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DWTS Episode 8 Recap!

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Cher night on DWTS! She comes out singing Believe.

The stars face 2 rounds tonight. Individual and then a dance off against each other. Round 1 begins with Corbin and Karina! They are dancing the Argentine Tango to the song "Welcome to Burlesque"! Corbin is nervous, he has not been able to focus as much this week. Karina is frustrated by it. He needs to knuckle down and focus. He even eats while he is practicing. Corbin is in a white tux shirt and black dress pants. Karina is in a lacey blue corset and bottoms with thigh high stockings and a garter! Carrie praises their tango. Bruno goes on a spiel about how sexy it was. He says some passes were not as clean as they can do but the performance was fantastic. Cher thought it was amazing. She says it was so beautiful. Corbin was working on a film for a charity that is why he was so busy. Scores: Carrie 9 Cher 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Leah and Tony are next! Leah is thrilled Cher is there this week. She hopes Cher looks at the artistry of it. They are dancing the Viennese waltz to "I got you Babe". Leah says Sonny and Cher met at a coffee shop in LA. Leah is a Cher fan big time!

Leah is a glamorous light creamy pink cocktail length gown with silver embellishments. Very flowy. Tony is in a cream vest and pants with a white dress shirt and a tan tie.

Bruno says it was like watching Alice in Wonderland, lovely lovely. He tells Leah to keep her hold and body contact. Side by side part was excellent. Carrie says they looked like they were having the time of their life out there. Carrie thought sometimes they got behind the music. Cher says she was just enthralled that Leah could go through what she was feeling that day in that coffee shop in her dance! Scores: Carrie 8 Cher 9 Bruno 8 for a total of 25!

The stars had to learn 3 different dances for the dance off this week! Amber says it was difficult. Jack and Derek joke around about the upcoming dance off. Brant and Peta are up next. Brant had filming all week for his show "Pretty little liars". Back in the studio, they have lost 2 days due to his work. They are dancing the foxtrot. He finds it weird and struggles with it.

I can not describe Peta's outfit other than it is shiny, has bat style sleeves and it is pink. Brant is in a pink suit with sequined lapels. They are dancing to the song "It's in his kiss".

Carrie says that Brant has star quality, he started good but he could be great. She says he needs to work on his lines. Bruno says Brant's content is flawless but he needs to take a deep breath and refine it. Score: Carrie 9 Cher 9 Bruno 9 for 27! Bill Nye the Science guy is in the audience (he is right next to Carrie! if you are scoping that out!)

Elizabeth and Val are performing a jazz routine tonight. In rehearsal, Val had the routine worked out and the next day Elizabeth found out the song Bang Bang was available and she couldn't pass it up! They changed everything. She got emotional this week a few times. All pressure she puts on herself. Val encourages her.

Elizabeth is in a black lace, sleeveless unitard with a bare back. Val has on tight black pants. That is it.

Cher says she cried too this week. They laugh. She liked the performance. Bruno calls their routine "The Hunger Games" he feels they missed the music cues as they went on in the routine. Carrie feels that Elizabeth's anger in the routine was one dimensional. Scores: Carrie 8 Cher 9 Bruno 8 for total of 25.

Bill and Emma are up next. Bill says he and Cher have performed together a thousand times. They did duets, like when he was in the car. He is shocked that they did not go home last week. This week they are dancing disco to the song "Strong Enough" and he says Cher was one of his girls! Right up there with Farrah Fawcett! "It is disco night and I am bringing it!" We go to commercial. Bill and Emma are up after the break.

Emma is in a unitard with feathered bell bottom legs and it is sleeveless with a plunging neck line with fringe. Bill is in a white satin shirt and white pants. They are working it out the crowd is going nuts!

Bruno says he was gagging with laughter as they performed. Carrie says Bill is the mayor of DWTS as he just rocks it out. Cher says "Ummm, ahhh, I was amazed that you could get her up in all those positions." She thought it was brilliant. Scores: Carrie 8 Cher 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 24.

