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DWTS Episode 5 Recap!

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Tonight the stars dance to remember the most memorable year of their lives! Tonight's opening number is being sung live by Aloe Blacc, Wake Me Up! Danced by the troop.

Tom says based only on the viewer's votes from last week, one of the women will be going home tonight. It could change after tonight's judges votes but, as of right now a woman will be going home tonight.
First up to dance tonight is Mark and Christina.

Christina says that 2010 was the year she had her daughter Violet. It was also the year she discovered her husband was cheating on her. She chose "Forget you" by Cielo! She wants women to know they can be strong and fierce again!

Christina is in a body hugging bodice with a fringed skirt that is hot pink and neon green, Mark is in a black shirt and pants with a neon green vest. They danced the Cha-cha!

Len is back tonight! He says he is glad to be back to see that fabulous Cha Cha! Bruno says forget your troubles, you painted the perfect picture of a hot latina! Carrie says she has been great but tonight was something special! Mark stuck to the program and the steps and technique were right on.
Scores: Carrie 9 Len 10! Bruno 9! A total of 28 and the first 10 of the season for Mark and Christina!

Brooke reminds us that one of the female stars maybe eliminated. Amber says it was a shock. Elizabeth says it is a gift to be there and she would cry. Nicole is nervous but wants to enjoy it and just have a good time tonight!
Jack and Cheryl are next. He says 2012 was the most memorable year with the birth of Pearl and then 2 weeks later, he was diagnosed with MS. He wasn't just scared for himself but for his daughter. He and Cheryl are dancing the Waltz to the song Kissing you by Des'ree.

Cheryl is in a white dress with a plunging neckline and harem belt with a flowing skirt that is floor length. Jack is in a grey suit with a blue tie.

Bruno says it set the mood for love. Carrie says it is true, the grace of Jack's being slips into his dance. Everything flowed. Len says the waltz is a big dance with flowing movement and they did that! The hands sometimes are peculiar but work on that.
Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30 tonight!

Up next are Leah and Tony. Leah says this is a celebration of her independence. The past year has been the most hard. She says you can either be a victim or do something about it and it has been great because she is teaching her daughter to do what's right. They are dancing Contemporary to the song "Roar" by Katy Perry. It is dedicated to anyone to find their strength and power!

Leah was in a red coat and black skirt, and then revealed a white 40's style dress with sweetheart neckline underneath. Tony is in a red vest, white shirt and black pants.

Carrie loved the concept and the message but once the routine got into the lifts, the storytelling movement was broken up. Len says he agrees with Carrie. The concept was great and the action was good but the lifts weren't great. Bruno says he's got herself out there and she is back! She did well because it was a lot to take on! Tony says he is so proud of Leah. Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 8 for a total of 22.

Brooke is interviewing Paris Hilton who is there to support her friend Christina. Paris says Christina dances very sexy and she can dance but not like that. Brooke asks if she wants to try, there is a pro right there. Paris laughs and says maybe. We go to commercial.

Corbin and Karina are dancing the Foxtrot. He says 2011 was his most memorable year. He is dancing for his sister Phoenix who has scoliosis. He says she never let's affect her. They are dancing to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts.

Corbin is in a tux, velvet coat with tails and a pink tie. Karina is in a strapless pink gown with a jeweled belt and a flowing layered skirt in a light tulle. Corbin just blew a kiss mid dance to his sister, Phoenix.

Corbin runs across the dance floor to kiss both of his sisters! Len says he is terrific. He always gets the character. He gets good sway! Which is difficult for guys. Bruno says he is incredible. He has a slickness. Carrie says she is torn, the last 2 lifts were not lifts but the first one was right up off the ground. She says "Just wait til I score you" She says that she might knock them off a point for that. (It is confusing). Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 10! 28 out of 30!

Elizabeth is doing the jive to the song "I'm so excited!", she is standing next to her old cast mate Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell. Mario says he is so happy for her and she has not changed a bit since those days!

Bill's wife Gail is talking to Brooke. She says he is taking a lot of naps and sitting in the hot tub all the time since being on the show. Everyone laughs. Emma can not believe how they were told they were safe last week. Bill choose 1982 for his year. It was when he married Gail. He talks about how tough she was to crack. He says it was not love at first sight, he had to work on her. They are dancing the Viennese Waltz to the song She's always a Woman by Billy Joel.

Bill is in a black vest and pants with a white shirt and aqua tie. Emma is in a light (almost white) Aqua body suit with a lace skirt over top of the bottom.

