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DWTS show recap....


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Welcome to season premiere of Dancing with the stars! First competitive dance is Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd. The ChaChaCha to Blurred Lines. Peta is wearing a white chevron patterned bodysuit with long fringe at the bottom. Brant is in a black shirt and pants with white trim.

Len says Sail on! That was fabulous! Bruno says they were easy on the eyes and plenty more to come. CarriAnn says she can see he has a lot of potential. Tom asks how Brant's mom feels about Peta flirting.

CarriAnn 7 Len 8 Bruno 7 A total of 22! For Brant and Peta!

Brooke is in the "new pit" in the crowd with the dancers. Brooke asks "Snooki or Nicole?" She answers, "Well since I have had a baby I feel I have grown up so Nicole." Brooke asks Leah how she is feeling, Leah says she is nervous and is not a dancer.

2nd up tonight is Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani dancing the fox trot.

Leah is wearing a dark grey evening gown with sweetheart neckline and see through sleeves with white under neath the skirt. Tony is in a tux!

For Leah and Tony, Tom says he thought they looked pretty good! Bruno asks "Are you sure you've never danced before? You went Miley Cyrus for a moment" CarrieAnn says she is sass and class! For the future extend the arms a little more. Len says it was a little careful but it was clean and concise.

Leah and Tony scores: CarrieAnn 7 Len 7 Bruno 7 total 21.

Tom interviews Valerie Harper, Tom says there are so many reasons to welcome her to the ballroom. She says she is thrilled to be there! She mentions her sore knee and says how supportive Tristan is. Next up is Corbin and Karina!

Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff are dancing contemporary. Karina says she has met her match in the crazy department in the rehearsal. Karins is dressed in a short goddess style gown. Corbin is in a white tank and pants with an unbuttoned white dress shirt over top.

Tom says to Karina they have worked together 15 yrs and this is the first time her hands are shaking. CarrieAnn says it was beautiful and great for her first contemporary! Len says "Is this week one?" He thought it was done well. Bruno says it was expressive and passionate and done in great taste! Scores are Carrie Ann 8 Len 8 Bruno 8! 24 total!

Brooke interviews Jack and Cheryl. She asks if there are any bets going on with his sister. Jack says Kelly is a far better dancer! He has been nervous all day. He says he is doing this to bring awareness to those with MS.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke are performing the Fox trot. Jack is in a grey tux with hot pink bowtie. Cheryl is in a nude and hot pink skin tight dress with feathered trim on the bottom.

Tom says Sharon Osborne is crying in the audience. Ozzy is there as well. Len says Jack can dance! Good posture, good footwork! Bruno says joyful, playful and uplifting. He reminds Jack to watch his turns. CarrieAnn says no no no.. the crowd groans at Bruno. CarrieAnn says Jack is a ballroom dancer, he has such class and it must be in his genes! Scores, CarrieAnn 8 Len 8 Bruno 7. and the crowd boos the score of 23.

Up next is Amber Riley and Derek Hough. She says it is like a dream for her. They couldn't afford to do it when she was growing up. She is excited to be there doing this. Derek says they are like a virgin couple on their wedding night not knowing which way to go. They laugh. They are dancing the ChaChaCha.

Amber is wearing a lavender/tanned mini dress with sparkled fringe. Derek is in a matching color jacket with black shirt and pants.

Bruno starts, "Look at me, you are the tigeress of season 17! That's how you take it! That's how you shake it!" CarrieAnn is shouting, "I love you I love you!" Len says he is palpitating. He will need a paramedic! It was great. Scores.. CarrieAnn 9 Len 9 Bruno 9! 27 out of 30!

Tom introduces Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Valentin Chmerkovskiy and asks why now? She says she is a new mom and was waiting for Val. Val says he learned English from Saved by the Bell. They are learning a contemporary. Elizabeth says she shut down dancing after the movie Showgirls and this is her second chance.

Elizabeth is wearing a black slip style dress with sequins on the bodice. Val is in a black shirt and pants. They are dancing to Imagine. The floor is dark with a spotlight and starlight in the dark area.

CarrieAnn says "You are a passionate angel!" Len says it was just lovely to watch. Bruno says "The original showgirl is BACK! It was just stunning." He tells her to extend her lines normally, she has wings and can fly high! Scores CarrieAnn 8 Len 8 Bruno 8.. total 24. Tom says Val, every so often first impressions are not your thing... and they show a blooper where he say he was in love with Tiffani Amber Thessian and the character Kelly Kapowski, not Elizabeth and her character Jessie.

Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein are up next. They call themselves "Hot Knowledge!" He brought her a flask with a rose in it and asked her if it was a beaker or a flask, she says beaker he says "No flask. It has a neck." He says they are "beauty and the geek!"

Bill and Tyne are dancing the ChaChaCha to the song Weird Science. She is in a showgirl bra top with boa skirt bottom, he is basically in a tux minus the jacket. Geek glasses with tape in the middle of course.

