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Friday, September 6 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat. They've discussed what the jurors are up to and McCrae keeps checking the SR waiting for his HoH basket. Judd asks what a cicada is. Andy explains and Judd says he knows now. He never knew what they were called.

12:09 AM BBT Talk turns to Elissa making further than Rachel and Brendon did their first season. Andy says it's impressive to get sixth place. Talk turns to the double eviction that they did tonight and that they're done with them. They're all tired. They didn't sleep very well last night.

12:19 AM BBT Spencer is out of DR. Apparently they are supposed to be gathered in the LR for something. Andy is nervous. Everyone scrambles to use the WC before whatever it is happens. Spencer called to DR.

12:25 AM BBT The anticipation is building...they aren't sure what to expect. Talk turns to the second HoH competition tonight. Andy asks if they think they'll do the morph competition still. McCrae isn't sure. Andy wonders if tonight's competition was the equivalent of the morph one...and we have FoTH.

RT @mmiller07: @mortystv what's FoTH -- FoTH stands for Fish of The House (or Front of The House, or Fire of The House). Basically it means BB doesn't want us to hear or see something so they put up a picture/video of something else with the BB theme music playing. The past couple of seasons FoTH has stood for Fish of The House because we get moved to the fish tank in the HoH room.

12:37 AM BBT Feeds are back. GinaMarie looks stressed out. Judd wants to know since when do you get punished for not winning HoH. They are going to get cuffed together. Judd pulls GinaMarie off to the side and tells her that he's sorry but he didn't want to cuff McCrae and Judd together because they might make a deal. Judd and McCrae are going on the block.

12:40 AM BBT Meanwhile McCrae got his HoH basket. Back in the lounge Spencer says it's going to be GinaMarie or Judd going on the block next to McCrae. Spencer says just like she told him last week, he'll tell her this week that she'll be safe. Spencer says he gave Judd the money because it's not even guaranteed, he may only win a dollar. GinaMarie understands and they leave the room. They walk out into the LR and everyone tells McCrae to read his letter from his HoH basket.

12:42 AM BBT McCrae starts to read the letter but gets incredibly choked up. After a few minutes GinaMarie asks if anyone died in it. McCrae says no it's just deep. They all understand and tell him not to worry about it. He got a shirt that his ex-girlfriend made for him. He starts raiding the food in his basket.

12:48 AM BBT An alarm goes off and voice comes over the speakers and says "Give me 50 jumping jacks!" GinaMarie starts counting them off for him. He completes them fairly quickly. GinaMarie is laughing.

12:52 AM BBT GinaMarie wants to take a shower before they get cuffed together. Judd says that's two times he's had to work out in less than twenty minutes. Spencer says when he saw the word health he thought it was going to be a slop diet.

12:57 AM BBT For clarification Judd is the one that has to do the exercises whenever BB calls it out. GinaMarie is preparing to get into the shower and BB calls her and McCrae into the DR.

12:58 AM BBT Time for another correction...Judd asks Spencer what is up. Spencer tells Judd that it came down to Andy and Judd who would get the money. Andy got the money. Judd got the exercises. Spencer says he pulled GinaMarie off to the side to explain why to she and McCrae would be bound together.

01:06 AM BBT Judd only has to exercise when told to for 24 hours. Spencer felt bad not giving GinaMarie the money. Andy said he downplayed getting the money the best he could so he didn't rub it in anyone's face. Camera turns to the DR door, you can hear McCrae and GinaMarie's voice on their mics. They come out of the DR and asks who wants to see their friendship bracelets. They have to wear them for 24 hours and they'll have to shower, use the WC and the DR with them. If one is in the DR then the other has to stand at the door outside waiting for them.

01:14 AM BBT GinaMarie laughs and asks Andy to guess who is coming to their dance party (in the morning). She points and McCrae and Andy cheers telling him he'll love it. GinaMarie and McCrae agree that they'll try to take a shower either tonight or tomorrow sometime. McCrae says he poops a lot. Andy agrees. They both agree that they wake up around the same time which is two or three o'clock.

01:18 AM BBT Andy will get the opportunity to win up to $5,000 dollars sometime in the next 24 hours. He doesn't know when it will be or what it will entail. GinaMarie is holding off on taking a shower until Spencer gets his HoH room.

01:20 AM BBT GinaMarie sniffs the friendship bracelet and says it smells old and BB gives them a "That's what she said!"

01:32 AM BBT Idle chit chat about the jurors and the jury house as they wait for Judd to get out of DR.

01:35 AM BBT They question where Judd is and McCrae says he knows he's in the DR. They bash on Elissa a bit. Andy and Spencer tells McCrae that they they told Amanda that Howard and Candice did DRs together just to get under Amanda's skin. McCrae said he knew it. BB tells the HGs to check the SR. There are 4 beers.

01:48 AM BBT We've been discussing the various aspects of Elissa and the MVP power when Elissa had it. Andy tells GinaMarie that he thought it was stupid to vote out the person that had the power especially if it might go somewhere else. GinaMarie understands but she doesn't kiss butt and that's why she didn't kiss Elissa's even though she had a power.

01:57 Spencer, Andy, McCrae and GinaMarie discuss McCrae and Amanda's dynamic. GinaMarie looks forward to getting to know McCrae without Amanda tied to him. McCrae says at home he would have loved Amanda because of the way she played the game. Andy says Amanda's biggest flaw was that she could dish it out but couldn't take it. She would get personal, but the moment anyone else did she would start crying. McCrae understands.

02:05 AM BBT Judd out of DR. Spencer called to DR. Andy tells Judd way to take 9 years.

02:10 AM BBT Camera has been zoomed in on the DR door...Who wants to see my HoH room?!

