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DWTS Episode 2 Recap

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Tom and Brooke welcome this season's contestants. The entire cast and the troop dance in the opening. A duo will be going home tonight.

The first dance is a Samba with Elizabeth and Val. He says the dance is a lot of "booty shaking!"
Elizabeth is in a red skin tight long sleeved dress with a faux rose pinned in her hair that is pulled back in a pony. Val is in a black lace shirt and black pants.
Len tells them they were so close! This is week 2 and Samba is tough! Bruno says he is coming down with scarlet fever. CarrieAnn says Elizabeth is in her element. She is in control of her body!

Scores... CarrieAnn 8 Len 9 Bruno 8! Total 25!

Tom says that even though things are different this season with only a Monday show, the scores from last week will count towards tonight's eliminations.

Brooke welcomes us back. She tells us that FB and twitter were a buzz over last weeks show. She talks to Amber about her scores last week. She says they were hoping for 7's and got 9's! It was scary!

Christina and Mark are saying how they are cutting edge and trying to just bring it. In rehearsal, Mark says they are dancing the Paso Doble to Applause by Lady Gaga!
They are dressed in Gaga inspired black leather looking gothic outfits. Christina has black and pink hair.
Bruno calls them intriguing little monsters. He thinks they missed a few things. They say they didn't, joke around. CarrieAnn says that was insane! They nailed it! Christina says CarrieAnn's words ran through her mind all week. Len says it was focused and fierce, well done!

Scores.. CarrieAnn 9 Len 8 Bruno 8. 25 out of 30!

Bill Engvall and Emma are performing the jive. Bill says he was disappointed with the scores last week. He thinks they need to make the judges believers.
Emma is wearing a small, bikini inspired yellow short dress with ruffles. Bill has a white shirt and black pants on with matching yellow tie.
CarrieAnn says it was the most entertaining performance of the season so far! Fantastic fun! Len says there were lots of steps and it was great! From a distance, he could be Derek. Bruno says they threw everything in but the kitchen sink. It was so enjoyable.

Scores... CarrieAnn 7 Len 7 Bruno 7! 21 total!

Jack and Cheryl are up next. Jack tore himself up in rehearsal saying he got the worst genes in his family. He can't sing or act, lists off health problems. Cheryl says he CAN dance. They are performing the Rumba. Sharon Osbourne came to see him in rehearsals.
Jack is in all black. Cheryl has on a flowy one sleeved black dress with a slit up to the hip on one side. Chandeliers in the ballroom with a foggy floor, dream like.
Jack's family are cheering in the audience. Len thought it had great control, good lines, does weird things with his hands. Bruno says he was doing the split and never thought he would get up! CarrieAnn says when she watches him dance, she is transported to another time.

Scores... CarrieAnn 8 Len 8 Bruno 8. Total 24.

Up next are Keyshawn and Sharna. They review last weeks scores and Sharna says she wants each week to be more and more. Keyshawn says it is hard to rehearse and do his ESPN show. Sharna says he needs more confidence.
Sharna is in a white backless dress with checker trim. Keyshawn has a checkered vest on with black pants.
Bruno says they went for it all the way! Keyshawn says he was enjoying himself. He says he is not going to cry, he is not like that but he is choking back tears. Bruno says to count. CarrieAnn says she saw his confidence go way up and he is still rough around the edges. Len says he was working his assets. Better than last week.

Scores CarrieAnn 6 Len 6 Bruno 6. 18 out of 30.

Valerie says she loves the support and love from the cast, crew and fans.

Nicole says she doesn't want anyone to go home this week! She is doing the Rumba with Sasha. She is trying to come up with a backstory for the dance. She says she could get pregnant with the moves. She is gonna just suck it up and do it. She spat at him by accident.
Nicole is wearing a black bodysuit with silver and white bling all over it and a white flowing scarf wrapped around her. Sasha is in a white shirt, black vest and pants.
Tom asks her about seeing Sasha as a sexual person. She says now that it is in the moment it is different, better. CarrieAnn says she made some pretty pictures but it was lacking fluidity. There are no lifts in the Rumba but Nicole's feet left the floor. Len thought it was all so placed, should have flowed more. Bruno says she needs to learn how to act to sustain the performance. It is a fluid motion, continues and she did well for a non-dancer.

Scores... CarrieAnn 6 Len 7 Bruno 7. Total is 20.

CarrieAnn says it would have been a 7 but there was a lift.

Leah and Tony are next. Leah says that she wants to stay. She was intimidated last week when she commented she wanted to go. Leah is worried about failing and the church using it against her for leaving (she used to be a scientologist) She wants this to help her get out of her head. Tony says he is there to make sure she doesn't fail! He says she is hot, he is so proud of her. They are dancing the Samba!
Leah is in a hot pink latin style ballgown tight on top, ruffles and lots of bling! Tony is in a grey and pink shirt with Grey pants.
Len says it was lovely! Great! Good hands lots of stuff going on! Bruno says Leah had flair and was fabulous. CarrieAnn says she released her Samba goddess!

