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Wednesday, September 18 The Big Brother 15 Live Finale & More!


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12:05 AM BBT The BS continues GM won the last game. Andy says only cause he is trashed.

12:15 AM BBT Andy says let's be honest for a minute and says Ian is anti-exterminator and who cares about Ian. No one cares about Ian. He sucks. Spencer says he can go eff himself.

12:30 AM BBT The card game is over and it is midnight snack time in the house. GM is eating a sandwhich. Andy is eating cookies and debating his quesadilla. Spencer is preparing something, I cannot tell what.

12:40 AM BBT Spencer and Andy discuss his being hungover tomorrow. Andy calls everyone an idiot especially Jeremy. Andy keeps dozing off in the LR on the couch. He says he was over the time when MVP was a part of the game. Spencer sings and gives us Foth.

12:50 AM GM gets called to DR to talk about her stitches and while she is gone Spencer calls her real competition...gotta love buzzed game talk. The conversation goes no further because GM walks out of DR.

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1:10 AM BBT Spencer and Andy are bromancin it up. Spencer says Andy is his best friend even though he nominated him twice. Andy says after Candice left Spencer was his favorite.

1:20 AM BBT Andy is going over his whole game. He says he made no moves whatsoever until week five when Jessie tried to get him to flip on the house. He was upset no one talked game with him for five weeks and that he was portrayed as a floater.

1:25 AM BBT GM comes out and has to put band-aids over her stitches and cannot touch them till she is home. Spencer and Andy are reliving moments on the couch. Spencer looks tired and Andy is walking around to stay up.

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1:30am bbt F3 are in the LR. Andy says it's 1:30 and suggests going to bed. Spencer says it's the last night, let's stay up til 3! GM says maybe 2 or 2:30. Andy heads off to pee. GM can't believe it's the last night in the house. Spencer/GM conversation turns to the Triscuits Spencer is eating. Andy returns, and Spencer reads the story of Triscuits written on the box. GM asks what else Nabisco makes. Spencer starts reading the nutritional information off the box. GM asks Spencer to read the Triscuit story again, this time 'like you mean it'. Andy starts to quiz GM about what is written on the Triscuit box.

1:35am bbt Andy questions if they have the choice of Chilis, Applebees, TGIFridays, where would you go. Spencer choices Fridays, Applebees, then Chilis. Andy/GM select just the opposite, agreeing for GM to come to Chicago to eat at Chilis with Andy.

1:42am bbt GM says she thinks 2am is her bed time. Spencer/Andy agree. All three silently lay on the couches/chairs in the living room.

1:46am bbt Andy gets up, says he is sleepy, checks the clock in the kitchen, and heads to the WC. GM/Andy head to bed, Spencer takes a minute longer in the LR, then heads to the WC to brush his teeth.

1:55am bbt Spencer is now in bed also, reads over his HOH letter once more before going to sleep...

8:30am bbt It's the final morning in the BB15 house! The HGs are still sleeping....

8:47am bbt Andy is up! However, it's just to use the WC... by 8:54am he is back in bed...

9:00am bbt We have FISH....

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9:30am BBT HG are up and in the LR. BB tells them to put on their mics. Gina Marie is laying down, Andy is pretty animated and Spencer is on other couch. They are discussing how drunk Andy was last night (he said he had 9 beers), discussing never hearing of "lot lizards" until Judd mentioned it. Talking about how dirty the house is, and hoping no one goes through the house tonight to get to the backyard.

Now talking about Judd applying for several other reality shows before finally getting on this one. Andy is saying Amanda was the biggest a**hole, but so was Elissa. Amanda was aware of what she was doing, and could turn it off and on. Elissa was completely unaware, so it wasn't really her fault, but that might be worse since she was oblivious to how bad she was. More talk of the other HG's, how McCrae kept saying I don't know all the time. Giving examples.

Complaining that since McCrae was only on the block for voting once, his speech was a shout out to the dot coms instead of a speech. More idle chit chat about nothing in particular.

9:48 FoTH Back to Spencer saying it is cool they have outlasted live feeds (?? mine are still going), and Andy went to put in his contacts. Someone farts loudly, but no one admits to it. Then FoTH again!