02:12 AM BBT They look over Spencer's pictures. One is a Halloween picture from when he was younger. He also got what appears to be a mold of his dog's paw print. The letter is from Marilyn.

02:13 AM BBT In the middle of Spencer's letter Judd's whistle is blown and he has to do 15 jumping jacks. In the letter Marilyn mentions that Murdock misses him very much but apparently another animal doesn't realize he's even gone. Marilyn says they all miss him so much and that he needs to remember that when you put your mind to it anything is possible. Spencer got his basting sauce, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Frosted Mini-wheats. Gummy bears. A sweat shirt. A t-shirt from Alaska (his parents took a trip recently). A striped shirt. Coca-Cola. Sand which meat and cheeses. Pork chops. As well as a plethora of other things. Judd is whistled at to do 10 sit-ups.

02:20 AM BBT We have idle chit chat up in the HoH. McCrae had to take a pee so they went into the bathroom and their hands are stretched above the partial door in the HoH bathroom as he does his business. Spencer explains that Murdock is his dog and Dutch is Murdock's dog. Without Murdock, Dutch is lost.

02:28 AM BBT GinaMarie leads a toast for the HG for making it to the final 5. We have idle chit chat up in the HoH about Spencer and his family.

02:38 AM BBT Talk turns to Elissa and her HoH and how she almost never left the room especially when Amanda started tormenting her. Spencer laughs and says Judd picked up the picture of her son and said he looked like his dad (her husband) but he wasn't his biological dad...and we get FoTH. Feeds back and they're discussing the cheers Amanda and Elissa received when they left. Everyone agrees that Judd had the loudest cheers when he was evicted.

RT @Milli1972: @mortystv I wish McCrae would have put up Andy and GM Judd would have probably saved GM but at least Spencer or Andy would be gone

02:43 AM BBT Andy called to DR. GinaMarie and McCrae head downstairs to get her clothes for her to take a shower up in the HoH. Spencer and Judd are left behind. McCrae is the target this week. Spencer and Judd agree not to vote each other out if they get down to the final 3.

02:52 AM BBT GinaMarie in the shower with McCrae sitting nearby in a chair waiting on her. McCrae thinks he may be able to read his letter when Andy gets out of DR. He says he gets emotional when he hears his family say they are proud of him. McCrae says he thinks of himself as the s-bag of his house because his siblings are all in school and he delivers pizza for a living. From the other room Spencer tells McCrae that he's not. McCrae agrees but it's hard not to think like that.

03:02 AM BBT Judd heads down to take a shower. He'll be back when he's done. GinaMarie, McCrae and Spencer are hanging out in the HoH while McCrae listens to Spencer's CD which is Nirvana.

03:03 AM BBT The Drill Sargent comes on and tells Judd to do 25 squats while he's in the shower (I was beginning to wonder if they were going to do that to him...). In the HoH they laugh, figuring he's in the shower.

03:09 AM BBT Judd out of the shower downstairs. GinaMarie called to DR. Spencer and Andy left behind in HoH. Andy questions who the target is going to be if McCrae wins PoV. Spencer says he's going back and forth. Judd is a great social player but GinaMarie is good at comps. They go back and forth and decide that if McCrae wins PoV then Judd is the target to go home. Judd comes upstairs.

03:14 AM BBT Spencer, Judd and Andy agree that McCrae is a nice enough guy but Amanda tainted his game. She was so cocky and arrogant these past couple of weeks. Talk turns to how awesome Spencer's HoH basket is.

03:27 AM BBT Idle chit chat/ego stroking continues in the HoH as they praise themselves for getting Amanda and Elissa out this week and rehash the competitions from the night. BB Drill sergeant calls out for Judd to do 25 lunges.

03:30 AM BBT Judd now has to do 10 sit ups. He says Amanda had way fewer spray tans. The drill sergeant says "If I wanted your opinion I'd give it to you!"

03:44 AM BBT Spencer says GinaMarie told him that McCrae already approached her with a final 2 deal and she told him she's not making any deals with anyone. They laugh and chuckle saying she could've at least humored him.

03:58 AM BBT McCrae reads his letter from home. His family is super proud of him and if he ever feels alone to remember that everyone back home is proud and cheering him on. Remember what your dad said...if you're going to run with the big dogs, don't pee like a puppy. Spencer is heading to DR. Andy and Judd tells him goodnight in case he isn't back before they go to bed. They start talking about McCrae's dad and we get FoTH.

04:15 AM BBT I wish I could tell you something exciting happened...but it's more or less of the same conversations we've had all night.

04:30 AM BBT Talk in the HoH has turned to hearing stories with people having money and famous people that they've met. They were tired of hearing those stories. Especially coming out of Elissa.

04:37 AM BBT We've had FoTH for about 4-5 minutes now. Instead of the FishTank we're intermittently getting the control room.

04:39 AM BBT Feeds back and they are discussing Helen. McCrae feels like he could see himself hanging out with Helen. Andy agrees. Talk turns to Jeremy and GinaMarie says he reminded her of boys back home. Andy says he's ready for bed. He's getting sleepy. Talk turns to the BY not being opened for them last night. McCrae really needs a cigarette.

04:45 AM BBT McCrae and GinaMarie are cleaning up the trash in the HoH. BB comes on in a slow...taunting voice and says "You are one day closer to five hundred thousand dollars..." They all cheer. Andy is heading to bed. He doesn't feel good.

04:48 AM BBT McCrae and GinaMarie head downstairs leaving Judd behind with Spencer. Judd asks Spencer if they have a final 2. Spencer agrees.

