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Week 12 - Frozen (coming soon to theaters near you)


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On Day 82, Big Brother introduced Housemate of the Week, a special privilege that entitled the housemate who gains the title sole access to the BB Executive Refrigerator, hot water when ever asked for and 24x7 access to the parlor. Housemates had to plea there case to Big Brother as to why they should be awarded this title and BB announced the Housemate of the Week for this week was Drew. The next day, Drew sneaked some chocolate out of the Executive Fridge and placed it where Tim could find it and BB punished Tim and the house by taking away 3 of their 4 remaining cans of Tuna. Drew and Tim were able to get the staples back by Drew giving up his right arm and Tim acting as his right hand man.

On Day 83, housemates began there thirteenth weekly shopping task, Freeze and Release. In this task housemates had to freeze in the position they were in any time BB ordered them to freeze and were not allowed to move no matter what happens until Big Brother said release. If any one housemate moved while frozen, the whole house would fail the shopping task and could even receive a nominations. Despite facing clowns with shaving cream pies, loved ones, nudists, melting ice cream, a lift out of the BY and even a pash from a former housemate, they passed this week's shopping task.

On Day 85, Tim and Madeline were called to the diary room to participate in this weeks family dinner challenge, Kiss the Bride. they were playing for a Gourmet Meal (Burger, Chips, Beer) or Basic Meal (sliders, a couple fries and apple juice). To gain the Gourmet food items, Madeline had to endure three rounds of kissing. The first round required the two housemates had to capture a pink ping pong ball floating on air with their lips and move it into a box. For the second round, Tim had to exchange marriage vows while Madeline had to kiss different types of aquatic life: fish, a crab and a squid. For the final round, they had to perform an endurance kiss of a foam heart between their lips until they heard a wolf whistle. The two passed the task after completing all three rounds, gaining the Gourmet Meal for the family dinner. As a bonus, Tim and Madeline received one night in the Presidential Suite.

On Day 85, with Tim and Madeline in the Presidential Suite, Surley the fish set the two a task to act out a romantic scene of seduction, which was played for the other housemates back in the yard. They were not allowed to tell the others it was a task, and the other housemates were not permitted to reveal they had seen the video.

On Day 81, after nominating privately in the DR, BB ordered the housemates to face each other and reveal their nominations and reasons out in the open. Boog, Jade and Madeline received the most nomination points and were put of for eviction.

On Day 87 Madeline became the thirteenth housemate to be evicted.


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