says that her heart sank when her mom wasn't coming back. Tina tells us she is so happy to be back. She is hoping to find an idol or talk Monica to join her and Ciera. Tina has found the right tree but there is no idol and she floors Ciera with her energy and bravery climbing the tree. They suspect Tyson found the idol. Tina starts working on Monica.

Tina tells Monica that everyone is "pissed" at Monica. Ciera says Tina is very bold with Monica. She is trying to smooth it over a bit. They want it to be a 3 mom alliance. Ciera tells Monica that this is her chance to make a move. If she doesn't make a move she will never win. Monica tells us she doesn't know what she is going to do.

Immunity challenge. They need to pull out a rope to move an unbalanced table. They will have to race to get the blocks on the table without the table falling. The first to have all 10 blocks on the table wins!

If the blocks fall they have to go back, put the blocks up and then hold the rope as they go out for more blocks. They all have 3!

Everyone seems panicked. The blocks start to tip and fall over. Tyson has 7! You have to get 10 placed.

Monica, Ciera and Gervase have 7. Now 8! Tyson has 9!

Tyson has a big lead. He is really taking his time. Patient! He has it. tyson is in the final 4.

Tyson has the immunity necklace and the idol and tells us he never thought he would be in this position. Jeff reminds them all that someone is being voted out tonight.

Lots of "So happy for you!" happening back at camp. tyson wants to keep the idol to give as a gift to Rachel. The boys head down the beach. They think they could beat Tina over Ciera. Ciera made some big moves and Tina didn't do anything. Monica thinks Tina should go. It is hard to beat someone who didn't make anyone mad in the game. Tyson tells them he wants them to make the decision. Gervase wants Ciera to go, Monica says she is tired of being bullied by Tina.

They squabble back and forth and Monica tells us she is tired of being bullied by everyone. Monica goes to the girls and says "There is an option, one of them doesn't have the idol." She tells the girls she may flip. Ciera is hoping Tina doesn't mess this up. Monica tells us that tonight's council she is gonna own it. It is her call she has the say of who goes and what is best for her!

Jeff asks Monica at tribal where she sits. She lets the cat out of the bag that she is in the middle yet again. She says that the girls went to her and made their case. The guys look scared. Ciera tells tribal again what Tyson and Gervase have said about her. Ciera stresses the point of "get rid of the villains!" Monica says she doesn't want to hear it, it makes you want to "die inside" she is doing what is best "for Monica". Gervase agrees those are scary words and his heart dropped out of his chest. Voting begins!

Jeff asks about the Immunity Idol and if "you have it, now is the time to play it." We get a close up shot of Tyson and cut to commercial.

Jeff says it is the last night to play the idol, Tyson gives it to Gervase. No votes can count against Gervase or Tyson! Gervase got 2 votes. Ciera got 2 votes. Ciera is out and we will not know if Monica flipped or not.

Your final 4 are Tina, Monica, Tyson and Gervase. Ciera tells us she has accomplished so much more than she imagined. She is happy with the way she went out. She did all she could do.

Tina was shocked that it was Ciera. She was sure she was going home. Monica says she was blindsided at tribal, she is going to regroup to win this immunity so she can control her own destiny.

Tina tells us she has to win today's challenge. In the morning, Monica and Tina are small talking about the sunrise. Tyson is watching and looks very nervous. They are all talking about winning immunity.

Immunity challenge! They must race through a series of obstacles collecting puzzle pieces, 2 at a time, run them up the stairs, slide down a huge waterslide and get 2 more bags of pieces, the puzzle releases their flag. First to raise flag wins.

Everyone has their first bags and are looking for the second. Monica is running up the stairs. Gervase tries to pass her and she blocks him. Tyson and Tina are a little behind. There are 6 bags in total. Everyone is working on their 4th bag now.

Monica is in the lead. She is really running. Tyson comes out of no where and it is now neck and neck!

Tina is really struggling. She has slowed right down. Monica and The guys have all their bags and are working on the puzzle. Tina has her 6th bag. Jeff reminds them to solve the puzzle THEN follow the instructions to release the flag

They are all working on their puzzles. It is a word puzzle. Monica and Tyson are still tied. The words make out the clue on how to win the challenge. Tyson has solved the puzzle and has to solve the clues.

The clues help them to gain the combination to win. Tyson has it. He is in the final 3.

Tina tells us she is bummed and she plans to present Monica with the opportunity of a 2-2 vote. It is a big move and Monica needs one.

Lots of props to Tyson when they get back to camp. Tyson says this was the best day of his life but tomorrow might beat it. Gervase started razzing Monica about blocking him in the challenge. Gervase and Tyson have a celebratory talk in private on the beach. The girls are now talking to Gervase at camp. Tina is asking him what he thinks about the game. Monica tells us that she might be voting for Gervase to go home. She is really mad that she wasn't told about the idol being played. Monica and Tina are working out a deal. Tina wants to vote Gervase and then Tina and Gervase would have to start a fire. She can beat him at that. She tells Monica "Do what is right for you but I feel this could be right for you." Monica is seriously considering it. Tina feels Gervase has a good shot at winning.

Monica says she wants Gervase to earn a spot in the final 3, but she debates having to sit next to Tina. We are now at tribal!

Tina says she knew she had 2 chances. She didn't win the challenge so she went to plan b that was working Monica. Monica tells us the blocking of Gervase was because he was talking smack. He says she slammed him into the rail. She tells everyone about the convo she had with Tina today. Gervase is nervous about the big move that could happen.

