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November 13 Recap!


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Back at camp, Vytas says congrats to the tribe, he did not see that coming. He says to us that vengeance will be his at some point. Tina says Bravo to you to the tribe, "You won the battle you didn't win the war, you now have 5 votes against you for flipping." They come back at her and say they all had an alliance with Aras. She just says "I understand, I understand" Tyson tells us that Tina prioritized Katie over him. The next morning she tells Katie she chose her alliance and it is her mistake in the game and if Katie can further herself in the game she should. Katie tells us "How can I sell myself with my Mom on the line?"

We are shown it is a challenge! The tribe walks in, it is immunity. It's a Survivor classic! The food eating competition! Gervase knows this one all too well!

First round, Mealworms. The first 5 competitors are Katie, Vytas, Laura, Monica and Tyson! Tyson is good! He is in. Vytas spit his out and has to pick them up and he is in! So is Monica!

Tina, Gervase, Ciera, Caleb, Hayden... Hayden is in! Tina struggles, Ciera has given up she is out! Gervase and Caleb move on with Hayden!

Round 3, Pig Intestines. Gervase and Tyson dig in. Hayden struggles. Tyson spits out a lot. He needs to eat them again. Gervase and Vytas are digging in. Monica is doing well too.

Monica is in! She finished first. Vytas is struggling to keep his food down. Gervase struggles as well but has it! He and Monica are on to the next round.

The final round is 2 grubs. Gervase couldn't do this one 13 yrs ago. Tonight is his chance to redeem himself. They both struggle immensely. Monica has one down, Gervace put both in at once. Monica wins!

Back at camp they discuss tribal tonight. Four votes for Vytas, 4 for Katie is the plan. Tyson isn't sure if they should be spitting the votes. Tyson doesn't want to tell anyone he has the idol. Vytas asks who is next and is told time will tell. Hayden and Vytas walk alone and tells him the plan. Vytas asks him "Just give me one more!" Hayden looks confused. Katie is trying to figure out who to go with. Monica is nervous as the day goes on. She is wondering if someone else is driving the vote. She is uncomfortable.

Vytas is encouraging the others to vote for Katie. He says if it is their goal to break up the pairs then she should go next. Tyson talks to others. He is worried that they will see him as the decision maker in the game and he doesn't want that.

Tina tells Jeff at tribal that yet again she just should have kept her "big mouth shut". Vytas says that he was angry when Aras was voted out. He says he wanted to defend his brother but he couldn't in this game. He calls out Monica about being paranoid and saying she doesn't want to be a doormat. Monica says "WOW! I think you flipped on my husband" He calls her out on breaking the trust. Jeff asks Katie if it is fair to say it is her or Vytas or Tina going? She says yes. Vytas tells the girls that to night is the night to get the men out. They begin voting.

No one plays an idol. First vote is Vytas, then Katie then Tyson. Vytas now has 4 votes. And he is voted out.

Jeff says the bad news is that Katie and Tina are on the bottom. The bad news for everyone else is they now have nothing to lose (referring to Katie and Tina) Monica was told to vote Katie but she flipped and voted Vytas. Gervase is a little ticked that Monica flipped her vote. She was bragging about it. He thinks they should get rid of Monica next, she could have messed things up.

Vytas and Aras are on RI. Vytas feels that Aras and his many deals are what got them there. Vytas says he has positive energy and Aras is negative. They are bickering sarcastically at one another. In the game, we are at the 2nd immunity challenge tonight!

They have to balance a sword on a shield, with the other hand they have to stack coins, lose your coins and you are out! First coin they have to place is a small coin, then a medium then a small then a large. Jeff is wasting no time calling these out! Another small. Monica drops her coin and is out. Ciera is as well.

Tina is shaking, struggling and drops her coin! She is also out! Gervase is out! Laura is out as well.
Stacks are growing, wind is picking up. Caleb shakes and is out. Katie, Hayden and Tyson are the only ones left.

Tyson is shaking. Katie is staying focused. Hayden is doing well. They add a large coin. Jeff counts them out 3, 2, 1. And boom Hayden and Tyson are out! Katie wins!

Back at the camp, Katie says this feels like winning the lotto! She is nervous that she and her mom do not have an alliance. Tina is off to look for the idol and they all go to follow her. Tyson, Caleb and Hayden lost her on the waterfall trail. They are babysitting her to make sure she doesn't find it. Tyson had moved it to a "safe place". Tina says she is in a standoff and they don't know she has it.

Monica is overthinking the vote. She wants to split the votes. Tyson reassures her but Gervase is saying she is a loose cannon. He wants to keep Tina and get rid of Monica. Hayden thinks they should cut Monica loose and go from there.

At tribal, Jeff says there is obviously an alliance of 7 and Tina and Katie are out. She tells him the story of the guys following her to find the idol. She tells Jeff that in the alliance, Monica is on the bottom. Monica says that she has relationships since day 1 and they will hopefully be loyal. Monica and Tina are verbally sparring, Jeff asks Gervase if a wild card is dangerous, he says absolutely. Monica is concerned about the splitting of the votes. Hayden says they have been running scenarios through their minds all day and they might vote out the bottom. Monica says that is stupid to do. Tina says that voting out Monica tonight is not that big of a hit as they still have the numbers. Maybe Tina has the idol, maybe she doesn't.

Tina pulls a fast one, looks in her bag and says "I wish I found it but I didn't!" 2 votes Tina, one monica one tyson, Tina has been voted out. She kisses Katie, tells her she loves her and says "Thank you guys! See you all tomorrow." Jeff tells Katie "Well you just lost your Mom but this alliance of 7 is not as tight as they seem! Good night!"

Next time on Survivor. The only things harder than your voted one going, is voting them out! Ciera tells us that her Mom, Laura, needs to go home. Tina makes it to RI. Vytas hugs her for support. And with that we will see you next week!

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