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Tuesday, September 13th

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

you can also e-mail to ranster@mortystv.com

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

LIVE Televised Show: September 13, 2005


Veto Competition

Veto Ceremony

LIVE Eviction

and it is expected that Part one of the HOH Competition will begin

any help posting during the show would be most welcome!

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Guest ranster627

Welcome to tonight's show coverage ... you know the drill, I will post from commercial to commercial ... anyone else wanting to help ... post away, the more the merrier ...

Who will be evicted tonight?

When last we left: Ivette and Maggie were up for Nomination and Janelle is HOH.

Previously on BB6:

Ivette evicted Howie

HOH comp ... Janelle HOH

Janelle got closer to April

paln to evict Ivette

Nom: Maggie and Ivette

Day 73 inside the BB House ...

final 4 in fight for survival ...

tonight they will go from 4 to 3

Janelle won HOH and noms:

reaction ...

Ivette: I knew Maggie and I were going to get nominated

"things are probably going to get ugly now."

Ivette they knew she was going to take April

"without that veto I'm going to take home nothing"

Ivette concerned about Janelle and A talking

Ivette says A played the game very well

A asks Mag not to fight for veto

Ivette if Mag doesn't fight it's two against one

Mag: someone from the friendship is going to have to evict someone from the friendship

J: the Friendship alliance is cracking

Jury House ... division

Rachel dreading it being Howie

Howie thanks him for underwear

Howie: Welcome to my banishment

the tape

James not happy Mag threw it

Ivette HOH


Rachel fighting for Janelle to win


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Guest ranster627

tonight is final veto comp of season

4 stations

"The Missing Link"

clues ... put faces on HG's on both sides ... xcreate a chain and get complete chain press buzzer

face had to match clue on each side

Beau - Jenn -

Mag just kept hitting button

Ivette wins and screeches ... throws herself on wall

"final son of a bitch 3"

April thought it was rude Ivette celebrating so loudly

A says I hurt her feelings

Iv knew she was first out and then was saved

A: I would have been reserved

I leaves and A cries she knows she's leaving

A in HOH

Jan consoles her ... says I should've remained reserved

Jan acted concerned for strategy ...

A feels she didn't give Jan benefit of the doubt

A said she would give it to Jan if she was with I in end

I-A confrontation

"April's trying to make me feel bad."

I" when you told Maggie I don't want you fighting for veto, think of how that made me feel


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Guest ranster627

Ivette holds all the power

POV --- nobody wanted the responsibility of it

I won that veto for my family


I've been very misunderstood

not putting someone before her family

uses it

Jan nominates April

only person she can nominate

A: knew she would take herself off

A: when you know tu're leaving ... I wouldn't do a lot that I did, decisions ... listened to you

I: not happy ... I take all the blame ...

A ashamed of stuff really feels it's I's influence

Ivette blows up

I: How dare you blame stuff on me

I says it's because she won veto

A hasn't enjoyed where she's been in the group

I says she would never have blamed April

A says it's not that she doesn't like Ivette

I: shove it up your ass (veto)

April explains to us

Ivette in shock ...

bothers her that A pretended to be her friend and they will not be friends outside of the house

talk with Jan:

tried to play the best game I could

I did cause a huge fight ... proud of herself for that

April's very hurt ... she's excited that A will go to sequester and complain about Ivette

one word descriptions

M - quiet

I - loud

A- talkative


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Guest ranster627

Maggie or April ... Ivette decision

lone vote


Mag: there's not a real good reason ... we have all played amazing ... strong and brilliant

everyone is an incredible person

A: happy to be where she's at and never say something against her (Mag)

