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Tuesday, September 10 Live Feed Updates


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RT @SonsieLuna: @mortystv Does Spencer really not want to be around Andy any more? That'd be good to hear. Or did he mean Judd? -- He meant it playfully to Andy because Andy is talking about going to bed earlier than what is normal for this cast.

12:03 AM BBT Judd in the colorful room packing up his stuff. Andy asks GinaMarie if she's alright. GinaMarie says her stomach hurts and she feels tired. Andy says he feels tired and may go to bed early. Spencer again begins to guess what the recording schedule will be for the rest of the season.

12:09 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY between Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie. Judd continues to pack in the colorful room. Andy questions where Judd is. Spencer thinks he's in the DR. Andy says McCrae is in the DR. Camera switches to one that is zoomed in on Spencer with a piece of food stuck in his beard. Judd joins the party outside.

12:12 AM BBT Spencer questions if anyone wants to go hang out upstairs. Andy thinks he's going to go to bed in an hour (we've heard that before). Spencer says he feels tired as well. They all get up and head inside. Andy and Judd head into WA and begin nightly ADLs. Spencer and GinaMarie carrying dishes into the KT. Spencer rinses them off.

12:15 AM BBT Spencer and GinaMarie in the HoH. Spencer says the pictures really give you strength. Spencer starts to talk about Judd when Andy walks in and questions what's up. Spencer begins again and says Judd is on his way up. Spencer says "Judd..." FoTH. Feeds back and Judd is inside. Spencer wants to know everyone's favorite and least favorite moments from the season.

12:23 AM BBT Judd called to DR. Spencer says he's relying on GinaMarie and Andy to help win the HoH. Judd is out fairly quickly (probably got his Pepcid). Judd rejoins the HoH. Talk turns to Spencer's dogs. Judd questions whether the dogs would remember him. Spencer says there was study done once where a guy kept hooking up his dogs to an EKG that would measure brain waves and after a while he began to realize his dogs liked his wife more because of the spike they say on the EKG (I believe he means EEG - NiteSlacker)

12:34 AM BBT Extended FoTH as Spencer talks about a previous relationship.

12:36 AM BBT Feeds back. Idle chit chat in the HoH. Andy is heading down to bed. GinaMarie is not far behind.

12:40 AM BBT McCrae had joined the HoH crowd a short bit ago. He's also thinking about going to bed soon. Andy is down in the colorful room getting ready for bed.

12:49 AM BBT McCrae and GinaMarie head down to WA to begin nightly ADLs before heading to bed. Up in the HoH Judd and Spencer begin talking. Judd says McCrae should be the next target. Spencer agrees.

12:53 AM BBT Judd and Spencer discuss who they would like to meet up with after they get out of the house. Neither of them think that McCrae will move to Boca with Amanda.

12:56 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the HoH. They're looking at the memory wall through the spy cam and commenting on people's pictures.

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01:03 AM BBT Judd and Spencer continue to talk. Judd is still nervous about going home. Spencer doesn't think Andy will vote him out. Judd says after tomorrow he'll have his head so back in this game again. Spencer gets up to take a pee and brush his teeth.

01:08 AM BBT Judd continues to talk to Spencer about moving forward.

01:09 AM BBT Judd tells Spencer he should take GinaMarie's bed after she leaves. Spencer thought about it but he likes his mattress. Judd understands. Judd is heading downstairs to try and get some sleep. Spencer agrees and says he's going to try as well.

01:12 AM BBT Judd, Andy and GinaMarie are now horizontal in their darkened room. Meanwhile Spencer has flipped the lights off in his room but then flips them right back on. He picks up his headphones and begins listening to his CD. He picks up the picture of Marilyn and stares at it quietly while listening to the music.

01:17 AM BBT Spencer begins to sing and we get FoTH.

01:18 AM BBT All four feeds back on horizontal HGs in the darkened colorful room.

01:27 AM BBT A loud repeated knocking/drumming sound can be heard coming from somewhere. One has to assume Spencer is rocking out in his HoH. One has to assume because we still have all four feeds on horizontal HGs in the darkened colorful room.

