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Sunday, September 8 Live Feed Updates


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8:38PM BBT When no one is looking (or she thinks they aren't), GM flies around the house. When someone is looking or she hears someone, she slows down a bit. Occasionally we get a comment about pain or throbbing. (just observing here) The HoHR talk is all about the game. Andy thanks McCrae for being so forgiving. Spencer says he would use a veto on McCrae next week.

8:45PM BBT Spencer and Andy are laying it on thick with McCrae in the HoHR. They are talking about Judd and GM and final 3. Spencer says Judd is sketchy. Spencer tells Andy and McCrae that they should just decide who to keep because there are pros and cons to them both. They worry about Q and A comps with Judd. GM is "only good at endurance stuff"

8:50PM BBT The HoHR talk compares Judd to Glitter Gary and how Gary would have won if Topaz hadn't screwed up (they said it, I was thinking it). Spencer thinks Judd would get all the votes.

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9:05PM BBT Spencer told GinaMarie to join them in HoH. Judd left and McCrae said he is very grumpy Andy said who do we keep, because GinaMarie is physically broken.

9:15PM BBT Andy,Spencer and McCrae in Hoh they all said that their letter while being Hoh had hidden meanings. McCrae said his was different because it was early in the season.

9:17PM BBT Judd in the hammock looks like he is counting on his fingers.McCrae said GinaMarie knows the game very well and she is smarter that she let people to think.

9:21PM BBT Andy is really asking America not to give Elissa America favorite player, he said she does not deserve it. America it will kill me if you do.

9:27PM BBT Andy and Spencer now bashing Candice they cannot believe she made it this far in the game. Andy said he loves Candice. McCrae leaves Andy and Spencer said they fail in getting McCrae out.

9:32PM BBT Andy and McCrae still bashing Elissa they both said how much they hate her, Andy said he was happy to get rid of her. McCrae said this is his best week ever I hate her so much.

9:37PM BBT McCrae said Elissa said she hated the producers when she was drunk. Andy said Elissa would enjoy jury. McCrae said he did not know Elissa on a personal note ans she is someone he would puke on.Andy said good riddance Elissa I f***ing hate you.

9:44PM BBT Spencer said they did Elissa a favor by sending her to jury. Andy and Spencer said that GinaMarie is really bad at answering questions. Spencer said if GinaMarie goes home who is going to do dishes.

9:50PM BBT Andy check on GinaMarie she said she is really shaky and did not work out in two weeks.

9:58PM BBT McCrae talking to Spencer about moving to Florida with Amanda. Spencer said McCrae would miss his family and friends. McCrae told Spencer that he is young and have lots of room for mistakes if it does not work out for him and Amanda.

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10:10PM BBT McCrae is explaining how he feels about Amanda to the boys. Spencer said he is very happy with Marilyn and they trust each other. McCrae said he have to make him happy first before he can make anyone happy.

10:25PM BBT McCrae said he does not deserve being with his ex girlfriend because she is better than him. Andy said he got his job at Dicks but he did not have any experience in the field.

10:33PM BBT Andy said he might not have a job in January and he hopes he get his waiter job back.

10:39PM BBT Judd said he did liked Jessie but the Aaryn thing came up, but he can see himself with her in real life.

10:44PM BBT Andy is running in the By, Spencer is singing and we get foth.

10:51PM BBT McCrae and Spencer is now in the Kt, GinaMarie is getting a snack from the Kt.

10:58PM BBT Andy is still running, GinaMarie still in the Kt Spencer,Judd and McCrae is in the By general chit chat.

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11:15 PM BBT Andy and MCCrae in the SR talking about being able to beat GM. They go back into the KT where the rest of the HGs are talking about merilyn's middle name. GM is sitting in the BYD by herself.

11:30 PM BBT GM has moved into the KT and appears to be doing her nails. Mccrae is doing laundry. Andy and Spencer have moved into hoh to discuss Judd freaking out about possibly going home this week.

11:40 PM BBT Andy and Spencer are trying to think of ways to outsmart Mccrae into using the veto on GM. None of them are going to work and they seem to know that.

11:55 PM BBT Andy and Sencer in hoh still discussing how to get Mccrae to throw next weeks veto. Mccrae wants GM to throw it really bad. They are worried about what a wildcard mccrae is. They think he is so scared about next weeks hoh and veto that they could talk him into using veto on GM, putting Judd up, and voting Mccrae out. This plan is nuts.

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