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DWTS Finale Night (Ep 12) Recap!

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3 stars remain! We see the red carpet, fans coming in, everyone has a favorite! Jack, Amber and Corbin walk/dance the red carpet with the troop dancing around them and stars that have been voted out.

All the stars from this season are in the house tonight! Tom and Brooke welcome us. The stars have one more routine that they have only had 24 hrs to perfect! We see the recap for last night.

Enrique Iglasias is performing after the commercial break and we will have more dancing and more performances including one from Lady Antebellum!

Enrique is performing his new song "Heart Attack"!

Tom and Brooke tell us that tonight the stars are competing one last time. The Pro's tell us their thoughts on the finals. Each one goes through the stars in the finals. They are all impressed with Amber and how she can move but she may rely on Derek. Jack is a surprise and has become comfortable on his feet. Corbin has been a great mesh with Karina! The twitterverse picked Amber and Derek's freestyle for the encore dance tonight. It is identical to last night's performance! They are dancing like they are on fire! It is really good.

The judges are dressed to the 9's! Len and Bruno in tuxedos! CarrieAnn is in a beautiful black lace gown. Len tells us that the fusion style dances are tough, tough, tough! Brooke tells us that we will see much more after the break!

Votes for the finalist are in but you can vote for DWTS for the people's choice awards! We now have a season recap! From night 1 when Tom started calling Snooki by her real name. Keyshawn going home first, Bill Nye's injury night 1 and then him leaving week 2. We will have more highlights through the night!

The winning team dance of "What does the fox say?" is on now, Ylvis is performing the song live.

The stars are now recapping the season. They talk about costumes and how much they were surprised by the costumes and the cameras always being on. They all say to others thinking of doing it, they should! We now have a dance by the female dancers from the pros and the troop!

Bill Nye is back on the floor! He is back to show us how he has improved! It looks like he continued practicing! He and Tyne are dancing the Cha cha they did on the first night to the song "Weird Science". He is quirky as ever but it is entertaining.

Corbin tells us he has come so far and feels like he has already won. Karina IS DWTS to him.
Elizabeth and Val are dancing the Cha Cha now.

More highlights from the season! Julieanne Hough was a guest judge. When Valerie went home and how emotional everyone was. The memorable year week, Len and Brant had a moment about their fathers looking down on them proud. The shock of Christina and Mark leaving. Leah coming out of her shell! No one went home one week and the stars were ecstatic! Christina and Brant are dancing with Peta and Mark to the song "Applause" by Lady Gaga.

Brooke talks to Cheryl and Jack about their choices in the fusion picks last night. He says at this point what will be will be and he just wants to go out and have a great time tonight! Tom introduces us to Valerie Harper's highlight reel. She is back tonight and tells us she was supposed to be dead in March and here she is at Thanksgiving. She is dancing tonight to thank everyone for their love and support. She is tearful as she says "It is good to be dancing again." Colbie Calle is performing "It's a wonderful world" as Valerie and Tristan dance a waltz. Valerie looks well, healthy and strong. She is just beautiful.

Snooki is outside on the red carpet. She is working the crowd, she tells Brooke she loves everyone but would love to see Jack and Cheryl win. We see her highlight reel from the season. Sasha played a few pranks on her. She says she is still a hot mess but a mom hot mess. Their encore is their Jazz routine!

Amber and Derek are chatting with Brooke. Amber says they choreographed really fast so they could practice more! Lady Antebellum is now performing their new single "Compass".

More highlights! The team dances, how hard it was for Nicole to leave. Cher judging in Len's place and when she called Jack a pimp! Amber was emotional that night. Bruno telling Leah that was a proper tango and it was trio night when Elizabeth and Val went home. Leah and Tony's encore dance is that awesome "proper tango"!

Bill and Emma are performing their Salsa for the encore dance.

Corbin and Karina are up! They walk into the studio and there are pictures of them through the season on the walls. He says he doesn't want to get emotional.
Dancing a cha cha-foxtrot fusion. He is in a white shirt and black pants. She is in a silvery fringy low back body suit with a fringe mini skirt.
Len "You are a fantastic dancer." He says they messed it up a little bit but... and the crowd boos! Bruno says that for such a short time it was incredible. Lines were excellent. Carrie says she can't believe they are still making them dance. She has respect and love for Corbin she is so impressed but he lost it on the cha cha. Corbin says he just got lost in the moment. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27 out of 30 a 2 night total of 89!

We get the encouraging friends and family reel. Kellie Pickler says she loves Amber. Kelly Osborne says Jack better do better than she did. Corbin's family hoot and holler "Go Corbin!"

Jack and Cheryl are up next! Cheryl and he enter the studio and see their pics on the wall. He says "Let's do this!" They have Paso and Salsa and they have never done Salsa before. Jack says the final rehearsal was laughing, frustration, tears and emotion. He says "I have come this far, why can't I win?"

Cheryl is in a hot red dress that ruffles down to hot pink in the skirt. Jack is in a black vest and pants with a hot red shirt with rhinestones on the collar!

Bruno says "Wonderful fusion but 2 very different dances!" He says timing was good. Carrie says Jack was a hair flat footed on the salsa. Len says Jack was the most pleasure to watch this season. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for 27! 84 for the 2 nights!

Amber and Derek look through the photos. They are dancing the Samba-Quickstep. Derek says this is the first time for the fusion dance in the finals. Amber is emotional as she leaves rehearsal.

She is in an aqua long sleeved dress with a fringed skirt. Derek is in a suit all black but the jacket is the same color as Amber's dress.

Carrie says "This is supposed to be fusion right? You guys just created a new style of dance!" Len has never lost the thought of the joy he gets watch Amber, "You my little sausage, light up the ballroom!" Bruno says that is how you do it! She did not have a foot wrong! Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10. For a perfect 30 and 94 for the 2 nights!

Colbie Calle is performing again a brief rendition of her song "Hold on". The stars tell us how their partners had become a part of their lives. Jack says Cheryl has become family and he could not have done it with out her! Corbin says Karina has helped him walk away from this competition exactly where he wants to be. She is now one of his best friends. Amber says Derek has the biggest heart and he was so positive and pushed her to do better. She learned things about herself and she is a stronger person than she thought she was.

Someone is about to be eliminated.

The couple in 3rd place is, Jack and Cheryl.

Brooke tells Jack how proud she is of him. He says that he is not better than his sister, they are now tied. Jack says going the distance was enough, he is in 3rd place, he will take it! Cheryl says what an inspiration Jack is and how much she has learned from him! They take their final swing around the dancefloor. The winner is announced next!

Here we go, Tom tells Corbin he has displayed hard work! Brooke tells Amber that her determination brought her to this moment. The winners are Amber and Derek!

Amber is ecstatic! She is really emotional. She says "I wanna let women out there know it doesn't matter what size you are or color you can do it!" Corbin says he is thrilled to have been there and had the best partner and experience. Amber now has the trophy and is celebrating with the cast on the dance floor! They will be on GMA tomorrow morning! There will be an all new season starting in March! Happy Thanksgiving!

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