01:29 AM BBT We're going to go head and call it a night here folks. It's unlikely we're going to have any more game talk tonight because most of the house is horizontal in darkened rooms (Except for Spencer who was belting out Nirvana when we last saw him).

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2:05am bbt In the HOH, Spencer is up for a trip to the HOH restroom, but goes right back to bed.

2:08am bbt Downstairs, GM makes her way to the WC, checks her knee bandage out, and heads back to bed.

3:55am bbt It's Andy's turn to visit the WC...

7:00am bbt Everyone is still sleeping.... Judd/McCrae are the only ones to have stayed in bed since before 2am...

7:58am bbt Feeds switch to Trivia?

8:15am bbt Feeds are back! The lights are on and we see... Spencer and McCrae sleeping...

8:16am bbt GM limps to SR, and then the feeds go back to trivia. For a few seconds, the feeds displayed the message "The Big Brother Houseguests are playing a game that's secret until the next tv episode. The live feed will be up again soon". So don't be surprised if there isn't much to report on today.

8:22am bbt All 4 feeds are displaying this message: "The Big Brother Houseguests are playing a game that's secret until the next tv episode. The live feed will be up again soon", then go back to rotating trivia questions again.

8:30am bbt ... and trivia continues...

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8:15BBT Still Trivia

8:16 BBT Feeds are back showing Spencer still in bed and McCrae yawning in his bed. No signs of anyone up and moving.

Gina Marie is up, limping, hold one pants leg up and goes to SR for battery. As she walks out we get Trivia again

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8:50 BBT Finally back from Trivia. McCrae at Dinging room table reading bible, and talking out loud. Gina Marie is putting on her makeup while sitting on her bed

Andy can be seen walking around, Judd behind him. McCrae complaining about how cold it is. Judd said he stayed in the shower for about 20 minutes.

Joking about 3 people being have-nots. Andy is going to do a craft project.

Judd complaining about how cold he is, that he has never been so cold. Spencer comes downstairs. Judd said he should stop complaining about being cold, then says he is sooo hot!

Andy said he is forced to get up, Spencer says "how snappy was that" (BB MADE them get up). Andy said he hates the duck, he is already quitting (just opened the box)

McCrae is talking about how much sex there is in the bible. Going on about Gomorrah, a man who offered his wife and daughter to the town but they wanted him instead, then the wife died from rape and they cut up her body parts and sent them to the 12 tribes of Isreal. Andy asked the name of the story and McCrae said the most gruesome bible story ever!

8:57 BBT Trivia....again

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9:00 Feeds are back. Say they are supposed to get alcohol. They are supposed to act like it is late at night, so they will have something to show on BBAD. They are saying BB wants to make it look like live feeds, and there are still 5 HG's left to fool the people watching. They think it is lame.

Andy says it is the dumbest thing he has ever done...he painted the bottom of the duck first, now he can't set it down.

They want to put a fake body in a bed and joke about Elissa coming back. Now joking about fake Spencer (body in Hammock the other day) and they couldn't believe they fell for it. It was hot and they were sweating, and fake Spencer was in the sun with a blanket on.

Talking about how crazy "today" was, returning houseguests from a total of 9 seasons. Glad to see Rachel, better than expected except for the racial slur. Talking about getting a Pandora's box that they all went back. Laughing about Ollie "booty dancing". (These are all made up) Talk about having a huge day. GM comes in and says good morning, and they say yeah, it is after dark now though. GM told to put on her mic.

Spencer is giving Andy a hard time about painting his duck so quickly, and messing it up. He said it took 17 years to paint the ceiling in the Cistene Chapel, it could have been done in a week and a half, but he decided to do something special with it.

Spencer going to eat. Judd said there aren't any forks, maybe he could wash one (really???)

Spencer said they played one of his least favorite songs of all time today...Sweet Home Alabama. Judd said he is over that too. Now talking about music, and McCrae tells of someone playing the chorus over and over again with the audience singing, but never playing a verse.

Spencer says Andy's duck is the ugliest he has ever seen, is he color-blind. Andy said it is the ugly duckling that turns into a swan. The he drops it on the floor and cries...no!

