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Friday, September 13 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT BB announces. "You are...one day closer to winning...five hundred thousand...dollars..." and they all three cheer.

12:03 AM BBT GinaMarie is going to try and poop, but first she's going to change her shirt/'brawr'. She asks if anyone is up for playing Jenga. The other two disagree. The wish they had Uno.

12:13 AM BBT Talk turns to different things that happened during the season. Spencer hopes GinaMarie can poop so she's not farting in Andy's room. Andy agrees.

12:16 AM BBT Andy and Spencer agrees that it sounds like GinaMarie is showering now.

12:20 AM BBT GinaMarie is out of the shower and heads into the colorful room to get dressed.

12:25 AM BBT Andy gets up to check the time. Spencer gets up and they stop at the memory wall. GinaMarie is in Doom central. She comes out of the bedroom and asks what's up. They point out she has lots of gray around her. She's ok with that.

12:35 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat in the KT while GinaMarie cleaned up some. Now we're just gathered around the counter in the KT continuing the idle chit chat.

12:41 AM BBT The three HG have laid down on the floor and are looking up at the memory wall. They say you can see which pictures have been touched the most and kissed the most.

12:45 AM BBT The three HGs continue to lie on the floor as they look up at the memory wall. They wonder what they were doing in the cast photo, it feels so long ago. Spencer and Jeremy were holding up Kaitlin, GinaMarie was holding Howard's muscles. Andy and Helen were posing. GinaMarie wonders what Nick was doing. Andy and Spencer says he was grabbing Jessie's backside. She questions whether they're serious. Andy laughs and says he was motor boating her as well. GinaMarie hates them both.

12:55 AM BBT They continue to lay on the floor in front of the memory wall rehashing different things that have happened. Andy randomly points out that he was on the winning side of every vote except for Aaryn. Spencer says it became a House vote thanks to Helen.

01:00 AM BBT The three continue to lie on the floor laughing and giggling as they mimic Candice going to Candy land when describing things about competitions and alliances. (It's surprisingly kind of funny!)

01:06 AM BBT The three remaining HGs continue to sit/lay on the floor and play a round of "Marry, have sex with, kill, and frame for murder" with the people on the memory wall (One person rattles off four names and you have to chose who you would want to marry, have sex with, kill, and frame for murder).

01:14 AM BBT Spencer says Aaryn's picture is cute. She's not model pretty, but she's definitely television pretty. To be a model you have to be strikingly beautiful and she's not quite there. She's like the girl next door. GinaMarie and Kaitlin have a striking beauty.

01:19 AM BBT The three remaining HGs decide to get up and get ready for bed. Andy heads into the WC. GinaMarie gets something out of the fridge to drink. Spencer heads into the WA. Spencer says it's weird that he poops without the water running but pees with it running. Andy says he wasn't pooping. He was peeing and picking his nose. The WC is the best spot to pick your nose.

01:23 AM BBT BigBrother asks "Did you wash your hands?" Andy did. Spencer thought he did and washes his again before brushing his teeth. Andy and GinaMarie head off to the colorful bedroom. Spencer picks Judd up off the table (the mannequin head) and takes him into the LR before heading into his room.

01:26 AM BBT Spencer looks up at the camera and asks if it wants to hear his HoH letter. The camera shakes back and forth and Spencer flips the camera and says f**** you. He begins reading his letter. "Dear Spencer, I can't wait for you to get home so I can bang in the living room, the bedroom,..." and he goes on and on. Brief period of FoTH. Feeds back and Andy is watching GinaMarie mess with the bandages of her leg. GinaMarie says goodnight Nicholas. GinaMarie has to go pee.

01:31 AM BBT Spencer flips the light out in the chair room and crawls into bed. GinaMarie's bandage on her knee keeps coming off so she's going to wrap it with an ace bandage. She flips the light out and crawls into bed. They tell each other goodnight.

01:34 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. All four feeds display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

01:53 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. That should be it for the night!

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4:54am bbt GM is up from sleeping, goes to K for a snack, trip to the WC, back to the K for a drink, and back in bed by 5:03am.

5:05am bbt Andy is up from bed, heads to... BB doesn't show where... until 5:07am when he is climbing back into bed.

