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CBBUK Season 12 - Week Three: The Final Countdown


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Day Sixteen: It's Friday morning and for Bruce and Dustin, their last day in the CBB House. The talk of the morning was Louie's fake drunken meltdown last night, leaving some HG complaining about the waste of food and others wondering if they can trust anything he says. Lauren is looking for payback, Carol find the whole experience unreal and Abz decides he is having a beautiful day regardless what happens. Courtney wants to be a mother but not have a baby. She confesses to Dustin that she put wheat milk in his bed, getting conspirator Lauren in trouble as Dustin is rather put out. Lauren and Abz get grounded in the tree house.

For today's task, Mario and Charlotte prepare Dustin and Courtney to play roles in an episode from MTV reality series Geordie Shore, including costumes, makeup and language lessons. The Tree house is converted into Lauren's Bar as the opening credits roll. Lauren's role is supposed to be silent but she can't help but create her own dialog. The scene is a complete success, despite the ad-lib.

The house prepares for the evening eviction as the nominees reflect on their time in the house. After the eviction of Dustin and Bruce, the remaining housemates remember them in the house. Courtney, Lauren and Carol talk body size, how Courtney never wants to change and and how Lauren was once a skinny little boy. Louie joins the conversation to tell Carol she's butch. Abz watches Mario and Charlotte each drain a bottle while spinning around and just shakes his head. Courtney wants to learn from Carol and the conversation turns to Anna Nicole Smith.

Coming Up: Nominations are coming up for the final Wednesday night eviction, and then the season finale of CBB UK comes on Friday, the 13th.

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Day Seventeen: There are 8 celebrities remaining in the CBB house and that's 3 more than the Final Five for Finale Night. Housemates try to feel out there place amongst the other celebs. Courtney tells BB with some housemates, conversations are just a one-way street. Vanessa Phelps hosts a fake talk show, Tell It Like It Is, on BBFM with viewer tweets as the day's task. The viewer tweets don't hold anything back and neither does Vanessa as she holds one-on-one interviews with some direct in-your-face conversation. Each housemate deals with the inquisition in different ways, some remaining neutral and proper, and others using the opportunity to take digs at some of their fellow housemates.

After the task, some housemates ponder the meaning of viewer comments. Abz and Courtney commiserate about not being part of the "in" group. Abs carves art out of an apple while Lauren and Courtney discuss Abz's future. Mario and Abs play a game of ball in pail, while Carol and Louie discuss the youngsters taking the interview tweets seriously. Vicky joins them and begins making plans for their post-BB relationships. Mario joins them and the topic turns to Courtney. Courtney, Abz and Lauren form their own clique in the bedroom. The three go on a nature walk in the BY garden.

It's the miracles of life around you every day, Abz says, you just have to stop to take a look.

Abz takes a deep breath of fresh air outside and exhales deeply in the bedroom. Courtney tells Carol and others that she is not a glamorous, silver-spooned person. Carol says she comes across as spoiled. Courtney responds she is spoiled with love. Grow up, Carol says.

Coming Up: Next up are nominations in advance of the final Wednesday live eviction episode, followed by the season the season finale of CBB UK comes on Friday, the 13th.

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Day Eighteen: It's Sunday morning and Charlotte declares she's a good girl, she is and Louie has lost a day. For the day's task, the celebs are paired together - bound literally by arm back to back. It's Courtney rubbing shoulders with Mario, Abz and Charlotte, Vicky and Louie, Carol and Lauren. Louie and Vicky make a trip to the WC and while we can't see, we can certainly hear. Mario and Courtney are finger-flirting behind each others' backs . Certainly a little physical discomfort can't be all BB has in mind.

It's Nominations day and since the housemates are paired, they must nominate together and must agree on nominations. Vicky and Louie nominate Courtney and Carol. Lauren and Carol nominate Louie and Mario. Abz and Charlotte nominate Courtney and Carol. Courtney and Mario nominate Vicky and Carol. Still bound, the housemates are informed that Louie and Vicky and Carol and Courtney and Mario will face the public vote this week, leaving Lauren, Abz and Charlotte safe. It's a first for nominee virgins Mario and Vicky.

