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Monday, September 16 Live Feed Updates


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12:10 AM BBT Small talk about past HGs is the ever popular topic tonight. Awards are handed out for most talkative, worst liar, best game play ect...

12:25 AM BBT GM is getting a color lesson. Gm says M&Ms should have gotten rid of the black ones not the brown ones. The boys tell her there are no black ones. She says yeah the dark brown ones. Spencer says that is not black.

12:35 AM BBT GM is going over the finale outfits. She decided that she has final say. Gm says she wants final say on the boys choices. She doesn't like the idea of either of them wearing shorts. They are waiting for laundry to be done to go to bed.

12:45 AM BBT GM talks about her job and how she might not be anything special but she is good at what she does. She says people know her for her pageants and she knows her stuff. Andy talks about how much production costs for a show like BB. He talks about how many batteries they go through a summer.

12:55 AM BBT The final 3 are doing all of their nightly routines before bed. GM is blow drying her face, Spencer and Andy have brushed their teeth. Spencer has cleaned up his area of the room. GM is going to fix her extensions and go to bed

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12:58am bbt Andy finds a deodorant stick, asks GM if it belonged to Judd? She asks Andy if he wants to smell like Judd. Andy isn't sure that Judd had a definitive scent.

12:59am bbt Andy asks who the 4th toothbrush on the sink belongs to.. GM thinks it belongs to Nick.(really?)

1:00am bbt Andy tells the others he finally wrote his name on the bathroom door. He says BB was yelling at him, 'so it was rushed, not my best work".

1:04am bbt BB calls Spencer to the DR. Before going, he thanks GM for bringing him water last night. She says she was up and heard coughing, wasn't sure at first if it was Spencer or someone in the walls(BB). She says good night in case she is asleep before he gets back from DR.

1:07am bbt GM/Andy get in bed, turn the light off. They compare notes, Spencer is telling both of them they will lose if they take the other one to F2, so they need to take Spencer to win. They confirm plans to take each other to F2, GM says she is excited about music in the morning, and they settle in for bed.

1:20am bbt Spencer is out of the DR, heads to the WC, then climbs in bed and gets his HOH letter out to read before falling asleep.

1:30am - 7:00am bbt It was a very restful night for all 3 HGs. No one got up in the middle of the night...

7:15am bbt Only 3 more days for the HGs to sleep in.... and they are still this morning...

8:30am bbt If you were wondering if the HGs are still sleeping... yes they are...

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9:00am BBT - Andy moving around a bit in his bed but other then that they are all sound asleep.

9:30am BBT - Andy and GM moving around a bit where Spencer is not. Spencer appears like he's sound asleep. At any rate, all the lights are still off in the BB house as they continue to sleep in on this Monday morning.

10:00am BBT - Toss, Turn, Snore, and then Repeat. Yep, they are still in bed tossing, turning, and snoring while they continue to sleep.

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10:33am BBT - Andy heads to WA, music jams on speakers which means it's wake up call, Spencer get's up, and then I get FOTH.

10:47am BBT - Still got FOTH.

10:58am BBT - Feeds are back and Spencer in bed, Andy and GM climb back into bed, and go back to sleep.

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10:59am BBT Feeds are back, Spencer is in bed with his sunglasses on, GinaMarie and Andy spoke for a minute, then she climbed back in bed with cover over her head and Andy straightened his bed, then put on his blue bandana and...is back in bed!

Lights are on but no one is up

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11:41am BBT Andy out of DR, goes to WC.

Spencer gets called to DR, has to put on clothes first. Andy done in WC, rinses hands then starts picking his face in the mirror. Andy yells to Spencer to have fun as he open DR door.

Andy now back in bed.

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11:42am BBT - Andy comes out of DR and heads to WC. Spencer is then called into the DR. Spencer puts on his shirt and shorts. As Andy and Spencer pass each other, he tells Spencer to "have fun". Spencer is now in DR and Andy climbs into bed.