04:52 AM Intermittent FoTH. Spencer and Judd are talking about the votes and the competition from today and how things happened perfectly. They realize that they should probably tell McCrae about how they got Amanda out. Clearly she knows about it from the goodbye messages. This will put him at ease.

~~~~~~~~~~I'm done for the night but Judd and Spencer are still awake~~~~~~~~~~

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(going back to catch what happened after Niteslacker's great reporting :) )

4:58am bbt Judd/Spencer in HOH doing some Amanda bashing in the HOH, Andy and 'friends' GM/McCrae settling into beds in the color room.

5:00am bbt Judd/Spencer head downstairs. They check in on Andy/GM/McCrae, then head to WA to brush.

5:05am bbt Spencer is back in HOH going to bed, Judd is in color room with others. Judd mentions getting the pillow Elissa had, causing them to start a chorus of 'Ding dong, the witch is dead', giving us FOTH.

5:09am bbt Everyone is in bed and lights are off...

5:10am bbt BB: Give me 15 jumping jacks! Judd gets out of bed, does his 15 jumping jacks in the dark, and get's back in bed.

BB: I don't like your attitude!

The HGs have named the voice 'Sargent Big Brother'.

BB: Stop your whining!

5:15am bbt BB:Give me 10 sit ups little girl! Judd says he can't even see the floor, but gets down in the dark again and does them. Andy says he did them and is going back to bed, so you don't have to say anything.

BB: If I wanted your opinion, I'd give it to you!

GM cracks up laughing, says she loves this guy.

7:30am bbt They are all still sleeping...

8:00am bbt Still sleeping...

8:07am bbt BB whistle blows, signaling time for Judd to exercise. It blows 3 times, and Judd hasn't moved yet. On the 4th blow, he wakes up and gets out of bed.

BB: Give me 10 push ups, maggot!

Judd: push ups? Godddd... He starts does them, then crawls back into bed.

BB: I don't like your attitude!

8:40am bbt Just because the HGs are sleeping, doesn't mean I am... still watching them do nothing but rest...

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9:08am BBT: we have foth maybe a wake up call.

9:27am BBT: Lights are on in the BB house now and all HG still in bed sleeping.

9:29am BBt: BB calls Andy to the Dr Judd gets up and is going to the bathroom.Mccrae is laying in bed awake beside Gm as Gm is sleeping. Spencer still asleep in HOH rm.

9:33am BBT: Judd now out of bathroom washes his hands and heads to KT opens fridge gets the chocolate milk out then puts it back in the fridge and goes back to the color rm and tells Gm and mccare that there is alot of buliding going on outside and Gm says you think its for Andy and Judd says i dont know . The sargent comes on and says Judd give me 15 situps. he then says you kiss your mother with that mouth Gm laughs. Judd does his sit ups and gets back in bed and says he had to do push ups in the middle of the night and Gm and Mccrae laughs.

9:38am BBT: Judd and Gm and Mccrae going back to sleep. In HOH spencer moving around and then goes back to sleep. Andy still in the DR.

9:45am BBT: Gm and Mccrae get up grab their mics as they are together with friendship braclets and go to the Dr together.Andy is back in bed going back to sleep.

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10:04am BBT: Gm and Mccrae still in DR as all other HG are sleeping.

10:24am BBT: the whistle goes off and the sargent says give me 15 pushups now and Judd says oh gosh. The sargent says my grandmother did better pushups than you and she died 10 years ago. Judd does his pushups and gets back in bed and says your grandma is a bitch and goes back to sleep.

10:37am BBT: Mccrae and Gm out of DR sitting on bed in color rm Andy sitting up in bed saying he liekd the music this morning Gm says i did too and then he says hey guys Elissa is gone and Gm says hell yeah.

10:37am BBT: Mccrae and Gm out of DR sitting on bed in color rm Andy sitting up in bed saying he liekd the music this morning Gm says i did too and then he says hey guys Elissa is gone and Gm says hell yeah.

10:45am BBT:Gm , Mccrae and Andy talking about Elissa's HOh and Mccrae says Elissa's HOh is why i put her up and she went home.

10:48am BBT: Elissa bashing still going on in color rm and Andy says thank god Elissa is gone and she cant win now.

10:52am BBT: Mccrae looks around the Rm and says whats that noise and Andy says behind the wall maybe cuz sometimes you can hear them and we get foth.

10:54pm BBT: BB calls Spencer to the DR and Gm says when he comes down we will go up and mccrae says yeah ok . they get up and Andy gets up and they are headed for the HOH rm but first Mccrae needs his coffee cup.

10:55am BBT: Mccrae getting a cup of coffe and Gm says she doesnt want any right now then Mccrae is making a bowl of cereal as Gm waits for him.Andy brushing his teeth in WA. Juddis going through his clothes in the Kt.

10:57am BBT: All HG heading to HOh rm with milk and ceral and Mccrae asking andy if he is nervouse he says no it isnt like something bad can happen to me and they all go in and sit in HOH rm.

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11:00am BBT: all HG except spencer in HOH rm and Spencer can be heard in the Dr saying he messed something up (hard to hear with andy talking). Spencer is now out of Dr and heading to the HOh rm where Mcrae os eating and Andy talking about the have have not comps then we get foth.

11:15am BBT: We have been on foth for 15 minutes and we are now on trivia.

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12:27pm BBT: all HG in HOh rm getting ready to go down stairs Talk is about the music cd that spencer got and Gm says i am going to go lay down as Mccrae follows her down stairs and they stop to put the milk and cereal away first.

12:28pm BBT: Spencer tells Judd that he is putting the pilows away and Judd says man that sucks for Andy and Spencer says yeah Gm is happy though.Gm and Mccrae are going back to bed in the color rm.

12:31pm BBT: Spencer says he is going to tell mccrae that he is doing this and that he is safe and i am telling Gm that if she stays on the block then she is staying. Judd says pov is crucial. and spencer agrees.

12:32pm BBT: Andy says at first i was pissed that mccrae won hoh lastnight but then i seen what was happening and i was like this is perfect and Judd and Spencer says yeah it couldnt went any better.