7:40am bbt The F3 HGs are still sleeping. GM said BB told them to expect an 8:15am wake up call this morning.

8:15am bbt Feeds went from sleeping HGs to fish... must be time to wake them...

8:39am bbt Back from 25 minutes of fish, Spencer is finishing his shower, and GM is doing her makeup.

8:42am bbt Andy is also up, says it's 'shower time'. Spencer says the 'shower feels good brother, go get you some'.

8:44am bbt Andy is in the shower, Spencer lays on bed in color room while GM sits in her bed doing her makeup.

8:48am bbt GM/Spencer discuss what time they will be eating. Spencer says 'they said it would be brunch, so breakfast-y things".

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9:02am BBT: Gm is all dressed up and sitting in living rm with Spencer. Andy is now out of the shower and dressed and joining them in the living rm now as Gm talks about candice and her being so much alike with the pagents and cheerleading.

9:11am BBT: All three Hg sitting in living rm talking about partys

9:15am BBT: Gm still teling stories about parties and we get foth.

9:21am BBT: We now have Trivia

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11:42am BBT:gm still eating and Andy and spencer moving the table to the STr and tells Bb do not mess with us right now we will drop this crap. Gm is at the sink doing dishes now and Gm keep s coughing. Gm says that was a nice brunch this morning and Spencer says yeah i woke up this morning and cooked all of this.

11:46am BBT: Spencer puts things on the table with 2 table cloths on it and trys pulling the table cloth out from under the items but he failed as he only pulled the top table cloth and not the bottom wone with it. Gm is still doing dishes and Andy carries BB's dishes back to the STR.

11:50am BBT: Spencer and Andy are now going to go change their clothes and Gm says she is going to go change in a little bit and we get foth.

11:52am BBT: Spencer says i am glad we are here with people we can talk with and Andy says yeah there was just some we couldnt talk to and Spencer says yeah like with Elissa i tried i just couldnt talk to her and andy says yeah.

11:56am BBT: Gm and Spencer and Andy talking about Candice and her yelling at Spencer and about jeremy taking the booze and drinking most of it.

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12:01pm BBT: Gm says she felt like if she talked about something wrong then Amanda would go off on you so she just didnt say alot to her. She says all amanda ever did was lay in that bed with mccrae so you couldnt talk to them cuz i didnt smoke or anything so i had nothing in common with her.

12:12pm BBT: Andy is now gonna go take a nap and Spencer says me too and Gm says she is gonna go to the bathroom then take her a nap too since she doesnt feel good.

12:15pm BBT: Andy now in bed with a bandana ties around his eyes. Spencer is clearing his bed off and undressing with his shades on going to bed also to have a nap.

12:36pm BBT: All HG sleeping after their big breakfast feast from BB this morning.

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1:03 pm BBT shhhh they are sleeping. Think they can sleep till Wed. night?

Hear ye, Hear ye....2:00 pm BBT and all are sleeping.

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1:40pm BBT - HG are still sleeping.

2:29pm BBT - Andy and GM tossing and turning in their sleep while Spencer is sound asleep.
3:08pm BBT - A lot of tossing, turning, and moving around going on as the HG continue to try to nap.
3:38pm BBT - Nothing new to report because HG are still attached to their bed and sleeping still.
4:02pm BBT - A whole lot of sleepin gonna on in the house. Yep, you guessed it, they are still in bed.
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6:05PM BBT They are still in the LR talking about friends, travel and the roller skating HoH comp. Andy wishes he had "dead fished it" and let it drag him around. Spencer says the rules say it would start and stop but it never stopped. Spencer changes the topic of that "Huge a** lake about 6 inches north of New York." It sounds like he is talking about Lake Ontario but now it sounds like Hudson's Bay is what he is referring to. He can not remember the name of it. He says he doesn't know much about North America.

6:15PM BBT We are now back to bashing previous HG. They are talking about Helen and Elissa and then the convo switches to Amanda and how arrogant she was in the house. Now Gm starts to complain about Aaryn. They are talking about who wanted who out and who lied about their motives (all of them did!)