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9:03am BBt:we have foth maybe a wakeup call as it is the last day in the house and they need to pack.

9:31am BBt: All Hg in living rm talking about drinking lastnight and Andy says that was the drunkest i have been in the house all year and they laugh.

9:43PM BBT: More bashing of Amanda and Elissa going on in the living rm.

9:51am BBT: Spencer tells Gm that its cool that they have out lasted the live feeds and she says right. Andy is in the color rm putting on chap stick.then goes back to the living rm.

9:53am BBT: Andy and Gm sitting in living rm talking general tak and we get foth.

9:55am BBT: Spencer talking to the live feeders saying hey live feeders its been fun its been crazy and we have enjoyed this season and he says ya'll are awesome. Andy says live feeders we are honored that you got to share this with us and your dedication to this is awesome also if it wasnt for you we wouldnt be here and it has been a crazy 90 days.Andy says one of the worst things in the house was being a have not and we live you live feeders and what ever you do dont vote for Elissa as americas player she is awfull. Gm says live feeders this is Gm from jJersy and we hope we kept you guys laughing and crying all season and we hope you love ua as much as we love you guys and its been cray times and sad times and before we say goodbye we want to say we love you. and they all three yell goodbye and Andy says that was a pain and says remember dont vote for Elissa please.

10:00am BBT: We now a "thanks for watching this season's Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Spencer is talking to the camera, saying he hopes we enjoyed the show. He is sorry that they had to suffer through the other two, ....Now Andy's turn to tallk to the live feeders. Talking about happy to be there, a life changing experience, discussing the have-nots and how terrible being a have not was. Andy loves the live feeders, please don't vote for Elissa to be America's Player. Spencer said voting is closed. The camera moved away during his speech. Now it is Gina Marie's turn. Shares her love for the live feeders, how much fun and heartache there is, thanks to the fans, and not goodbye but see you on the outside. They blow kisses and say goodbye. Thanks fans! They think they are done, and say how hard that was.

Spencer says if the feeds are still on, he said Andy Sucks, GM says hello to Nick Uhas, Andy said to find him on Facebook. Andy says don't vote for Elissa, Spencer says she was the worse player ever, and ....THE FEEDS ARE DONE!!!

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Big Brother Live From the Backyard with Jeff Schroeder:

Jeff interviews Jeremy:

Jeff notices Jeremy's hair is slicked back. Jeremy says he was somber tonight. Jeff asks how the season turned out. Jeremy says it was chaotic, he enjoyed it, the comps, never lived with 16 gross people before, he grew from it, he's a fan of BB.

Jeff: Did you expect Andy to win?

Jeremy: no, expect the unexpected

Jeff: you played an agressive game, people called you a bully?

Jeremy: one word, Amanda, I took second place to her

Jeff: was that you, or just playing the game

Jeremy: I'm compete, compete, compete, then I had to soften up, that's where the baby costume came in

Jeff: what about you and Kaitlyn?

Jeremy: we were something, we aren't nothing, taking it day by day, we live far apart, I have a soft spot for her, we spent last week in Vegas

Jeff: doesn't have your letterman jacket?

Jeremy: no but she has my pinkie ring

Jeff: let's not put a name on it. You are tall and handsome, I'm intimidated, real men wear pink. My gift from the dollar store... a doll that looks like someone you know, and I put little glasses of wine in her glasses.

Jeremy:this is fantastic, from the best BB player

Jeff: What is next?

Jeremy: I'll be out here

Jeff: LeeAnn asks, would you do Survivor?

Jeremy: yes cause I'm a Cherokee warrior

Jeff: If you could bring one item on Survivor, would it be that doll I gave you?

Jeremy: Yes but not for good reasons!

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Jeff Schroeder interviews Kaitlin

Jeff: Do you guys remember Kaitlin?

Kaitlin: probably not!

Jeff: How was your time in the BB house

Kaitlin: Love/hate relationship, glad I got my foot in the door.

Jeff:Would you do it again?

Kaitlin:probably, it was a crazy season

Jeff: you were part of the crazy, guilty by association, mean girls club

Kaitlin:looking back, I was part of it, I've apologized. Some tonight have a rude awakening

Jeff: Anyone you'll be close to?

