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Sunday, September 8 Live Feed Updates


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12:04PM HoH, still. Andy still in DR. McRae and Judd are making airplanes. GM is still working on origami. Spencer is in bed flipping through the spytv channels. Random FotH.

12:08PM McRae throwing airplanes off balcony outside HoH. Spencer trying to follow it on spycam TV. McRae fails, then comes back in and admits that he used to try to make badass planes with his little friends in daycare. Says it was sad.

12:10PM Judd inquires again about whether they'll get booze tonight. He really wants to juice his xanax. McRae says "the person I was talking to says there might be something else going on tonight. They could be talking about the w..." and then FotH.

12:11PM Feeds back, Spencer saying he's up for anything. McRae says a punishment roulette would be fine. Spencer says maybe they'll take them out in the back yard and have Dr Will give them all botox so they look all fucked up.

12:12PM Spencer starts talking about horror movies...specifically Dr. Giggles. GM and her friend Kelly used to say that the blood came out in the ice cream.

12:13PM Andy comes back into HoH from DR and announces no booze tonight. Spencer says they've made an appointment for andy with Dr. Giggles for his vagina. Andy says "from now on, they said we can't say..." and FotH.

12:14PM all HG in HOH. The guys are complaining about the back yard being closed.

Super-boring night in BB house. I'm out.

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12:08AM BBT Everyone is in Hoh except Andy.

12:21AM BBT Not much going on general chit chat.

12:25AM BBT GinaMarie said by the end of the show she would have many followers on facebook, Spencer said he had 200 followers before he left. Spencer start singing and we got foth.

12:35AM BBT The Bd is now open, Spencer is causing foth tonight.

12:45AM BBT The Hg is now back inside not sure if they were told to go back inside. McCrae said his dad can juggle on a unicycle.

12:52AM BBT Andy and Spencer talking in HoH Andy said he does not want to tell Judd that he is going on the block because he worries too much. GinaMarie said that Ian from BB14 was a guest appearance today and he said he watch the feeds all summer.

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1:08AM BBT Andy is still bashing Elissa he said if he had a luxury competition and had to mark on Elissa picture for 30 seconds he would draw all kinds of things.

1:20AM McCrae just said that he hope they do not bring back Elissa next year Spencer said I hope they do so people can hate her.They also said if Elissa comes back they would have to give her special double powers because she would get kick out.BB keep on saying Shut it down.

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9:00 am BBT four cams on five sleeping HG.

9:40 am BBT HG are still sleeping. Nothing has changed, I would think my feeds were frozen if the clock wasn't moving and I couldn't hear BBH noises.

10:01 am BBT Still sleeping.

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11:03 am BBT all is quiet in BB land. Judd called to DR. Mc told to change mic for one in SR. GM checked her knee and limped back to bed. Spencer, GM, Andy in bed, others off cam.

11:09 am BBT GM in a lot of pain, she is in bed but making pain faces. she gets up and tells Judd she is going to take some Tylenol an go back to bed but she cant find the bottle. Judd says last he saw it was up in her HOH room. She limps back to the rainbow room, goes thru some things, finds it, takes some and goes back to bed.

11:18 am BBT Judd doing laundry and sitting in BY smoking. He gives up and goes back to bed like the rest of them.

11:42 am BBT Judd is back up, gets clothes from dryer. Picks up a few things in KT. GM gets called to DR.

11:55 am BBT GM tells Andy if they don't call her she is going to be sleeping for the rest of the morning. She is taping her toes together. Then she lays back down.

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12:15 pm BBT 2 cams on Spencer sleeping in HOH. 1 cam on GM sleeping and 1 cam on GM/Andy sleeping. (Yup, it's an exciting day)

12:19 pm BBT Judd goes to HOH and wakes Spencer up. Judd tells him everyone else is sleeping and he has been doing laundry. Spencer says he is going to send his out to done. (HOH privilege is laundry service.) Spencer will look Judd up when he gets up. Judd leaves and Spencer goes back to sleep. Judd looks into rainbow room, closes door and we can hear him but he is not on cam.

12:37 am BBT Judd goes back to bed.

Its 12:52 pm BBT and all HG are snug in their beds.

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1:16pm BBt: Andy is now up and goes to the bathroom . He now washes his hands and heads back to the STR to get something to eat.he leaves the STr and goes back to the color rm and gets back in bed. JUdd sits up and puts shoes on and mic on and is heading out of the color rm.