11:58am BBT - Spencer comes out of DR heads to WC.

12:02pm BBT - Spencer is in KT getting drink and blows his nose. GM is now summoned to the DR. Spencer makes his way back to bed; GM makes her way to DR. Spencer tells GM that she doesn't need to put make up on. GM asks what it was and Spencer says "We just talked". GM in DR. Spencer and Andy in bed.

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Noon BBT Spencer out of the DR and into WC Rinses ONE hand, then goes to kitchen and pours something to drink. Rinses out the cup but does not wash it, then puts it back on shelf. While Spencer is blowing his nose, Gina Marie is called to DR. Spencer goes back to bed and as GM walks by, he tells her she doesn't need any make-up, he was just talking to Sam (production) She said alright, and goes to DR without putting on makeup or brushing her hair.

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12:25 BBT Gina Marie is out of DR, blows her nose and goes to WC.

She comes out, splashes water on her face 9without washing her hands) and grabs another tissue. Gets diet Coke in KT, then goes ....back to bed!

As soon as Gina Marie lays down, Andy gets called to DR. He complains "What, you have got to be kidding me, gawd" and gets up. Gina Marie does something, and he said wait, he can't see, and puts on his glasses. She said she didn't know his eyes were that bad. He said in DR if he doesn't have his glasses on they have to tell him if he is looking at the camera. They laugh and he heads out.

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12:35 BBT Andy is out of the DR, goes to WC, then goes to bedroom. Gina Marie asks if it is 12:30 he said yes. She said she is going to sleep until 2, he said he is too. She farts, they laugh about "toot toot" then back to bed for more sleep!

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1:12pm BBT - Shhhh be very quiet. We got three HG trying to sleep. Yep, you got it, they are still sleepin.

1:30pm BBT - Spencer, Andy, and GM are still tucked away in their beds sleeping.

1:50pm BBT - All HG are still under their covers sleeping.

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5:35 PM BBT Spencer, Gina Marie, and Andy are sitting in the BY. Gina Marie killed a spider. Gina Marie begs for some crafts. Spencer says maybe the doorbell will ring and Elizabeth Shue will bring them a pizza. Gina Marie is not impressed and calls her overrated.

5:41 PM BBT Spencer tells Gina Marie and Andy that there is only one more episode of BB left. He asks them if they want to watch it with him. Gina Marie says they might be on it. Andy says he has plans and the season isn't really good this year anyway. Gina Marie says she liked the pillow fight. They laugh about Andy falling into the pool. Gina Marie says it was funny because he wasn't hurt.

5:45 PM BBT Gina Marie goes to the WC leaving Spencer and Andy alone in the BY. They are talking about the bull in a china shop comp. Andy was just glad that Jessie didn't come back into the house. Spencer says Judd's technique was just to stand there and let the other jury members fall off.

5:48 PM BBT Not much going on. They are making dinner plans and discussing that they are going to shower tomorrow so they are good to go for Wednesday.

5:54 PM BBT Gina Marie tells the guys that normally the cost for her extensions is $2500.00 and she got them all for $700.00. She pays about a hundred bucks to get it dyed every couple months. You can get cheaper extensions (like Candice but it works) but she got the expensive ones for the show. She said hers were the same type as Elissa's so you know it's expensive.

5:57 PM BBT The BY lights have come on so the guys go to raise the awnings. Spencer broke the string to one of them. Gina Marie "Thanks Spence, now we are going to get locked inside." Spencer "Yeah, probably for two days so they can fix it." Gina Marie asks Andy to paint her nails. Spencer says that's one of the downfalls of being gay. No one ever asks him to do things like that.

6:02 PM BBT Spencer jokes that Enzo needs called into the DR and that's he talking about production. Gina Marie wants to hear BB say "Enzo, stop that." A helicopter flies over their head. Gina Marie is whining for more beads. Spencer and Andy decide to go to the DR to ask on her behalf. Gina Marie warns them not to get her in trouble. We get a brief FOTH and Spencer celebrates that they have been up for 2 1/2 hours. He decides he is going to ask for UNO too.