Kaitlin:The first 5, visited with Jeremy, David, Howard

Jeff:Big question?

Kaitlin:How are me/Jeremy? no pressure, we are doing good

Jeff:He said the same thing, did you two practice this?


Jeff:I gave him a doll of you, with a wine glass

Kaitlin:I didn't drink the wine!

Jeff: Biggest moment?

Kaitlin:Helen got me voted out, then they got voted out, Karma! Personal attacks, people on twitter have told me what the House said about me

Jeff:Who did you root for after you were out?

Kaitlin: My perspective on Elissa changed, I wanted her/Judd for F2. I was rooting for GM, she's got a rude awakening, happy for Andy, didn't want him to win, but he played a good social game.

Jeff:Fan question, LeeAn asks, if you didn't go out week 4, how would your game have changed?

Kaitlin:I wouldn't have had Jeremy, I probably would have worked with Elissa. She stepped up...

Jeff:And you were a gamer too, Elissa showed her stuff with OTEV POV.

Kaitlin:I feel bad how she was treated, and I was part of it. I'll talk to her. We are all part of this big disfunctional game.

Jeff:any advice for future players?

Kaitlin:keep your mouth shut.

Jeff:my gift for you... a sticker book, with a picture of you eating ice cream. Anything coming up?

Kaitlin:well I'm in Vegas now... don't want to jinx it

Jeff:contact you?

Kaitlin:I'm on twitter...

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Jeff Schroeder interviews Jessie

Jeff:Looking good and sexy tonight, will have to keep my eyes up here

Jessie:Thanks Jeff!

Jeff:You said I gave you advice before going in the house

Jessie:You said remember this moment, you'll have down times in the house.

Jeff:Thanks, you're my fav interview so far. How was the experience, any regrets?

Jessie:no, I didn't want to float, people say I could have coasted to the end, but I didn't want to be that person, I wanted to get Amanda out

Jeff:I think you stepped it up the last week, may have been too little too late

Jessie:I tried to get to know others, but didn't really gel with anyone. people who partnered up had longevity

Jeff:well you tried to partner up

Jessie:we had some attractive guys, but it didn't work out

Jeff:did you try to showmance?

Jessie:I'm a relationship girl, I'm single, why not partner up, like you/Jordan did!

Jeff:Anything with anyone?

Jessie:I'm friends, but no romances

Jeff:how was the jury house?

Jessie:house was beautiful, but it was odd, there were flare ups

Jeff:give us dirt, the game is over!

Jessie:Amanda/Elissa had a tiff, but that's expected, right before leaving the house, I think pent up frustrations came out

Jeff:how about you?

Jessie:just little tension, like sister stuff, nothing from the game, honestly I read a lot in the jury

Jeff:I used my time to decompress

Jessie:I tried to enjoy my time there, it was fun, should have had cameras there, one night we were in bikinis partying, and thought cameras are in the wrong house.

Jeff:learn anything?

Jessie:I'm my own best friend, trust my instincts

Jeff:you came in the house 'unemployed', that was your tag, so whats next?

Jessie:I'm moving to LA, going to see if I can do some tv action

Jeff:steal my job? I'm wrapping this up now.

Jessie(takes mic): ok Jeff, what do we have here?

Jeff:it's a flashlight from the dollar store, cause you were in the dark some time in the house.
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Jeff Schroeder interviews Elissa

Jeff:Here with America's Fav HG... me, no this year it's Elissa

Elissa:THank you America, I'm honored/flattered, don't you think?

Jeff:yea, and some cash! They gave you the MVP votes

Elissa:that was huge, I'm opening a wellness center, will put it towards that

Jeff:Being MVP, do you think you'd been out without that power?

Elissa:For sure, I had a target, my sister was a big BB player, the house wanted me out

Jeff:How does it feel playing, what was the experience?

Elissa:I owe Rachel so much, I didn't understand the intensity, it's all so complex, in depth

Jeff:It's harder than you think going in?

Elissa:a million times, I thought it would be easy-freezy

Jeff:You turned it on during OTEV comp, Rachel side came out, made big moves, what sparked you?

