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Tuesday, September 3 Live Feed Updates


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8:10PM BBT: Dinner is ready!! Amanda says "We are having tacos, made with turkey." GM says it looks too greasy for her to eat. Amanda says she added water to it. (she sounds offended) Someone says "Taco time!" Elissa and Amanda are now in the hammock. Amanda is talking game, Elissa looks annoyed. They are aware of GM's and the boys. Elissa says "she doesn't have loyalty to anyone." (only to those in the room)

8:17PM BBT: Elissa "I don't know but, why did you freak out on me?" Amanda says she wasn't taking her meds and the miscarriage comments got to her and GM and Aaryn told her that the plan was to get rid of her and she "literally went nuts! It is the number one thing I regret in this game." We get FotH.

8:21PM BBT: Amanda says she has never lied to Elissa and she has liked her throughout the whole game. Amanda says that she told McCrae she wanted to go through this game with her as far as they could. Alot of he said, she said. Andy's jig is up. Amanda has told Elissa he has been working with her and McCrae the whole time. And Amanda is blaming a lot on Helen. Amanda just said "I am telling you, you can trust Andy." She is telling Elissa why Andy went up to talk to her when she was having her meltdown.

8:24PM BBT: Amanda "I am afraid to watch that episode. My parent's must be so embarrassed. I am not proud of that." Elissa and Amanda are discussing it. Elissa keeps saying "You came up to MY face. I was not going up to your face. That is why I was laughing." Elissa says that she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her in the game. She is explaining how she loves her husband and how supportive he is of her. Amanda says she was just going for the jab, she is disgusted in her own behavior.

8:28PM BBT: Elissa is rambling on. Basically, they are on TV and they need to behave and set an example because of the people who are watching them. She is worried about the influence they have on impressionable fans and it concerns her. She mentions Aaryn's behavior and how she does not find it cute or excusable.
Elissa says "God had given me everything I have ever wanted... well except a little girl..." She continues.
Amanda says "Do you accept my apology?" Elissa says she does. Amanda says "Good thank you." Elissa is back to talking about being the best she can and her beliefs playing a role on who she is as a person.

8:34PM BBT: The Elissa and Amanda talk continues. Spencer, GM and Andy are now inside and in the HoHR. GM is telling them about Amanda asking her what she is gonna say to Nick. They are now bashing Amanda. Andy says he can't wait to see the look on Amanda and Elissa's faces. Andy says to GM "Please please please have my back on Thursday!" She says "You got it bro!" They bash Amanda some more. GM says "They are both psychotic" in reference to Elissa and Amanda. It is confirmed that Elissa has given Amanda her wedding ring.

8:39PM BBT: GM wants to say "Amanda, get to steppin'!" Andy "Elissa and McCrae are going to be so frazzled!" Spencer says "And if it is a double eviction!" GM is headed for the DR. Andy says "Man it feels so good to outplay her!" Spencer says "It will feel so good to see it happen sitting next to her!" Andy says Amanda wouldn't be there if it wasn't for him.

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8:44PM BBT: Spencer and Andy are talking what to do if Elissa wins HoH. Andy wants to "rip Elissa to shreds, eloquently."
In the BY, Amanda and Elissa are still talking. Amanda says she doesn't trust Spencer or Judd. She knows Elissa didn't call out Judd during that whole "town meeting" and that hurt her. Elissa says Kaitlin would have been better for her game.
GM is back in the HoHR. She says she had to do her goodbye messages. "Amanda, you think you run this house.." BB chimes in "GinaMarie, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests." All the feeds are on Elissa and Amanda now.

8:50PM BBT: Elissa and Amanda are talking about what they are like outside of the house. In the HoHR GM, Spencer and Andy are really trashing Elissa. Saying she doesn't look like her pictures. They all say when she leaves they won't be hugging her. GM is ticked they are on the hammock together as "besties".

8:54PM BBT: HoHR is all about how "crazy" Elissa is. GM is telling them how Elissa goes through her drawers when she is sleeping.
They are talking about the ring again. Judd says "They are just flaunting that they are together." GM says after this Elissa is going to wish Amanda was still in the house because she is "going to be so nasty to that A-hole!" They are worried Elissa will win HoH.

8:56PM BBT: If McCrae wins HoH then Spencer and Andy are going to say the ring is a fake and that Elissa actually did flip not Andy. They are going over every scenario in the HoHR. McCrae is in DR doing goodbye messages. Judd says he is so frustrated with last night, he is just done.

