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DWTS Episode 11 Recap!

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It is finale night (part one)! Kellie Pickler is already performing her song "A little bit gypsy" and the troop is performing.

Tom is talking with Kellie. She comments how they are all in purple. The finalists are being introduced! Jack and Cheryl! Corbin and Karina! Amber and Derek! Bill and Emma!

Tonight there are 3 rounds of competition! Then Tomorrow night a champion will be crowned! up first is Bill and Emma!

Bill never thought he would be in this spot! He says Emma is a new best friend and a fake daughter. The judges picked the Viennese Waltz for their dance. It was Bill's highest score and Len feels they could really improve on it! He tells them "Go for 9's and 10's!"

Bill is in a dark charcoal vest and pants and a light green tie. Emma is in a lacey green dress with a gold sequined belt.

Len calls Bill Cinderella because he has to come to the ball. Bill lost timing a few times but there was an improvement from the last time! Tom announces it is Bruno's birthday. Bruno says they love Bill because he brings something to the performance and they love watching him even though his timing is off. Carrie says "You have played your own game the whole way through, still smiling! I totally enjoyed it!" Scores Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for 24 out of 30. Still a freestyle and a samba relay to come.

Corbin and Karina were given the quickstep! Len thinks they could really push for a better score. He gives them pointers to perfect their routine.

Karina is in a beige slip style dress with lace embellishments and Corbin is in a beige riding pant, with riding boots, a brown vest, red ascot, white shirt and brown cap.

Len says "I think you calmed it down a bit" He says an improvement. Bruno says they are lucky they didn't get a speeding ticket! He calls them out for being out of sync but it was nice. Carrie says she did not see an improvement. She felt it wasn't as good as it could be. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27.

Jack and Cheryl are doing a jive! They are psyched about being in the finals! Jack wonders if they could win it. Bruno went into rehearsals to coach them a bit. He reminds them to keep it on their toes. Bruno tells them "This is one of those few cases where smaller is better!" He shows Jack how to kick smaller but better and then tells him "You could win this!"

Jack is in the "Michael Landon as Pa" costume again. Brown pants, suspenders and cream henley shirt. Chery is in a cream dress with capped shoulders and a lacy knee length crinoline.

Bruno cries to them "What are you doing to Papa!" He says the transformation has been great from the beginning. Carrie says she is heartbroken and it was a 10 the first time, should have been this time. She sees improvement. Len says the bad news is he lost it early on and it took too long to get it back but there are 2 more dances tonight! Scores Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 24.

Brooke reminds us that DWTS is up for a People's Choice award and asks that we all vote for them! Amber and Derek are up next. Derek says this is the finals, they are gonna step it up! Carrie has chosen the Charleston for their dance tonight. She tells them that they need to grow like the Bill's and the Jack's and show the audience they can do more!

Derek is in an all black shirt, vest and pant with white trim. White tie. Amber is in a black and silver fringe dress with a silver headband.

Carrie ran out to hug Amber on the dancefloor. The Glee cast is going crazy in the crowd. Carrie says she completely out did herself, it was amazing. Len says this is the most improved by far of the dances tonight. Bruno says it was so high voltage there is a power surge in America tonight.. Scores 10 across the board! Perfect 30!

Tom is back talking with Kellie, she tells us she loves Bill, so funny! Corbin is easy on the eyes. She loves Jack's story and testimony. Amber is a firecracker and lights up the dancefloor! Brooke reminds us of the scores as they prepare for the Samba relay. TLC is performing live for this round singing "No Scrubs". Bill jokes that he has installed trap doors and everyone is going down. Corbin and Amber say they love TLC!

The prep for the Samba relay was very focused for all the teams. Emma tells us the judges are looking for good transitions as well. Corbin and Karina are going last, Jack and Cheryl are first.

Jack and Cheryl hit the floor, dressed in hot pink, a lot of booty shaking. Derek and Amber are next, He is in black, Amber in a copper dress, they mesh with Emma and Bill in the transition! Bill and Emma are in coral outfits. Corbin and Karina are now on the floor in lime green outfits.

Len says that wasn't a Samba it was a WHAMBA! Bruno says it was crazy, sexy cool and hot! Carrie says Corbin blew them away for his first Samba. Amber nailed it. Jack had a nice comeback. Bill had the best transition with Amber. Derek tells us he and Bill just wanted to shake it together.

