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October 9 Episode Recap.


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John walks on to the beach at Redemption Island. Candace asks what happened. He says he doesn't know. John says "At least I am here", Candace and Marissa yell "But this is NOT GOOD!" At Tadhana, Brad strategizes about what he thinks should happen when a merger happens. Caleb says to the camera, he could be in trouble because Colton left.

Candace, Marissa and John are at the challenge. Jeff asks Candace what she thinks about this. Candace says she wishes it was someone she and Marissa could gang up on, someone she could hate... like Brad!

Candace tells Brad to "just look away!" Jeff asks Monica "Everytime we come here your husband gets drilled!" Candace and Brad are now bickering. John says everytime someone has been sent to RI it has been because of Brad.

RI challenge, they have to get a key through a series of ropes to get the key out and open up the bag with puzzle pieces. Everyone has their pieces free and the puzzle is complicated. Jeff says it will take awhile!

John is working on his puzzle, he is close and Brad shouts out one piece is wrong on the right side and John wins the challenge. It is now between Candace and Marissa. Marissa is falling behind. Gervace starts telling her what to do, she gets frustrated and Candace wins. Marissa is out of the game. She is in tears. Gervace says this gives him the boost he needs.

John decides to give the immunity idol clue to Monica after Candace says to give it to her. Jeff sees it as them putting a target on her back. Brad yells out to Monica to not even look at it but to walk down and throw it in the fire. She walks to the fire and does just that! Jeff says this is the first time this has happened on the show and dismisses everyone from RI. Candace and John survive another day on RI!

John is grateful that he is now alone with his wife on RI. Candace says this will be a fun story to tell their kids one day.
At Galang, Monica is whining about the challenge and how the loved ones are struggling. She wonders if there will be a dual where Brad is not verbally attacked. She feels Brad is the strongest person out there. Gervace says "You know Brad from home, you do not know Brad from Survivor. This is a game, things are different out here!" Monica thanks the tribe for their support.

Tadhana is talking about the challenge and how Brad was called out. Brad is thinking ahead and thinks if they lose the next challenge, Caleb should go because then no loved one would go after him.

Caleb and Hayden agree to keep Brad until the merger so the targets are not them. Caleb says he and Vytas and Hayden are pretty tight and Brad really is the low man on the totem pole. Brad is shown in the water diving for fish.

At Galang, Tyson is asked how his arm is. He says it is still sore. He says to the camera he is playing it up a bit for sympathy. Gervace and Tyson walk out to their little coconut grove to sneak some coconut water. They call themselves the coconut bandits. Other tribe members bring some down and they say "Oh look there are all little cuts in them" Monica says "It is probably a crab" Gervace is having a hard time not laughing because it was him and Tyson.

Immunity challenge! They are on the shoreline. Boxes lined up out in the water. Jeff says they must paddle out to a series of crates, dive down to untie them and bring the crates back to shore to find the keys to unlock their flag. Reward wins tea, coffee, biscuits, and brunch goodies. Or you can trade it for fishing gear. Tina and Kat are sitting out for Galang. Jeff asks if that was wise with Tyson being hurt, Tyson says he can do it!
Both boats are in the water! Galang is already in trouble. Tadhana has a lead. Hayden is in the water and has released the first crate!
Brad released the second crate fast! Galang is ust starting on their 2nd crate. Brad has the 3rd crate for Tadhana. They nearly tip the boat! Galang is catching up quickly! Brad is in the water for the 5th crate. Brad and Monica have dominated in the challenge (they are married) Tadhana loses 2 crates in the water.
Both boats are back at the beach and it is neck and neck! They have to build a staircase! Galang is working together well. Aras is dominating this part of the challenge. Both tribes are close to finishing. Tadhana has their stairs done and are now working on the puzzle! Ciara is working on it. They need to release their key to release their flag!
Laura VS Ciara, Mom VS Daughter! Galang has their puzzle done. Tyson thinks it is solved. Tyson unties the key, they have won again! Galang is still undefeated in this season! The loved ones are struggling. They all look very emotional.

Tadhana returns to camp. They are quiet. Hayden says it is unbelievable that they haven't won yet. "We lost to a one armed dude and 3 moms, that is brutal!" Brad goes to the girls and says he is voting Caleb. They are unsure if he is telling the truth. Vytas comes out of the jungle and asks Brad if he is coming. Caleb, Vytas and Hayden are discussing Ciara going home. Because Brad stayed behind, they wonder what he is up to. Brad tells them he told the girls that Caleb is the vote but Brad tells the guys Ciara should go. The guys wonder still about Brad.

At tribal council Brad says that they lost 2 challenges because of Ciara not finishing the puzzles. She defends herself and says maybe she isn't as good at them as she thinks she is. Jeff asks Brad about the RI confrontations. Brad says that the other tribe is believing the gossip but it is not the case. He says there is a benefit to someone like Caleb going to RI, so no one will be mad at him! Caleb calls Brad out on "Campaigning" against him. Caleb says he is writing Brad's name down tonight and tells them all they can all do what ever they want but that is what he is doing. Brad says he is not writing Caleb's name down.
Jeff says he is excited to see what happens, they being to vote. Caleb votes Brad. Brad votes Ciara.

There is no immunity idol played. Jeff reads the votes. First, Brad then Ciara. 2 votes for each now. It is now a tie! They are revoting!

In the revote, Hayden is struggling, He begins to write Ciara but scratches it out... he looks up in frustration.

2 votes brad, one vote Ciara, one vote left and Brad is off to RI! Brad walks out telling them all he is not mad, he made a bad move "But not like everyone else!" He leaves. Ciara asks what just happened. Jeff says this was one of the biggest shifts in power he has seen.
Next time on Survivor, Caleb is ready to make some more noise. Monica asks Brad at the RI challenge if she can take his spot. Brad walks into RI and says "John and Candace, before you both hit me, I am waving the white flag." Candace says she was dead asleep and then heard the sweetest voice she could ever hear on RI, now she can put him out in the challenge and out of the game!
We will see you all next week!

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