6:05 PM BBT Gina Marie and Andy take advantage of the moment alone without Spencer. Andy tells her that Spencer said she is friends with everyone in the jury. Spencer comes back and Andy decides to go into the DR too but BB won't let him in. Everyone laughs. They make him stand at the door for a minute. Andy says they better give him something or he will end up killing everyone in the house.

6:13 PM BBT Spencer says Carrot Top is funny but smart and built. Andy "Carrot Top?" Spencer "Yeah, he's like more built than Howard." Andy "Carrot Top?" Gina Marie "Cuz he's like on mad roids man" Andy "Carrot Top?" Spencer wonders if BB would object to him quoting cartoon characters. Spencer "I have.....FOTH." They do object and his He Man impersonation is cut off short.

6:17 PM BBT Andy says he would prefer BB to skip the alcohol and just give them a game to play. Gina Marie agrees. Spencer says he just wants one measly little gram of cocaine. Andy says he doesn't use that stuff. He's a teacher after all. FOTH.

6:21 PM BBT Andy wonders why BB has locked them out of the Have-Not room. Spencer says it's less for BB to have to maintain. They start calling the Have-Not room Helen's office. Andy says Helen used that room every week to try to get the house to flip on Amanda and she ended up leaving before her. Spencer said it wouldn't work until the Exterminators. Gina Marie "It took a whole team to get that B out."

6:24 PM BBT Spencer "Shall we go check for our beads, games, and milk yet?" Gina Marie "They won't be in yet." Andy "They must be bored watching us too."

6:32 PM BBT Andy "All I want is to get shot by a glitter cannon." Spencer "I'll shoot ya." Spencer goes to the storage room looking for something to occupy their time. Nothing yet.

6:34 PM BBT Spencer stands face to face with one of the cameras. He says "This one likes to follow me to bed every day. Fing pervert. And that one over there likes to watch me get up hoping my (stuff) falls out." Spencer sings "I get to see my sweetie Marilyn on Wednesday night."

6:47 PM BBT Lots of FOTH while the HG talk about people who haven't signed the release. Just general chit chat about friends outside of the house.

6:52 PM BBT Andy is again trying to get the crazy eyes to stick to his eye lids. The best he can do is two seconds. Gina Marie gives it a try. Spencer tells her to put them on and see if she can dance with them. She gives it a shot and one of them rolls across the floor. She tries again with the same results.

7:06 PM BBT Gina Marie is making a snack. Just general chit chat going on while Andy and Spencer sit around in the LR.

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7:08pm BB - Spencer heads to SR and finds out he has chocolate milk. Andy is mad. He said "F You Big Brother" as they been wanting things to do and didn't get it.

7:12pm BBT - Spencer says that he has to go back to work in October and Andy says he goes back in January. GM still in the KT making some food.

7:15pm BBT - GM heads to SR and pours something on top of her salad while the boys are chilling in the LR.

7:23pm BBT - GM, Andy, and Spencer all hanging out in the LR. GM is eating her salad while chatting.

7:28pm BBT - Back to Candice bashing then the talk went to crying while during slop. Andy says he cried a lot when he was on slop. Spencer asks BB to tell Britney to check the SR. GM came back from KT after adding stuff to her salad.

7:31pm BBT - GM thought she saw a bug go in and out of her salad so she stops eating it.

7:37pm BBT - GM shows the boys how the washing machine's laundry stinks because it doesn't clean your sheets well as she found stains on it still after being washed.

7:42pm BBT - GM is freaking out because she ate a bug (with her salad). Both Andy and Spencer told her not to worry about it because it's just one bug. Appears they are going to head to the hammock outside in BY.

7:50pm BBT - Spencer playing drums with the dishes and then saying "Thank you very much" in the KT. Andy comes from the WA into the KT and joins Spencer. GM in her room changing clothes.