No idol to be played so we go straight to voting. First vote is Tina, Tina, Gervase, and the last vote is Tina! Monica stayed true to her alliance. Tina tells them all to be kind to one another.

the final 3 are Tyson, Gervase and Monica. The power is now in the jury's hands. All 3 have the ever familiar "Please forgive me" smile as they look at the jury.
Tina tells us that she was one tribal council from tying Sandra. She believes that she would have won if she was in the final 3. As the final 3 leave tribal Monica whispers "We did it! We did it! We did it!"

Sunrise at Kasama! Monica again says "We did it!" They get champagne and cheese and mangos when they get treemail. The toast to good friends. Oh they got bacon and are frying it up. Tyson tells us that he never thought he would get here. Monica says she found herself and became Monica again, without Brad but on her own choices. Gervase says the game is totally different from the way he left it 13 yrs ago. He feels he has a good shot with the jury.

Jury is brought in! The final 3 watch. Jeff congratulates them on making it to the final 3. He reminds them that now they have to explain why they have deserve to win.

Gervase says he has been out 13 years and came back in, played the way it is supposed to be played. Compares himself to a retired athlete going back in the game. Monica explains that she made the choices she did so she didn't have to have blood on her hands and did not get dragged through the game. Tyson says he felt he was not going to make it far in the game. He brings up Rachel at RI and at that moment he felt he had to make it to day 39. He found the idol. He won challenges and did not do anything out of malice.

vytas is up! He asks Tyson "The name of the game is to get before you get got! and my last play was to get you out. Gervase, old school? In this game you need to adapt! Monica, you and I were friends, these 2 never promised me anything! You did." He sits down.

Katie calls Tyson out on his maliciousness towards her when she left. He told her "See that seat over there, it's yours" and he apologizes to her about the comment and he says it was his one regret.

Caleb asks Gervase, "What was YOUR big game move?" Gervase says he is responsible for Aras being voted out. He asks Monica about her game. She says today it is about her but she is proud of herself, the past 21 years has been about Brad, now it is about her. She is tearful as she pleads her case. Caleb says "I appreciate it" and Ciera is up!

Ciera asks Tyson if he is a villain or a hero? He says every thing he did was out of strategy. To Rachel he is a hero and that is enough for him. She asks Gervase when he was going to vote out Tyson. Gervase says in the final 4 but it looked better for him to keep Tyson in the game so he did.

Laura asks Monica who she is. She does know who Monica is. They bicker back and forth a bit. Monica pleads her case and says she has grown out there and has fought and eating grubs and worms and it's her time.

Tina asks them each to use one word to describe who they are. Monica says "generous" Gervase say honest then he rambles and Tyson says "Fun loving"

Hayden asks Tyson where he found the idol, Tyson says in the bird's nest in a tree. Hayden says "Touche!" He then tells Monica they all feel like they don't know her. She starts with the tears again and asks "What do you want me to say?" They agree to have coffee after the game.

Aras asks them who he should vote for other than themselves and both Gervase and Monica say "Tyson!" for reasons of the idol being found and him keeping that info and the moves he made. Tyson says Aras should vote for Monica. Everyone thought she was a bottom feeder the whole game but they all agreed on moves and she worked her way to the final 3.

Jeff reminds the jury that tonight they are voting for a winner! Caleb voted for Tyson. Vytas says " a little bit annoying but a real strong woman" He voted Monica. Laura struggled with her vote. Jeff says they have to wait to see who won til they get back to the USA and we get the elaborate exit music! Tyson says "Bye Jeff"

Jeff walks into the live audience. He says "39 days in the Philippines and what a season!" They now are reading the votes!

One vote Monica 2 votes Tyson! 3 votes Tyson!

Tyson wins!

27 seasons and Jeff tells us they are taking your tweets #survivorfinale They are live in Los Angeles, CA! Tyson is hugging everyone on stage.

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Guest 6Borders

OMG...pleae NO Brenchel or McTrashCanda on Survivor or Big Brother...EVER!!!

Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty makes me think it's going to be all returning players

and I guess that means 3 tribes instead of 2. I hope they leave off that voting

someone out the first night crap and also get rid of redemption Island.

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Can't decide if I'd like to see returning BB HGs... but... for sure would hope Brenchel was NOT included.

B B B .... the first thing that popped into my head was Beauty - Blonde - Buxom.

I'm sure the guys would go for that :laugh4:

Amazon Island instead of Redemption Island.

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They spent WAY too much time allowing Monica to babble.

I sooooooooooooo agree. Why they chose the highlight her all season and her finally being able TO BE MONICA crap... uggg

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Guest 6Borders

I sooooooooooooo agree. Why they chose the highlight her all season and her finally being able TO BE MONICA crap... uggg

Maybe Probst wants free football tickets or something!!!

Why they even chose to have Monica back was a mystery enough, but I obviously don't

understand the mental derangement of CBS casting!

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I didn't watch very much of the finale but of what I did watch; much of it was devoted to monica. I agree; odd that they gave her so much airtime on the show and again on finale. Hmmm. They seem to be a very aggressive couple. I still think that she has gorgeous skin.

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I didn't watch very much of the finale but of what I did watch; much of it was devoted to monica. I agree; odd that they gave her so much airtime on the show and again on finale. Hmmm. They seem to be a very aggressive couple. I still think that she has gorgeous skin.

I agree about too much air time but he shiny face I really didn't like. She looked plastic like a Barbie doll.

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