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DWTS Episode 6 Recap!

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There is a special challenge tonight for the stars! Details coming up in the second half! We are half way through the competition as well! Up first are Bill and Emma! They are dancing the tango to the Jimmy Buffett song "Cheeseburgers in Paradise".

Bill is in a coral bahama shirt and tan pants. Emma is in a coral bikini with a matching floral print sarong.

Len says it was well done, a little skippy here and there. Bruno says plenty of beef on top and cheese on the bottom! Bill lost the smoothness of the tango but it was entertaining! Carrie says it was a strangely odd combo of humor and passion. She saw all the elements of the tango and Bill took too big of steps but it was entertaining. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 7. 23 for their total tonight.

The second half challenge will be the stars will have to improvise a dance with their partners! Elizabeth and Val are a little nervous but think they can do it. Tonight they are dancing the Cha-Cha! Val is hoping to empower Elizabeth with this dance. She tells us about her time when she took a chance and did Showgirls and how much it hurt her career at the time because of the backlash. She kept working but it hurt her personally. Val says she has grown over the past weeks and he is proud of her.

Val is in black shirt and pants. Elizabeth is in an iridescent dress with sparkles and glitter bling all over it. It has a fringed skirt.

Bruno calls her a braizen hussy "YOU still got it big time! Give me the ice right now!" Carrie says she has been nothing but poise and grace and tonight Elizabeth was a white panther! Len says "You are a formidable partnership!" He says Elizabeth's hips knock it! Scores: Carrie 10! Len 10! Bruno 10! First perfect score of the season!

Last week was emotional for Leah. She is thrilled with the fans support and how they survived elimination. JLo went to visit Leah in rehearsal. She reminded Leah to have fun and told her how well she was doing as a dancer!

Leah is in a black wrap dress, Tony is in a saloon style vest with arm bands and a red bowtie. White shirt and grey pants. They are doing the quickstep.

Carrie says "That might be the biggest turnaround I have seen so far!" Len says there are certain rules at the quickstep, he has been lienant so far. It has been shoots and ladders, last week shot down, this week way up! Bruno says Leah was so Ginger Rogers! He loved it. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Jack says being at the half way point is bitter sweet. Bill never though he would get this far. Amber says it is hard. Corbin needs more time! Leah finds it hard to be these characters. Elizabeth feels she has to push herself to keep going. Nicole has days she doesn't want to dance but she pushes herself. Corbin never wants to feel his is safe. Brant says it is hard to open yourself up to feel vulnerable and he wants to stay and do the very best he can!

Brant and Peta are up next. Brant is nervous. Christina and Mark got a 10 and she still went home. He hopes the audience is there to support him. Janel Parrish stopped by rehearsals to support them. This week they are dancing the tango. Peta is working on improving his technique!

Peta is in a black dress with see through panels on the bodice and a flowing floor length skirt. Brant is in all black. Velvet jacket, shirt, tie and pants.

Len says it was like a glass of dry wine, sharp, crisp, no gimmicks! Bruno says Prince Charming is now the Prince of Darkness! He loves to see the range but, he stumbled a bit. Len disagrees. Carrie agrees with both men. Intensity was there but Brant did fall off the music a bit. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 10! Bruno 9 for a total of 28!

When the couples heard the switch up dance, they all were shocked. They speculate how they can rehearse for it and what could happen and we are sent to commercial break as one of the stars walks out of the practice!

Lacey Schwimmer is back tonight in the audience with Benji! She agrees with a lot of the high scores. She was impressed with Brant and Peta and she loves how Bill and Leah are both improving week to week! Next is Amber and Derek. They are doing the Samba tonight. Derek wants to do a Samba roll but Amber is getting frustrated.

Amber is in a nude tone dress with bling bodice and a multi-layered fringed skirt. Derek is in a black velvet jacket and dark charcoal pants. No shirt.

