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October 30 episode


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On RI, Kat says "At least I didn't cry, that's a change!" She says Vytas swooped in for the kill. She tells Laura and John about it. She thinks Hayden is going to be disappointed in her. In the morning, Kat is on the beach crying, sobbing. She is more worried about what Hayden will think of her than the game. They head to the challenge.

Hayden walks down to hug Kat when she comes in. She apologizes and he says it is ok. She is crying. She tells Jeff her fears and Hayden shakes his head no. He tells Jeff it is not the case, the relationship is going to be fine. The relationship is more important to him than the game so Jeff challenges Hayden to take Kat's place. Hayden leans back in contemplation and we get the opening credits!

Hayden looks to Kat, She nods yes. Hayden says he feels he is in a good spot. She is pushing him to switch. She says it is a puzzle and she can't even spell. He asks her for the long term, what is better? She says he could win this. Kat chooses to play and stay on RI. Hayden is now crying as well.

The RI challenge is another puzzle and 2 will survive, one will be out. They begin, they have to untie knots to release a machete and chop down their puzzle pieces. It is all tied up. They all have their pieces already!

Kat struggles to get her pieces out of the bag. It is the balanced puzzle that we have seen on Survivor before and on Big Brother. John has figured it out and is trying to put it together. Kat has the hang of it now. She is catching up to John.

John has it finished! Both teams are cheering on Kat. Tina tells her to look at Laura's. Gervace is telling Kat what pieces to use. Kat is struggling again. She is falling out of the competition. Laura has it! Kat is out! As she says good bye to Hayden she cries and asks if he is going to break up with her. As she leaves he yells "Love you!" and she tells them to take care of him. John gives the idol clue to Monica again. She tosses it in the fire again.

Back at Tadhana, Hayden feels responsible for her leaving. As soon as he made the decision he regretted it. He says Kat is naive and doesn't always know which way is up. The tribe listens to him talk and they are supporting him. Aras says Vytas will come with them once the merge happens and they can win! Hayden thinks he can be more cutthroat now that Kat is gone. Aras asks if anyone wants to join him in a walk with meditation. He goes alone.

Tyson tells the remaining members of Tadhana that the merge will probably happen tomorrow and they need to get rid of Aras as he and Vytas are going to be tight and they are 2 of the final 4 already. All Aras has talked about is merging and Vytas having his back. The plan is to get rid of Aras.

Tina likes Vytas. She would be honored if he took an interest in Katie as he is a stand up guy. Katie is not flirtatious so she is hoping he will make a move.

Vytas, Tina and Monica are in the hammock, the other women are hanging around listening to Vytas tell stories and share his philosophies. Laura B like Vytas, she is working on her social game and is trying to work with him but is willing to stick with the girls if it means she can further her game.

On Galang they have tree mail. The challenge is they are chained together doing something. Vytas feels they will be the underdogs. The women talk about Vytas going home if they lose today. LauraB cries. She tells them she is not good with it but she will do what she has to. Monica and Tina say "Let's just win so we don't have to worry!"

4 members are chained together, they have to release some balls on a chain and use those to complete the challenge. The reward is fried chicken and immunity!

Both teams wipe through untangling from coils, 4 members are chained from each team and are now untying their bags. They make their way through to the next obstacle. The teams are tangled up together. Vytas is holding Aras up! This is strategy! Both tribes have their bags! Tyson and Tina are connecting the chains to the balls to make bolos!

Tyson lands on Bolo on the bar, they each need to land 3! Tina lands one! Tyson lands another! Tina is falling short again. Tina gets another! it is tied 2-2!

Tadhana wins! Fried chicken, coleslaw, biscuits, corn on the cob! Galang is going to tribal counsel. Someone is going to RI!

Tadhana RUNS for the food! They have lemonade, iced tea, macaroni, chicken... too much food to list! Tyson tells Hayden that he came to their beach and ate all their food he doesn't feel bad at all. They talk about the vote tonight and they feel Vyytas is safe but they though Kat was safe too.

Laura B cries on Galang and tells Vytas infront of everyone that he is going to RI tonight. She is explaining her case that she doesn't want him to be blindsided and the tribe looks shocked. Vytas is staying calm and being diplomatic. He heads to the water for a swim. Laura B says to Monica she feels they have loyalty and hope it sticks.

Katie and Monica are talking about Laura going to Vytas. They feel that Laura made an executive decision with out talking to the tribe. Tina says Laura B is unpredictable. Tina is in the water with Vytas and says that he may not be going tonight. It is probably Laura B.

Katie is worried that Vytas could win the game because everyone likes him. They seem conflicted as to what they are doing tonight. Monica says whatever goes down, it will not be pretty.

At tribal, Laura B tells Jeff what she did. Monica says they should have talked about it first. Katie agrees with her. Laura B is nodding but doesn't look worried. Vytas says that the last tribal Kat went home because they deemed her untrustworthy. He says it doesn't matter how many women you have it matters who is trustworthy. Vytas thought he was going to move forward and with the tribe switch he is now the only man and is hoping they move forward together.

LauraB is now tearing up explaining how hard it has been for her to open up and how she has been in Rupert's shadow for so long. Tina says some people do not come here to make friends but she enjoys getting to know them and hear their stories. Vytas chimes in and says everyone has a story but the vote has to be who is the most trustworthy.

Jeff reads the votes. First vote Vytas, next Laura B. Laura has 2 votes! Now 3! And Laura B is headed to RI!

Jeff says that tonights tribal shows one of the trickiest parts of the game "Everytime you open your mouth, you risk being voted out!" He dismisses the tribe.

The winner of next weeks dual will rejoin the game, it is a "who can hang on the longest?" challenge and the merge happens after the RI challenge is finished! On RI Laura can not believe that it was her and not Vytas! She says if she rejoins the game, she will not be siding with the girls!
We will see you all next week!

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