12:34pm BBT: Andy, Judd and Spencer talking about the events during the live evictions lastnight and Andy says we had 4 targets and we got rid of 75% of them. they all start laughing.then talk about how they got people to get others out.Andy says i am sad i didnt win 5k and Spencer says Gm was glad you didnt win wither and Andy says yeah and spencer says i am sorry you didnt win Andy and Andy says thats ok and laughs.

12:39pm BBT:Spencer says i have always been considerate about not washing dishes but i always washed my dishes off but some people wouldnt do any. Andy says it was awesome when helen was here she cleaned all the time. And Spencer says that Amanda would cook all that food but it was just for mccrae and she would keep it forever.

12:44pm BBT: Andy says my paranoia in this game is a good thing it made me hyper.he says you would tell people things that you didnt tell me so i folowed people around to find things out.Andy says i had to follow cuz it was raising red flags and Judd says i always talked to helen in the mornings cuz it was easier to talk to her in the mornings. Andy says helen and Amanda always said you cant trust Spencer you cant and Spencer laughs then Andy laughs.

12:50pm BBT: talk between spencer Andy and judd is about the hoh comp and Judd says to Spencer you won it fair and square. Judd says i am not very good at puzzles but the car one was a different kind of puzzle it was more like a maze.

12:52pm BBT: Spencer says i have trouble with like the bone thing i wasnt good i had to run and use my arms. Andy says i dont have arm stength either so i was screwed.

12:54pm BBT: Mccrae and Gm asleep in color rm. In hoh the amanda and Elissa bashing is still going on and Andy says yeah we cant talk about this in front of mccrae and Spencer agrees. and they start talking about Amanda more and her crying before eviction.Spencer saysa the worst thing about this dude is he is crazy if he moves down to Florida with her and then she has him under her thumb and he leaves his family and friends to have nothing.

12:56pm BBT: Andy says i think america was mvp cuz why would julie say the mvp can change the game and so i think america was mvp and wanted Aaryn out.

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1:00pm BBT: Spencer reading his letter from marylin and Spencer says you guys are gonna love marylin when you meet her and Andy says i swear she looks like the way i imagined her and spencer says oh yeah and Andy says yeah.

1:01pm BBT: Spencer telling a story about someone he knew dying from alcoholismt and the feeds switch to Mccrae and Gm sleeping in color rm.

1:09pm BBT: The whistel blows and the sargent says give me 25 lunges and then yells you call that excersizing? and judd gets up and does the lunges.

1:12pm BBT: Andy telling about his high school years. Spencer talking about how he was always told just do your best in school and Judd just sitting there listening.

1:20pm BBT: Andy, Spencer and Judd still talking about their school years and Mccrae and Gm are still sleeping downstairs in color rm.

1:23pm BBt: Spencer says Gm, has street smarts and can handle anything. Andy says she is smart very smart she can says this is a ceramic bowl and this is a wooden bowl and if this gets back to me i know someone is lying that is smart .Andy says elissa always said she made 100's in school and Spencer says i bet people hated her parents and her too and we go back to all 4 feeds on sleeping Gm and mccrae.

1:27pm BBT: Andy talking about parents that come to him and want their kids in advanced classes and he says i am sorry but if a kid is average i celebrate that they are average but if they are dumb i am not going to put them in advanced classes. then Spencer goes telling another story about a girl he knows.

1:30pm BTT: Judd says i am going to go down and try to get some sleep i am tired and Andy says i will be down in a minute i am tired and didnt get much sleep either. Judd says dont let me sleep to long though and Spencer says i am gonna go to sleep too but i have to go to the bathroom first man and he gets up as Judd goes down stairs.the whistle blows and sargent says give me 25 sit ups now. and sargent says my 90 year old grandma can do situps better than that and Andy says and your grandmas dead no thats the other grandma sorry sargent. Judd finishes his situps and heads to bed.

1:34pm BBT: Spencer comes out of Bathroom and says thats funny did you see him and Andy says yeah he did it in front of the memory wall. Spencer says who do i put up Gm or Judd and Andy says Judd is winning things but he does what we want and Gm is smart and she knows i was in control of this game and she might remember that. But i wish we was at final 3 now cuz i think if judd gets rid of one of us it would suck and i dont think Gm would and if mccrae stays i dont know i think it might be beter to keep mccrae this week and Spencer says i think Gm would keep us and andy says ok i just dont have the trust in judd as i do GM.

1:39pm BBT: Andy says this is what scares me about Judd is if Mccrae says anything and rats me out i think Gm would keep me and not Judd andy says what are you going to say to Gm and Spencer says that Mccrae is going home and if We want Gm gone i would says i am putting you up as a stratigic move and Andy says yeah.

1:44pm BBT: Andy says just tell Gm and Mccrae you will talk to them after they are unhandcuffed.And Spencer says yeah maybe i can practice whispering to you .

1:50pm BBT: Spencer says next week like if you keep me. Andy says if i am hoh only nominates its the veto holder that has the power but i will fight to keep us safe.

1:55pm BBT: Spencer says i am worried about not being able to play in hoh next week and i will play my ass off for that pov.

1:57pm BBT: Spencer says i think we can trust you and andy says i think we can trust Gm more than Judd at this point but at the same time i think we can beat judd but we can talk about this all day and it wont change it.

