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October 23 Recap.


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Tonight, on Survivor, Laura M makes her way to RI and Galang heads back to camp. Laura B is glad she is still in the game. Tina says they were an octopus, 8 legs strong and now they are down a leg. Aras got a direct in the eye look from Laura M, he is hoping that Laura M will take the high road and understand why they did what they did.

Tyson and Gervace are feeling Aras needs to go sooner rather than later. They are worried about Aras working with Vytas. They are really debating the possible outcomes of him leaving or staying. Gervace says "The new power couple out here is me and Tyson!" And we get the intro!

John, Brad and LauraM made their way into the RI ring. Jeff asks Ciera if she wants to swap spots, Laura says "No way! I got this!" They have to race across the balance beam and untie tiles to place them in order 1-100! They get started! Laura looks focused!

They can only take one bag at a time. Laura is across first with her tiles and gets all 10 tiles in order. John almost falls off. John drops his second bag, and falls off. The door is open for Brad. Laura is on to get her third set. She is in the lead, Brad and John are battling for 2nd.

Laura is on her final bag of tiles and she is done! Brad and John are now moving fast! And John gets it! Aras was right, Laura took out Brad!

Jeff asks Brad how Survivor compares to the NFL. Brad says the NFL was easier. He says to Monica " I was an anchor, you are now a sail, sail and be free!" Brad leaves. Laura gives the immunity idol clue to Vytas. He walks to the fire and burns it.

"After 14 days of playing against your loved ones, we are about to switch things up!" Everyone gasps and we go to commercial!

Jeff tells the contestants to drop their buffs as they are drawing for new tribes! All the buffs are covered. Tyson asks to pick last and lets fate decide. Aras, Gervace and Tyson are now on Tadhana. Vytas and Katie are now on Galang. Ciera is the only woman on Tadhana. She says it can be a great thing or a bad thing! Vytas is the only man on Galang!

Tadhana heads to their camp. Tyson and Gervace think the beach is better there. Caleb is hoping they can share info. Caleb is telling them now they blindsided people. Caleb tells them what the clues were for the hidden immunity idol as no one has found it. Hayden says "3 big dudes show up at our house and start eating our food and spices and hey that is my stuff!!!" The new tribe members are making it out like this is normal on survivor. Tyson is going to steal as much as he can from the tribe.

at Galang the intros and hugs are flying around. Tina is excited to have her daughter with her on the tribe. Vytas is disappointed in the results of the switch. He feels the odd man out. Kat is worried about Monica over thinking now that the game has changed.

Tyson is making it look like Aras is bossing people around. He is apologizing constantly for him over nothing and is setting him up to be the target. Ciera is watching closely.
Galang joins hands for a prayer. Vytas is seeing the women bond and he is feeling left out. Vytas is playing a the vulnerable card with them, telling them about his past and how when he was 19 in prison and an addict. LauraB says he reminds her of Rupert and how he was vulnerable as well. He tells them that Aras is wonderful and they tell him not to sell himself short.

For today's challenge, a pair from each tribe swims out to a cage in the ocean, release a crate and come back to shore. There are 3 crates and they must make a vertical puzzle. The reward is luxury foods!

Gervace and Aras vs LauraB and Tina! They are both at the cages and the women are swimming back with out the one piece of the challenge. They forgot the trap. They are slow to realize that they forgot the trap and are far behind now.

Vytas is moving quick trying to make up the time lost by Tina and Laura! Hayden and Ciera are making their way back with the 3rd and final pieces for the puzzle. Galang is still working on those final pieces. Kat and Katie are swimming back!

Tina and Monica are working feverishly on the puzzle as Tyson and Gervace are bickering and struggling. The teams are now neck and neck!

Galang thought they had it and they didn't. Again they thought they did and they did not! Tadhana got it! They won!

Vytas feels frustrated that Laura and Tina forgot a piece for the challenge. Tina says that if it is her to leave tonight she understands. Kat says that Vytas is leaving tonight but she wants Monica to leave. She is tired of her talking game all the time. Tina is struggling with Kat's loyalty. Tina told Monica what Kat had said. Monica tells Vytas that the vote that he was going home. Monica went to Kat and asked her what was said. Kat lied and said she doesn't know what Tina was talking about. They hug but neither believes the other.

Vytas says to Monica, "You just tell me who I am writing down." Tina says it is 50/50 as to who is leaving tonight.

Jeff asks Kat who is not getting along and she says her and Monica. Monica says it is the game and trust issues and how much she loves Kat and wants her trust. Kat tells Monica she has always had her back. Monica says she has heard that Kat has been throwing her name around. She begs to stay. Vytas says "I hear a lot I am sorry and if you have to plead your case and someone can not be trusted..." Kat cuts him off.

Kat looks worried. Vytas says he is being open and vulnerable. Tina says she is worried about having a loved one on her tribe. Vytas really goes after Kat and plays on the fact so many do not trust her. Kat says they need to stay together and be strong. Vytas says "And we will stay together and be strong!" (he sounds like a politician)

First vote is Vytas, then Kat has 2 votes. Now she has 3 votes!
Kat is voted out and she is now headed to RI! Vytas is smiling and nodding. Tina looks ill as Kat leaves.

Next time on Survivor, Vytas quickly makes friends. Tina is hoping he connects with Katie "I want grandbabies!" On Tadhana, Tyson and Gervace devise a plan to get rid of Aras. When Kat got to RI she was worried about Hayden's reaction to her being there and hopes she didn't embarrass him and it doesn't effect their relationship. John is nodding in agreement.
We will see you all next week!

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