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DWTS episode 3 recap!

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It's Hollywood night! The stars will be paying tribute to stars of the past! The opening troop number is being performed to the song "It's oh so quiet" by Bjork.

The first couple to dance is Leah and Tony! They will be dancing the Rumba. Leah says she needs to work on her "sexy face" Tony says she will this week! They are dancing to the song "Skyfall" by Adele.
Leah is in a sexy black dress with see through sleeves and a long flowy skirt with lace and satin inserts. Her hair is down and curled at the ends. Tony is in a tux shirt and black pants.
The crowd is on their feet! Len says he loved the chemistry, a bit of passion, drama! He says it was "More Hollywood than Deadwood" Bruno calls her a devilish seductress! He likes that she came out of her comfort zone. Both he and Len say she needs more fluidity in her arms. Carrie disagrees. She thinks it was creative movement. She says "It was full steam ahead!"

Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 Total of 24!

Brooke is talking to Brant and Peta. Brant injured his foot last week. He is going to try to perform tonight. Bill Nye is injured. Tyne is interviewed and says Bill torn his ligament at the end of last week's performance and the doc says do not dance on it but, he is!

Next up is the quick step with Karina and Corbin! He says his mind is blown by how intricate is it!
Karina is in a 1930's style satin dress with lace trims. It is a caramel brown. Corbin is in all brown. Vest, Hat, shirt and pants. Has boot on that come up to his knees! It was fast paced and they are smiling!
Bruno says this is one for the record books! To maintain the style with that speed is unheard of! Carrie says it was aggressive and they nailed the foot work! It was fabulous! Len says for him is was a bit hectic and as speed came in, style went out! He says it is a balance but it was a fabulous number!

Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 9! Total of 26! Standing ovation!

Elizabeth and Val are up next with a Foxtrot. She jokes and says "Hashtag Thrusted!" He repeats what she said. She is nervous about the dance. They use blindfolds to train. She says "Hashtag Trust!"
They are dancing to "Come fly with me". She is wearing a light blue gown that looks like a PanAm stewardess outfit with a flowy skirt. Val is dressed like a pilot. Elizabeth has a hat on and it was on the whole performance! Did not budge!
Carrie says there is so much going on and it was flawless except for one spot when they got ahead of the music. Len says it was chicken soup for the eyes. "Lizzy keep busy!" He loved it. Bruno starts talking and Len talks over him... Bruno says she is a brilliant dancer! She should just keep dancing. Tom says it was so good that it almost stopped freaking him out that she talks in hashtags.

Scores Carrie 8 Len 9 Bruno 8! 25 out of 30.

Correction: Brant has a torn ligament. Bill Nye has a torn tendon. Their performances are coming up!

Brooke is backstage with Nicole and Sasha. She asks them about what they have done for tonight's number. They say they are trying hard, seeing where they can improve. She is channeling her inner Marilyn Munroe!
Next up is Brant and Peta. They are performing the quick step. Brant hurt his foot, lost his phone and was robbed at gun point last week. He says they guy got his bag with his shirt and dance shoes. He is now talking about his ligament (which they says now it is sprained.)
Peta is in a gold flapper dress. Brant is in a white and gold suit. He is flying around that dance floor smiling! The song is "Crazy in Love" but in a 1920's arrangement.
Len says they were the "No stress express! You had speed and control! May have been painful to dance but was not painful to watch!" Bruno says they were full of joyful spirit, fast, wonderful. Carrie says Brant is not who she thought he was! He is one heck of a dancer! Tom says stressful weeks work for them!

Score: 9's across the board! 27 out of 30!

Valerie and Tristan are dancing the ChaCha! Valerie says her knees are paying the price from all the intensity. She is channeling Grace Kelly, he is channeling Freddie Mercury and what it would be like for those 2 to dance together!
Valerie is in a light blue dress, 50's style glam with a blonde wig on. Tristan is in all white, tight clothes with a gold jacket, with big buckles! They danced to the song "Grace Kelly" by Mika.
Bruno says they got the look just right but it looks like they have never met before. Carrie says she lost her way the whole dance but loves that she just kept going! Len says it is like flying coach on a cheap airline, it's uncomfortable and bumpy but the landing it the same. He likes how Tristan takes care of Valerie!

Scores: Carrie 6 Len 5 Bruno 5... total of 16 tonight.

Bill Engvall and Emma are up next. She went with Bill as he toured this week! She had a hard time understanding accents this week but had a blast! They are dancing after the break.

Bill E is so happy he was not the first team eliminated. Emma asks him if he knows what the Paso Doble is and he replies "A mexican dish?" They are now showing the 2 of them on the road. Bill says he is thinking dance steps 24 hours a day! He is pushing himself so hard because he wants to win this!
Bill is dressed in a cowboy hat and Zorro mask with blue shirt and black pants. Emma is in a Pocahontas style costume. He is putting his all into the dance which is to the Zorro theme song! He throws his hat into the crowd!
Carrie yells "High ho silver away! You nailed the Paso! You must have rehearsed the poop out of that routine!" Len says if Bill had ridden out on a horse he would have gotten a 10! It was his best dance! Bruno says there was so much attack! He loved it!

Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8! 24 out of 30 and they are ecstatic!

2 teams are dancing a Charleston tonight! Mark and Christina and Amber and Derek! They say they are excited to have some fun with it tonight!
Amber and Derek are up first. Derek says it is over the top movements and expressions! Amber says she has a vocal rehearsal after dancing. She also has filming of Glee. Derek visits her on set to rehearse!
Derek and Amber are dancing to a song from the Great Gatsby after the break!
Amber is in a black and white flapper dress and Derek is in a black and white 20's style suit shirt and pants with a black vest over top and white tie.
Len says "Razzle Dazzle glitz and Glamor!" Bruno says they have an ability to create a rip roaring sensation in the room. The cast of Glee is in the front row. Carrie says it was a great performance but, all the judges agree it could have been cleaner and she needs to work on technique!

Scores: Carrie 8 Len 8 Bruno 8... 24 out of 30!

Jack and Cheryl are going 70's Hollywood glam to the ChaCha. Cheryl says he is playing her pimp and she is his girl. Jack says "Think Huggy Bear." (Reference to Starsky and Hutch) They have an eventful and humorous rehearsal. Jack gets frustrated. Jack is in a pink shirt, black vest, black pants. Cheryl is in a pink and black color blocked dress that is knee length with hot pink and black fringe at the bottom and pink boots!
Looks like Jack pulled his leg, he says he nearly over cooked it. Bruno says it was Cheeky Jack! It was ambitious. He needs to watch his hip action. Carrie says it was good but not his best. She says he takes too big of steps. Len says he loves Jack's commitment. It was all a little bit too much movement.

Scores: Carrie 7 Len 7 Bruno 8! 22 for tonight's performance.

Tom mentions the second elimination is happening tonight and that Julianne Hough will be the guest judge next week for the first time, a former pro will be judging!
Tom is sitting with Ozzy. He asks how Ozzy thought Jack did. Ozzy says he did great! Kelly Osborne says she loves that she saw her brother in hot pink! Brooke is going through the hashtags on Twitter for the show. Up next is Mark and Christina!
Mark wants to show that Christina can be versatile. Christina brought her daughter to the rehearsals. She is a single mom and Violet tells them she wants more dancing! She tells her momma "Good job!"
Mark looks like a vaudeville clown in a grey plaid vest and pants. Christina is in a slip dress with thigh high fish net stockings on, a short tight curled red wig and a white feather in her hair!
Carrie says it was incredible. Christina has such a range of emotion when she dances. Len says he loves that the dance reflected the music beautifully. As a dance and performance it was top notch! Bruno says it was fantastic, she performed better than she ever had. It was style brilliant.

Scores: Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 9. 26 for tonight!

Bill Nye has been coping with a torn tendon, he has gotten the ok to dance. He has been working on it with ice and a laser to help him out. He did a platelet plasma treatment this week to repair his leg as well.
Nicole and Sasha are next tonight. She felt embarrassed by their performance scores last week. She is trying to get the moves right. They are doing a cartwheel tonight and it makes her nervous.
Tom tells them "Nice cartwheel!" Len says for their first ballroom dance they have come out and surprised him! Bruno says the ballroom is on fire! Carrie says they deserve a star on the walk of fame for that performance!

Scores Carrie 9 Len 8 Bruno 8! Total of 25 for the quickstep.

Bill Nye has decided to dance this week. They show last week when he fell at the end of the performance. He sees the medic and he says he has a bad feeling. The doc shows that there is a tear through the center of the tendon and if he pushes it, he will need surgery. Doc says he does not recommend any sort of dancing this week. Bill wants to win. He is in it to win it!

Bill and Tyne are in futuristic costumes. She looks like Lady Gaga and he looks like a baseball catcher with silver and lit up breast plate. She is doing a lot of the dancing but he is moving mostly in one spot.
Bruno says it was entertaining. There was no jazz. Carrie says Tyne gave great choreography. Len says to perform with this kind of injury takes guts and show a lot about the man!

Scores: Carrie 6 Len 5 Bruno 5 for a total of 16.

Len says that his score does not reflect his admiration!

Tonight's leader board shows Brant and Peta at the top, Bill Nye and Tyne at the bottom! Bill and Tyne, Mark and Christina and Brant and Peta are in jeopardy of going home.
Brant and Peta are safe!
The team going home tonight is Bill Nye and Tyne. Mark and Christina are safe for another week!
Brooke asks him if this is a blessing in disguise. He says there are people who work hard every week and he feels for Tyne as she is now done for her first season. Tyne says she was thrilled to be there this season and she will miss Bill's humor and maybe the random science facts a little bit. Bill thanks the crowd for keeping him there. The dances for tonight are recapped. Tom says Bill Nye and Tyne will be on the View tomorrow! Don't forget that Julianne Hough is a guest judge next Monday, filling in for Len. See you next Monday!

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