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DWTS Episode 4 Recap

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Julianne Hough is a guest judge tonight! She is filling in for Len. Tom and Brooke do the intros, welcoming back Julianne. Tom interviews her and comments on her career. She has a new movie coming out called Paradise on Oct 18. She says she is excited to be on the other side of the judges table this week. She feels she will be fair and honest judge.

Jack and Cheryl are up first with a quick step. Their rehearsal was difficult. Cheryl says she has carried Jack for the past 6 weeks and she is in a mood and PMSing. Jack gets frustrated. Jack is trying to joke around and she gets snippy. She says she would not want to dance with anyone else.

Cheryl is in a tight black dress with a plunging neck line and back. She has a fringy skirt with slits up the sides. Jack is in a black vest and pants with a white shirt. They look like they are having a great time dancing!

As they come to the judges Cheryl announces it is her time of the month (tmi?) Julianne says it was such an improvement from last week. Julianne says he wasn't smiling. Bruno calls him Jumping Jack Flash. He lost his frame but apart from that it was very good. Carrie says she likes the frame. He was more animated this week than last week. She liked it.
Scores: Carrie 8 Julianne 8 Bruno 8... total of 24!

Kristen Bell (Sex and the City) is in the audience, she is there for Elizabeth Berkley. Elizabeth and Val are doing the Argentine Tango this week. In rehearsal, he walks her through the dance and says sometimes she is just "on a different planet" it can be distracting. She stares in his eyes and it makes him uncomfortable.

Val is in a white tux shirt with black pants and suspenders. Elizabeth is in a tight black bodice with a wispy black skirt and iridescent sides on the bodice.

Bruno says "You've done it you bewitching fantasy creature!" He tells her to be proud of herself. Carrie says Elizabeth is elegant and sensual dancer. She says this was a breakthrough. Julianne says they were one of her favorites from day one. Val's choreography was fantastic. Raves from all 3 judges! Scores: Carrie 9 Julianne 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27.

This has been the most injury prone season so far! Brant and Peta are doing the Salsa! They are practicing lifts and due to a previous injury, Brant can not complete the lift. He is dropping her continuously. He doesn't think he can do it.

Brant is in a purple shirt with pink trim and purple pants. Peta is in a pink bikini style top with black trim that crisscrosses down to her bikini style bottoms that are surrounded by a purple and pink frilled skirt. Brant's shirt just came off! The ladies love it!

Carrie says the lifts were fantastic but, when he took off his shirt, its revealing and he needs to work more on his moves than the show. The crowd boos. Julianne says it was awesome. She agrees with Carrie and it was a little loosey goosey. She knows how hard it is but, feels like he needs to work on his upper body. Bruno says "I thought you were a good boy!" He agrees with the ladies. The salsa is about having fun but do not lose technique. Scores: Carrie 7 Julianne 7 Bruno 7. 21 out of 30!

Tom asks Julianne how she likes being on the other side. She says she feels the dancers are her family and she wants to see them succeed. Valerie and Tristan are up next. She feels her score last week was fair because she screwed up. She wants to do better this week. They are dancing the Viennese Waltz. The song is Carry On by the band Fun. She feels it is perfect.

Valerie is in a gold dress with iridescent sleeves and a long flowing skirt with a wispy ruffle from her waist line to the hem. Tristan is in grey pants with suspenders and a creamy white shirt.

Julianne says she is all teary eyed. She tells Valerie how courageous she thinks she is. Julianne tells Tristan that there is a vulnerability when they dance separately that they need to work on. Bruno says she was flowy, she looked beautiful. If she makes a mistake, just act over it. Carrie says she loves to watch them carry on. It was beautiful but that made the mistakes stand out. Scores: Carrie 6 Julianne 6 Bruno 6 for a total of 18 tonight.

Up next is Tony and Leah! They are doing the ChaCha! She tells him to show more skin and bring on a show. The rehearsals go well with lots of humor.
Leah is in a skin tight gold cat suit with a fringe along the waist and lots of bling! Tony is in all black with beading and sequins down the leg and on his vest.

Bruno says Leah was channeling JLo tonight and she performed so well. He says she just needs to extend her legs from the foot. Carrie says she was in the zone! BUT! a few of the movements could match up to her face. Julianne says she thinks Leah had really strong footwork and thinks the shoes weren't as flexible as they could be.
Scores: Carrie 8 Julianne 8 Bruno 8 with 24 for tonight!
Nicole and Sasha talk about the week and how Nicole got sick while traveling from west to eat and back for the show. Sasha says Nicole is a super mom!
Corbin and Karina are performing a Paso Doble tonight. She feels his hip hop comes through too much in the dance. She is pushing him to be stronger and not fall back to what he knows.