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2:00pm BBT:Spencer says i am going to be honest with you and he says dude i cant beat you in the final 2 and Andy says i disagree and Spencer says i want you in the final 2 and i want you to win the money. Andy says i absolutly want you in the final 2 with me i dont want anyone else there i want you there and i never told anyone final 2 but you and i am telling you now i want to take tyou to the final 2 and we have to keep going down this path and get mccrae out.

2:07pm BBT: Andy says i feel like i put my neck out yeaterday and Spencer says you did dude and you did good but that why you came here is to play the game. then they start bashing Elissa again.

2:13pm BBT: Andy says i have always said this is about timing and you have to talk at the right time and Helen was always like that she always talked at the right time and thats one thing i liked about amanda she was layal to those that was loyal to her and spencer says yeah i noticed she was loyal.

2:17pm BBT: Andy says i told Amanda in my goodbye message that i voted her out and Spencer says you know she is worried about Mccrae right now and i told her in my goodbye message that there is spiders in the jury house and they was sent there by the exterminators and i was an ass about it and Andy laughs.

2:24pm BBT: Mccrae called to the Dr and andy says go talk to Gm while he is in DR and Spencer says ok and puts his shoes on to go downstairs. Mmcrae is still laying in bed sleeping and not going to the Dr yet.

2:27pm BBt: Mccrae getting up to go to Dr and Gm says let me know when your ready and she gets up since he is now ready and goes toward Dr with him as she cant be far from him. Spencer yellin get your butt up Mccrae and go to Dr.Spencer and Andy go downstairs to keep Gm company while Mccrae is in the dr.Spencer tells Gm this is what i want to do and this is the best move for the exterminators and Gm says can i explain something first and spencer says yeah Gm says since i used you as a replacement i rather go up as a replacement and spencer says i want Mccrae to think there is a guys alliance and mccrae will go out the door. Spencer says remember you said you owe me a favor well this is the favor i need you to go up there and she says i didnt want to have to win tomorrow with my foot hurting and Spencer says you wont have to we got your back.

2:32pm BBT: Spencer says Gm we been close this whole game and i am not going to screw you ok and Gm says i know i didnt want to pack and going to jury scares me cuz i keep my word and crap and Spencer says no one wants you out. Spencer says here is the thing and Andy says we need mccrae to feel like his life isnt on the line so he wont fight as hard for that pov.

2:34pm BBTL Gm sitting on back of couch talking to Spencer and Andy and says she needs to take a crap and they laugh sinxce she cant go till Mccrae gets out of the dr. Gm keps yelling ouch ouch and Spencer ask whats the matter and Gm says i have stomach pains and it hurts but i cant go yet.

2:40pm BBT: BB let Mccrae out of the Dr and they almost run to the bathroom so Gm can go crap. Mccrae standing there at the shower as Gm in bathroom. In the chair rm Spencer says i went 47 days without washing my sheets this summer and Bb calls him to the Dr and he says now i get in trouble for being dirty. Andy is eating in chair rm alone and mccrae still waiting on Gm to wash her hands now. they are now heading to living rm to sit on the couch.

2:44pm BBT: Andy and Gm playing with the phone in the living rm like she is talking to Elissa about her hair and about amanda having a twins and being in the bahamas and then yells sorry bye bitch and slams the phone down and then laughs as Andy is laughing.

2:49pm BBT: Gm and mcrae go to STR and Gm comes out before Mccrae and says Andy the STr is stocked again and we got chicken and Andy says good chicken parm and Gm says hell yeah.

2:52pm BBT: Gm is doing aragami in the living rm as Mccrae lays on the couch. Judd is in bed sleeping. andy comes in to living rm and says the house is empty my friends but it is nice and it is nice Elissa is gone and i am sorry i keep going on about her but i really hate her and mccrae says i hate her stupid ass too and Andy says well you and her were really close so i didnt want to offend you and i am sorry i never got to fart on her head.

2:56BBT: Gm and Mccrae and Andy still bashing elissa and talking how mvp days sucked watching that screen everytime. mccrae says yeah it did suck.Spencer still in DR and judd still sleeping.

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3:13pm BBT:Judd sleeping in color rm on all 4 screens.

3:17pm BBT: BB calls Gm to the Dr. Judd is stiring around now half awake half asleep. Andy comes in and says Judd its like 3 and Spencer comes in and says its all good she knows she is going up.

3:19pm BBT: Spencer tells Judd that he told Gm that she was going up so mccrae wont fight as hard for the pov and he can go to jury.

3:21pm BBT: Judd , spencer and Andy go to hoh rm and Andy says we got restocked to let you know and judd says good.the whistle blows and the sargent says give me 30 squats dirtbag and Judd says noooo and starts squats. sargent says you are a pittifull excuse of a HG. Andy says i hate thhat sargent. Judd finishes his squats as Gm and mccrae comes out of Dr.

3:24pm BBT: Gm says Spencer can we talk to you we are gonna put each other outside the rm to talk. Gm whispers so low you cant hear her.Andy sits outside the door talking to mccrae loudly.

3:28pm BBT: Gm says i know you guys have me till the last 4 then it is all go and spencer agrees. Mccrae now comes in there and andy ask if he can shower while he is in there and mccrae says give me a second and andy throws a fit saying i want a shower. Spencer says i am putting you up but i want you to win the veto. and Mccrae doesnt look happy spencer says it is andy and Judd voting so its ok .

3:31pm BBT: Spencer says after veto is over come talk to me ok and Mccrae says ok i will. Spencer says do what you got to do and mccrae says thats why i aint campagning.

3:33pm BBt: Gm sitting out in hall general talk with andy who wants to take a shower in the hoh shower and not downstairs. Spencer tells Mccra in hoh rm that its all good and Mccrae leaves the rm and Gm ask you good dude and he says yeah and Andy says yeah i can take a shower.

3:38pm BBT:Gm and Mccrae talking about past comps they have played and Gm says at least this friendship thing on us is only for 24 hours not a week she says i am gonna put on my makeup so you can lay down while i do this i aint changing just doing makeup.

