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Wednesday, September 11 Live Feed Updates


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9:45PM Andy, Mccrae, Spencer in LR, GM making chicken nuggets in KT. Andy admitting he didn't "get" the spelling of the Beatles name had meaning until Spencer said something in the house. He thought it was another spelling for the bug.

9:46PM Spencer thinking about what he will say when his parents ask him about the terrible stuff he's said in the house. He decides to say that was "TV Spencer" and not real life. McCrae comes back into LR with gummy bears (Haribo - the good ones) and shares with the class. Andy yells to GM to ask how much time is left on the "nugs."

9:48PM GM takes the nugs out about 30 seconds early and tells the guys "done." Guys are talking about Jeremy's chances if he made it to OTEV.

9:49PM Spencer says "that picture of Keanu today looked like my buddy." Andy said the Keanu movie "The Lake House" sucked. This segues into another round of Elissa bashing. Spencer cites many cases of Elissasize fatalities. Andy says the website is loaded with porn viruses. They are bored.

9:54PM Spencer sayd Craig Thompson is Nick's real name. GM throws a pillow at him and asks if McCrae's name is even real. Andy brings a plate of nugs in and eats it on the LR table as the others talk about the soundtrack to Grease being awesome - Spencer says, no, no, no.

9:55PM Andy is eating his nugs with knife and fork, cutting the chicken nuggets like they were mini-steaks. It's weird. McCrae asks if he can have some of Andy's nugs. Andy says yes, and McCrae heads to KT to load up.

09:57PM McCrae admits to listening to the Grease soundtrack when he was training to get ready for BB. GM calls John Travolta badass, then says "Bite the weenie, Rizz....with relish."

10:01PM Spencer talking about "stars" that came into the house in previous seasons. He said "When Tori spelling came in, she was 15 months pregnant and it looked like the only work she could get was haunting fucking houses. I want a real beautiful woman like Elizabeth Shue, not Tori Spelling!" Andy pipes up "I have no problem with Tori Spelling" and GM agrees.

10:04PM Spencer offers McCrae the other two beers. McCrae says "Is it because I'm going home?" Spencer says, "NO!" ['cause it's awful Coors Light] The way McCrae is talking, it seems like Spencer is on the block with McCrae.

10:06PM McCrae says if he's the one going, he wants to know so he can dress up. He doesn't want to go out in his fucking wife beater...Spencer laughs and agrees.

[seems like Andy has PoV because McCrae asked what he's doing]

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9:01 PM BBT And we are back!!! MCcrae, Spencer, and GM are in the living room plugging mccrae's show. Stay tuned for noms and veto winners.

9:10 PMBBT Andy is DR Mccrae sends us mercilessly right back into trivia because he is giving shout outs to people whom I assume did not sign releases. On a lighter note it is chicken nugget night in the house.

9:25 PM BBT Spencer, Mccrae, and GM are telling stories about how great Jeremy is. Spencer is glad he can forget dates now. They groan about how long Andy has been in DR.

9:35 PM BBT All the cameras are moving and bothering our HGs. Andy comes out of DR, then gets called into DR. Spencer volunteers to put in his nuggets for Andy. Andy comes back out and walks all the way upstairs to use the HOH WC.

9:40 PM BBT Spencer is making jokes about competitions we missed and jokes about everyone coming back in Pandora's box. Andy plays with the camera man. He tells the camera to point at its favorite of the four and it points away. Then he tells it to point away if it loves him. We hear the cam move and everyone laugh.

9:50 PM BBT Confirmed GM's key is the only one in the mem wall. Spencer and Mccrae are on the block.

9:55 PM BBT Elissa bashing commences. They make fun of Andy cutting his nuggets with a knife and fork. The great Jeremy Dale Mcguire stories play.

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10:16PM Making fun of alter egos. Judd is Ms. Juddfire. Imitating Judd's diva fits in Ms. Doubtfire's voice.

10:17PM Andy says he likes Spiderman, but Spencer calls Spiderman a bitch, then apologizes to Stan lee for the opinion. General boring superhero talk. GM making fun of Lou Ferrigno, lisping. Spencer says he's deaf. General disbelief. Andy says he can't be - he was on celebrity apprentice [hello, marlee matlin!]. Spencer says Lou has hearing aids, and McCrae responds...Lou Ferrigno has AIDS, too?

10:21PM Andy talking about pre-show sequester and BB only having the first 3 seasons available to watch, and Elissa hogging the "He's just not that into you" movie the whole time.

10:22PM McCrae is off to drop a deuce. GM and Andy are going to play a game. Spencer is still in the LR. SUPER boring evening.

I'm out for now.

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10:05 PM BBT the HGs got three beers. GM goes upstairs to listen to Andy's CD. Spencer tells Mccrae he can have the other two beers. Mccrae says because I am going home? Spencer says no not at all. Spencer says he wishes he (Andy) would let us know what to expect. Mccrae says he feels like he is going home.

10:15 PM BBT They are all sitting in the LR discuss Judd quitting a lot of his competitions. GM is holding a record with Nick's face on it. Still no official word on veto winner.

10:25 PM BBT Talk of sequester before the show is going on. No one yells at Andy to stop it. The HGs decide to play cards. Andy and Spencer whisper about Mccrae knowing he is leaving.

10:35 PM BBT Andy gets called to DR so the rest of the HGs deal a game of BS without him, only for him to be back sooner than they anticipated. Andy goes upstairs for snack that he proceeds to chew loudly and with an open mouth.

10:45 PM BBT BS game continues. GM is not very good at this game. She doesn't seem to understand wise times to bs and not. She just claimed to have five kings and everyone let it go.

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11: 10 PM BBT Cards is over. Andy is recapping the best fights in the house. Most of them involve GM. Andy and Spencer get dinged by BB for singing the ducktails theme song.

11:20 PM BBT Andy and Mccrae in the LR discussing times they were most angry in the house. Mccrae says everytime he told Amanda to chill out made him angry. Andy says when Elissa and Helen threatened him to vote their way made him angry.

11:30 PM BBT Spencer, Andy, and Mccrae talking about past HGs. Andy and Spencer agree the only week they had no clue what was going on was the week Judd was HOH. The topic changes to small talk about production.

11:40 PM BBT They discuss BB14 and who should have one. Mccrae says Dan had a bitter jury. Spencer tells Andy that he could do it, he could win over Spencer. Andy says his family knows he is HOH now. Andy says he wonders if his family knows he won veto. We finally have confirmation that Andy has won veto.

11:50 PM BBT Andy goes to shower. Before he gets upstairs they tell him how cool it is that both his weeks as HOH he also won veto. Once he leaves GM starts messing with her stitches and the other two boys yell at her. They tell her she better be able to shave her legs before she sees Nick. She proceeds to go on about how much she misses him.

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