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Nov 27 Show Recap!


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At Kasama, there are lots of hugs for Ciera. Ciera says it was really rough and she has now proven 100% that she is trustworthy. Tyson tells us even though Ciera has shown loyalty she shows that she can be dangerous.

Laura heads to RI and Tina is surprised. Laura says it sucks but that is how she has to play the game. They all agree that Tyson is running the show and flying under the radar. Vytas asks "Why isn't anyone voting him out?"

We are at day 27! In the RI challenge, Jeff asks Laura about Ciera voting her out. Laura is now emotional, she says it is ok, she will come back! They have to remove 4 color cubes and stack them so no 2 colors are repeating.

Vytas and Laura are tied, releasing their first boxes from a rope net. Tina is a full box behind. Vytas has 4! Laura has 4! Tina has 2.

Tina now has 4! Laura is trying to figure out the puzzle. She thinks she has it. Jeff counts them up and she has it!

Laura is now helping Tina win the challenge. Vytas is close on his own, Tina has caught up thanks to Laura.

Tina wins! Vytas is out. Tina finished a second before Vytas.

Vytas tells us that he and Aras were a huge threat in the game and that is why they were voted out. He thinks Aras and him can now bond over this experience. Laura gives Ciera the clue to the idol and she burns it. Laura and Tina head back to RI. Jeff dismisses the others.

Back at camp Tyson tells us the next 2 votes are the most important. He tells the men that Katie is the most dangerous player right now as she will have at least 3 jury votes. Hayden tells us he may have to make a move in order to not be blindsided.

Hayden and Caleb are thinking Tyson could win in they take him to the end. They want to blindside him and the approach Katie for her vote and she agrees. She feels her options are looking better. Hayden and Caleb tell Ciera their idea. She says it is smart and thinks they can out smart the veterans. She tells us they are too sketchy to work with the newcomers She runs to tell Tyson.

Tyson thinks Ciera is a wildcard and he isn't sure if he can trust her like he trusts Gervase and Monica. That night he tells Gervase the plan. He thinks they need to turn on their alliance. They are hoping Ciera sticks with them.

Tyson and Ciera leave to get treemail. Caleb says she won't even look him in the eye. Tyson tells Ciera he talked to Gervase and he is on board.
Hayden started thinking Ciera told Tyson (she did!) and he is worried that Tyson is going to turn on him so he went to Katie and they started working out a plan b! Hayden says they have to make sure they are the majority. Katie is willing to play along to stay in the game.

Challenge time! They have to hold on to a rope handle attached to a bucket that holds 25% of their body weight. There is a twist, if you don't need immunity you can sit it out and feast! Black rock means I don't need immunity I am gonna eat., white rock means I am not eating! Tyson, Gervase and Ciera have chosen to eat the rest show white rocks.

Katie slips a bit of her bucket. Monica says she is here to show her kids she has some grit "There is more than one bad ass in our house!" Tyson is commenting on food and belching. Everyone has dropped a bit but Monica. Tyson says "Good luck guys!" with a mouth full of food.

Katie is out!

20 minutes in. Hayden slips again. He wrenches the bucket back up. Caleb is struggling. He apologizes and drops his bucket. He has blisters on his hands. Hayden and Monica are the only one left.

Hayden is slipping, Monica is strong. She has confidence. Hayden is out. Monica wins her third immunity!

Hugs for Monica back at camp and Tyson talks about the food and how good it was. Hayden says the 3 eaters looking that good, makes them all wonder about how comfortable they feel in this game. Hayden and Caleb are talking on the hammock. Hayden says he wants to ask Tyson if they are blindsiding him. They want to know vote as one tribe against Ciera.

Hayden and Caleb confront Tyson quietly about the possibility of a blindside. Hayden tells Tyson Ciera is playing both sides. He agrees that might be happening and the agreement now is to vote out Ciera. Tyson thinks he may have to play the hidden idol.

Caleb is skeptical. He wonders if they are still being played. Tyson and Gervase are now talking about this. They agree Ciera is able to lie to a person's face. Tyson says it is 50/50, Gervase says this part is scary, you put your trust in the wrong person and you are going home!

Jeff asks Hayden about the challenge and how 3 sat out and he shows Jeff his hands. He says it isn't even as bad as it was. Caleb wasn't shocked to see the 3 sit out and eat, Ciera seems comfortable. She tells Jeff if she isn't going to win the challenge, she is going to chose to eat.

Gervase says he worries about the trust in their alliance and looks at Hayden. Jeff asks Ciera how it feels and she says like crap. Caleb says someone will probably be blindsided tonight. Ciera makes her case for being honest to her alliance and they head out to vote. We see Caleb voted Ciera!

Tyson is searching is bag and plays the idol!

Ciera and Caleb have one vote. Ciera has 3 votes! Caleb has 3! Caleb is out! He got the last vote! Caleb is headed to redemption island! Jeff says there is no room for error!

Next week Hayden throws everything on the table. He goes after Tyson! And his plan just might work. Caleb walks in to RI. He tells us it was a successful blindside. Laura says "That little Ciera! Dun dun dunnnnn" and with that we will see you all next week!

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