1:20pm BBT: Judd in BY doing laundry everyone else still sleeping.

1:32pm BBT: Judd folded his clothes and is now putting them away. all other HG still sleeping.

1:40pm BBT: Judd gathers all the dirty towel from the bathroom and then takes them out to wash then heads back to bed.

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1:50pm BBT: Judd is up again putting his mic on as he walks to BY. he is checking the laundry and watching the dryer go round and round as he sacratches his head.He is now going back inside the house and goes to the STR looks in the fridge. Judd comes out of STr and passes andy and Judd ask of he is going back to bed and Andy says just for a little bit and Judd says ugh i am bored i cant sleep. Judd now in KT making hotdogs.

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2:01pm BBT: Judd's hot dogs are made and he pours himself a glas of diet coke and goes out to the By couch to eat.

2:08pm BBT: Judd has finished his hotdogs and is now doing more laundry and folding them as they come out of the dryer.

2:19pm BBT: Judd goes to Wa and uses the electric razor some on his face then he sits down to doctor his cuts on his legs.

2:22pm BBT: Judd now sitting in BY alone swinging a fly swatter while all other Hg are still snuggled in their beds asleep.

2:25pm BBT: Judd now going and looking in color rm and chair rm to see if anyone else is awake as he is bored and everyone is still sleeping so he gets in the dawers and slams them shut like he is looking for something.He shuts another one loudly and looks to see if mccrae is waking up and he isnt. In the HOh rm Spencer gets up and goes to the bathroom then goes back to bed.Judd is now heading in the Kt and is just walking around .

2:29pm BBt: Judd walsk fast back to color rm and goes to open the door as Andy comes out the door. Judd is gathering more clothes to wash. Andy is in the bathroom. Judd now goes outside again.

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2:32pm BBT: Judd is making it look like he is laying in the hammock then goes to the house and goes in then Judd goes to his dresser and get s a shirt and a wig head out and hurrys back out to the By to put it on the hammock as he passes in the Kt he grabs a shoe also.

2:36pm BBT: Judd goes back inside and tells andy he tried to sleep but couldnt and Andy said it was hard to sleep with you moving around. Judd looks outside and says is that spencer and Andy says is it and Judd says i guess i been doing laundry.

2:38pm BBT: Andy looks out at (spencer ) in the hammock. Judd is waiting for Andy to go out there and Judd says wonder if Helen is running right now and Andy says i dont know . They now head out to the BY and go to sit on the couch. Andy keeps looking out at the hammock.Andy starts going out to the hammock and says that is not spencer thats a fake dummy and judd laughs.

2:45pm BBT: Judd and Andy in BY still talking about what days what comp and eviction was on and studying for the next hoh competition and laughing about how Elissa got mad and Andy says it was funny when she got mad with you she was mad and i was always off the hook did you notice that? Judd says yeah she tried to start a fight with me when she went out the door. Andy said i noticed that.

2:52pm BBT: Judd and Andy talking about past Hg and things that happened and things that were said and they are laughing about them since they have been evicted already.

2:55pm BBT:Gm is now up and in the KT drinking diet coke then heads to the bathroom. judd and Andy still in By and Andy says that Mccrae compared himself to Ian and then says i dont really think that Mccrae has played a good game . Judd says yeah then Andy says he does win but thats it.

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3:12pm BBt: Gm doing her makeup in color rm and Judd and Andy in By still talking about Jessie and Candice and Judd says i just hope Candice forgives me and Andy says Candice is an idiot.

3:16pm BBT: Judd and Andy now going over comps they played in and they talk about copying others in comps that were ahead of them.

3:20pm BBT: Judd and Andy taling about Spencer spending over half his summer on the block and Judd says i dont think anyone can beat that recors. Judd says it has to be me you and spencer in final 3 and if it is a puzzle you have to win it.Andy says yeah i know.

3:20pm BBt: Gm in WA brushing her hair .and getting ready for the day.

3:27pm BBT: Judd talking about Amanda and when she was on the block saying that she didnt need the money and he says why would she say that. Andy says yeah i would never say that cuz i do need the money.Gm now in Kt making coffee.

