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Week 13 - Romeo? Whefore Art Thou, Romeo?


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On Day 89, the housemates begin this week's Shopping Task, Santa's Workshop, wrapping presents for patients in a children's hospital.

On Day 90, BB announced he was taking a couple days off and appointed the housemates to act as Little Brother. During their time as Little Brother, housemates had the authority to set tasks for their fellow housemates. After pranking Ed and Jade by dumping flour on them in bed, Little Brother Ed gets even by using Drew to pour flour on the heads of the offending housemates.

On Day 91, as part of the Xmas in October theme, BB turned the backyard into a sandy beach. Despite the No Dogs Allowed sign, Mr. Clooney enjoyed digging in the sand as much as the human housemates.

On Day 91, Boog must read Mr. Clooney's mind to win a gourmet meal for the weekly Family Dinner. She successfully identifies Ed's pillow as Mr. Clooney's favorite thing to eat.

On Day 92, BB held a 3 round Iron Man contest, which came down to a literal ironing contest between Drew and Boog. The housemates decided Drew won and he chose Boog to join him in the Presidential Suite.

On Day 93, the housemates are informed by Santa Ben that they have passed this week's Shopping Task and will receive a luxury food budget for the first time in weeks. BB also rewarded them by returning their personal items taken in a previous task as Xmas gifts.

On Day 89, as part of the Santa's Workshop, evicted housemate Ben returns as one of Santa's elves to help Drew and Boog with their task. He later is shown on video delivering the gifts on the housemates' behalf to over 100 sick kids in the hospital.

On Day 88, nominations took place with the housemates' friends and family nominating for 2 points, the housemates the remaining 3 points. Drew, Ed, Jade and Tim received the most nomination points and were nominated for eviction, ensuring Boog and Tahan would pass through to the finale.

On Day 94, Ed became the fourteenth housemate to be evicted. It was also announced that the Final 5 would become a Final 3 on Monday, and the season finale would take place in one week on Wednesday, 11/9/13.


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