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November 30 Recap!


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In the recap of last week we see that having a loved one seemed to be a curse in the game. Laura and Ciera are the only loved ones left in the game. Tonight, back at camp there were hugs for Katie. She tells us this is a sign of defeat. She feels the 7 are so tight and something has to give or she is doomed. Ciera tells us that she is glad her mom is there but having a loved one has become difficult. Laura tells Ciera that they have the numbers and they are 2 votes and have this game. Ciera says to her to stay low, talk game with no one and avoid confrontation. Laura tells us how it is so easy to trust her daughter, Ciera has her doubts about her mom's game play and she might need to vote her out.

In the RI challenge, Aras, Vytas and Tina make their way in. They have to use a hook to retrieve 3 bags and need to find the ball to solve a tilting table maze. The clue for hidden immunity is up for grabs again! Tina says she will not switch with Katie. Not gonna happen!

Tina gets her first bag! Aras and Vytas miss their first throw. Tina has all 3 bags with only 4 tosses! Vytas finally has 2 bags, so does Aras. Vytas has 3! Tina is already on her table maze trying to figure it out. Aras finally has his 3rd bag.

Aras drops the ball has to start over. Tina and Vytas are tied, both so close to the middle. Jeff says it is the hardest part! Tina just misses and drops the ball! She has to start over and Vytas is very close to finishing! Vytas wins!

Tina is close to the center again! Aras is behind, he is struggling. Tina is so close. She almost had it and lost her balance! She gets it! Aras is out of the game after 25 days. He tells Vytas good luck.

Jeff asks Vytas and Aras if they can move forward in their relationship and away from the past. He brings up the challenge when Vytas took advantage, Vytas says those things will always happen but it is the way they are. Aras says he can't wait to sit down and tell his grandkids about completing with his brother on Survivor!

Vytas gives Katie the clue to the idol, he thinks she needs it the most. She keeps it and tells us she did because she doesn't want to make the same mistake everyone else did and it might be the one thing that saves her.

Katie tells the tribe she is so proud of her mom. She tells them "You don't have to follow me, I am going to the bathroom!" They kind of giggle. She reads the clue and it tells her exactly where the idol is. She finds the tree and starts digging. Laura says at camp they should hide all the sharp tools. The only one not concerned is Tyson as he already found the idol that Katie is digging for.

Tyson tells the guys that they need to take out Laura tonight. Then they have Ciera and they can go after Monica and Katie later. Tyson stresses that Laura can not win, they need to make this move to be home free.

Ciera is seeing that there are 4 men and 4 women and there is an opportunity there but she is feeling that her Mom may be leaving tonight. Ciera tells her Mom that she will have to win every single challenge from here on in to be in the final 3. Laura thinks the men are going to stay honest to the final 6. Ciera is trying to convince her about the plan but Laura is not comprehending what is happening. Ciera doesn't think they will make it to the final 3. She tells Laura that she may have to vote her out to progress in the game. Laura feels this experience is morphing their relationship where Ciera is taking a more advisory role. Laura is proud of Ciera for telling her this but it is also emotional for Laura. Laura goes for a high five and Ciera goes in for a hug.

Katie crawls out of the hut and sneaks off to find the idol. Laura walks up and sees Katie is gone and she bolts after her on the beach. She catches up to Katie and Katie has to start digging with her. She is purposely digging in the wrong places to throw Laura off.

Tyson tells us that maybe Laura has to go. He approaches Ciera and tells her he isn't voting Laura out but Hayden and Caleb are. We are now at the challenge! They are standing on a platform, leaning back holding a rope and every 5 minutes they have to move farther down the rope. Idol and reward! Burgers, hot dogs, fries and soda for the winner!

Challenge is on! Hayden is feeling it in his hands, he is shaking it off. Everyone is holding on. Hayden is out. He struggled quickly.

Caleb drops out. They all have to move down a notch and Gervase is struggling, grunting and he is out. Ciera falls out as well. Katie, Tyson, Laura and Monica. Katie just dropped out.

Laura falls out. Tyson and Monica are left. They are both struggling. Tyson is out and Monica wins immunity and BBQ!

Monica sees her reward. Jeff says she can invite one person to join her. She says she doesn't want it. She wants to give it up to the tribe, she can eat when she gets home. She only wanted the immunity necklace. Jeff asks Caleb if it is good faith or a political move? He says Monica is a mom and he thinks it is good faith. The tribe gets to eat, Monica sits on the sidelines as the tribe eats. They says Thank you and she replies "You are more than welcome!"

Back at camp, snakes slither around (alot in this episode). The tribe returns and they are all thanking Monica for her gift. Ciera tells Katie what is happening with the vote. Katie and Ciera are lying to each other about the idol. Then katie folds and says she doesn't have it. Ciera talks to Laura about Katie not having the idol. She is hoping someone will bite and get rid of Katie. Ciera asks Tyson if they can get rid of Katie. She tells him about her talk and lying to Katie about the idol. Hayden is thinking the easier move of voting out Katie is the safer move. Tyson tells us Ciera is smarter than he thought but the vote has to be Laura. Monica tells him she is sticking with the plan. The consensus around camp is that Laura needs to go home.

Aras is brought in as the first jury member. Jeff asks Katie about coming back from tribal and she feels vulnerable. Caleb says that maybe Katie has the idol, maybe not. Tyson says there is some concern about the idol. Caleb says that Laura wants to win as much as Ciera does. Hayden says they have a competitive nature but their bond is strong. Laura is asked why she should stay, she says "You get one of us you get 2 votes!" Ciera takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Laura is now going on a ramble about alliances and votes.

Caleb says that there are 4 women 4 men, 4 Tadhana 4 Galang and the votes could swing either way. They start voting.

No one plays an idol. First vote is Laura, then Katie, then Laura then another Laura! 3 Laura, 1 Katie. Laura is the 11th person out! She is off to RI. Ciera cries as she hugs her mom and says "Sorry" Laura says it is ok. Katie is consoling Ciera. Jeff tells them there are now only individuals, 7 of them with no loved ones. He dismisses them from tribal.

Next time on Survivor! Hayden figures out that Tyson is running the show. The plan is to blindside him! Laura tells us on her way to RI that Ciera had to do what she did but she will do whatever she can to help her daughter along in the game! With that, we will see you next week!

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