good luck to all of you guys

Ivette: she loves the two of them

Eric showed leadership

I have to evict you ... April and I'm so sorry

A says bye to fidh

A: do not feel bad to Ivette

"I'm alive" as she sees Julie

I touches mother's picture

Mag: I'm sad I lost one

was dec personal ... probably both personal and strategic

better friends and Eric involved in that

pers: we butted heads quite often

this is a game ... not going to hold it against her

took a lot of things too seriously

doesn't feel betrayed

blaming everything on the house

speech was sweetest thing ever

she hopes for all three of them

harsh words ... Ivette very vocal ... makes Ivette Ivette

definitely think by hearing things over and over --- I have to take responsi

Jan: I think you're really funny

I missed you

I: sorry I brought out the worst in you

Mag: I want you to know how much you mean to me

means the world to me

A: rooting for everyone deserves it

first time on a jury

next: battle for HOH begins


Part ofne of HOH comp --- Jan can compete


3 part battle

huge safe

with combo lock

The Key to being safe

hanging above are keys

balance on raised rim and hang on to key

maintain balance longest will win fist part

always have one hand on it

winner advances to final

then next two play

and then rd 1 winner and rd two winner play to win hoh

they are about to go for a little spin

Friday live show special ...

contributors: ranster627 and smirnoff. A big Morty's Thanks!

commercial ...

Friday eviction at 8

next Tuesday at 8 winner

return to backyard

winner gets combo to safe

a whole new spin on the game

rim turns and they walk ...

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Guest ranster627

LIVE Televised Show: Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another busy show and another night of lasts! We begin with the announcer recaps starting with Ivette evicting Howie. Janelle wins HOH and begins becoming closer to April, making Ivette and Maggie uncomfortable. Janelle nominates Maggie and Ivette. Julie tells us it

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Guest ranster627
Cue Teaser.

Cue Intro.

Places, Julie.

Roll Teaser.

Previously on Big Brother 6:

[Replay of Ivette evicting Howie]

Janelle was left alone to battle the Fiendsheep alliance.

Janelle in DR: It's 3 against 1.

But at the Head of Household, Janelle turned the tables back in her favor, making every member of The Fiendsheep feel vulnerable.

Ivette: It might not be too pretty.

Janelle got closer to April.

[Clip of April promising Janelle to vote out Ivette]

At the nomination ceremony, Janelle continued her plan to nominate Ivette and Maggie.

Janelle in DR: The Power of Veto decides who goes.

Will the struggle finally tear The Fiendsheep apart? Find out tonight live on Big Brother 6

Roll intro.

Cue Julie.

And we're live in 5






Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Big Brother 6. Its day 73 in Big Brother house and one week from tonight the winner of the half million dollar grand prize will be crowned. Tonight, it is the most important Power of Veto competition. Tonight it will go from 4 to 3 and the battle for the last and most important Head of Household begins.

First, Janelle won Head of Household ensuring her a spot in the final 3. She nominated Ivette and April, but the House Guests know the Power of Veto could change everything.

[Replay of Nomination ceremony]

Ivette in DR: I knew, I have known, that Maggie and I would get nominated.

Maggie to Ivette: No surprise.

Ivette to Maggie: You think she thinks I am a good player? Maggie to Ivette: Yes, I do.

Ivette in DR: Now that people are fighting to stay here, things are going to get ugly.

Maggie to Ivette in Rainbow Room: Fight for Veto.

Ivette in DR: Maggie and knew Janelle would pick April.

April to Ivette and Maggie: We all have to fight for Veto.

Ivette in DR: Without the Power of Veto, I bring home nothing.

Maggie to Ivette: We need to talk to April. Ivette to Maggie: All of a sudden April is playing the game, talking to Janelle, putting down the money.

Ivette in DR: Earlier today Janelle called April up to Head of Household and they were up there for 45 minutes.

Ivette to Maggie: Janelle is a good manipulator and April is very weak.

April in DR: What I have done has not been very discreet.

April tells Maggie what she talked to Janelle about, tells her to not go for the Power of Veto. Maggie tells Ivette that April said Janelle wants to Ivette to fight April for it. Maggie tells Ivette that April said Janelle told her that she would take Maggie, not Ivette to the final two.

Maggie in DR: I have no one to protect me, so I fight for myself.

Maggie to Ivette: My security is winning Veto.

Julie Chen: With the half million dollars at stake, The Fiendsheep are breaking. The Jury is also divided. How will Howie

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