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DWTS Episode 9 Recap!

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2 weeks til the finals! Who will make it through tonight? They are being judged on the favorite opening moves tonight! Who do you like best?

Amber and Derek are up first for the first round! Derek comments on how emotional she got, she says her confidence has soared and it feels great! This week they are dancing the quick step! Amber picked up on the steps fast but she was in a lot of pain.

Amber is in a white dress, tight, lacey bodice and a fringe from waist to almost floor skirt! Derek is in a light grey tux.

Len is back! He says it is the beginning of the end and they should all come out and pullout all the stops! Derek's choreography was great but for him they were a little bit loose. It got a little wild. It needed to be cleaner. Bruno says Amber's performance level is always dazzling, there was mistakes in the foot work. Carrie says the good news is Amber has set the standard of the competition so high but tonight she was off. Derek says that yesterday Amber could barely walk! Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8! For a total of 24!

Brooke is interviewing Bill, Jack and Leah about how they have been able to stay in the competition! They agree it is fan based, Bill says "The check has cleared!" Up next is Leah and Tony! They are performing the tango tonight! She was hoping it would be easy. He says no, he wants her to contend! He was to push her because he believes she can make the finals!

Leah is in a red lace dress, tight bodice, high neck, flowing skirt to the floor. Tony is in a black vest, shirt and pants with a red tie.

Bruno says "That was a bad a** proper tango!" He adds when Leah maintains her focus she nails it! She has "got it"! Carrie says, she is impressed with the growth this week. Leah needs to work on her arms. Len says he liked the ingredients, the steps were all there and Leah brought the flavor! Scores: Leah 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30!!

Corbin and Karina are doing the waltz for round 1! She wants to keep it clean and traditional. Corbin wants to have a better reaction than the last one! It's Len's favorite so it has to be great! Spot on and just kill it!

Corbin is in an all black suit. Karina is in a white dress to the floor with a flowing skirt, plunging neck and back line to the waist!

Carrie says it was dreamy but, Corbin was off his center! Len says it is so expressive, when they got into hold Corbin had a good frame but, it was a great number. Bruno thought it was enchanting. Breathtaking. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 10 for a total of 28! Tom reminds us that someone is going home tonight! He asks them how they felt about the dance. Corbin says it worked, it was slower and you could see everything.

Brooke mentions who the viewers liked best for their opening move. Derek and Amber won! Social media loved it! Jack and Cheryl's b-boy style move was shown again too! They are up next with a Viennese Waltz. Jack laughs at Cher calling him a pimp last week. His birthday was this week so Cheryl got him a card, a disco ball trophy that says "Best partner ever!" He was very happy.

Cheryl is in all purple, wide strapped gown with a long skirt. Lots of glitter. Jack is in an all grey suit with a silver tie.

Len says it was a Cracker Jack Jack! Little things in life and dancing please him, he lists off all the things he loved about their dance. Bruno reminds Jack he couldn't turn week 1 and look at him now. His hands go like the matrix but the transformation is amazing. Carrie says he is just growing and going higher and higher. Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 9. 29 out of 30 tonight. The crowd is disappointed. Highest score so far tonight.

The show was nominated for a People Choice award! Bill and Emma are up next with a Charleston! Bill says he is over the moon to have made it to week 9! He says they are a team and he wants to win this thing. He struggles with arms and steps. We will see their performance after the break.

Bill and Emma are up! She is in a red and white thin striped 50's style dress, think Lucy Ball! Bill is in a Cream shirt, red suspenders and grey pants!

Bruno says timing is the most important thing in these fast dances. Bill was off. Carrie says she loves just watching them dance and he puts his heart into it. Len says he loved Bill this season but, he has to come out later and nail it or he could be going home tonight. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 for 21 tonight. The crowd is very disappointed. Tom asks if it stings to hear those scores, Emma pipes up and says she is proud of him every week.

Elizabeth and Val are up next. They are performing the Viennese Waltz. Val says after her change in music last week, he is going to try something new, he talks and she listens. She says she will follow his lead!

Elizabeth is in white, think of a ballerina with a long skirt or a cocktail length wedding dress. Val is in a classic black tux.

Carrie says it had a special quality and she was just beautiful. One hiccup in the middle. Len says just for the record, Elizabeth is his top dancer. He felt it was a little dark and it was jumpy. It was good but not their best. Bruno says it came from within and it flew about. He is very animated tonight as he talks. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 9. 26 out of 30.

With Jack and Cheryl in the lead, the trio round is up next after the break!

Kelli Pickler is in the house tonight! She has a new album out today. She will be back Finale night to perform! Trio round begins now! Derek and Amber chose Mark! Mark says it is nice to be back. They are rehearsing and Amber says she is confused as they are buzzing around and she is just standing there. Derek says he sees it as he and Mark are just Amber's backup dancers!