Elissa:I wanted to play with everything, didn't expect to be target so fiercely and agressively, it put me back, I didn't want to cause an uproar around me.

Jeff:Why was that? the Rachel thing?

Elissa:Obviously they didn't embrace that

Jeff:Will you be friends with anyone?

Elissa:Candice/Helen have a great bond, I like Andy, I'm so happy about tonight, and to have played. CBS puts so much into the sets, loved the challenges

Jeff:Are you happy the interviews are done? Here's my dollar store gift, it's long eyelashes, you and Rachel can wear them, cause her favorite colar is sparkle!

Elissa:Thank you, I enjoyed every minute.
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Jeff Schroeder interviews McCrae

Jeff:I was pulling for you

McCrae:You said you were Team McCrae

Jeff:How was the experience? I know you're a huge fan

McCrae:I think I did well, went home cause I didn't do well on that HOH. Amanda strengthened me, I only blame myself

Jeff:You think Amanda helped your game?

McCrae:Yea, there were aspects, but I was able to do damage control, I always could push her out front

Jeff:I thought you were doing that, she was always the target, like Jordan knew I would go first. So you had a shot

McCrae:Amanda said I was the Jordan in our relationship

Jeff:Who wears the pants?

McCrae:Me, but I was the mastermind in the relationship

Jeff:So what's next?

McCrae:Minnesota winters suck, nice in Fl, so... but I'll still deliver pizza

Jeff:What town?

McCrae:St Francis

Jeff:You should open a pizza place! Fav moment?

McCrae:Playing the Veto with Ian cheering me on

Jeff:I gave you encouragement before you went in... anything you'd change?

McCrae:I'd have thought more how seconds work?(due to HOH tie breaker)

Jeff:Still allign with Amanda?


Jeff:Fan question, why afraid to make big move and get Andy out?

McCrae:I thought he wanted to work with me, that was why he got out Amanda, didn't go with my gut

Jeff:Why do you think Elissa didn't stress it more?

McCrae:I think they executed their plan very well, I had to keep things calm, in hind sight I should have

Jeff:You played a great game, would you come back?

McCrae:Yes please! Vote me in, I'd go back in right now!

Jeff:You should talk to a therapist with that answer. Here's a dollar store gift for you, huge yellow tie with red dots

McCrae:You should sign it for me!

Jeff: I will!

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Jeff Schroeder interviews Aaryn

Jeff:How's life after BB?

Aaryn:ok... shocking

Jeff:How about Julie's interview?

Aaryn:caught off guard

Jeff:what was your take when the audience didn't cheer?

Aaryn:It was surreal, I don't really remember it, I was overwhelmed, I regret the Texas comment...

Jeff:You were thinking about it, putting pieces together

Aaryn:I've learned a lot, I was youngest, I hope people learn from it

Jeff:did you grow from this?

Aaryn:yes, 100%

Jeff:would you do it again?


Jeff: Candice said you/her have mended things?

Aaryn:We got along in the jury house, and the bed flip wasn't race related, it was other things, I was frustrated about the whole day, I knew I was going up, and I thought whatever...

Jeff:There were some racial things said, not just by you.. You played a great game, tied HOH win record, anything you'd change?

Aaryn:I felt I needed to get myself on a level playing field when I joined McCranda alliance...

Jeff:Any showmances going forward?

Aaryn:David was just a flirtmance


Aaryn:Was that aired? That shouldn't have aired, it wasn't storyline

Jeff:all you can do is apologize and grow from it, that's what I've done. So here's my gift to you from the dollar store. It's a giant eraser with "MY BAD" written on it. Best of luck to you. You'll be back if they invite you?

Aaryn:Heck yea!

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First up is David

Jeff: I like the hair dude. You look like a member of the partridge family. How was your big brother experience?

David: I got to meet Aaryn, got some snooky inside the house. Then I got some outside the house.

Jeff: Snooky? What’s snooky?

David :Snooky Yeah dude, it’s good.

Jeff: You said you didn’t like taking showers. Did you take a shower in the ocean today?

David: It’s hard to take care of. I’m going to grow it out again.

