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Friday, September 6 Live Feed Updates


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11:10pm BBT GM heads to DR and Mccrae is stuck at the DR door Judd accompanies him and they talk about a previous competitions.

11:20 PM BBT Mccrae is talking about what it's like to be stuck to GM. He says it sucks and she cooks a lot. He gets tired of hearing her talk crap about Amanda. They hear a member of production talking and Mccrae gets excited and listens in. He tells her he can hear her and feeds switch immediately.....to Spencer...doing nothing in HOH.

11:40 PM BBT GM and Mccrae have left the LR, leaving Judd and Andy to discuss Mccrae having no one and no choice but to trust them. Judd heads upstairs to talk with Spencer who was laying down with his eyes closed. Judd comes back downstairs.

11:55 PM BBT MCcrae and GM are waiting for midnight so they can be unattached. All of a sudden Judd starts discussing geography with GM. I cannot stop laughing because Judd says he doesn't get how Antarctica is so big but doesn't touch itself. GM says it does but the map is just flat and spread open. Judd get's told to 75 sit-ups.

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