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November 6 Recap.


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Back at Galang, Vytas tells the ladies thank you and this is his "final 5" and that he speaks for Aras too. He tells us it is 5 for certain, well according to the women. He doesn't really feel that way. Tina says to the tribe that loyalty will be rewarded. But, she tells Monica that she is #5 in the alliance. Monica says she doesn't know if she can agree with that. LauraB is on RI. She tells them how she told Vytas and they turned on her. Kat and John think it should have been Vytas. LB says that it is a huge mistake to keep Vytas in the game.

Following today's dual, one person will re-enter the game. Laura M (forgive me I called her Kat) is desperate to get back in the game so is John! They enter the challenge area. Jeff welcomes them into their final dual, the winner will re enter the game. All alliances look surprised and we get the opening credits!

Final dual is simple. Hang on to the pole as long as you can. Touch the ground and you are out! They are on very high.. about 10 feet high poles. There are several foot holds on the way down. LauraB struggles within seconds. She is holding on but has slipped down a bit.

John slides a bit and struggles at the 20 minute mark. He kicks off his shoes and socks start to slip off. After a fight he finds his spot. LauraM is not moving, solid in her stance. LauraB has her legs wrapped around the pole. John falls and is out! They clap for him. He finds a spot in the shade and drops to sit.

LauraB is sliding! She only has one more foot hold to go before touching the ground. LauraM looks solid. She tells LB that her daughter is on the line and she is not letting go! LauraB falls and is out! LauraM is back in the game! She hugs Ciera. LauraB says she was a quiet farm girl and is going back a stronger woman. She leaves RI. John is shaking his head. He says it is tough to end it this way. He says it is the hardest 19 days of his life and it was harder than he thought it would be. He burns his buff and walks off.

We have merged! One tribe!

Laura took the immunity clue herself and placed it in the fire. Caleb is thinking new complete alliance of 7 to stay in the game.

They discover a trunk full of goodies on the beach after the RI challenge. They are having a feast. Hayden is overthinking what could happen with the merge. Laura is excited she now gets to play with Ciera! They all start to work on the tribe name and the flag. Tyson and Gervase talk about working on Ciera. She is the "swing" person that everyone is wondering about. Ciera tells her mom about the alliance and that she can not discus it with anyone and the plan is Aras is next to go home.

Tyson is out looking for the immunity idol. He believes it is in the vine/serpent tree on the way to the waterfall. He starts digging and he finds it. He says he is not sharing it with anyone right now. He has never had an idol before.

Aras and Vytas are talking about who they can trust. Aras says to keep Tyson around. Aras thinks they should get rid of Laura or someone else out. Vytas says the show should be called "Vytas vs Aras" because they will make it to the end.

Tyson and Monica have snuck away to talk game. He tells her about the plan to take out Aras first. She starts telling him what she wants to do. Tyson is smiling and nodding. She doesn't think Gervase is with them. Tyson says she tries his patience. She is not sure how much she can trust Tyson.

Individual Immunity challenge! It is a red necklace with jade green stones. Jeff is going to show them a series of symbols and they have to repeat it using their cubes!

Round 1 Barrel, everyone gets it right. next item Monica misses the crate and she is out. Third is the cannon, Caleb and Katie are out!

ship was next, Tyson and Tina are out. Next item was compass. Hayden got it wrong and he is out. Last item was lantern and everyone gets it right.

Round 2! Barrel, everyone has it right. Lantern was next and Laura is out! Cannon was the next symbol, Ciera is out! Vytas, Aras and Gervase are left in the challenge. Gervase is out! It is down to the brothers!

Vytas says cannon, Aras says lantern and Vytas wins immunity!

Back at camp, Vytas is happy he won immunity today. He feels he has this beach on lock and he is daring anyone to do something about it. Aras thinks the boys are voting for Laura and then the others are voting for Ciera. Laura pulls Ciera aside and asks her if Aras has an idol. Laura is pushing Ciera. Ciera is frustrated with her mom's strategy. She wants to have her mom there but she wants to play the game as well.

Gervase thinks he has 7 votes for Aras to go home. Even though around camp they have been saying Laura or Ciera for voting. They are headed to tribal!

Tyson tells Jeff that if he was there with his brother he would want to stay with pairs as well. Hayden agrees when Jeff brings up the RI player coming back is the first to go home. Laura nods. Katie says she wants to stick with the loved ones. Tyson brings up the 6 guys and 5 girls. Laura brings up the fact that Ciera is a "great social player" and how Ciera is telling her to chill and relax. Gervase says the smart players wont be shocked but the weaker players will be. It is time to vote!

Katie voted Ciera, Gervase voted Aras, Aras voted Laura.

No one plays the idol. Votes are Laura 2, Ciera 2. Aras gets 2 votes, tied 2 votes each. Aras gets a third and a fourth and he is looking around at the other tribe members, Aras is out. He says "Well played guys, well played." Laura is in shock. Jeff tells him he is headed to RI and could get back in the game.

Next time on Survivor, the game gets ugly. Tyson and Tina have words. And it is the gross food eating competition. Aras is surprised to be on RI. He would not be shocked if Vytas joined him on RI. We will see you next week!

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