7:55pm BBT - Andy is in hammock and GM joins him and they both fall off on the ground. They laughed. Spencer goes in first and then the other followed them. Now the HG are in the BY in the hammock.

8:09pm BBT - The final 3 are in the BY in the hammock and talking about about who they think will get America's Favorite Player.

8:24pm BBT - Still in hammock and chat shifts from how fast the last couple days have been and now talk is about Elissa and Amanda.

8:32pm BBT - Spencer gets out of hammock and Andy and GM almost fall out of the hammock again but didn't. Spencer heads to go into KT to start cooking dinner.

8:39pm BBT - GM and Andy talk outside while Spencer is inside in the kitchen. They talk about the final two and whoever wins deserves it. They head inside to join Spencer.

8:45pm BBT - Andy is in heavy thought while he lays on the bed in the shoe room. GM and Spencer in KT cooking dinner.

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9:05 PM BBT Dinner time has commenced for Spencer. He appears to be eating a quesadilla GM is cooking herself something. Andy is ready nutrition facts

9:15 PM BBT Time for a round of what's going on in the jury house. Spencer thinks they have cliqued off. Candice, Elissa, and Helen are one group. Mcranda is their own group. Jessie, Judd, and Aaryn are probably their own awkward group. Gm finished Andy's quesadilla's and is cleaning the kitchen.

9:25 PM BBT We are now bashing all of the HGs at once! We are going though each HG and naming the worst thing they have done all season.

9:35 PM BBT dinner time is over. Andy says he may run later, followed by the fact that he may abandon that idea in an hour. The group moves to the BYD to chit chat. They say it is chilly out.

9:45 PM GM is working out on the elliptical. She is wearing her roller derby helmet while she works out and the boys are making jokes that BB is making her wear it so she doesn't break. Spencer asks BB to call Britt to the DR in honor of her baby.

9:55 PM BBT Andy is going over crushes he has had. He talks about this guy Kevin he dated and that he was the aggressor till he moved away. Spencer talks about Marylin not being the aggressor. Spencer proceeds to say the conversation is very interesting, but all three cameras are pointed at GM riding the elliptical in her helmet.

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10:10 PM BBT Andy is talking about all his dates gone wrong. He went on a date once where his date brought another date. Another guy kept inviting him over just to hook-up. He dates online a lot.

10:20 PM BBT talk has moved to scary movies. Spencer hated Shutter Island. Andy loved Candy Man. It was shot in his town, really close to his home.

10:30 PM BBT Andy is hogging the conversation tonight. He is talking about his friends and pranks he has pulled on them. He talks about times in the house when he heard things between Mcranda that he didn't want to. He talks about going to sleep and everyone in the house being loud. Did I mention he talks a lot?

10:40 PM BBT Time for cards. The final three are at the KT table playing BS.

10:50 PM BBT FOTH for a few mins then back to BS. They laugh about dumb things occasionally but no real talk going on. Not even small talk.

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11:05 PM BBT The game is over and they have moved on to who has the best hair in the house. GM says David. She says she liked Elissa's hair because it was long.

11:10 PM BBT Spencer is in DR. Andy and GM are celebrating being final 2 while she does her makeup. Whether or not they would actually take each other is beyond me.

11:30 PM BBT Gm gets called to the DR. Andy says he wishes they would call them earlier as he is starting to get sleepy. Spencer and Andy talk about Jury questionare. Andy calls it stupid.

11:45 PM BBT Andy and Spencer discuss what the jury questions will be like. Spencer keeps hammering it in for Andy how hard it will be to beat GM because she has been so honest. Andy says he knows. He says he is getting really tired he just wants in DR and out then to go to bed.

11:55 PM BBT Andy informs Spencer that he is going over every option. He does not want to scare Spencer he is just thinking about everything. Spencer says he gets it, but he knows that Andy can beat him in final two. He repeats he does not thinks a bitter jury would let GM lose to Andy.

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