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3:30 p.m. BBT Judd and Andy in the backyard laughing about GM doing cartwheels after the double eviction when they got Amanda out. Gina Marie joins them outside. Spencer and McCrae are still asleep. Judd made a person out of clothes in the hammock. Andy tells him it's not his best work. Judd tells GM he was complaining to Andy about McCrae winning that pov and he's pissed as hell. Judd talks about not wanting his leg to scar. Judd tells GM she looks nice. She says it's for the photobooth.

3:33 p.m. BBT Gina Marie tells Judd and Andy she feels super shaky from the shot they gave her. Judd and Gina Marie talk about how there ears were ringing last night. Judd says he was going crazy. Judd says he sees a huge bug and talks about the size of the bug he saw. Gina Marie says we have to do dishes tonight. Judd says he'll help her dry. He said that he already did a huge load of laundry. Andy pipes in that he's glad that dish destroyer Amanda isn't there to dirty 10 dishes to make one piece of fish. Andy said and then she never cleaned any of them. Judd says who uses 20 utensils to make one small thing? Gina Marie said Amanda was the worst cook ever. Helen at least made good rice. Andy said by far the best cooks were Elissa, GM, and Candice. They all agree that Aaryn was the best at cooking. Judd LOVED Candice's fried chicken and potato salad. They make fun of Kaitlin's attempt at fried rice. It was awful. Gina Marie was so mad today when she found frozen Amaretto coffee in the freezer and some idiot hid it. She's excited to try it.

3:37 p.m. BBT: GM, Andy, and Judd complain about no after party. GM said why would I want to go hang out with Amanda? Judd said I'd rather hang out with GM, Andy, Spencer, Aaryn, Dave, and Nick. Andy wants to know how long they have to stay after the show ends. GM says she uses Newark Airport when she flies home, but if Nick is flying back to New York she'd just fly on the same flight with him into LaGuardia. Andy talks about how just randomly decided to go to New York City. He was drunk at 2 a.m. and he and his friend bought tickets and by 10 a.m. they were flying into New York for a trip. Judd said he did the same thing but ended up in Tokyo for 6 months. GM told him to stop lying. Judd laughs and GM told him to speak some Japanese to prove it.

Judd, GM, and Andy make fun of McCrae. They say his life here is no different than his life at home. He stays up all night, eats pizza at 4 a.m., watches Big Brother feeds all day and then repeat. Andy said going into the house he'd thought he was going to be the superfan of the house, but he was so wrong. He said he never watched BBAD. Judd asked if he'd buy the live feeds next year. Andy, Judd, and GM talk about how they follow various sites to find out where to set the feeds to watch the funny parts. Andy, Judd, and GM said that Jeff was their favorite in season 11 and how much they like Ian. GM and Judd said they liked Jillian from BBCA when they met her. Andy says that Ian is really smart and wonder how much of his money from last year he has left.

Andy says he hopes Spencer gets a Pandora's box or some luxury competition to help them pass the time. Judd and GM say that's not happening, it's way too late in the season for them to introduce a Pandora's Box. They talk about the days left in the house and what's going to happen. GM gets up and goes to the bathroom. Andy tells Judd that she's obsessed with that photobooth. Judd says he feels so bad for her, she's so breakable. Judd says I'm scratched, but I'm okay. Judd says we have to fight like hell to stop McCrae from winning. He wonders if they could use a strategy of one of them distracting McCrae in every comp from here on out. Just stay on McCrae and then Andy could get the HoH and then Andy stay on McCrae during veto and Judd wins and vote him out. Judd says that would be so awesome.

3:47 p.m. BBT Big Brother calls out GM for not washing her hands. Andy and Judd call her a sicko when she comes out. Andy tells her to leave her hands to herself from now on. Andy says he complained about her in the DR about it. They continue to make fun of Elissa, because people made fun of her farting in the house and she said, "so, if I had cancer you'd all make fun of me for that too?" They laugh at how ridiculous she is. Judd and Andy compare the time that McCrae and Spencer went to bed. Judd and Andy both agree they are super paranoid now and can no longer sleep. GM brings out her Amaretto coffee and Andy asks for a sip.

3:53 PM BBT Gina Marie says that she went into shock while Dr. Horowitz and Bob were in there doing her stitches. She had a seizure. Andy says that's not us, that's Spencer and McCrae talking in their sleep. Judd says he's out of cigarettes now. Andy says, "No, Judd." Judd says he tried quitting for 5 weeks but was super grumpy. He tried to trade something with McCrae but he won't. GM says hey try trading something you got in a BB comp that he couldn't play in. GM says she might try to sell some of her stuff when she leaves. Judd says he's going to make a shadowbox and put his stuff in there. McCrae gets up and joins them outside.

