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Episode 10 Recap!

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It's the semi final and Maks is BACK as tonight's guest judge! 5 teams remain! Derek and Amber, Bill and Emma, Corbin and Karina, Cheryl and Jack, Leah and Tony!

Bad Romance is the song Leah and Tony are dancing to twice tonight. The first dance is the Paso Doble! In rehearsals, Leah is trying to get in touch with her sexy side.

Maks is welcomed back to the show. Tom interviews him about his statement "must not be too critical" Tom announces "Yes, ladies he is not wearing any pants." Leah and Tony take the floor.

Leah has one a purple dress with back embellishments and see through purple sleeves. Tony is in all black with a purple and black jacket that matches Leah's dress!

Len congratulates them on making it to the semi final. Len says it was too safe. Bruno wonders where his aggressive and gritty girl is? He says she missed 2 turns. Carrie says they brought the drama and it may have threw them off. Leah says she tripped on the dress, Carrie says it happens! Maks says he liked it it was great, it needs some things but in the end even though she stepped on the skirt and it is not technical so it shouldn't count against her. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Maks 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 32!

Karina and Corbin are up next with a tango! They struggle with technicalities in the choreography. He is worried their moves will be misinterpreted.

They came out in robes and as the dance wore on, Karina was in all red with gold embellishment. Corbin was in all black leather.

Bruno says it was brilliant. Carrie says it was danced with fury and they should do it again! Maks says it was great, the content was amazing. "It's the type of tango that I like!" Len says "It isn't Manic Monday, it is a tango! It was too full out!" He wanted more calm then attack. The crowd boos. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Maks 9 Bruno 9 for 35 out of 40!

Jack and Cheryl are up next, dancing to the song "Roxanne". Jack says he is channeling into comments Cher made to him about his character. In rehearsal he shares with Cheryl about blurred vision that morning and he is getting headaches. She worries that pushing him too hard could hurt him. He says he is having pain flare ups as they practice. He tells us he is just rolling with the punches.

For their Jazz routine, Jack is in a white tux shirt and black pants, untied bow tie hanging from his neck. Cheryl is in an emerald bodice with a short black fringed skirt (think the musical Chicago!)

Carrie says Cheryl "killed that!" She says that this was outside Jack's comfort zone and she could feel it. Maks says he thought it was great and Jack is deceiving, he can just blast out! Len says he likes Jack's commitment, it lacked finesse. Too full on for him. Bruno says he understands because it is so hard to keep up with such a hottie! He says it was good for jazz because it was soo different from ballroom! Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Maks 9 Bruno 8 33 out of 40!

Bill and Emma are dancing to "Sexy and I know it" they show last week and how shocked Bill and Emma were that they were saved! They are dancing the Argentine Tango. Bill wants to move forward to the final but because he is putting out good dances. He pulled his groin during rehearsals and he says "Somedays you just gotta do this!"

Bill is in a work out suit. Sleeveless aqua shirt with an animal print stripe. Emma is in an animal print bra and short shorts!

Maks says "You are alot of people's inspiration but I do not believe in talent, I believe in hard work and you do that well!" Len thanks Emma for her work this season. He says Bill is the people's champion this season. Bruno says "Whatever! The pleasure you gave us to watch you each week has been wonderful." Carrie says he brought the jy back to the ballroom. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Maks 7 Bruno 7 for a total of 28 out of 40.

Amber and Derek are performing a jazz routine. Amber went to the doc this week, he tells her she has regained her range of motion. She feels confident that she can perform with out permanent damage. He is still trying to have steps that are easy on her knees.

Derek and Amber are wearing matching black outfits with white trims at the neckline. Amber's shirt has a sweetheart neckline and a fringe around the waist.

Len says (points at Amber) "Do it again!" Bruno says they were incredible, they are constantly surprising. Carrie says "You are in a class of your own." Maks, "I agree, it was amazing and intricate and it looks like it comes easy to you!" Amber says she never wanted the choreography to suffer over an injury. Scores: Carrie 10 en 10 Maks 9 Bruno 10 for a total of 39 and they are in the lead tonight! Tom says it is the first time Maks has been booed by the audience.

Round 2, same songs stripped down! Up first is Leah. She was born in Brooklyn, her Mom moved them to LA when she was younger, she kept telling her Mom that she would be an actress and everything will be ok. She was devastated when Living Dolls was cancelled. She is a fighter and she can get through it. She tells us about King of Queens. She says she is glad she has been on DWTS.

Leah and Tony are dancing an Argentine tango. Leah is in a Cocktail length brown dress with back beading and embellishments. Tony is in a white shirt and black vest, pants and tie.

Len says he liked it fine. Each dance has a character that she should be getting into and she hasn't played the dance quite well. Bruno tells her she has a nice instrument and she should play it more often. He says it was very pretty. Carrie says this comes from pure love and she thinks Leah needs more confidence! She wants her to let it all out and "balls to the wall"! Maks says she is a real woman and she brings what this competition needs. He says it doesn't matter if she messes up, the Leah he knows can come above that! Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Maks 8 Bruno 9! For a total of 33 out of 40 this round, 65 for the night.

