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October 16 show recap!


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At Tadhana Caleb apologizes for the drama at tribal. The girls are thrilled to still be in the game. Caleb says the Brad thing just festered and he couldn't keep it in anymore. Hayden feels like that move screwed him and Vytas in the game.

Brad walks into RI camp and apologizes to John and Candace about the things that have been said. John is really shocked Brad was there so soon. Candace says "Brad says no hard feelings but his wife voted me out day 1 and he blindsided John! I might have my chance to put him out of the game for good!" And we have the theme song opening playing!

In Galang Laura M. is massaging Aras and the other tribe members are raising eyebrows. Aras is wise to her sucking up to be "safe". Her plan is to get into good graces to stay in the game. Laura B feels left out, the other members have bonded just from playing the game before and she feels the odd one out.

We are at RI for the next challenge. Candace, John and Brad are brought in. Monica asks Brad if she can take her spot. He says he adores her. He will make his way back into the game. He says he is not a jerk. He wants them to know it. Candace admits that she was just repeating gossip that she was told and maybe it was false. Monica says Candace hurt her feelings. Candace says her feelings were hurt when her name was written down. They have to build a bridge after taking a crate of planks apart.

Candace is flying through the challenge. She has a huge lead over the men. Brad is ahead of John. Candace is slowing down, she looks tired already. Once the bridge is done and they are across they have to take it apart for puzzle pieces. John is done! He is looking for the pieces to the puzzle. Brad is done! Candace is finally done but John gets his pieces first!
Galang is cheering on Brad. John is done his puzzle! He won the challenge. Brad and Candace are neck and neck!
Candace is out! John and Brad won.

Candace says this is the hardest part. John says sending her home is awful. She tells him to not worry about her, he says "I know, you are tough!" She says goodbye and tells them to have fun, tells John she loves him. John picks Monica for the clue to the idol again. She again throws it in the fire.

Monica thanks Galang for their support. She feels demoralized by Brad being on RI. The tribe is rallying around her. Tina tells us that they are a tight couple and that is a threat. She says Monica is realizing she has to step up her game a little bit. Tina doesn't 100% trust Monica.

Tadhana is rationing fruit and talking about how difficult being out there is. Ciera says they are losing, slowly their bodies are disintegrating. Katie lost toe nails from wearing wet shoes all the time. Vytas is worried if they keep losing how he can come out on the other side unscathed. He tells us that Caleb is someone they have to finesse due to the way he took out Brad.

Caleb thinks he is a swing vote. He feels he has a little power in the game and it feels good.

Vytas is doing yoga on top of the mountain at sunrise. He says he is enjoying camp without Brad and his noise and voice polluting it. The tribe has joined him and he is telling them no matter what they have to win. They can do it.

immunity challenge! One member slides down a giant slide. Grabs a ring and has to toss it to go around a post! Reward is Juicy Steak! veggies, spices and a wok to cook it up in or they can trade for fishing gear. Galang sits out Monica, and the 2 Lauras!

Round 1 Gervase vs Caleb, Caleb wins the toss
Hayden vs Tyson, they both miss the first shot. Tyson scores! Tied 1-1!
Kat vs Katie, Kat gets hers first and misses. So does Katie! Katie gets it second shot! 2-1 for Tadhana!
Aras vs Vytas... Vytas gets it first try! Tadhana 3-1!
Ciera vs Tina and Tina gets it! Tadhana leads 3-2.
Caleb vs Tyson! They both miss and Caleb scores on the 3rd try!
Hayden vs Gervase, if Tadhana scores they win... one point away.
They both miss. Once, twice, three times and Hayden gets it! Tadhana wins their first challenge in the game!!!

Tadhana chooses the steaks and wok for the reward. Galang is heading to tribal council!

Laura B is afraid that she will be voted out first as she is the outsider. She tells Tina and Kat what was being said about them during the challenge. Kat says she was just accommodating the conversation because Laura is on the bottom. Tyson says the plan is to vote out Laura B because everyone is annoyed with her.

Laura M and Aras are talking about who to vote out. He thinks easy votes are possibly the dumbest votes so he is now talking to Tyson about Monica or Laura M going to RI. Aras feels that Laura M could knock out Brad on RI and they can then manipulate Monica in the game.

Aras wants Laura M to go and he feels the more he tries to manipulate the vote the more danger he puts himself in. We are now getting fire at tribal council!

Gervace says it is surreal to be there again. Tina says she played more in 5 days this time than she did her entire season in Australia. Monica feels the stress of the loved ones in the game is a disadvantage. Aras says they have to do what they do and then see what happens. Laura M says there comes a time when you gotta cut the apron strings and do what is best for you. Gervace says her being close to Ciera is a threat. Laura B says she feels a part of the tribe (as the others snicker) and Monica says Laura B has a place in this tribe and is a member in her tribe. Laura M says Laura B hasn't felt the sting of her flame being put out at tribal council. Voting begins!

Both Lauras have told the camera there is only room for one Laura on the tribe!

First vote Laura B, second Laura M, now 4 votes Laura M... and with a fifth vote Laura M is voted out to RI!

Jeff says he would expect nothing less than a blindside out of the gate with the returning players. They are dismissed from Tribal.

Next time on Survivor. Tyson and Gervace are wondering when to get rid of Aras. At RI, Jeff tells them that they are going to shake things up. Laura M heads to RI, Brad and John seem shocked to see her. She says she trusted the wrong people.
And with that, we will see you next Wednesday!

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