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Week Seven - The Double Eviction Hoax


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On Day 44, housemates commenced there 7th weekly shopping task, the task was 'Time is Money'. In this task an hourglass and a cash-booth (containing $500) were placed in the laundry area of the backyard. Throuugh out the task housemates will complete in time based challanges to win buckets of sand/time to win for the hourglass, if housemates fail challenges they will lose sand/time. At the end of the task one housemate will enter the cash-booth, this housemate must collect as much money as possible before the sands of time run out.

On Day 45, Ed and Matthew were called to diary room to take part in the task 'Dance for your Dinner', they were playing for Gourmet food items or basic food items for the nights family dinner. When the game starts housemates need to put on a set of headphones and then dance non stop for half an hour. Housemates passed this task thus gaining the luxury food items for family dinner.

On Day 46, Tully was chosen by Big Brother to enter the cash-booth to try and collect as much money as possible, housemates collected 1:18 minutes for Tully to complete the task. Tully successfully collect $430 of the available $500.

On Day 43, it was revealed to the housemates that on Day 50 a double eviction will occur. However the housemates were unaware this would be a fake double eviction, with the housemate receiving the least number of votes to save being evicted and the housemate with the highest number of votes to save being 'fake' evicted and move next door to the Presidential Suite.

On Day 44, housemates nominated. Ben, Ed, Jade, Katie & Lucy, Mikkayla, Tahan. Ed received the most nomination points.

On Day 45, after this week's BB winning Showdown, Drew was given the 'save and replace' ability and chose to save Jade from eviction and replace her with Matthew.

On Day 50, Matthew became the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Having received the most votes to save, Ben was the second housemate to be evicted to all appearances, but instead was secreted to the Presidential Suite where he will stay for 24hrs and work with Big Brother to impact the game as well as nominations, from which he will be immune this week.


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