Jeff: Why do people hate surfer dudes?

David: East coast people don’t get how like surfers are.

Jeff: Do you think there is really something behind it…statistically surfers go out first?

David: Next season if there is a west coast surfer people are going to be jealous and they’ll go out first.

Jeff: How do you feel about your girl Aaryn? She’s hooking up with Judd in there too.

David: Aaryn is a dirty bird. I thought she was the girl next door. I found out she’s not.

Jeff: Do you think if you stayed in the house things would have developed between you?

David: she was kinda getting on my nerves back then and was sort of being a bit**

Jeff: So it’s not going anywhere?

David: Nah, no

Jeff: We have a question from twitter from Julie who asks earlier how do you feel being voted out first, any advantages to be out first.

David: job opportunities? More people know me.

Jeff: Jeff gives him a Dollar Store gift: an ocean mist candle since he doesn’t like to shower

David: I’m just upset I never got an HOH robe.

Jeff: love you man.

Next up to be interviewed by Jeff is Nick

Jeff: When you did you got out second?

Nick: yes

Jeff: You went out second and were remembered by everybody.

Nick: Yes, I was the ghost houseguest. Watching it was really hard in the beginning.

Jeff: You were just in there and then you were like what????

Nick: It was like being offered a cheese cake and then they take the cheesecake away.

Jeff: What was the experience like for you?

Nick: It was too short. Is the door open? Let’s go right now.

Jeff: What did you think of the finale?

Nick: I was surprised. I broke it down. I thought it was going to be 5-4. That is really how I thought it was going to go down. Andy played the best game with the houseguests that were there.

Jeff: I thought when he took Gina Marie instead of Spencer it was a bad move. Then it came down to the debate.

Nick: Which I didn’t see.

Jeff: You didn’t see? Well everyone out there saw it. GM was not the best debater. Keep it classy it is live, we aren’t going there and Andy is a public speaker. It showed in the end.

Nick: Wow, there you go, the power of the speech.

Nick: There are experiences in the house that no one saw even the live feeds, they cut to fish, but I cried in the house.

Jeff: Give us one then.

Nick: The pressures of the house. All the people I wanted to talk to but I couldn’t. It was like an island unto myself.

Jeff: You cracked?

Nick: Twice. There was a bond that Gina Marie and I shared that no one saw.

Nick: I promised her a date to a monster truck rally. I bought the tickets. I have to ask here where my hat is though.

Jeff: I think it’s locked up in a glass case.

Nick: She made the big move with Amanda and McCrae and that was like whoa. She came in second and I went out second. I couldn’t believe all the alliances that happened. Andy played the best game with THOSE houseguests.

Jeff: What would you do different?

Nick: I would have played closer to Elissa.

Jeff: You are the baddest bro. Your gift from the dollar store is a big lock and key with your picture on it.

N: Why does it have only 1 key and it’s attached to the lock?

J: Because I didn’t know who you wanted to give it to.

Next up for their interview with Jeff is Howard:
Jeff: We are back with the very skinny Howard
Howard: What’s up everybody?
Jeff: That last questions you answered at the finale, that was good.
Howard: Yeah, all the craziness in there.
Jeff: You said there is always room for people for learn and for forgiveness and you nailed it
Howard: We all made mistakes in the past. It’s all about growing up. If that’s all you that’s all you are. Own it.
Jeff: All that aside what’s it like seeing Candice again? Anything there?
Howard: Candice and I hopefully we can hang a bit. Tomorrow it’s her birthday. Tomorrow I have to fly out to Canada. Please follow warrior princess on twitter. Can I put that out there?
Jeff: Yes, it’s your interview. How did you feel about what went down tonight your boy Spencer, do you think he got the shaft?
Howard: It is what it is. He’s the last standing member of the moving company. It should have worked. Andy played a great social game.
Jeff: You got any future questions for any future houseguest?
Howard: Be yourself. If there is negativity about you it will come out in the house. Know that before you step a foot in the house.
Jeff: What would you change if you could go back?
Howard: I wouldn’t change a thing.
Jeff got him a football night light for his dollar store gift
Howard: I appreciate it.
Jeff: You played a great game.
Howard: Tweet that Pray that Love God.

