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December 11 show recap!


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On RI, Tina says she is happy to see Katie but not happy she is out of the game. Tina thinks it is great they drew rocks. She worries about going up against Katie in the arena. She is not opposed to letting Katie win. Kate tells her they should both try their best!

Back at camp, Hayden hugs Monica and Ciera. Tyson tells them it was a great move. Hayden was pretty excited that his plan almost worked. He is planning on sticking with Ciera the rest of the game. Tyson tells us you never tell the person on the bottom that they are going home! That is why fireworks happen. Monica says she can not believe they have stuck with her. She feels like she is in a good position in the game now. She asks Tyson and Gervase if they have an idol, Tyson says "We do." She whispers "YES!" She is now running her mouth about votes. She tells us they hurt her by not telling her about the idol. Tyson says she may come in handy.

Ciera tells us she would rather go out trying to make a move than not. It didn't pan out the way she wanted it to and she is hoping her mom will be coming back. She and Hayden are searching for a crack in the other alliance right now.

We are at the arena, Tina, Laura and Katie are brought in. Jeff asks Tina how it feels. Tina says it is by far the hardest day. Jeff asks if she can give 100% and Tina gets teary eyed. They are using sticks and a rope to make a pole to retrieve keys that unlock a door, the first 2 through the door win. Tina starts barking at Katie how to fashion the pole.

Laura has her first stick tied and she has her first key! Tina and Katie are struggling!

Laura has 2 sets of keys! She has her 3rd! She has all 3 keys! Tina and Katie are still on their first.

Laura is through her door! She is still on RI! Katie is on her 3rd. Tina is struggling with her second set of keys. Katie again drops her keys. She can not reach them in the sand. Tina jumps in and has her keys hooked! One ring of keys left for Tina.

Tina has all 3 keys! She is unlocking the doors and asking Katie if she is ok with leaving. Katie says "It's ok." They tell each other "I love you" and the tears are flowing. Ciera and Laura are tearing up as well. Tina is crying, katie says it is ok.

Tina tells Jeff she was adopted and didn't have that kind of connection in her life until she had Katie. She smiles at her daughter. Katie tells everyone how proud she is of her mom and herself for doing this. Katie leaves, Tina says "Eat a cheese burger for me!" Laura walks the clue to Ciera. Laura tells her to find that thing. Tells Hayden to win the challenge.

Ciera reads the clue to Hayden. It tells them it is out on a limb (Tyson has the idol, there is only one that we know of). Hayden starts climbing trees, Monica comes strolling up and he fears everyone will know now where the idol is. Hayden feels he can win the challenge all day long but they need the idol for Ciera. Hayden thinks Tyson has the idol.

Monica tells Gervase that she trusts him and Tyson to a 10. Monica feels what they did last night for her says something. They saved her. Monica says you have got to be able to separate the game from real life so she is playing for Monica. Ciera is planning to manipulate Monica. She and Hayden come up with a plan to tell Monica the 2 guys talk about her behind her back.

Immunity Challenge! They must dive into the water with their buoy attached to a rope and make it through the obstacle, release puzzle pieces and complete the puzzle. The reward is to have real food delivered to camp from a menu!

Hayden and Tyson out quickly! Monica is right behind. Gervase is ahead of Ciera. Tyson and Hayden are cruising through it.

Tyson is first to shore, Hayden is second. Ciera is struggling. Tyson has his tiles and working on the puzzle!

everyone is now working on their puzzle which is an 8 word phrase. It is a common Survivor phrase.

Jeff says to try different combinations, if you get stuck on one or two words you will fall behind! Ciera is not giving up, she was last to shore but is still in it!

Ciera and Gervase are neck and neck! Ciera wins immunity and reward!!! "You are going to have to dig deep!"

Hayden is Ciera's choice for the food! Jeff says there is no sharing with other tribe members.

Ciera is pumped that she won! She says "Don't ever count me out!" There is a small table set for her and Haydenon the beach. Their food is delivered. Hayden tells us he has to pull as rabbit out of his hat as they dig in. Monica is drinking something pink out of a jar in the shelter while talking to Gervase and Tyson.

Ciera tells us again she is going to go after Monica to flip. She tells Monica that Tyson is a villain in the game and he was talking "mad crap" about Monica. She tells Monica Tyson says she is his little puppy. Monica says "Still?" Ciera tells Monica more and in the end, Monica was crying. Monica tells us that she would never hurt someone. Ciera tells Monica to vote Gervase tonight. Tyson asks Monica if everything is ok, she says ya. Tyson runs to Gervase, tells him he is nervous!

Jeff asks Ciera if the division was still there today in the competition, she says "Absolutely!" Hayden tells Jeff that the reason they drew rocks was because Tyson can't beat anyone in the end. Monica tells Jeff what Ciera told her on the beach. Jeff asks if there was any truth she says "Perhaps?" Tyson says Ciera said Monica was beatable in the final 3. Ciera says there were vicious and rude things said. Gervase says "It is funny that they are only saying something now!" Hayden says "Tyson is controlling the game." Gervase snaps on Hayden wanting to know who is controlling the game. Ciera reassures Monica she was telling the truth. Monica says she is gonna have to dig deep!

Monica says she is resilient, it hurt what was said but she is playing a new game. Gervase says when you are so sure in your alliance things get into your head. Hayden says it looks like Monica is Tyson's lap dog. They all start badgering Monica about what to do. They start to play the family card and ask what she would want her family to see her do. Monica nods as the voting begins.

No one plays the idol. First vote is Hayden, second is Gervase. Hayden, Gervase... tied with one vote left! Hayden is out! He is off to RI. He whispers "Good game fellas" as he leaves tribal! Ciera looks spooked.

Jeff says "There is a tight alliance of 3 and Ciera on the outside looking in. But, there is one wild card, Redemption Island!"

Next time on the 2 hour finale, Sunday December 15, Gervase tells us he wants to be the sole survivor. Monica says she is so close! On RI Hayden tells Tina and Laura that Monica is Tyson's lap dog. We will see you on Sunday at 8PM!

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