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Oct 2 Show Recap!


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S27:Recap of last weeks episode where Rupert was the first person to leave the game. John received the first immunity idol clue after Candace won the redemption island challenge. Tadhana lost and Rachel was sent to RI as they are hoping Tyson will take her place in the game.
Galang is sitting around the fire talking. Colton is frustrated because no one is talking strategy. He feels it is too little too late to plan out the game. Aras says Colton doesn't understand the game. He is trying to calm Colton down.

We are at RI and Tyson says he thinks they expect him to take her place on RI. Rachel tells him to stay in the game. Brad says he is just playing the game. Marissa says that she is pissed the weakest people haven't been voted out. Brad mouths off, Marissa tells him off and Colton begins to cry. Colton says he doesn't want to be there. And we get the show intro!

Colton is sobbing. He says he can't do this. He says he doesn't care about his tribe. Jeff says "Obviously because you want to leave in a game that is based on numbers." Jeff calls Colton out on the faked appendicitis last time. Colton says it was a bacterial infection. Jeff asks if things don't go his way he just quits? Colton says no. Tina says yes, it is his way or nothing. Colton announces to them he is leaving. He jumps up and runs to his boyfriend's lap and tells him quietly that he can't win. Jeff tells Colton he can not burn his buff and to grab his stuff and head out for a boat to pick him up.

The RI challenge is a series of blocks like dominoes they have to line up and use a ball to make the blocks fall and smash a tile for safety in the game and a hidden immunity idol clue. There are bars along the challenge to trip them up so they can't race through it. Candace is trying for a win... she gets it! Wins her second duel!
Rachel bumps her stack and loses half her row but knows now it will work. Marissa tries and she doesn't have them lined up properly. Jeff says both women have had several shots. Marissa is struggling. Rachel is all set up and hoping it works. Tyson is telling her to just do it! They both go at the same time.... Marissa wins. Rachel is out. Tyson hugs her. He asks if she had fun she says yes. He kisses her. Jeff says to toss her buff in the urn, it is time for her to go.
Candace tells John to take the clue and do what he needs to do with it! Jeff sends everyone back to camp.

At Galang, Tina tells Tyson she is sorry for Rachel leaving. He says it was the only move Tadhana could make to win challenges. He says it is only a game and it shouldn't be taken so seriously and it will ruin their lives "Like Colton." And the tribe is now talking about Colton and how he didn't have control. On Tadhana, Brad is complaining about what Marissa did and how Tyson blamed him for getting rid of Rachel. Brad says decisions are being made as a group it is not personal.
John is searching for the idol. He knows it is on the path to the waterfall. He told Brad about the clue and that he thinks he knows where it is. He told Brad to gain trust. Brad goes with him to find it. They are talking about sticking together through the game. On the way there, John says they shouldn't go together it may raise suspicion which raises Brad's suspicions. He doesn't know if he can trust John now.

Galang has tree mail. There is still an immunity challenge. They are excited that there is a one on one aspect to this challenge. Aras says he wants to go against Vytas as he was bullied by him. Vytas says Aras was the golden child and he will have to beat him at something!
Squaring off sumo style one on one until someone is knocked into the water. They are playing for immunity and comfort items! Or they can trade for fishing gear!
Monica is sitting out.

Gervais VS Brad! Brad wins! Next is Laura VS Katie! Laura hits hard and Katie shoves back, Laura wins! Next is John VS Aras... John hits hard, Aras fights back! Aras in the water! Tadhana leads 2-1!
Cierra VS Kat, one hit and Kat wins. Hayden VS Tyson, big hit and Tyson is in the water. Tyson is hurt. His shoulder popped and he can't move it. Medic says his shoulder is popped out and he may have torn a tendon. He is staying in the game for now.
Tina VS Her daughter, Katie! They are sparring hard on the platform. Longest match so far! Tina wins! It is tied 3-3!
Aras VS Vytas... they talk about the sibling rivalry a bit and the game is on! They spar hard! Aras has Vytas down, trying to shove him off. Aras lets him up and Vytas takes a cheap shot but Aras slams him into the water. Aras is now crying because he did not want to beat his brother. Laura VS he daughter Cierra... Laura is crying. She says she can't hurt her child. Cierra says "You are not hurting me!" The start, Laura starts strong but Cierra digs in and then ends up in the water. Galang has won their 3rd challenge in a row. They took comfort as they won fishing gear last week.

Tadhana they are rehashing the challenge. Vytas, Hayden, John and Brad are discussing who is going to RI. Katie helps at camp, she cooks, she tries but Cierra does nothing. John now wants to find the idol. John leaves and Brad pushes for John to be voted out to separate John and Candace in the game. Hayden is shocked by Brad's suggestion. He thinks it is like opening Pandora's Box (BB reference)
Brad goes to Cierra and Katie and pitches his idea. He says he will vote for one of the girls to throw John off. Hayden then goes to the girls and says "Maybe we should vote out Brad?" It sounds like the girls are excited about that. Hayden says "One thing for sure, this is gonna be a BIG blindside!"

Jeff asks them about the match ups and what the talk was back at camp. One by one Cierra, John and Katie says it was a disappointment. Jeff asks why the girls have been going home. Vytas says it is not as rudimentary as men vs women.
Brad says the other tribe is blaming him for the game moves. John talks to Jeff about the idol clues. He has not said if he found it. Vytas is glad he doesn't have the clues. Hayden says he doesn't know the clues and wonders who really trusts him. Voting begins!
No one plays the idol! Cierra has 1 then John, John again. John has 3 votes! And John is voted out. He looks shocked. Katie and Cierra look at each other and smile.

Next week on Survivor, Brad thinks he is in control. He gets put in the hot seat at RI when Candace calls him out.
John gets to RI and Candace is shocked! She asks what happened and he says he doesn't know.
We will see you all next week!

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