3:42pm BBT: the whistle blowsa and the sargent says judd give me 20 situps judd drops and does it and the sargent says did i order a sandwich with weak sauce or are you just that pathetic. judd finishes his situps and goes to take a shower.

3:49pm BBT: Judd is in show while Andy is in the shower in hoh rm and Spencer lisrtening to music in bed going to sleep and breathing heavy.

3:52pm BBT: Judd is now out of the shower and Mccrae laying in livingroom floor close to Dr door as Gm is in the dr. Andy is out of the shower and Spencer says you look great.

3:55pm BBT:Judd is getting dressed and mccrae says what are they building out there and Judd says it is something for sure. In hoh Andy and spencer are talking general talk about grandparents.

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4:02pm BBT: Gm and Mccrae and Judd in color rm talking and Gm looks at Mccrae and says you wanna come to the bathroom with me and Judd says should i wear my bow tie and Gm says you could i kinda like that idea and Judd says i have dress pants too should i wear them and she says wear jeans and he says this is a nom ceremony and she says yeah what the hell is everyone dressing up or something i cant dress up with being chained here.

4:07pm BBT: Judd in Wa doing his hair Gm and Mccrae off to the Wa as Gm says she is about to cry her foot hurts bad and she says it is getting worse. Judd says your foot is worse and she says yeah. Spencer is in the HOh rm listening to music and acting like he is playing the drums Andy is still in the Dr.

4:10pm BBT: Mccrae and Andy talking about the building in the By and Mccrae says what could it be and andy says i dont know mccrae says maybe it is a timed thing we all have to do indivigualy and andy says maybe so.all HG in Wa now gwtting ready for noms the whistle blows and the sargent says Judd 100 jumping jacks. he starts doing jumping jacks. the sargent says you call that excersizing and laughs.the sargent then says pick up the pace there i would like you to finish before the season ends. everyone is laughing at judd and spencer says this is my favorite thing this season as he laughs.Gm says good job judd.

4:15pm BBT: Spencer has now been called to the Dr . Hg think it might be time for the nomination ceremony.

4:18pm BBT: we now have trivia as they do the nomination ceremony.

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5:00 PM BBT Still on trivia

5:28 PM BBT Feeds are back. Judd has his key, Andy has key. Gina Marie and McCrae are the two nominees.

5:29 PM BBT McCrae and Gina Marie are still linked and now both on the block together. In the KT Spencer apologizes to them both telling them it isn't personal. Gina Marie says she understands. She is pulling McCrae around the house like a puppy while she makes coffee. Meanwhile Spencer goes to the SR alone and does a little victory dance.

5:35 PM BBT McCrae and Gina Marie are preparing to take a shower. Spencer offers them the HOH BR. Judd wants to take a nap. Judd and Spencer are the KT. Spencer is eating a bowl of cereal. Judd says that double evictions are stressful and hope they don't have anymore. They conclude that today is day 78 so they probably won't have another.

5:38 PM BBT In the HOH BR McCrae is in the WC with Gina Marie right outside the door. She tells him that since she is the only girl left she feels alone in the house. She tells him that Spencer is probably working with Judd and or Andy. Meanwhile downstairs Andy is telling Judd that Gina Marie once said the house needs to make a pact. If any one of the jury members come back into the house they need to get rid of them.

5:44 PM BBT Judd and Andy walk into the HOHR where Spencer is laying in the bed. Spencer greets Andy "Hey Redneck." Judd "That's derogatory." Andy "Yes, I'm offended and so is all of Canada." Gina Marie hollers a hello to them from the bathroom.

5:46 PM BBT Spencer is trying to prompt BB to make Judd exercise again. He tells Sergeant BB that Judd has been talking smack and hasn't been doing anything BB said all day. Judd "I won't be able to play in the POV tomorrow." BB "Give me 20 sit ups." Judd "Sit ups are the worst with my back."

5:49 PM BBT Judd has done his sit ups and Spencer asks Andy about his mom's twin Nancy. We got FOTH. When the feeds return McCrae is getting out of the shower. Andy "Aww, best friends after a shower." Andy is thinking about putting on his glasses because his contacts are bothering him.

5:51 PM BBT In the HOHR Andy, Spencer, and Judd are talking about who got what punishments in the house and that this is McCrae's first. BB "Dirt bag give me 20 pushups." Judd does his push ups and sayshe is going to have to change clothes. Andy asks what they would do if they saw Elissa in the LR doing yoga right now. Spencer said he would throw the table off the balcony.

5:56 PM BBT All the HGs are in the HOHR. Judd tells them a story about when he was in school. He knew a guy that loved the wrestler The Rock and he used to pick up and throw chairs. Once Judd yelled out that The Rock sucks to him. His teacher was so offended that he the words "sucks" in front of ladies that he was drug to the office. Judd wanted to know what ladies his age cared about the word "sucks". He was told by his teacher that he was too angry to paddle him right now.

6:00 PM BBT Spencer says sometimes he has a hard time relating to the hard times kids have in school nowadays. He says he was so well adjusted he never experienced any of that. Gina Marie talks about how girls are bullied to the point of suicide. Spencer says in the BB house there are clear rules to follow and going to that line without crossing it for your game is all fair play.

6:06 PM BBT All the HGs are camped out in the HOHR. Just general chit chat. Many of them are sore from flinging themselves under the dog house and over the fence last night in the competition. The ground was hard too. Andy says he must not have gone as hard as everyone else because he's fine. Spencer wants the grill back.

6:20 PM BBT Still mostly general chit chat in the HOH room where all the HGs are hanging out. Lots of talk about people outside of the house so we are getting plenty of FOTH.