Cheryl says her Mom named her after Cher because she thought Cher was so awesome. Jack says he is here for the fight, he is prepared to win! We see them in rehearsal and he can't believe they got a 10! He thought it was going to be the cheesiest experience of his life but now he is into it! They are performing the Tango to the song "The beat goes on" He hopes they don't disappoint her.

Cheryl is in a see through black dress with red floral accents covering her bust and around the hip area. It has a feathered, flowing skirt. Jack is in a black suit with a red tie.

Carrie says he is so confident, smooth like a god out there. Cher says "I thought it was great, you look like a tango dancing pimp!" Bruno says "She's got it right, that is what tango is all about! The pimp and his hooker!" Scores: 9 Cher 9 Bruno 9. 27 out of 30!

The crowd goes nuts for Cher. There was a fan question "If you could turn back time, what would you do?" Cher says she would go back to the 80's because she had so much fun then! Derek and Amber are up next. Anber was admitted to the hospital after last weeks show, she has a torn tendon. Amber is watching Whitney work with Derek so she can see the performance. She is visual learner so it is working for her. They are dancing the Rumba to the song "Turn Back Time"

Amber is in a black blouse with silver embellishments and sparkles. Derek started in a sailor costume and after the first 30 seconds of the song, he is in just white pants, no shirt.

Cher "You said something in the rehearsal about walking out here all sexy... well you did that!" Amber laughs. Bruno says Amber is a girl on top who knows what she wants and gets it. She led the dance, she was in charge the whole time. Carrie says this was not Amber's best dance and they were sitting back just a hair. She says they needed to give more. Scores: Carrie 9 Cher 9 Bruno 10! They are leading tonight with a score of 28 and they are safe this week from going home and they do not have to do the dance off. Amber says she is loving being there! She thanks everyone for their support.

Cher is performing her new song "I hope you find it".

Amber and Derek are in first place, Bill and Emma are in the bottom with 24. The dance off is next, the leaders get to pick the dancers they do up against. They can choose chacha, disco or rumba. They can only be challenged once.

Corbin and Karina pick first and they choose Val and Elizabeth. Val picks the style, chacha. They go toe to toe after the break!

Corbin and Karina dressed in red are up first, they dance their minute of chacha. Elizabeth and Val in black... the crowd is not as into their dance as they were the first.

Corbin and Elizabeth hugged. Carrie says she doesn't know. One was tight and clean one was super sultry. Cher says it is fascinating how different people interpret the same dance. The votes are ALL for Corbin and Karina. They get 3 bonus points for tonight!

Brant and Peta chose Leah and Tony for their competitors. Leah and Tony pick the Rumba. Tony says "Rumba because she is hot and can dance the rumba beautifully!" Brant and Peta are up first.

Brant and Peta are in coral. The song is "I've found someone". Leah and Tony are in gold and black.

Bruno says Brant is powerful, Leah got sexier as the dance of love went on. Carrie says Brant was this leading man she asked for the last dance. Cher says she felt the emotion and the passion from all 4 of them. Leah and Tony get 2 points thanks to Carrie and Cher. Brant and Peta get one point from Bruno.

Bill and Emma are going against Jack and Cheryl. They are dancing to disco. Jack and Cheryl are up first, They are dressed in royal blue. A few lifts and really up beat. Bill and Emma are in turquoise, their performance was similar to their individual routine tonight (it was also disco)

Carrie and Cher praise Jack's performance. Bill let go of Emma in a lift and kind of left her there. They all laughed about it. All 3 points go to Jack and Cheryl. The teleprompter says Bill and Emma are safe! They jump up and down and cheer! Someone else is going home tonight!

Bill and Emma and Derek and Amber are safe. Next to be safe this week are Elizabeth and Val, then Corbin and Karina! Leah and Tony are also safe!

Jack and Cheryl and Brant and Peta are the last 2 teams standing. The couple going home with the lowest combined scores is, Brant and Peta.

Brant says he has learned a lot about himself and is very grateful for the opportunity. Peta says Brant is an amazing guy and made every day a pleasure. They are both choked up. We now have the recap of tonight's performances. Cher says she loved being on the show this week. Next week is an individual dance and a trio with another dancer from the troop. We will see you then!

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