2 points for Bill and Emma, 3 points for Jack and Cheryl, 4 points for Corbin and Karina, 5 points for Amber and Derek! Freestyle round is up next!

Bill and Em are doing an Indiana Jones themed dance. Emma calls this the mega mix of everything he has learned this season. It is her first freestyle so she wants to throw everything in! He hesitates because of his groin injury. He doesn't want to hesitate on the dancefloor and something happen to Emma. She says that is nice of him. She still pushes him!

Bill is dressed as Indiana Jones. It is all very dramatic with a computer generated mirror ball rolling down the stairs at him. Emma looks like a refined Lara Croft in a sleeveless white blouse and tan pants with a sort of holster around her shoulders and back. It was very entertaining and dramatic. Bill is yelling "WE DID IT!"

Bill ripped his shirt off, Carrie just about fell off her chair laughing. Len says he may have lost his ark but not the ability to entertain. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Bruno says it was insanely good fun! Carrie says "You are every mans man who can become a dancer!" Scores Carrie 8 Len 9! Bruno 8! They are thrilled with the 9! Their first of the season!

Corbin and Karina are doing their freestyle to a Michael Jackson song. Karina says they need to be careful what they fill in. They went to Vegas to work with Travis Payne who was MJ's choreographer! They are looking at acrobatics, new moves! They are using some troop members for a new trick. It is really difficult.

Dressed in matching silver and blue suits like MJ had in Smooth Criminal. The troop comes out and they do a flying trick. They jump up the stairs and dance diagonally, with out support it is really amazing!

The crowd is going crazy! Bruno says they did amazing! Ballroom moves with MJ touches! Carrie says they nailed it! Showed him respect! Len gives them a standing O! Scores Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10! Perfect 30!

Jack and Cheryl are up! Cheryl tells him they are going to tell their story of the season from week to week. Jack says it is almost like doing brain surgery but looking the other way. Cheryl says Jack needs to nail every single moment to pull it off. He tells us it is one of the most physically demanding things he has had to do. His back hurts.. "But Pain is temporary, glory is forever!"

Jack is in a tails tux with a top hat! Cheryl is in a red sequined dress with a feathered tail on the bottom of the short fringed skirt. Jack has lifted Cheryl! It is very debonaire, late 1920's flare! Very entertaining! All 3 judges are standing!

Carrie says this was the best fairytale ending! Len says his family should be so proud of him! Bruno "Hooray for Hollywood and Hooray for Jack!" He tells Cheryl she has done a wonderful job! Cheryl is in tears! She and Jack hug. Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10! Perfect 30!

Brooke asks Kellie Pickler what she thinks about tonight "Everyone is so wonderful to watch, it is just great!" Someone will be eliminated tonight and then the final 3 couples will be vying for the MirrorBall tomorrow night!

Amber and Derek are the final couple to perform freestyle. Derek is looking for that special thing to take them to the top. He looks at putting some stepping in the routine as Amber is good at it. He has never done it before. They bring dancers in from the troop. It is a country western dance with no line dancing!
Cowboys everywhere! Amber stands out dressed in purple pants and shirt with a gold corset over top. The step sequence in the dance is impressive. It is definitely a "go big or go home" routine! Len "Amber you are class, fast and built to last!" Bruno tells her she is bewitchingly awesome! She commanded the performance! Carrie says she was in control the whole time "A diva dancing James Brown kickin' it!" Scores... 10 across the board again! Amber is in tears. She is so happy.

Who ever makes it through tonight, has til tomorrow night to come up with a fusion style dance to perform on tomorrow's show. The lowest ranking couple picks the styles for the highest couple. The teams seem intimidated by this twist in the finale!

The styles for fusion is being picked before elimination! Bill picks Samba and Quickstep for Amber. Jack asks Corbin "What are you really bad at? NOTHING!" They picked Chacha, Jack and Cheryl ended up with Samba and Paso and Bill got Jive and Quickstep.

Amber and Derek are through! Corbin and Karina are through! Jack and Cheryl, Bill and Emma are in the bottom 2!

The couple with the lowest scores tonight are Bill and Emma. Bill says "There is a god because I don't think I can make one more dance!" He tells us how much of a blessing it has been and how thankful he is for his wife Gail. They show Bill's recap of the season. He says she is an Engvall now, she might not want to be but she is.

We see the recap of tonight's performances. Tom reminds us that the biggest finale ever continues tomorrow night at 9PM ET, 8PM CT! We will see you then!

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