6:27 PM BBT The HGs are discussing the HOH competition last night. They are talking about the prizes. Andy ended up walking away with $94.83 which is more than he had yesterday so he isn't going to complain. They then start talking about previous BB seasons.

6:29 PM BBT BB Sergeant to Judd "Give me 57 lunges." Everyone laughs. BB "You call that exercising?!?!?" [in BB's defense, those lunges really are pathetic.--Goldylucks]

6:30 PM BBT BB to Judd "Pick up the pace, I want to get this done before the end of the season."

6:37 PM BBT The HGs are discussing who they would like from previous BB season to come host a competition for them. They would like to see Dan or Ian come.

6:54 PM BBT We get about 10 minutes of FOTH and when the feeds come back Spencer and McCrae are whispering in front of the DR door. (Gina Marie must have been called to the DR. McCrae tells Spencer that he is going to lead Gina Marie to believe that he is the target this week. He tells Spencer he will promise her his vote if he gets the POV. Spencer says okay and they will talk more later. Spencer goes upstairs and shares this information with Andy and Judd in the HOHR. Spencer "Aint no way dude."

6:58 PM BBT Andy, Spencer, and Judd are talking in the HOHR. They all agree that with all the girls being in jury it would be very dangerous for all of them to take Gina Marie to the finals. They think she will win on the sympathy votes.

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7:04PM BBT Andy Spencer and Judd talking in the HoHR. Judd says "UGH" Andy says every time he looks at Judd he is hurting or yawning or sore. Judd says "The reason I have a sore stomach is..." We get FotH. Feeds come back, Judd and Andy are talking about the possibility of McCrae winning the next 2 vetos and we get another FotH. Feeds come back and GM is tied to the DR door because McCrae is inside.

7:09PM BBT Judd and Spencer are talking about strategy in the HoHR. GM is still waiting for McCrae to come out of DR. Andy has gone to find his glasses because he is "So over this contact bs!"

7:13PM BBT GM is making crafts out of paper (well it looks like paper) Andy is chomping on pretzels. Spencer and Judd were wondering about the finale and who would come from their families. They begin talking about how Elissa was uncontrollable in the game. Andy now has his glasses on.

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7:18PM BBT GM and McCrae walk into the HoHR, Andy says "Look it's best friends!" GM says her foot hurts, Andy tells McCrae to stop making her walk, he should be carrying her. They are now making fun of Elissa listening at doors. McCrae says he does not like her. Andy retells the story of how Spencer caught Elissa at the SR door last week.

7:22PM BBT Judd is in the color room. He just took some pills that were in his bag. He is now in the SR. GM is ticked that she only has 5 directions for the origami she is doing. It is only half done and she doesn't know what to do next. Andy laughs at her. She is now reading on and there are more steps listed but she doesn't understand.

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7:28PM BBT GM is mad at the origami. She starts throwing paper around. Andy says she is going on a rampage. They all laugh. Andy wishes he had his iPod. At home he has it with him all the time. Andy shouts out to the Mix radio station in Chicago. Judd says he listens to a morning show on the way to work. Andy says he commute to work is 2.5 hrs each way.

7:31PM BBT Spencer walks in the HoHR and makes some comments about the drill sergeant and the BB sergeant tells Judd to give him 100 jumping jacks. Judd says it is outrageous! As he is doing it, GM says he is "Elissercising" Judd finishes and is called to DR. He says "Let me catch my breath first! All I wanna do is eat an apple" He leaves the HoHR. Spencer says that Judd called the drill sergeant a bunch of names and it would be awesome if when Judd got to the memory wall he would have to drop and do pushups. As Judd gets to the wall, the sergeant tells Judd to do 15 push ups and the HoHR laugh!

7:37PM BBT More Elissa bashing and the HoHR goes silent.

7:42PM BBT Andy "I am getting kinda sleepy! I only got 4 hrs last night!" Spencer says "It's gonna be early to bed tonight." Guess what? GM is gonna make some chicken. Spencer calls the bread crumbs, Italian crumbs and she says "No they are just bread crumbs!" GM and McCrae make their way downstairs to cook.

7:45PM BBT Spencer and Andy agree they think McCrae is lying about remembering key dates in the game and when things happened.
Spencer tells Andy that he has it on "good authority" that every time they mention the sergeant Judd has to do something. Andy says that he wants Judd in "tip top shape". Judd says "NO MORE DRILL SERGEANT!" Judd is called back into the DR.

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7:49PM BBT GM yells for Andy and asks how many cups are in a quart. He says the ice cream tub is 1.25 quarts for reference. (there are 4 cups in a quart) Andy is called to DR. Judd and Spencer are talking in the HoHR. They discuss meds for hydration, tomorrow's competition, now they are on to Howard. It is all small talk.

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8:00PM BBT Spencer is talking about extending his leave of absence with work. Judd says he will need to find a job. Spencer says working for the railway is "the easiest job in the world!" He asks Judd what railway they have near him. Judd says everywhere he has lived you have always been able to hear a train in the distance.
In the KT GM is cooking, McCrae is helping. She jokes that Amanda would be pissed because he never helped her out. GM "It's only because we are tied together!" They start talking game. GM is realizing she might be the target.

8:05PM BBT HoHR talk is about the Amanda and GM fight the other night. Judd could not believe Amanda got in GM's face. They think GM would have flattened Amanda out, Judd says "injured or not!"
KT talk is about how Spencer and Andy are really close. They wonder if there is more than they realize going on.

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8:12PM BBT a lot of small talk going on, scenarios, what might happen in the next few comps. GM has been nattering to herself about cooking. It's like McCrae isn't there. Looking for pans, listing off steps to the recipe. Andy is still in DR.