Next up with Jeff is Candy

Jeff: We are here with the lovely Candice

Candice: How are you?

Jeff: How you doing boo?

Candice: Going good boo, I’m about to be 30. About to spend time with Howie.

Jeff: Why are you the only one that gets to call Howard Howie?

Candice: Because he told me he hates it so that’s what I’m going to call him.

Jeff: Sum up your experience in the BB house.

Candice: I expected it be hard. I didn’t expect it to be personal.

Jeff: How do you think you handled it?

Candice: I’m not a starter but I’m a finisher. I had a lot of people help me and I got through it.

Jeff: And people better grow from this experience. Did you grow from it?

Candice: I’m hot and cold. On or off. In or out. Unfortunately in the house you can’t be that way. You are in a bubble and you have to make it work. It’s helped me be more understanding and forgiving.

Candice: Everyone wants to hear about Aaryn. I believe Aaryn is not a racist, she is ignorant and a product of how she was raised. I saw her grow as a person while talking to Julie. She was speechless.

Jeff: So you educated her?

Candice: I don’t think she knew. She lived in a bubble. Now she knows and she’s grown as a person

Jeff: That was big of you to say and people make mistakes. Was that the hardest part of being in the house?

Candice: Forgiving. What Gina Garie said about my mom hurt me more than anything else did. That’s why I’m so happy Andy won. He played a great game and he didn’t make it personal.

Jeff: Well we have to wrap it up. You did very well. Happy birthday. Jeff gives her a Clownie wig.

Jeff tells her that he went out on a big clown shoe.

Candice loves says she loves it and is going to wear it at the after party.

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Next up with Jeff is Judd

Jeff: We are up with Ju-double evicted. You were a fan from the beginning.

Judd: Yeah, I got to go back in there, do exactly what I wanted to do and stayed around a few weeks

Jeff: That last veto, you gave up man, what’s up?

Judd: I knew with the puzzle I was copying everyone else. I knew it. I thought I could help Andy win it. That was my best chance in the game.

Jeff: Spencer was mad you didn’t help him.

Judd: Spencer wasn’t near where Andy was. Whatever Spencer.

Judd says he was disappointed there wasn’t more alcohol in the house. Jeff says Je-double F likes alcohol too so it’s all good.

Jeff: You have two Ds in your name and you made out with 2 chicks in the house. Your town’s going nuts.

Judd: I hoped to make the people of Englewood proud. I hope I didn’t say anything to disappoint.

Jeff: What would you do different?

Judd: Probably worked with Amanda and McCrae more.

Jeff: What was that you telling them you weren’t voting for them at the end. Reverse psychology?

Judd: I knew I was a dead man walking and tried to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

Jeff says his bear shirt should have been America’s favorite instead of Elissa. Jeff gives him a pair of cammo shorts and tells Judd he wants a picture of Judd with his bear shirt and shorts.

Next to interview with Jeff is Helen

Jeff: We are here with Helen.

Helen: Hi

Jeff: You played a great game and you are the best.

Helen: I wished I had played a better game. That is a huge compliment coming from you.

Jeff: You played the BB rollercoaster.

Helen: I didn’t want too much power too early. Unfortunately with Jeremy I had to win it to get him out. It gave me too much power to contain it.

Jeff: You were flexing that HOH muscle.

Helen: They call it hoh-itis. There was so much negativity and I knew even if I couldn’t win the game at least I got him out.

Jeff: What was your best move in the game?

Helen: Aligning with Elissa. Had I stayed in the house we could have gone further in the game. I am glad I picked Elissa.

Jeff: Are you happy for Andy now?

Helen: He was a good pick to work with. I have good taste in people to work with. Elissa won America’s favorite. I made two great friends. I told Andy he is taking me out on a lot of dinners.

Jeff: You were a big fan coming in. Tell the viewer how much harder it is than it looks.

Helen: The comps are brutal. All the houseguests were competitors. You are playing with the best. I’m happy just to last the 63 days. Quite honestly this was a tough cast do beat.

Jeff: How do feel about all that went down in the house?

