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Dec 4 Episode Recap!


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Back at camp, Hayden tells us it was a good move to them, he was shocked. He tells the tribe "I hope everyone likes second place 'cause Tyson is going to the end, he is playing his own game." Gervase stands up and says "Hey hey hey he is playing my game!" They bicker lightly. Tyson tells us it is putting a little target on his back. The alliance agrees Hayden is next to go then Katie.

Caleb doesn't even look at the tribe when he talks to Jeff. He says he only has nice things to say about Hayden and Katie. Caleb says "A man's word is a man's word except in Utah and Philly." And we get opening credits.

Jeff says "I think he is calling you out Utah and Philly!" speaking to Gervase and Tyson.
Today's challenge, they have 150 tiles and need to build a house of cards. The first 2 to finish continue on and there is a new immunity idol clue.

Laura is making huge progress! She is up the ladder. Tina is at about 3 feet. Caleb 2 and a half. Laura teeters and loses some of the top, she was almost at 7 feet! Her stack is really leaning... she does it! Laura wins the duel. Caleb and Tina are still in it. 3 minutes left in the duel!

Caleb and Tina are neck and neck. This duel is being timed. The more tribe members tell her where Caleb is at the more jittery Tina becomes, she loses part of her structure.

Caleb's stack falls! Tina stops building. She doesn't have to do anymore to win but count down the last 10 seconds. Caleb is out and going to jury.

Caleb says his relationship will remain a mystery to most and that opposites attract. He leaves RI. Laura chooses Ciara for the clue. Ciara keeps it! Laura tells her to go find that idol! Jeff dismisses them from RI.

Ciera felt she needed to get the clue to keep the idol in their alliance. "not too far from the water not too close to the ground... " She reads it aloud for Monica, Gervase, Tyson and Monica to hear. Hayden realizes they are all looking for the idol near the water and he is now looking too! They are all scrambling!

Tyson is climbing trees and telling us he promised Rachel he would get to the end. As they all look we see the idol in a part of a tree they have all checked and suddenly Tyson finds it! He puts it in the crotch part of his underwear because he has no pockets (ewwww) and tells us that he is going to keep this info for himself and he is planning on a nap now.

Hayden is working Gervase, he wants them to blindside Tyson. Gervase tells us he wants options but does not trust Hayden. He is planning on seeing what happens but, staying with Tyson for now.

Day 32 and we are at immunity challenge! Jeff calls them all in. He takes back the idol. They will race through obstacles while balancing a ball on a pole, at each part they have to add to the pole, they get to the end and have to release bags to throw at tiles the first to break the tiles wins immunity PLUS an ice cream cart of goodies!

Hayden and Tyson drop early and have to restart. Monica is through, Gervase is through! Tyson is through, they are all working on adding to the pole! Monica and Gervase are leading! Patience and balance are key!

Monica has her 3rd section of pole and is making her way down a balance beam. Monica and Gervase are untying knots to get keys, they have released their sandbags!

They are knocking down poles/tiles Gervase is knocking down 2 at a time. Gervase has one left. Monica has 2. Tyson is now in it as well. Gervase wins!

Jeff tells Gervase that he can pick one person to join him and he picks Monica because she has given up reward for the tribe. Jeff tells him to choose one more he says "My left hand man Tyson!" Hayden and Katie shuffle and look really nervous. Ciera is smiling as Jeff dismisses them.

Back at camp, high fives and congrats for Gervase. He tells us he is confident in their alliance. The ice cream cart comes in. They have a guy serving them. Hayden takes the opportunity to talk to Ciera. He is planting the seed that the numbers are not in her favor. She tells us she has no intention of doing anything with Hayden and Katie. She is sticking to her alliance. Hayden tells her Gervase is on board if she is on board. Her tone and demeanor changes. She tells Hayden that she is not doing a 3-3 vote. Hayden says to us, if they make this move, they deserve to win the game. He plays it out for Gervase and Ciera. Gervase thinks he can beat Tyson in the final 2. Hayden says "Second place is the first loser." They are not budging from their alliance. Hayden tells Tyson he is trying to blindside him but it isn't working.

Hayden tells us he is going to tribal guns blazing, he is not done yet!

Jeff asks them about the division in the tribe. Hayden says "The 4 of them are controlled by Tyson and we are not." Jeff is playing on Ciera and the possibility of the vets picking each other over her. She seems insecure in her answers. Katie tells Jeff she is in the bottom and isn't privy to some of the tribes conversations. Monica said 4 is better than 6, Hayden cuts in and says to Ciera "There are no 4 on our side. There are only 3 you won't be 4th" Gervase says all that is on Hayden's side is a backstabber and a liar and the jury laughs.

Tyson pleads his case to Ciera. Hayden pushes Ciera to switch sides. Tyson calls Hayden out on the difference between "rustling" and "ruffling" it is really childish and picking at each other. Jeff says "Katie you are up!" Gervase writes down Haydone for his vote. He yells out his good bye message. Everyone can hear it.

Tyson does not play the idol!

2 votes Monica, 2 votes hayden, Hayden has another vote, IT IS A TIE!

Revote! They can only vote for Hayden or Monica!

Monica, Hayden, Monica, Hayden.. we have deadlock!

They have to come to a unanimous decision or Ciera, Katie and Tyson will draw rocks. Black means they are safe white means they are out! They are drawing rocks!
Katie drew white! She is headed to RI! Tyson tells her it was ballsy as he hugged her and whispers "That's your chair over there!" Katie leaves.

Only the second time in 27 seasons that they have drawn rocks. Tyson says "The line is drawn in the sand"

Next time on Survivor. Tina struggles with the fact Katie is on RI. Ciera tells Monica that Tyson is talking "Mad crap about you" and Monica gets her back up. On RI, Katie reveals to Laura and Tina that they drew rocks and both women gasp. Katie says she drew first and was set to RI. We will see you next week!

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