Bill walks over to kiss Gail. Bruno says it was honest, heartfelt and emotional. "This is waltz, not a bowling alley, watch your arms" Carrie says to watch the timing. Len says it was lovely rotation, good hold and well done. Score: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 24!

Aloe Blacc has been singing throughout the show! Brooke thanks him. Nicole and Sasha are going over her year of 2012. She says that when she found out she was pregnant "the world was telling me what a horrible mom I was going to be" She says at that moment all her prayers shifted and having Lorenzo made her do a complete 180! She is the best she has ever been. They are doing a Jazz routine to Britney Spears "Work B**ch!"

Sasha is in a black jacket and pants with white shirt. Nicole is in a black shirt with a plunging neck and back line and feather trim along those lines and black pants.

Carrie says "You better work!" They smile. She is liking how Nicole barrels through every week! Len says it was vibrant, fun to watch! Bruno says she was an exhilarated bundle of fun. Score: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30!

They show a video of the pros talking about whether or not is a blessing that the star has dance experience. Some pros says yes. Some say no. They think it depends on the star and the teacher but also whether they can get timing and technique down. The opinions are varied. Brooke asks Jack, he says he had some dance experience, "I used to go clubbing with Paris Hilton and we tore it up!"

Brant and Peta are dancing contemporary. 2009 was the year he moved to Hollywood. In February of that year his Dad passed away. He went home to say goodbye. Brant is very emotional. He says when he went to back to California, he threw himself into his work and got the job on "Pretty Little Liars". They are dancing to "Your Song" by Elton John.

Peta is in a grey simple and elegant long dress with crystals along the neckline. Brant is in a grey shirt (unbuttoned) and grey pants. Both are bare foot.

Len says it was terrific! He thinks Brant's dad is looking down on him, Bruno adds "and with pride!" He says it was done wonderfully. Carrie says every movement was wrapped in their passion which is what contemporary was about. Scores: Carrie 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27!

Brooke asks Bill and Corbin how hard to night is for them. Bill says he is emotional, if tonight is his last night he is glad to be going on a dance dedicated to Gail. Corbin says everyone's stories are filled with emotion and passion. It is a very beautiful and emotional evening and he is happy to be there. 2 more dances after the commercial break!

Amber and Derek are up next. 2009 was Amber's year. She used to work at Ikea and she auditioned for American Idol and was turned away. She then auditioned for Glee which became one of TV's most watched shows! They are dancing the foxtrot to "Try a little tenderness"
Derek is in a purple jacket with black pants and a white shirt and black tie. Amber is in a purple dress with a ruffled layered bottom and lots of bling on the bodice!

Bruno says Lady Amber is here to stay! "My darling You're a star!" Carrie says they are always in perfect sync! Len agrees with Bruno. She has a wonderful personality and she lights the place up. As great as she was there wasn't enough hold and stance. He needs more foxtrot. Score: Carrie 9 Len 7 Bruno 10! they have 26 out of 30!

Elizabeth and Val are doing a jive to the song "I'm so excited". It is inspired from 2012 when her son Sky, was born. Her most successful year professionally was 1989 when she was cast for Saved by the Bell. Val recalls the episode when Elizabeth sings this song on the show.

Elizabeth is in a white glittery tunic, aqua tank top underneath and black tight leggings, aqua leg warmers too. Val is in a black and white varsity style jacket with black pants.

Carrie says the kicks were a little soft and she missed the pirouette but she is glad they took her back! Len says it was clean and tight and well done. Bruno is excited, he was taken back. A bit of flashdance and footloose! Score: Carrie 8 Len 9 Bruno 9! 26 out of 30. Tom tells us that Elizabeth and Val are in jeopardy tonight. Val says "Ya thanks CarrieAnn!" They all laugh.

At the start of tonight's show, they revealed that a woman could be going home tonight. Val and Elizabeth are in jeopardy of going home. The next couples are safe this week... Corbin and Karina, Amber and Derek and Bill and Emma!

Jack and Cheryl, Brant and Peta, Nicole and Sasha are all safe.

Elizabeth and Val are safe! Christina and Mark and Leah and Tony are awaiting results.

Christina and Mark got the first 10 of the season. Leah and Tony were the lowest scoring team tonight. Christina and Mark are eliminated from the competition. The crowd is booing. Everyone looks shocked!

Christina says to leave any other way would be a disappointment. She has learned a lot about herself by doing the show. Mark is surprised as well.

The recap of tonight's dances rolls through. Tom reminds everyone to vote. There is an all new dance challenge next week but, we won't know what it is 'til next Monday! See you all then!

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