Karina is in a traditional looking flamenco style dress with ruffled skirt in red. Corbin has on a black with gold embroidered vest and black pants with gold stripe down the side. He takes of his vest, the ladies go wild! It is very dramatic.
Carrie says "I loved it!" and the crowd goes wild! She says it as so good but just a bit of the hip hop came through in his arms. Julianne says "Thank you for doing no gimmicks! You don't need it." She says his hips were the only problem. He needed to pull back. Bruno says it was the essence of the Paso Doble! Scores: Carrie 9 Julianne 9 Bruno 9! 27 tonight for them!
Jack and Cheryl are interviewed by Brooke. She asks how it feels to go first and then watch everyone else. Jack says it is like having the night off.
Nicole and Sasha are rehearsing and she reveals that she was anorexic in high school to compete with the other girls when she was cheerleading. She got sick as the week went on. Sweating and coughing. She continued on.

Nicole and Sasha are dressed as cheerleaders in blue with gold trim and letters for the jive! They are dancing to "Hey Mickey!"

Julianne calls Nicole her little nugget and she is the cutest ever! She felt the performance was great but she needs more connection with Sasha! Bruno starts cheering "Oh Snookie you're so fine!" Carrie says Len was right when he called her a pocket rocket! She says the knees were a little crazy and she has t-rex arms. Scores: Carrie 8 Julianne 8 Bruno 8! 24 total!

Mark and Christina are struggling in rehearsals for the foxtrot. She says she needs to calm down.

dressed like Bonnie and Clyde! Christina is in red red red! Mark is in a black and white plaid suit with a black fedora and red trim.

Bruno says she is one foxy lady! It was fantastic but she needs more control. Carrie says they did well but again she needed more control. Julianne says it was more 2 people dancing side by side rather than together. She says when next to Mark you need to stand out! Scores Carrie 8 Julianne 8 Bruno 8, 24 out of 30!

Amber and Derek are interviewed by Brooke. Amber has a knee injury and she struggled this week. They are performing the Tango. Amber starts to complain about her knee. She went for an x-ray and had to get the fluid drained off her knee but she couldn't practice until Friday. She is having a hard time supporting her weight on her knee.

Amber is in a 40's style dress with a sweetheart neckline that is all black satin! Derek is in a black shirt and pants with a velvet vest. Amber does have a brace on her knee.
Carrie says Amber is in fine form tonight! They are like one person! Her footwork was good! Derek gives Julianne 10 bucks and she calls him out on it. She was hoping something would go wrong so she wouldn't be playing favorites but they danced so well. It was like an explosion. Bruno says it was pure, unmistakably, beautiful tango! Scores: Carrie 9 Julianne 9 Bruno 9. 27 for tonight!

Bill and Emma are doing the Samba tonight! Bill says the dance scared him to death. He had dropped Emma in the dress rehearsal. He says it will not happen again. They are practicing and lots of laughs!
Emma is in an aqua body suit with a boa feather tail. Bill is in a white vest, pants and fedora with an aqua shirt.

Bill says it has been a long week for them! Julianne says they kept them for last because the audience loves them and he is the heart of the show. Everyone loves them. She says he quality reminds her of her dad! Bruno says he thought he was going to wet himself. It had everything you needed! Carrie says she isn't sure what kind of Samba it was but it was unique and entertaining. Scores: Carrie 7 Julianne 7 Bruno 7... 21 out of 30!
Tom just announced that Bill and Emma are safe and through to next week!
Tom and Brooke go through last weeks leader board from last week. They begin tonight's elimination. Tom announces that Elizabeth and Val, Leah and Tony, Corbin and karina are safe for next week!
Amber and Derek, Jack and Cheryl and Christina and Mark are all safe this week!

Brant and Peta, Val and Tristan and Nicole and Sasha are left on the stage. Nicole and Sasha are saved! They will dance next week.

The couple going home tonight is.... Valerie and Tristan.

Valerie says that it has been a wonderful and unique experience. She says that it has helped her carry the message that whether you have cancer or not you can carry on! Tristan feels like his life is a little bit better since he has met her. Valerie says she respects the judges as they are fair and the audience is great! Tom recaps tonight performances.
Tom says there has been some phenomenal dancing tonight! Brooke says there is still time to vote. Monday's show should be emotional as the stars will be dancing to the most memorable year of their life.
We will see you next week!

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