The final part of the bonding task finds each paired housemates with letters from home - for two other housemates. They have one minute to decide whose housemate's letter to save. Louie and Vicky choose to shred Charlotte's letter and give Abz his. Charlotte and Abz shred Courtney's letter in favor of Mario. Mario and Courtney shred Lauren's letter so Carol can receive hers. Lauren and Carol shred Louie's letter to benefit Vicky. The housemates pass the bonding task and Mario, Abz, Carol and Vicky receive their letters at the expense of Courtney, Charlotte, Lauren and Louie. The housemates read each others' letters out loud.

The house breaks down as Carol reads a letter from Vicky's husband asking her to renew vows. The little bugger, Vicky says, on live TV!

A difference of opinion over how the letters were chosen to be shredded leads to a war of words between Vicky and Charlotte, with Charlotte in tears and Vicky demanding the respect of her age. Some celebrities are equal, Charlotte says, but some are more equal than others, Vicky counters.

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Day Nineteen: The housemates are reluctant to face the next day as emotions are still raw after the Vicky-Charlotte row as Lauren sets the record straight (she did not see her mother but didn't say anything at the time of the fight). Charlotte goes off on Lauren next for not speaking up last night. Abz is in the tree house alone in the rain as the house separates into groups to dump on the other housemates. The housemates can't seem to move on from the topic, though Abz finds zen in stacking the pillows in the wash area.

Just in time, BB invites the housemates to the Celeb BB Bitch Fest, hosted by Rylan Clarke! Reigning CBB Champ Rylan enters his former home and then invites Carol to join former housemates Danielle and Sophie on the panel. It's a panel discussion, but it's the viewing housemates that seem to be doing the most talking. The conversation drives Charlotte to tears of inadequacy as her fellow housemates rally to rebuild her self-esteem. Other topics include Courtney flirting with Mario, Lauren's transgender history and more drama-inducing talk therapy.

Post bitch fest, Courtney and Lauren get away to the tree house as other housemates share their growing realization that Lauren is much sharper and aware of what's going on in the house than they ever realized. Have they all been played by her innocent, child-like nature? Charlotte and Vicky crawl under the covers to put their differences to bed. Courtney puts a broth cube in the kettle instead of a pot of boiling water, and Louie says she gives new meaning to the term Dumb Blonde. Courtney and Lauren take a bath while Carol gets personal. Abz compares the house to the jungle - Louie is a hyena, Carol is a vulture, Abz is an elephant, Courtney is a jackal, Lauren is a 3-toed sloth, Charlotte is a meerkat and Vicky is an orangutan. Mario is Tarzan, the boy swinging from the vines.

As the housemates drift off to celebrity sleep, Charlotte and Carol come to the realization that Lauren really wants to win.

Coming Up: It's the final live eviction before Friday's season finale and not one but two celeb housemates are in trouble. Emotions are running hot: who is playing the game and who is just trying to stay afloat? For which housemates has the bloom come off the rose and who will be in the Final 5 to face the British voting public?

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Day Twenty: It's a rainy night outside the CBB house and two of the celebs will be caught outside without their galoshes. Abz divests himself of material possessions, Lauren & Courtney look forward to the final and Vicky is all alone in the BY. Carol continues to piss on Vicky to Charlotte. Carol predicts a row with Vicky but Louie says she can walk away, not take the bait. Charlotte says Vicky is a whole different person. After drinking the last of the wine, Carol tells Vicky that Vicky drank it all already. After all the housemates go to bed, Carol is talking in her sleep as Vicky listens on, telling BB that Vicky is the annoying housemate. Hmph, Vicky says.

It's time to get the ball rolling. The great British public has voted and the housemates fates have been sealed. The housemate with the fewest votes and 6th to be evicted is Courtney. She is so happy!

Should we get another one out? The next housemate with the fewest votes and the 7th to be evicted is Louie. The housemates are shocked, as Louie says he is so happy, he can't tell them, as he dances out of the house.

Coming Up: With seven housemates evicted, six housemates remain as Abz, Carol, Charlotte, Lauren, Vicky and Mario have 48 hours to contemplate the possibility they would win the show. The British public is now voting to WIN! The finale of Celebrity BB 12 will be crowned on Friday!