Amber is in a sexy sleeveless bright yellow and orange knee length dress that has ruffled layers in shades from yellow to orange. The guys are in all black.

Len calls her "Smiley Riley!" Bruno says she can let it rip and he loves it when she just lets go! Carrie says they are like the dream team! She is bummed for Amber asks if she is worried. Amber says "No, I am in it to win it!" Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Leah and Tony have asked Henry from the troop to join them. When Tony used Henry before with Melissa they got 3 10's. He is hoping for a repeat! They are dancing the jive and their roles are the 3 judges, Tony is playing Bruno, it is freaking Leah out. She hopes they love it.

They are dressed like the judges! Leah is in a blue sequin dress with see through black sleeves and a fringe skirt, Tony is in a sequin blue jacket and a thin black tie as Bruno, Henry... I think he took the suit off Len's back!

Bruno says it was uncanny like watching a mirror, it was witty and delightful. Leah missed a couple of kicks. Carrie says she loves a woman who can take control! She loved it. Len loved the concept and the routine, fantastic entertainment and good fun. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30, total for tonight is 54!

Corbin and Karina are dancing with Whitney from the troop tonight! They are doing a jazz routine. There is a lot of joking and giggling in routine. Corbin says it is going to be very unique. The upside is 3 minds collaborating that is also the down side.

Corbin is in a tail tux coat that is white with white pants and he just tossed his top hat. The girls are in black tail tux coats with white body suits underneath.

Carrie is trying to compose herself, She says it was the best routine she has seen in 17 season of the show. She says Corbin did exactly what Bob Fossey would have done today, she says sorry she couldn't even see the girls in the number. Len says there was no fireworks... none... they exploded! One fabulous whole that was it! Bruno says "Grandmaster Corbin the magnificent!" He says no one lived up to that Bob Fossey standard and he is keeping that legacy alive. Scores Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 PERFECT! Total of 58 for the night!

Jack and Cheryl are dancing the Samba with Sharna! Cheryl says she and Sharna have similar personalities and things should go well. They tease Jack a bit about what is happening in the routine. Jack blushes and walks into the bathroom. He says he is not a very spicy fellow. He just has to get into character and let his hips take over!

Jack is in a cheetah print shirt and brown pants. Sharna is in a tiger print cat suit. Cheryl is in a red knee length dress with spagetti straps and cheetah print trim on the skirt.

Len says it was clever so much fun, in someplaces not so good. Bruno yells "I got a case of jungle fever!" He says it is a party dance and he partied like it was no tomorrow. Carrie thinks it was a little out of control but looked fun. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 9 for a night's total of 54. Tom asked about the comparisons to he and Kelly. She started out shaky too. He says that he hoped to make it to week 7 and now it is "Just go big or go home!"

Bill and Emma have teamed up with Peta! They are performing the Salsa. Peta says it is gonna be a rockin hot trio! The theme is Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Bill is Willy Wonka and they are his candy girls. He asks where this was when he was in college?

Bill is dressed like Gene Wilder was in Willy Wonka! The girls look like they were in Katy Perry's California Girls video. Pink hair, bikini tops and multi colored mini skirts.

Bruno says it was Willy Wonka and the babes factory. He loves the lunacy of it all and the slapstick but, rhythm and timing. Len says Candy is dandy but liquor is kicker and he should have had a few shots first or a martini. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 21 for this round!

Elizabeth and Val are being joined by Gleb for their trio. They are doing the Salsa. Elizabeth says that it is great working with 2 Russian instructors.

The guys are in blue unbuttoned shirts and khaki pants. Elizabeth is in a white sequined dress with an open back and pearls hanging across the back and a multi layered and multi colored fringe skirt.

Carrie tells Elizabeth that she is a girl on fire, she was great. Len says she was a human frisbee, it was fantastic, hot spicy and loved it. Bruno says it takes 2 to get her going! Bruno says they maintained the synchronicity of the 3! Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for the second perfect score tonight!

Tom thanks the vets! At the bottom of the leaderboard are Bill and Emma. The first couple to return next week are Corbin and Karina, Jack and Cheryl are safe too. Elizabeth and Val are in jeopardy!

Amber and Derek are safe! Leah and Tony are also safe! Bill and Emma are in the bottom 2. Tom an Brooke list off the scores as they always do and we wait... the couple with the lowest combined total is, Elizabeth and Val! Bill and Emma are safe! Bill and Emma are in shock!

Elizabeth says this has been one of the greatest blessings in her life and she is so grateful for Val and the fans who have been voting and supporting them.

Val was talking to Elizabeth while they were doing the recaps, he says she should celebrate herself and be proud of what an amazing woman she is and has become. She says she has a new found love for dancing and performing. Tom says we will see them next week! It is the semi final!

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