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9:13 BBT Andy has paint all over his hands. Talking about putting a yellow bill on the duck. He said that is what most ducks have. He said have you ever seen a blue duck with orange wings before??? Spencer says he thinks he did once on a safari in Africa.

Now talking about the photos on the wall. Andy said when they first got in the house he thought GM looked like Ashley Tisdale, but now it just looks like Gina Marie. They start in on other pictures, then talk about horror and zombie movies. (Freddie Kreuger, Michael Myers, etc)

Spencer is eating his pork chop, Judd says he cant wait to floss, he has pieces of pork chops in every tooth. Now laughing that Andy has paint everywhere, on his shorts, floor, napkin, etc. Andy said it has been such an eventful day, he is going to go to bed soon. They laugh and agree they are going to go too. Andy was glad to see Julie live in the house. Ask where GM is, no one answers. (she was in WA brushing her extensions/hair piece). Spencer says it was great to see GM and Julie Chen get in a fight. Says GM really put Julie in her place (more fake stuff for the BBAD show).

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#BB15 9:02 AM BBT Feeds return. Gina is putting on make up. The guys are at the KT table. Andy and McCrae are painting ceramics.

#BB15 9:05 AM BBT The guys are talking about that this morning past HG from 9 seasons were at the house today. Spencer keeps referring it as it is after dark. (They may be taping for BBAD tonight). They keep talking about what a long day they have had. (No idea if past HG actually visited today or not or if HG are just being silly.)

#BB15 9:24 AM BBT The guys continue to pretend it's "night time" while giggling about their comments. Gina continues to pack her stuff.

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Joking about what Julie and Amanda talked about when Amanda was evicted. They wonder if Julie asked her what it was like to be a total bitch in the house all summer. McCrae said Amanda probably won't work for CBS again (AGAIN??)

9:22 BBT GM is packing her suitcases, getting ready for the early eviction. McCrae joking about Amanda getting back to Boca and filing a defamation of character lawsuit. Judd said a Def...of what???

Andy staring at his duck. They tell him he can rinse it off and start over. He said he is proud of it. They suggest using nail polish remover, and Spencer says he could pull an Aaryn and take a swig of it. They are now talking of the time Aaryn drank some (by mistake) and got called to DR they wanted to know how much she drank and why. He said what if it was a suicide attempt...she couldn't take it in the house anymore.

GM comes in and they say goodnight to her, is she ready for bed? GM is dressed in her black oufit with her pink blazer, and full make=up. Judd is snickering so bad he almost spit his food. Spencer is looking for booze. They won't let him in the SR. He said only Andy can get in. Now they are using the fake phone making calls. GM gets one from the doctor, makes sure the tests results are right, and tells Andy he is pregnant.

Spencer gets called to the storage room, the guys (Judd and Andy) run, and Spencer said they asked for HIM...he goes in and says "Look what we got" and takes out some lettuce. They rush in and there are more crafts, some lanyards sand bottles and glitter. They say "Yay" nighttime activities" Spencer says Andy gets the glitter and one of the pigs.

Spencer asks Andy if he has rainbows and a gay pride flag, he said no, Spencer asks about the equal sign and Andy says yes. They joke about it being a tramp stamp and Andy said it is tattooed on his balls.

GM offers to make everyone a bracelet. Andy is playing with the colored sand.

Now joking about Rachel being there earlier, and the feeds werw off, so she said Brenchel's Army could go eff themselves. McCrae tried to calm her down about them being fans, and Rachel said she doesn't care about fans, just money. (More fake rumors) More Elissa bashing but saying it came from Rachel.

All sitting around the table doing their crafts. Gina Marie said Any's sand bottle looks like a fruity flag...Spencer asks if that is what they call it, Andy said yes, Judd is snickering. Gina Marie said it looks like Froot Loops. They asked Andy why he didn't use the white sand, he said because he is not a racist. More chatter around the table while crafting.

9:43 BBT Still doing crafts and joking around, pretending to be nighttime for the taping for BBAD.

lost of misc singing, but no FoTH with it.

