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DWTS Episode 7 Recap!

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We get introductions! Tom tells us that everyone remembers that everyone was safe last week! NEXT week's guest performer and judge is CHER! Tonight each team does 2 dances. An individual and a team dance! First up tonight are Elizabeth and Val doing the quickstep! He is really working her hard in rehearsals. He expects her to be more disciplined. He says he knows how incredible she can be and wants her to see it.

Val is dressed up as a 50's style geek with taped glasses. Elizabeth is in a pink floral print dress that ties at the neck in the back and a floor length flowing skirt.

Len says that was a "UFO... utterly full on!" Bruno is tripping out happily. He says he loved it. They lost body contact a bit but he says it was because it was so fast! Carrie says that they have come to far in the competition. Elizabeth is really turning into a ballroom dancer! Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Next up are Brant and Peta dancing the jive! In rehearsal he thought it would be easy but, it is not. He has been practicing at home in the backyard!

They are dressed in 50's style outfits. She has a cherry print poodle skirt on and he has plaid pants on. They both have red saddle shoes on and white shirts.

Peta twirled out of her skirt to reveal frilly bottoms and then Brant almost wiped out on the skirt! Bruno says they left him on a sugar high! Fully loaded jive! They lost timing a few times. Overall it was good. Carrie says she loves seeing a hot hunky guy having fun and making fun of himself. Len says right now he has to dance full on and right out and that is exactly what they did. He loves the energy, attack and enthusiasm! Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 for them tonight!

Team Spookyboomboom which is Eizabeth, Bill, Nicole and Leah and their partners, are talking to Brooke about their team dance. There are no rules for these dances. Nicole says they have tricks and flips and action packed!

Leah and Tony were very happy with their scores last week! Tony thinks they can contend! He wants to try something new to impress the pros! She says "If you think I can do it, I will be ok."

Dressed in purple for the salsa! Leah is in a salsa dress with lots of deep purple ruffles and Tony is in a lilac colored shirt and dark purple pants.

Carrie is giggling! She says they are in the zone... like going to the club and they were the hot dancers! Len loved the steps. One of the lifts was not so good but he liked it. Bruno says Leah is "Salsalicious!" She laughs. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 9

Tom reveals that Leah has a rib injury but did not want to talk about it before the dance. She has had injections for it and is in pain but they still kept the lifts in the salsa routine. She says she doesn't want a sympathy vote but she will take it and they all laugh. Tony says she is such a trooper!

Cheryl tells Jack that even though it is week 7 they are still technically in the bottom 3. He feels he has some mid-season blues and he is feeling a lot of pressure this week and he is feeling fatigued. He doesn't know whether it is that he hasn't gotten enough sleep and rest or if it is the MS.

Jack looks like he raided Michael Landon's closet on Little house. Cream shirt and brown plants and suspenders. Chery is in a knee length dress that is cream with gold embellishments and a ruffled trimmed skirt hem.

Len says Jack has great musicality, light on his feet but he has to be careful of his feet. Bruno says he is with the music but goes flatfoot. Carrie says she doesn't know what the guys are talking about. She loved it! Scores: Carrie 10 Len 8 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30!

Brooke is talking with Sharon and Ozzy Osborne. Sharon says it is just a hell of a journey but Jack is doing so good. She says he is in for the long haul!

Derek and Amber are in rehearsal. Derek says he needs to impress Len and wonders what happened with the Switch up last week. Amber's knees still hurt and Derek is pushing through a back injury. They are dancing the Paso Doble this week. Standing up straight is hurting them both.

Derek is in a black jacket, no shirt and black pant. Amber is in a red and black lace bodice dress with a satin skirt. Very flowy and elegant.

Bruno says it was like vintage wine, they danced like the attack of the demon. Carrie yells "You slayed the beast again!" and drops her pen. Len says the flavor of the dance, the essence "You are back in the game!" Scores: Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 9. Total 29!

Bill and Emma were shocked during last week's show. Bill says that he isn't dead yet. They are doing the quickstep to Viva Las Vegas. He performed in Vegas over the weekend. He introduced her on stage and said he was turning her into a redneck. He is hoping for 9's!

Bill is in black shirt and pants and a silver blazer coat. Emma is in a showgirl outfit with lots of bling and a pink feather boa tail and pink feather headband. Hot pink opera gloves too!