Corbin and Karina are up next! Corbin tells us he grew up in Brooklyn, his family and friends says he was an entertainer since birth. He loved science and was accepted into Stanford University at the same time he booked High School Musical. He chose HSM. He has stayed focused and grounded because of his family. Debbie Allen says he is a hard worker.

Corbin and Karina are dancing a rumba! She is in a silver skirt, very flowy satin with a rhinestone, see through bodice and he is in a pair of black pants.

Bruno says the quality of movement was unbelievable! It was so deeply felt, so flawless. Carrie says all she could think was "You're body is a wonderland!" And she is happy to be on the journey. Maks says he judges differently and when he took the shirt off it was technically savvy. He compliments Karina and says she is one of the 5 top technical dancers of all time and Karina runs up to kiss Maks for the compliment! Len says there was moments of calm and then it was vibrant! It was a great Rumba! Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Maks 10 Bruno 10! 40! Perfect score and 75 for tonight's total!

Jack was born in England but moved to LA when he was 12. Kelly says they didn't understand how America worked so they learned to numb themselves by doing drugs. Sharon tells us of one of Jack's overdose episodes. She sent him to rehab at 17 and he has not looked back. Whatever he does, he throws himself into to be the best he can be! Jack says his life was on track, in full swing and then he was diagnosed with MS. It is his reality now, he can either crumble or he can deal with it and move on. His family is there to cheer him on, teary eyed and they are up after the commercial.

Jack and Cheryl are dancing the Argentine Tango. She is in a hot red dress with a slit from the knee to the hip. He is in a black suit with a red tie.

the audience is on their feet! Carrie says Jack is such an inspiration for so many people. She says he was in the zone! The intensity was incredible. Maks says just being here with them in incredible and dancing like that will get them to the final! Len says "Jack you're back! This was so much better!" He says Jack sells the dance! Well done! Bruno says the transformation is unbelievable. "To dance with Cheryl at that level is an achievement!" Scores: Carrie 10 Len 9 Maks 9 Bruno 10! For a total of 38 out of 40 and the night's total is 71!

Bill says he had a normal childhood but at college he discovered women and beer. He asked his wife to go skating some night and she thought he was an idiot. He struggled with drinking when they first became parents and she stood by him through the whole thing. He couldn't believe it when he got so much success with Blue Collar and then his own show. Darius Rucker tells us the Bill who laughs and cries is just who he is. His wife Gail says "This is my husband and I love that people love him!"

The Argentine Tango! Emma is in a see through dress with embellishments over the bust and hips. Bill is in a tux with a slightly unbuttoned shirt and an untied tie around his neck.

Maks says it was great. He has to give props to Emma. It is a hard job in general. It was exactly what an argentine tango was supposed to be. Len says Bill has the will to win. He is full of heart and Emma has nutured him along well. Bruno says he did it well, no short cuts, very well done. Carrie says for the first time there was no joking around and he stole their heart! Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Maks 8 Bruno 8 for 32 out of 40! Night's total is 60.

Amber and Derek are the final couple to perform tonight. We learn that Amber grew up in LA and she chose singing over dancing growing up. Casting directors said nasty things to her about her appearance on auditions. She got a call about Glee, went into a packed room and she sang and everyone in the room was like "That is the girl!" Glee gave her the experiences of a rockstar and she is living her dream! Her costars from Glee think she is amazing. She has found new strength and vulnerability. Her Mom is so proud of the woman Amber is becoming!

Viennese waltz for Amber and Derek. She is in a long, flowing white dress with simple silver embellishments. Derek is in a white shirt, grey vest and pants, black tie.

Len "There was smoke on the floor but fire in the dance!" Bruno says Amber danced like an angel. Carrie says Amber is special, she is something special and it's nice. Maks says she has a guy who knows how to win so she is in amazing hands. He adds that she is amazing. Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Maks 10 Bruno 10. A perfect score! Total for tonight is 79 out of 80.

At the top are Amber and Derek with 79 and Emma and Bill are at the bottom with 60! Corbin and Karina are safe! Next safe is, Amber and Derek! And the third couple is Jack and Cheryl!

Bill and Emma and Leah and Tony are remaining. One of the couples is going home.

The couple leaving are Leah and Tony. Bill and Emma made it to the finals!

Leah tells us what a great experience it has been and she is so grateful for everyone there. Tom says she has been lovely to watch. Tony says he needs more seasons like this and he will have the time of his life. She has come so far. They show the recap of her time on the show and how far Leah has come as a dancer.

Tom reminds us that next week is the finale! They thank Maks and he adds that they have the best pros in TV. He loves them! Next week there will be freestyle round and music from Kelli Pickler! We will see you then!

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