Judd and Andy tell McCrae that he missed the luxury competition that morning. They got to watch a movie. They talk about how they should wake up Spencer in the hammock because he's going to get sunburned. McCrae says he went to bed super late because he couldn't sleep. He read the BIble until he got tired. They said it's so nice to have individual beds now and it's cooler at night in the house with less people. Judd asks Spencer if he can take a shower in the HoH room. Spencer is asleep on the hammock and they keep calling his name to see if production will call him out.

They talk about Amanda's classy response to Julie about her fight with Elissa and Elissa's response was the most unclassy, rude response. Andy said she went on for nine minutes and we all were sitting there laughing at her. It was so ridiculous. Amanda was so nice and Elissa was like, "I'm so much better than that." McCrae calls Elissa names. Judd said he had no idea what Elissa was saying when Julie talked to her. Andy said it's day 80 in the house! McCrae asks if anyone else is super sore from that stupid veto? Andy says he has bruises today.

4:05 p.m. BBT Andy and GM talk about with GM's broken toe they can't dance anymore to the wake up music but they did like it. Andy says Judd must've been outside being a hoe bag. Judd says what the heck is that? GM says no, that was Jessie. Andy says no way, Amanda. GM says Jessie tried, but Amanda was. Andy says they both were. They talked about cheating on people in the house and it was so gross. GM said Amanda had a different boyfriend every hour at home and only stayed with McCrae this long because no other guy wanted her and she couldn't leave. GM said if I was Jessie, I'd tell Aaryn you got my sloppy seconds for hooking up with you, Judd. Judd looks peeved at that. Judd gets called to the DR.

4:09 p.m. BBT GM and McCrae sit on the backyard couch in uncomfortable silence as she plays with her hair extensions. Andy and Judd are inside. Judd is making something to eat. Spencer is now awake and in the shower. Judd got some medication from the DR. Judd goes back outside.

4:15 p.m. BBT Gina Marie, Judd, and Andy talk about their proudest moment in the house was forming the exterminators and getting rid of Amanda.

4:15 pm. BBT Judd says I just want one of McCrae's cigarettes right now. Andy says he should just take one. Judd said he'd never do that, he'd always ask. Judd says if we get alcohol tonight I'm going to give him my share in exchange for a pack. Judd hears a noise and asks what it is. They tell him he's going insane. Andy says really snottily, "Whatever, Judd." Judd says did you think it was rude of Elissa to say that to me? She was just mad.

4:20 PM BBT Spencer and Andy said that Aaryn's downfall was promising everyone deals. Judd goes inside to get some food. GM joins them. They are excited because now everyone is up for the day. Judd asks GM if the yogurt in the fridge was from her HoH and she said no that was Elissa's so eat it. Spencer said, if that was Elissa's you should throw it away.

4:26 p.m. BBT: Andy eats an M&M off the counter but finds out it's advil. He is disgusted.

4:35 p.m. BBT Photobooth is open and they are taking pictures. Spencer and McCrae talk about how sore they are. Andy is now taking pictures. They got a bacon tie. Spencer said who would want to wear a meat tie?

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4: 40 p.m. Andy and Spencer go back to kitchen. Spencer asks BB if he already took advil or not and asks to talk to DR. Andy says so for dinner I had hummus and one advil I thought I was an m and m. Gm tells him to get a bag from the sr.

4:46 p.m. Judd asks McCrae if he's for sure voting out GM and he says yes. He tells him to make sure Spencer and Andy are on board. McCrae leaves to take a picture in the photobooth. Judd then corners Andy and asks him if he's sure he's voting GM out and Andy says if you ask me again, I'm not. They laugh and Andy tells him to relax, he's perfectly safe this week.

4:53 PM BBT They are still taking pictures and calling each other names. Andy says let's take a picture of something that has no significance. Spencer and Andy want to take pictures with their voodoo dolls. McCrae laughs because he took a picture in a blue shirt with a blue background and looks like a floating head.

4:58 p.m. BBT Andy, Judd, and McCrae say lets take some we miss you Elissa pictures. McCrae say it'll be nothing but middle fingers. Andy says let's do her horse face. He neighs when the picture is taken. Andy wants some of her memorabilia to take pictures with. He finds her bathing suit and they tell Andy to put on the suit. They also find her shower cap. He thinks he should sell her stuff on Ebay.