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#BB15 9:30 AM BBT The HG get more crafts and activities out of the SR.

#BB15 9:35 AM BBT Now the HG are saying that Rachel was in the house and bashed the fans calling them names (they are all laughing the entire time and bashing Rachel - the HG feel this is going on BBAD). Now Spencer is saying that Rachel told them a story that Elissa used to eat her own feces. (We are only reporting what is said - there is no proof that Rachel was in the house this morning during trivia or said anything).

#BB15 9:56 AM BBT HG continue to do arts and crafts and pretend previous HG were/are in the house. Gina is painting a pig.

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10:05 BBT HG have moved to the LR, tired of crafts. All in LR except McCrae. He gets something out of the BR and goes to WC. They ask where he is going, he said to take a poop. They ask where he was before, and he said, oh, I need to pee. He goes to WC and holds door open while he write/paints something inside the door. After several minutes BB says to stop that, he laughs, finishes and come out. They ask what he was doing and he said nothing.

Now talking about video games and characters

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Discussing what would have happened to the MVP if Elissa had gone home the first week. Spencer thinks it never would have gone to America, but passed around the house. GM comes bak, complains about being so cold. Now talking about Andy trying to hide a "boner" He said no, he has paint on his paints. Variouse jokes about it, culminating in calling him the Albino python. Now on to Jeremy saying things, Andy said Jeremy told him that he was pretty cool for a gay dude. Now how Jeremy ws a hero, push a deer out of the way before he hit it, running into a man and killing him and it turned out to be a wanted murderer and rapist so he used the reward money to buy his boat, taking credit for Tony Hawk and his success skatboarding. Throwing a rock up in the air and it hit a bald eagle and killed it, but he didn't get into trouble because he is part native American. (GM can't stop laughing at all these made up stories)

They are all still making up stories about houseguests (sorry I am out)

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10:00am BBT: Mccrae walks through living rm and says i have to poop and Andy says where you been? mccrae says i have to pee and keeps walking and tney all laugh at him. Mccrae in bathroom putting something on the bathroom door.BB says Mccrae stop that and he laughs.Mccrae goes to the Living rm and they ask what he was doing and he says nothing .

10:03am BBT:Gm ask Mccrae what kind of coffe he made and he says i think Smores and walks to the STR and says i cant believe they wont give us booze tonight and BB wont let him in STR.

10:07am BBT: Gm is now in the color rm packing her clothes and looking for something to wear for the eviction. Judd, Spencer and Andy in living rm sitting and general talk going on about what to do tomorrow. mccrae is walking around with coffee and then goes to sit with the guys in the living rm.

10:11am BBT: Mccrae sitting on couch in living rm with a mirror shinning it into a camera and Bb says mccrae stop that. Spencer sand Andy and Judd talking about Hg that have been evicted already . Spencer talking about MVP and if Elissa would have been evicted he thinks the mvp would have stayed in the house anyways.

10:16am BBT: Spencer and mccrae telling stories and Gm laughing with then in the living rm. then Andy starts telling storys about the voice of tony the tiger .Mccrae says i am trying to think of more Jeremey stories to tell and Gm says you know he made helen cry and they all start laughing.

10:23am BBT: HG talking about evicted HG and things that they did and things they said.

10:31am BBT: hg still bashing evicted Hg and how candice didnt want to sit near people.

10:38am BBT: Spencer now talking about the movie forest gump.and compairing Jeremey to him.

10:43am BBT:Mccrae drinking his coffee and playing with a parchute man that you throw up and it drops down. he is running upstairs to let it go he glides down to the living rm and Mccrae goes down stairs to get it.All other hg just sitting talking about movies.

10:54pm BBT: Gm gets coffee and sits back in living rm and whispers she wants to go back to bed and andy says yeah i want to lay down too and judd says i am goong to in a little bit. Mccrae says he cant believe he is drinking so much coffee this late that he will be up all night.

10:57am BBT: Andy goes to the bathroom and comes back out and walks throght the Kt where Gm is doing crafts and says it is cold in here and Spencer says it is winter time in the BB house.

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