6:17PM BBT Spencer says it is great that they can now say whatever they want in the house. GM blurts out "So how many times did Amanda have sex with McCrae when she had a yeast infection?" They aren't sure but Amanda did broadcast it through the house. And we are back to Elissa bashing.

6:22PM BBT Elissa wasn't comfortable around men. McCrae wasn't going to take Amanda to final 4. Elissa's hubby is a lot older than her... we have heard this all so many times. GM is eating and talking. Spencer is talking about McCrae wanting to get back with that Jessica girl in MN. They are hanging off his every word.

6:25PM BBT I apologize, it is Andy chomping away. Spencer is telling a story, we get a brief FotH. He is now talking about how isolated it was where he used to live.

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6:32PM BBT They move the convo to the KT. Spencer talks about David. He then says "I hope the doorbell rings soon and Elisabeth Shue walks in." Andy says "Oh I know! I hope something happens because you 2 are boring as F***!" Spencer says "You too!" Andy replies "I know!" They razz back and forth a bit and we get Foth. Feeds come back and Andy is complaining about McCrae.

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6:40PM BBT Andy and Spencer have gone through each pic on the memory wall and how strange some are. They get to Elissa's and start bashing her again and how she didn't tell anyone she had step kids until she won HoH and explained it. Spencer says "I bet Aaryn will try to have sex with McCrae." GM agrees. Andy says he wishes Howard was in the jury. They agree. Again the talk is about giving Howard the money to take his family to the MLK monument in D.C.

6:45PM BBT Spencer says Marilyn is funny but he doesn't laugh at her because he is a funny person and it take a lot to make him laugh. He then says, "The C word says my DR's are not funny. F*** her!" We get FotH. Feeds come back and they are talking about David again.

6:51PM BBT They are comparing notes about Nick and GM is realizing how little she knows about Nick and she is crying. He did not tell her he went to Yale or about his family but he told Spencer. She is really getting worked up about it.

6:55PM BBT Now they are talking about GM being emotional because she is being "Attacked by the period monster!" they all laugh and she is still kind of crying.

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7:10PM BBT They complain about Candice and how she would over react before comps about how she would go after who ever it was that made her team lose. Andy is imitating her. Spencer is now explaining Amanda calling him out for trying to get her out and saving Howard. GM had no idea about that incident but remembers the speech Howard gave.

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7:25PM BBT Andy is wondering if Nick is gay, GM says Aaryn says he could be and she would regret liking him. Andy says "If he is, I will be pissed because I wanted a piece of that!" They are now talking about when they were kids and the things kids said if you did you were gay. They are laughing and being silly.

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7:34PM BBT Lots of HG have lost comps when their game completely depended on it. They talk about Judd and how he would work himself up and then needing meds. Spencer says Amanda would take the Adderall and then need Xanax to bring her down and then she wouldn't take it at all. He is concerned about the amounts they were taking. He says he is not a medical professional but he is confused about how a doc could load up meds like that. GM asks them what anxiety is, they explain about how Judd freaked out over nothing, that was his anxiety. Judd accused Spencer of screwing him over with the Health punishment. Spencer says he did not want Judd attached to McCrae.

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8:12PM BBT Andy wonders if there were any alliances they didn't know about in the house. They think Judd had a deal with everyone. They are now rehashing Amanda and how she could cry over nothing. When Amanda got upset about Elissa calling her out on her "Ho-bag stuff", as Spencer just called it, during McCrae's birthday, they all thought it was attention seeking. They talk about the house fights and how Amanda went after GM and she couldn't make GM cry. Now it is how good of a game they have played again.

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8:28PM BBT It is all repetitive. They wonder who would make it back to an all stars season. They all say the other has a chance. They debate who would be America's favorite player. They groan when Andy says Elissa would get it.
They are now talking about the winnings and taxes. Very exciting. GM wants them to play a song, she starts to sing and FotH.

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8:40PM BBT The talk turns to how some people are not meant for college, still smart just aren't good at school. Andy mentions how McCrae went to tech school. Spencer now tells them about the talk they had on the BY couch a few nights before he left about McCrae growing up. When he stops talking, GM says "And I am going to marry Nick Uhas!" Spencer says "And I hope you do! I really do. I hope Andy finds that special someone as well." They are now talking about who hates them in the jury.

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