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5:06pm BBt: Spencer and Andy talking about how messy the house is and andy said ya'll cleaned this room and then let it go and Spencer said yes.Spencer and Andy now talking about how Judd was waking them up and being nervouse.

5:22pm BBt: Hg sitting around in chair rm talking about people on drugs and Spencer says he wishes there was more studies about the effects of these drugs and we get foth.

5:32pm BBT: Just general talk going on with all the hg in the chair rm .

5:54pm BBT: Hg just talking about past Hg and the live feeds and Mccrae says they loved chef joe on the live feeds.

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6:05pm BT: Hg still bashing other hg that have already left the game and how some of them threatened others.

6:11pm BBT: Spencer saying he doesnt think he got a luffa to shower with and he needs one so he can get his body cleaner. Mccrae says there is a pink one over there that Aaryn gave to Amanda then Judd says it is getting darker earlier at the house as the summer is ending.they all go to the Kt to get drinks.

6:21pm BBT: Gm is in the chair rm sleeping and all the guys are in the By. Andy and Spencer talking on BY couch and Judd and Mccrae playing pool. just general talk going on.

6:34pm BBT: Spencer and mccrae talking about meeting up after the bb show is over and they can travel to where Judd is and Andy says and chicago? Mccrae says forget chicago man and they all laugh then they start saying they should meet up next summer and Judd says yeah summer is better where i live.

6:40pm BBt: Spencer tells mccrae he was lucky he could smoke when he was stressed and have sex when he was stressed and mccrae says i think thats what messed up my game. and Spencer laughs.

6:53pm BBT: General talk in the By with all the guys as Gm sleeps in chair rm.

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7:03PM BBT: The boys are in the BY. McCrae is telling Andy and Spencer about the final 3 HoH and how he is concerned GM could win it over Judd. McCrae seems to be campaigning for Judd to stay.

7:10PM BBT: Judd is in the shower, GM is awake and in the BY. McCrae is inside. GM says she is nervous about Thursday. She says if Judd says anything she will "crack his friggin head in!" Spencer says Judd is worse since he has come back. Andy is speculating about the next HoH comp.

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7:15PM BBT: Small talk in the house. McCrae is juggling in the BY. GM and Spencer are still on the couch outside. Andy and Judd in the house. Judd is now back outside.

7:21PM BBT: Andy and Spencer are in the KT discussing who they trust more, GM or Judd. Andy says he is unsure if he can trust Judd 100%. Judd is in the KT now. They are making hotdogs. Talk turns to what we possibly saw on tonight's episode. McCrae is racking up the pool table.

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7:38PM BBT: HG are in the BY. Talking about cell phones and technology. They all have a story about their cell phone. GM shut her cell phone down while she was on the show (smart move). The guys are all dreading turning their phones on. They think they will have a ton of texts. Judd worries about negative messages as well. McCrae's Mom pays his cell number.

7:42PM BBT: Judd likes twitter, he deleted his facebook account about a year and a half ago. GM and Andy prefer facebook. Spencer doesn't have twitter. Judd says he turned off his twitter account before the show. They ask why. He says "Because we were told to!" GM says it was optional, we get FotH.

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8:10PM BBT: GM heard us! She is cleaning out the fridge. Andy walks up behind her and asks if she needs help. She says "No it's ok." Boys talking in the BY. Spencer heads inside to cook the hotdogs and says to GM. "You know what pisses me off? Elissa is in jury and Howard is in Mississippi." GM says "Ya I know." The BY turns to Elissa as well and her child. All 4 feeds go to the KT. GM is now complaining about how thick chocolate milk is but she likes milkshakes.

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8:20PM BBT: Hotdogs are done. GM is done cleaning out the fridge. She is now washing her face in the WA. McCrae and Judd talking game in the BY. Andy in the HoH room with Spencer. Judd and McCrae have now joined them. Super exciting Sunday!

8:25PM BBT Andy tells Judd and Spencer that if either of them take McCrae to the final 3 he will be "enraged". Spencer is talking about the whole situation with them. Andy says that GM is expecting him to keep her. (I am unsure as to which one they are planning on keeping.) McCrae and GM small talk in the KT. She is working on crafts again.

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