8:16PM BBT Andy is out of DR. Judd us called to DR. Andy walks in to the HoHR and asks if they have had any drill sergeant. Spencer says "Not in like 30 minutes!" BB: "Give me 17 squats!" Andy starts talking about his DR session. BB tells him not to. Andy "Whatever. Just don't torture me with the BB theme over and over again in lockdown again" and we get a brief FotH.

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8:23PM BBT Andy and Spencer are just talking. Bouncing from topic to topic. Right now it is GM and how inappropriate she is. They laugh at how much GM has been bashing Amanda a lot since she has been cuffed to McCrae. Andy hates that GM working with little kids in pageants because she has fake hair, eyelashes and nails.
GM and McCrae are still cooking Chicken Parm in the kitchen.

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8:30PM BBT Small game talk. What to do if McCrae wins or Judd wins or GM wins. Andy and Spencer are listing off the same scenarios over and over. Judd is out of DR and GM bellows "Boys! Come get it! DINNER!" Spencer complains his dinner is ready and he doesn't want to go. They are all in the KT getting ready to eat.

8:38PM BBT GM is putting dinner on the table, dragging McCrae behind her. Judd and Andy are bashing other HG. Andy says "Can we all agree Amanda ate more garlic salt than anyone ever?" McCrae says "I don't know." Andy thinks it was her first time having it. GM is still getting stuff to the table for dinner. Spencer is in DR.

8:42PM BBT Everyone is at the table. Spencer mentions the Drill sergeant, nothing happened. Judd says "DO it now not when I eat." and nothing happens. They are now eating. (chomp chomp, slurp, slurp) Judd tells GM she is the best cook there. She says "I can't even touch Candice's fried chicken!" They now complain about how messy Candice was especially when cooking.

8:47PM BBT Andy is carrying on about former HG and their sleeping patterns. Eating, chewing and talking. McCrae has been more quiet than usual. He is just eating. Andy is chatting up a storm. He is now back on to his commute and how he gets to the school.

8:49PM BBT Judd calls it a celebration dinner. Spencer tells GM it is an incredible meal. Andy says it is a final 5 to be proud of. They are so glad Candice fell off the wall.
McCrae asks for the coke. They are now rehashing the wall competition.

8:53PM BBT BB sergeant: "Judd! Give me 57 lunges!" GM thinks Judd might throw up. BBS yells "Spencer might be the HoH but I run this house! Hey Judd I heard you like to party! This is my party! Hey Judd Uncle Sam just called. And he doesn't want you! You better pick up the pace son! What do you think this is? Big Brother Canada?" Judd finishes. "Great job soldier!"

8:56PM BBT It seems to be all about celebrating. GM asks them if they want Chocolate chip cookies later. They all says YA! She then says "Because the SR is stocked!" The boys seem disappointed. They thought she was going to make them. They are now bashing Jessie.

8:58PM BBT Spencer "You all know how I feel about Jessie's body. I just wanna eat some butthole palm" He then says they should have dipped Elissa's panties in icy hot. (classy)

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#BB!5 9:02 PM BBT HG sitting around the table and bashing each of the HG especially Elissa. Bashing that she wears fake rings and how much money she has.

#BB15 9:08 PM BBT Andy makes fun of E's eyes in her picture on the memory wall. McCrae says that she has the Scoobie Doo bad guy eyes and that she couldn't play the game. They talk about defacing her picture.

#BB!5 9:14 PM BBT The HG have moved on to some Helen bashing and now talking about past comps. Gina and Mccrae clean up after dinner.

#BB!5 9:18 PM BT More Elissa bashing. Now bashing of her son's artwork and how 3rd graders shouldn't be painting at that age and it looked like Kindergarten work. Spencer says he never wants to talk to Elissa again. They all talk about how much they actually hate her.

#BB15 9:28 PM BBT Mc in DR and Gina tethered to the door. The exterminators talk about if Mc suspects things yet. Gina tells them he thinks Andy and Spencer are working together.

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#BB!5 9:35 PM BBT Andy, Spencer and Judd are now in HOH bashing Amanda and her yeast infection.

#BB15 9:40 PM BBT All HG are in HOH room. They are giving there performance on how they act in the DR.

#BB15 9:45 PM BBT HG talk about if they left their FB on and other social media. Andy wonder if they have had death threats. McCrae says he hopes so because it means they stirred a lot of emotion in someone. They move on to bashing Elissa and her husband.

#BB15 9:55 PM BBT HG play the what date/what happened game. McCrae having trouble with the dates.

#BB15 10:04 PM BBT Talk in the HOh about if Howard actually said to Amanda what Amanda said he did. McCrae doesn't know. He think Howard really did want to have sex with her.

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#BB!5 10:08 PM BBT Mc talking about Amanda and why she is with him. Gina tells him that Amanda is a mutant. Andy tells her to be nice that McCrae likes her. Gina tells Andy to stop laughing and she is referring to future for McCrae. And tells him eyes open.

#BB!5 10:10 PM BBT Gina says that she and Nick live near each so if it doesn't work out that's ok. She says he could be dating right now and he better not be. McCrae tells Gina that he is logical and reasonable.

#BB15 10:17 PM BBT Gina talking about how Nick would look at her certain ways and make her melt. Andy wonders what Elissa's husband is like.

#BB15 10:23 PM BBT Judd has to do 10 sit ups. Half way through, they tell him to start over.

#BB15 10:32 PM BBT They talk about comps and outfits. Andy says that his HOH wasn't live but he still didn't get a fun outfit.

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#BB15 10:43 PM BBT Now talk about how Elissa didn't hug anyone good bye. McCrae says because they were all below her and she doesn't care about any of them.

#BB15 10:53 PM BBT Spencer and Andy in HOH talking about if McCrae is down playing his memory and counting abilities. Spencer says he wonders too.

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