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Day Twenty-One: It's the morning of the double eviction but the celebrity housemates and Louie tells Carol about her sleep-talking the night before. Carol says she'll just avoid Vicky and Vicky tells Lauren and Courtney she only has to last 2 more days with Carol. Abz admits in DR that he's been oblivious to the animosity. Carol offers an apology for what she said in her sleep and Vicky demurs, saying Louie elaborated on what she actually said. The housemates are brought together and quotes Carol's sleep talking as a violation of the rules. Sleep talking is no excuse and Carol is sent to CBB Jail. Even in sleep, Louie laughs, you still get in trouble. You can feel some of the tension lifting in the house as Carole fumes from behind bars.

It's a Battle of the Bands pitting Courtney, Carol, Louie and Charlotte (THE JUMBLES) against Abz, Lauren, Vicky and Mario (MALV 4). They have to write their lyrics, create a melody and choreograph a performance. With wigs and costumes, the only thing missing is harmony as the two bands perform for each other. Based on energy, choreography and general impression, the winning band was The Jumbles.

Then it's time for eviction and first Courtney, then Louie loses their place in the CBB House. Lauren is glad Courtney and Louie are happy to leave. The remaining six housemates attempt to make sense of the eviction. Vicky tells Mario she and Carol can get along for 2 days, she was uncomfortable with Carol being sent to jail and was uncomfortable with all the boos during the live eviction.

It's time for the CBB 2013 Public Choice Awards as voted by the British Public. The funniest HM goes to Charlotte! The sexiest HM goes to Mario! The winner of the Biggest Villain is Carol! The Most Entertaining HM is Charlotte! She flashes her yoohoos in appreciation. And finally the award for the Biggest Game Player goes to... Lauren! Burn the blood thing, she jokes, tossing it to Abz like a hot potato.

The only remaining male housemates play a game of sock Ball as Lauren defends herself to BB against the accusation of being a game player. Inside, Charlotte, Carol and Vicky note that Abz is starting to come out of his shell finally. Carol and Vicky share a moment on the bench in the BY after Lauren has gone to bed, wondering if Lauren is really calculating or just knows how to be entertaining. Or is that game play?

Coming Up: With seven housemates evicted, six housemates remain as Abz, Carol, Charlotte, Lauren, Vicky and Mario now have only 24 hours to earn the public vote to WIN! Who will be crowned winner of Celebrity BB 12?

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Finale: The final night for our six celebrities is spent reflecting on the past three weeks over a gourmet meal, followed by a visual retrospective for desert. And then the voting is suspended as we get down to business and start whittling down the number of housemates. The rain is pouring outside and the exterior stage is as wet as Charlotte's bed in the morning. Which of the final housemates will be first set free?

The first housemate out in 6th place is Vicky. The next housemate out in 5th place is Mario. They are handed umbrellas as they exit the house.

We're down to the Final Four. The housemate with the fewest votes in 4th place is Carol! The housemate coming in 3rd place is... Lauren!

That means the winner of Celebrity BB UK will be either Abz or Charlotte. After an agonizingly long hour wait, the viewers have spoken and their fate is sealed. After 23 days in the Celebrity Big Brother House, the housemate with the most votes and the winner of Celebrity Big Brother is...


Charlotte is breathing in heaves as Abz is officially this year's Runner Up. She assures him she will be OK as he ascends the staircase. This is horrible, she tells him, bye! Abz is jumping up and down waiting for the doors to open , ignoring the man with the umbrella before finally realizing it is raining and taking the umbrella himself for a stylish photo shoot. My little heart can't take it, he says, as he sits down for his runner-up interview.

Charlotte has had less than 20 minutes to soak in the news that she has beaten all the other celebrities in the Big Brother house. She talks her way up the stairs as the countdown begins.

I'm So Scared, she says, as the sparklers fly and the rain pours but she hardly even notices because it's so smoky she can't see the steps. She stops to pose for the cameras then makes her way up to the interview cocoon.

Congratulations to Charlotte, Abz and Luaren, the top 3 celebs of CBB12!

That's it, it's all over for 2013. Thank you for joining Morty's TV for our coverage of the Big Brother UK and Celebrity Big Brother UK. Congratulations to Sam for winning BB UK Season 14, and to Charlotte for winning CBB UK Season 12! Keep your eyes tuned right here to the Morty's TV BBUK and CBBUK page for 2014!

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