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On Day 55, Bert and Patti Newton entered the house as a special birthday surprise for Ben, they stayed for a short time in the Garden of Eden and briefly met the rest of the housemates before leaving.
On Day 57, two new bearded male housemates entered the Big Brother house, Justynn and Nathan.
On Day 64, two new female housemates entered the Big Brother, Madeline and Booge.

On Day 58, housemates began their 9th weekly shopping task, the LOL task. To pass the task housemates were required to laugh out loud whenever they heard the LOL sound effect and must continue to laugh uncontrollably until they heard the LOL sound effect again. If housemates did not laugh uncontrollably, housemates would fail the task.
On Day 59, Tim and Justynn were called the diary room to determine whether or not they would receive gourmet (Asian feast) or basic (prawn crackers) food items for the evening family dinner. The name of the task was Mind Reader: Big Brother asked a series of questions and Justynn was required to write down Tim's answers to the questions by 'reading his mind' to receive the gourmet food items Justynn was required to complete 4 of the 7 questions correctly. They failed the tasked and only received the basic food items for the family dinner.
On Day 60, housemates passed the weekly shopping task and received a luxury shopping budget for doing so.

On Day 61, it was revealed that one intruder would be evicted from the Big Brother house; to stay within the house, the housemate had to receive the most votes to stay in a jump poll. However, the housemates thought they would have the power to vote which intruder to keep.

On Day 58, it was revealed that there would be no nominations taking place this week. Instead, all the housemates except the two intruders would face eviction.
On Day 59, after winning this week's Big Brother Showdown, Tahan chose to save both herself and Ben, leaving the remaining six original housemates to face eviction.

On Day 61, after a fake vote to evict by the housemates, Justynn became the ninth housemate to be evicted for real from the Big Brother House by the voting Australian public.
On Day 64, the Sugar Sisters, Katie & Lucy, were evicted from the BB House by the Australian public. With the return of Nominations, they gave this week's Super Power to Jade.


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