Helen: I heard some of these comments and as a minority I have heard this all my life. I learned to kill them with kindness. Meeting it with anger never works. With Aaaryn I can teach her. She is very remorseful. You can meet her angry or you can teach her.

Jeff: So what is next for Helen?

Helen: I am just a viewer. I’m a fan. I’m going back to my husband and have another baby. I’m going back to work in politics and grow my family. That’s my goal.

Jeff: Gives her a big pink #1 mom pen. He tells her she is a #2 mom because his mom is the best.
Helen: Jeff, are you engaged?

Jeff: We are out of time back to you guys.

Next up with Jeff is Amanda

Jeff: We have Amanda the controversial one.

Amanda: Who me?

Jeff: You were a big bully in there, just kidding, but some perceived you that way.

Amanda: That’s their perception. I was just killing it in there. I wanted to be faithful to my alliance. Some took it the wrong way;

Jeff: How much of that was game play?

Amanda: I say what I want to say. I don’t say things behind people’s backs.

Jeff: You want to talk controversial. Want to go there?

Amanda: Sure

Jeff: There were some racist comments and then you have a sexual relationships with someone. Does that excuse it?

Amanda: It’s not what you say it’s the meaning behind it. I am so sorry and I apologize if I offended anyone.

Jeff: It is so stressful in there.

Amanda: It is stressful but at least I got to dye my hair in the jury house. I had all these gray hairs

Jeff: You should have kept the white hair so you would look like a judge, you bossed everyone in there.

Jeff: That’s okay, McCrae would take you any way he could get you.

Amanda: And he did.

Jeff: We are live on the air.

Amanda: Hi, Mom!

Jeff: Would you go back in there again not to redo but to play again?

Amanda: Yeah, I heard it was awful.

Jeff: moving on to something more positive. What’s the future with McCranda?

Amanda: I live in Florida and we discussed moving together. We haven’t had time to discuss it. I’m a sweet little angle outside of the house ready to meet McCrae's family.

Jeff: Well, you’re DRs were great. You were a great character.

Jeff gives her a dollar store plastic bowling pin set.

Amanda: Did you say bully pin set?

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Jeff Schroeder interviews Spencer

Jeff:How you feeling?

Spencer:Just being out of the house after 90 days, seeing faces, amazing experience

Jeff:What have you heard?

Spencer:Things that happened during the show, ruffled feathers, how I was percieved

Jeff:Some inappropriate things said

Spencer:I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, I may have used some poor judgement, people who know me know I don't have hate in my heart. I don't want to blame it on the social aspect, but I apologize if I offended anyone, hope the good outweighs the bad of any jokes I made

Jeff:Were you really not surprised Andy didn't take you to F2?

Spencer:I was always concerned about depth of his relationship with GM, I knew they were tight

Jeff:I didn't see it coming, I thought you had $50k locked

Spencer:He was my best friend, but he didn't want me to win the POV cause he didn't want to put up GM, he never entertained evicting GM. But no one wanted him out.

Jeff:You set a record, was that a plan?

Spencer:9 times counting tonight.. um no, I had no allies, so everyone could put me up and keep their hands clean, I spent 40 days out of 90 on the block. I know on the block you stay quiet and calm and cool

Jeff:Other record you broke was wearing the conway shirt every episode! What was your best game move?

Spencer:Getting good at being on the block... and likeability, and play an honest game, knew what butt to kiss and when.

Jeff:I think you played a good game, kept a level head, got 3rd place, it hurts but you took 3rd. My dollar store gift is bug spray with your picture on it. Would you come back?


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Next for their interview with Jeff is Gina Marie

Jeff: Welcome back and welcome to the west coast feed that is live now. Gina Marie 2nd place winner.

Gina Marie: East Coast NJ Yup Yup

Jeff: Fifty thousand dollar richer Gina Marie

Gina Marie: Feels good

Jeff: What’s it like coming back out here and seeing that thing (the props from the 3rd part of the HOH)

Gina Marie: It’s weird. I’m right where my name is. It makes the back yard seem smaller.

Gina Marie: You look handsome

Jeff: And you smell like a million bucks. What are you wearing and what’s it called?