Carrie says the good news is that they never broke hold. The bad news was their hold wasn't strong. They did not miss a single step. Len says "If I could judge with my heart you would get a 10! But I can't judge that way." Bruno says it was a very good try! Scores: Carrie 8 Len 7 Bruno 8 for 23 out of 30.

Nicole and Sasha are doing the Samba this week. She is strutting around the studio saying she needs to be Beyonce, Sasha says he has never seen Beyonce walk like that. Nicole is exhausted and is struggling with the dance. She feels stupid because nothing is registering.

Nicole is in a leopard print body suit with turquoise fringed capped shoulders and skirt. Sasha is in a turquoise shirt and black pant.

Len says to dance at that speed and show that control is terrific. Bruno says once she got into the groove it was good! Carrie says she has to stop dancing so quickly but to think bigger and extend her movements because she gets ahead of the music. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Team Foxing Awesome which is Amber, Jack, Corbin and Brant with their partners are excited about their group dance! Amber says there are animalistic like moves in the routine and we will just have to wait and see.

Corbin and Karina struggled with the ChaCha in rehearsals. They have changed the choreography a few times in the week. She is unsure of the dance. She wants it to be at the level everyone falls in love with it.

Karina is in a short ballroom dress that is see through and has bright yellow fringe on the bust and on the skirt. Corbin has a blue shirt, brown suspenders and grey pants on (again think Pa in Little house on the Prairie)

Bruno says the sun is shining and Corbin is back in shining form! Carrie squeals. She says it is the tightest chacha she has ever seen! She is rambling like Bruno. Len says lovely crisp foot work. He says it fitted beautifully with the music and over all was good! Scores: Carrie 10! Len 9 Bruno 10! 29 out of 30!

The couples are finished with their dances and now it is time for the team dance! Tom just informed us that the couple who would be going home tonight is from Team SpookyBommBomm. Bill, Elizabeth, Nicole and Leah are on that team! Elizabeth and Amber chose the teams. The first hour of the rehearsal and the pros were figuring out the dance. Bill said it was Halloween week and the dance really started to come together. He says the costumes look like a kids school play.

The costumes remind me of something out of Pirates of the Carribean but as zombies? They are nice, lots of white and greys and black. Nicole and Sasha are full of attitude! Elizabeth and Val nail their solo. Leah and Tony rock it out. She looks sassy and awesome! Bill and Emma are really putting on a show! Nicole was launched in the air at the end! Cheerleader launch! She nailed it! It was really good! Very fun!

Len says it was fun and Nicole was the "Pumpkin pie!" Bruno agrees and loved it! So entertaining! Carrie says Bill was the glue that held it together! She loved it! Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 for team SpookyBommBomm!

Team Foxing Awesome is up! Amber and Derek announce the song is "What does the fox say?" Jack asks if they can sacrifice an animal and Derek says "Yes!" Derek has never lost a team dance. He then calls Amber big and loud. They are trying to figure out the dance moves and it looks hilarious. They are working on the solos and the team seems very positive!

They are all in tux style costumes with fox ears and tails. Amber and Derek rock out their solo. Brant and Peta go more traditional ballroom for theirs. Corbin and Karina are full of energy for their solo! He lifts her high! Costume change! Jack comes out dressed as a fox! And now all the guys are!

Bruno says it was cleaver and unique. Corbin killed it. Carrie says she feels like she was just on an acid trip. They were super detailed and in sync. They all loved Jack as the fox. Len says it was full of touches that made it irresistible. He salutes both teams for their effort. Scores Carrie 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for a perfect 30! So that means someone on Team SpookyBommBomm is going home.

Bill and Emma and Leah and Tony are the bottom 2 teams in the leader board. Elizabeth and Val are safe, Leah and Tony are as well!

Bill and Emma, Nicole and Sasha are the final 2 teams standing. The team safe is Bill and Emma! Nicole and Sasha are going home.

Nicole is crying. She says she can't talk and it just sucks. She is pouting as it goes to the recap of tonight's dances. Nicole finally hugs Sasha and hides her face as the credits role. Nicole says "I have to leave as a zombie?" They all laugh. We will see you next week!
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