The crowd chants "BILL BILL BILL!" Len says it was liked being waxed, it was painful and grateful it was over. Bruno says this formula will not get him the noble prize. CarrieAnn says Bill is the kind of contestant that makes DWTS what it is! He needs to work on his hips. Score CarrieAnn 5 Len 4 Bruno 5. Score of 14. Tom says they will need your votes! No one goes home this week but it all counts towards next week!

Keyshawn Johnson and Sharna Burgess are interviewed. Tom asks if he is catching flack from the guys at ESPN. Keyshawn says they are expecting him back in 2 weeks. He says ballroom dancing is a little bit feminine. Sharna says she thought she had the baseball player. He starts making fun of her accent. They are dancing the ChaChaCha to Treasure.

Keyshawn is in a grey vest, black tie, grey pants and a white shirt. Sharna is in gold lame skintight! Halter has bling on it, pants are shiny and super tight!

Tom says they have a charming level of annoyance with one another. Bruno says he has plenty of steps and Chachacha but he has to watch the steps. CarrieAnn liked his confidence. Len says this is a mix of attitude and technique. He needs to work on the technique!
Scores CarrieAnn 6 Len 5 Bruno 6. 17 points!

Christina Milian and Mark Ballas are up next! Brooke tells them that Jennifer Lopez is in the audience which makes Christina nervous. In rehearsal, Christina finds Mark's choreography "Unusual" They are dancing contemporary.

Christina is in a black body suit embellished with black and purple beading and wrapped with a purple chiffon scarf. Mark is in a black shirt and pants. Fog rolled across the floor the whole dance.

CarrieAnn says Christina moves beautifully but needs to connect with the audience. Len says it suited her but not to be do careful! Bruno says he loves the torment and intensity. He tells her her hands are either extremely well or look like they are dead. Scores CarrieAnn 7 Len 7 Bruno 8... 22 out of 30!

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater, she is a new pro this season! She has been on the troop 3 seasons. He says his friends think he has lost his mind for doing the show. He would love to be the "rednecks dancing king" They are dancing the foxtrot.

Bill is in a purple sequined vest with black tie, white dress shirt and black pants. Emma is wearing a hot pink skin tight dress with slits up both sides and criss cross silver ties in the back and an organza rippled flower like stoll along the side and around the neck.

Len says week one is all about keeping your nerve and getting it done. Bruno says he senses a hint of sophistication. He will see it next week. CarrieAnn says she was pleasantly surprised. He has musicality. Scores, CarrieAnn 6, Len 6, Bruno 6, total of 18! Tom asks Bill if he has a comfort edge due to performing in front of a crowd often, Bill says it disappeared once he was a beat behind.

Valerie Harper and Tristan MacManus are next. Valerie shares her cancer story. She says she is 73, has a great life and she wants to do her best. Tristan says he just wants to help her do her best! She says it is an unfulfilled dream.

Valerie and Tristan are dancing the foxtrot. She is in a cobalt blue dress, sweetheart neckline, tucked at the bodice, flowing to the floor, showing shoulders but, sleeved. Sequined with blue. Tristan is in a black tux.

Standing ovation for Valerie and Tristan. She says "It's good to be alive and even better to be dancing!" Bruno says she was radiant and shining, light on her feet. Needs to work on her balance. CarrieAnn says thank you for being on our show and setting an example to people. She needs to work on her spots. Len says there was an ease and an elegance to it. Scores, CarrieAnn 7, Len 7, Bruno 7, total of 21.

The final couple to dance are Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Sasha Farber, Tom now calls her "Snookole". She says that before she got pregnant she was a hot mess but no she is growing up. She is glad Sasha is small because she is only 4'9"! They are dancing the Chachacha.

Nicole is in a wrap dress that is satin and black with a hot pink fringe dress under neath. Sasha is in a black tux jacket with pink glitter trim and black pants. They are dancing to WildOnes.

Tom says they are a fine finish to the show. CarrieAnn says it was great and she was impressed that they went for it. Len says she is a little pocket rocket! CarrieAnn asks him if he knows what that is, he says NO. Len says she was lovely! Bruno says he likes a wild child and her legs are so well placed. She needs to stretch it out but it was nice. Nicole says she felt awesome dancing. Loved every minute of it.
Scores... CarrieAnn 7.. "no no no" 8. Len 8! Bruno 7. Total is 23.

They have run highlights of the night. Amber and Derek are in the lead with 27 points, Bill and Tyne are in last place with 14 points. Len says he has never given an 8 on week one it was fantastic! They will compete again next Monday night! Brooke "We will see you in the ballroom next Monday at 8!" And that is it for this week's episode!

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We had company tonite... forgot it was on... and only caught the last 1/2 of the show.

Looove catching the 1st week. I'll try and watch the 1st half of it on the internet in a day or two

Looks like it'll be a pretty good bunch this season.

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