Gina Marie: It’s called One In A Million. That’s the secret. Wear men’s cologne.

Jeff: Is there any one guy out there that might like it better than others?

Gina Marie: That would be Nick

Jeff: What’s going on there when he left?

Gina Marie: I was devastated. I kept his hat for moral support.

Jeff: And he appreciated it.

Gina Marie: And he went out second.

Jeff: He said that

Gina Marie: Come on , no he didn’t

Jeff: Yes he did. So is there anything you would do differently?

Gina Marie: I am a people person and I play with my heart.

Jeff: That‘s what you said in the finale.

Gina Marie: I like seeing people. I am a positive person.

Jeff: Ok, so what was the biggest move all season?

Gina Marie: Not by myself but my team, we put up Amanda and McCrae. It was a dynamic move. I couldn’t say that before but I can now.

Jeff: Probably one of the biggest move of the seasons.

Gina Marie: I got lots of props for that. Props for when it was due.

Jeff: You fell off the bull thing. What was that like?

Gina Marie: I was holding on for so long and my grip was eeek I got stitches, broken toe, strained back, sprained hand and I’m still going.

Jeff: What were you thinking going in to that final debate? Did you think you had it?

Gina Marie: Andy is just so wonderful and probably had more votes for me. I wasn’t nervous or scared. He deserves it. I applaud him. Good sportsmanship

Jeff: Any regrets?

Gina Marie: I have a big heart , I’m a a fun person. I apologize if I said anything that offended anyone. I do apologize. I am upbeat happy person and I apologize.

Jeff: All you can do is apologize. You entertained. I am sure you are so excited to get the heck out of here.

Gina Marie: I like this

Jeff: Want to go another hour? Wes t Coast is live now.

Gina Marie: People got to sleep, they got to work tomorrow.

Jeff gives her an air horn from the Dollar Store.

Gina Marie: What’s louder an air horn or GM’s mouth? I say 50/50 (she squeezes it and says what the hell was that.) I’m louder.

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Jeff Schroeder interviews Andy

Jeff: I'm with Andy!

Andy: It's all so overwhelming, can't believe all my hard work paid off, I'm so happy!

Jeff: What's your take, usually strong players..

Andy: I wouldn't say I'm strong physical, but mental, I played both sides of the house, that's a testament

Jeff: You won $500k, so...

(GM stops by, Jeff gets confused)

Jeff: Why didn't you take Spencer to final two?

Andy: Day 1 GM and I made a deal, the last card I needed to play was the loyalty card, I needed that in the end.

Jeff: I thought it was a cake walk for you if you took Spencer. Let's talk the final debate, you crushed her!

Andy: I'm a debate teacher, I'd have been upset if I didn't

Jeff: You won me over.. your outfit, were you trying to look like Pee Wee Herman?

Andy: Thanks Jeff

Jeff: I've got more, what about you as a flip flopper

Andy: Of course, I had to run to Amanda to tell her things

Jeff: If someone told you who killed JFK, how long before the world knew?

Andy: Three seconds?

Jeff: What about the money?

Andy: I'll try to be careful with it

Jeff: What about the controversy of the season?

Andy: I don't condone it, I hope people don't associate it with me, that the entire season isn't tainted.

Jeff: Was it harder than you thought going in?

Andy: I always joked, if I was going on a show, it'd be BB, cause you just lay around

Jeff: You just won and I had two shots and didn't come close, I'm jealous! What do you think your students think?

Andy: Hope they saw some skills used, I thought if I made it to jury questioning

Jeff: Fan question, did you switch alliances to be with one you thought you could beat?

Andy: Only time was from McCranda to The Exterminators, I didn't want to be playing for third place, so when Judd came back, I thought it would take me farther in the game, and I'd go to the end with weaker players

Jeff: Well what happened is you won half a million, I need to take some tips, any advice for new players?

Andy: Be able to adapt week to week in the house, be in the know with people

Jeff: I went to dollar store for gifts, you get... a kiddie size t-shirt that looks like one Andy wore in the house. Last words?

Andy: Thanks to everyone that supported me!

And with that, it's a wrap of the back yard interviews, and the BB15 season!

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