CarrieAnn 8, Len 8 Bruno 8! Total of 24 and a standing ovation from the "glitter pit" (where the cast sits)

Bill Nye and Tyne are interviewed by Brooke. Bill thanks the fans for being behind him. He says no one cares when you are on top. They care if you make a comeback! Tyne says they are using the negativity to their advantage!
They are dancing the Paso Doble. Bill N is in a mad scientist get up. Almost like mad Mozart? Tyne has on a purple and silver backless dress on with a flowy bottom.
Bruno says he was like a ferocious maestro! There actually was some Paso Doble! CarrieAnn says he needs to work on his feet. Len says he looked back on the performance last week, he probably under marked him. He likes the commitment and that he is on the show!

Scores... CarrieAnn 6 Len 5 Bruno 6. 17 for tonight.

Len will be taking a couple of weeks off and there will be some guest judges! Julianne Hough will be a guest judge in 2 weeks! Corbin and Karina are dancing the jive!
Corbin is in a red and white baseball uniform. Karina is in a white v-neck shirt with small ruffles and a plaid tight short skirt with some silver embellishments.
CarrieAnn is yelling "Do it again!" She says it was exciting. Len says Corbin can dance and he got to "3rd base with that one!" Bruno says it was dazzling brilliance. He is almost like HD3D. Tom asks if they have had the luck of the draw and Corbin says yes so far.

Scores CarrieAnn 9 Len 8 Bruno 9 total of 26 for tonight!

Up next are Valerie and Tristan they are dancing the Paso Doble. She has a bad knee and is struggling with the moves. Tristan is telling her to rest. She says it doesn't matter, she is 74 it is not going to stop her! He tells her she is amazing. He is proud to be her partner.
Valerie is in a black and red dress, looks very spanish and traditional. Tristan is in all black with a black and red vest on. Very gothic and romantic looking.
Len says he liked how there was a little flaminco in the beginning. He felt she was brave on how she came out. Bruno says she captured the grandness of a "great lady of Spain!". CarrieAnn says she attacked the moves. Tom mentions the emotion of Tristan and he says "Unlike Keyshawn I am like that!"

Scores.. CarrieAnn 6 Len 6 Bruno 7. 19 out of 30.

Brant and Peta are doing the Rumba and the plan is to undress each other a bit during the routine. Peta is in a grey bra and bottoms with a see through robe like dress over top. Brant is in a white silk shirt and grey pants.
Bruno says Rumba is incredibly difficult and he does it well. CarrieAnn says she was wowed by it. He can move. Len says they are a terrific looking couple. His feet are pigeoned toed and he can see it through the fog. The judges are talking over Tom who is trying to get scores.

CarrieAnn 8 Len 7 Bruno 8. 23 out of 30!

The last dance of the night is Amber and Derek, they are performing the Jive. Amber says she is afraid because she has breasts and it will hurt. Derek says to not knock him out.
Amber has on a teal colored dress with white and teal mary jane shoes on. Derek is in a matching coat and bowtie with black shirt and pants.
CarrieAnn says it was great but Amber is flatfooted. Len says she is a bundle of joy to watch! Bruno says resistance is futile because they were right, it was a little lindy hop but he liked it. Scores after the break! Plus the first elimination of the season!

Scores for Amber and Derek.. CarrieAnn 8, Len 8, Bruno 8! 24 total!

This is it... with combined scores from the past 2 weeks, Corbin and Karina are safe as are Leah and Tony! Bill N and Tyne are safe!!!
Also safe, Christina and Mark, Amber and Derek! 5 couples are safe so far, Valerie and Tristan are also coming back!
Next couple safe is Nicole and Sasha! Jack and Cheryl are safe!
Brant and Peta are safe. 3 couples are left. Elizabeth and Val, Bill E and Emma, Keyshawn and Sharna are remaining. Who is safe and who is going home? We find out after the break!
The next couple safe is Elizabeth and Val! We are down to 2 couples. Keyshawn and Sharna, Bill and Emma make their way down to the dance floor. No time for comments from the judges. The first eliminated couple this season is Keyshawn and Sharna.

Keyshawn says for a guy who doesn't even bob his head in the car he was glad to have the opportunity to learn from Sharna. Tom has to stop him so they can review this weeks dances.
Tom tells Keyshawn to not let them give him a hard time on ESPN! The couple will be on Good Morning America in the morning. Tom says they will see us next Monday live at 8! Good night everybody!

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