Bruno says the magic was unleashed to a devastating effect! He was looking for something wrong... she got it all. Carrie is giggling. She says every time she watches Amber all she can think is "Fierce fierce fierce!" Len says he is always the party pooper. He lists off the steps of the dance. He says it was a fantastic routine but it was a tad repetitive. The crowd boos and Carrie says "Are you serious?" Tom asks Derek if he committed the ultimate sin "Did you beat him at golf?" Derek says yes! Scores Carrie 10! Len 8 Bruno 10! 28 out of 30!

Tonight Jack and Cheryl are dancing the Paso Doble! Jack wants to look like Val while performing. Cheryl says he looks strange. We will see their dance after the break!

The crowd goes wild! Carrie says Jack had the intensity but he got lost in his timing. Len says it was full of intent and purpose. Bruno says the timing wasn't as good as usual but his pride and dramatics were good. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 9 Bruno 8! Total of 25!

Nicole and Sasha are up next. They are dancing the foxtrot. Sasha is going for elegance and need Nicole to class it up. She is struggling to find inspiration. She says when she dances she feels like a frog. He changes steps often to try and make her look her best.

They are both in yellow! Nicole's dress is very 40's elegant and long with spagetti straps and a sweetheart bust line. Sasha is in a yellow cardigan, dress shirt and tan pants. Think 40's style date! Very cute.

Len calls her his little buttercup. Bruno says she graduated from Charm school! She was wonderful. Carrie says she has truly improved the most out of everyone. She is graceful. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for 27 out of 30!

Corbin and Karina are dancing the Viennese Waltz to the theme song from "Game of Thrones" and he is psyched! He can't wait!

They are dressed like they just walked out of the Game of Thrones set! Corbin is in brown pants with a detailed tribal looking belt and armbands. Karina is in a gold bra with a gold belt and flowing white skirt. She had a white and gold veil on in the beginning of the dance.

Bruno says that Corbin's line weren't flowing tonight. Carrie got what they were doing tonight. It was a dance based on the Game of Thrones and it worked. The passion sold the story! Len loved the lyrical movement and the story. He says there wasn't enough in the ballroom hold. It was not enough Viennese Waltz for him. Scores: Carrie 8 Len 7 Bruno 8 for a score of 25 tonight.

Performing tonight are Mika and Ariana Grande singing "Popular Song"!

Here we go! The switch up challenge. 4 couples will dance at the same time, they will have the music change sporadically. They do not know the music. It is music that has not been played this season. Leah leaves the room. She struggles with music. They practice different songs and randomly change them. Leah felt like an idiot so she went back in.

First couple tapped out gets one point, second couple gets 2 and so on. The winning couples from each group get 4 points added to their scores. There will be 2 groups of 4 couples.
Group 1 is Corbin and Karina, Jack and Cheryl, Bill and Emma and Nicole and Sasha! The challenge will begin after the break!

OK here we go! The first song is Hot in Here by Nelly! Nicole and Sasha are going kind of disco style. Bill has ripped open his shirt and he and Emma are first out. Let's get it on and everyone seems to be bumping and grinding in their own way. Jack and Cheryl are out with 2 points.
Nicole and Sasha are tapped out so the winners of round 1 is Corbin and Karina! They get the 4 bonus points. Their strategy was to keep shaking it like at a club, feel the music, shake it and just vibe!

Round 2! First song is Sexy and I know it. Cha cha seems to be the fave for the song. Next song is the Viennese waltz. Leah and Tony are the first tapped out. The music is now a salsa! Elizabeth and Val are tapped out! They are now all jiving to Shake your tail feather! Amber and Derek win this round! They did really well!

Len says they were looking for smooth transitions, keeping time to the music and the winning couples had it! Amber and Derek, Corbin and Karina will get 4 extra points this week.

Tonight's results... First couple safe is, Elizabeth and Val! Also Amber and Derek! Brant and Peta are also safe!
Corbin and Karina, Leah and Tony are safe! Nicole and Sasha are also safe!

EVERYONE IS SAFE! They made it seem like Bill and Emma were going home. There was a technical error last week as the wrong phone numbers were shown during the Eastern time zone broadcast! So to be fair everyone gets to come back next week!

Lots of smiles from the stars! Next week are team dances! We will see you next week!

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