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9:00PM BBT: up in the the HoH room they are still bashing Elissa, Amanda and Elissa are still talking
in the hammock. GinaMarie asked if they are doing this to scare her into letting Amanda stay. now Andy is talking about their plan
to do if Elissa wins HoH. McCrae is in the DR.

9:05PM BBT: Spencer says Elissa ring that she gave to Amanda to hold is a fake, Andy oh yea it has to be.
Amanda and Elissa are talking about what the HoH competition maybe. we just don't want one person to get HoH. Spencer is like I can't wait until
the 2/2 vote is read. and GinaMarie has to break it. And she is leaving with Elissas wedding ring. Andy is like I can't image working with those three
over you three. Amanda is like if they aint scared that we been talking out in the hammock. GinaMarie I don't care what those two crazy Bit*** out in the hammock
are talking about. Amanda and Elissa are now in the chair room.

9:10PM BBT: Judd is calling Amanda every name in the book, Bit**, slut, whore, ect... they are just bashing, both Elissa and
Amanda. GinaMarie saying this will be the biggest thing to happen to BB in the history of the game, we are making BB history. and so on. Amanda and Elissa are in the kitchen
McCrae is out of the DR.

9:15PM BBT: Spencer is called to the DR, They are singing happy Birthday, to Aaryn and Howard. and we get fish. GinaMarie made a cake. Andy finds Judds chicken suit on his cloths
Judd is laying on his back looking up at the sky. Amanda is now talking to Judd about how much GinaMarie hates her right now. Amanda didn't sing happy Birthday.

9:20PM BBT: McCrae is now outside sitting on the couch with Amanda, Judd asked if anyone asked for alcohol no. Elissa is finishing her salad. Judd asked McCrae if he found
out what the deal with Elissa and Amanda is I don't know. McCrae is saying maybe she is getting jury votes with Amanda. and Andy, Elissa, and Amanda get a stop that from BB.

9:25PM BBT: Elissa is telling Amanda if you don't like girls that's a sign that you are a mean girl. Most girls are jealous of me because I'm so wonderful. McCrae is saying that
people who are super smart are the ones they want out, like Amanda. He is now talking about GinaMarie and Nick.

9:30PM BBT: out in the by they are talking about the moving company, Jeremy and Nick and how they were such terrible players. in the kitchen Amanda is cleaning up from dinner
Spencer is out of the DR. Elissa is now called to the DR, They are doing goodbye messages.

9:35PM BBT: GinaMarie and Spencer are playing checkers. and now in the backyard they are onto Jeremy, trying to scared McCrae. Amanda walks out and sits on the couch. and joins the talking.

9:40PM BBT: the talk in the backyard is still on Jeremy, GinaMarie and Spencer are still playing checkers. out in the backyard they are also talking about the fall of the moving company.
Amanda, is saying that GinaMarie is acting super weird, they are talking about her and Elissa talking out in the hammock. Amanda is saying that she really believes that Elissa is really going to save her with Andy.
who is agreeing with her. Amanda is saying that GinaMarie doesn't know what's going on (yes she does thanks to Andy)

9:45PM BBT: out in the backyard they are onto Nick bashing now how many times Howard was called into the DR, GinaMarie is in the kitchen, with Andy, Spencer is out in the backyard since the checker game broke up.
he is talking about the checker game. GinaMarie comes out into the backyard.

9:50PM BBT: they are talking about how old Julie is early 40s is what they are guessing, Now talking about Mccrandas relationship. When it was a secret, long time ago.

9:55PM BBT: Elissa is out of the DR before that they were talking about sex. Elissa wants play a game with someone and no one wants to play with her. (awwww)

10:00PM BBT: Judd is in Bed, out in the backyard they are talking about Macys GinaMarie is washing cloths.

10:05PM BBT: they are doing shout outs and we keep getting fish.

10:10PM BBT: they are doing fu** you shouts outs.

10:15PM BBT: all the cameras are on Judd in bed probably because they are doing shout outs.

10:20PM BBT: Judd, and Amanda are now in the kitchen Amanda went to see if there was alcohol, no McCrae comes in and does a shout out, and fish.

10:25PM BBT: Andy comes in the make pizza they talk about pizza ordering,
out in the backyard it's just chit chat.

10:30PM BBT: they are now back to Jeremy voting who had the most growing up to do, Jeremy, they are just voting who is this and that for past HG.

10:35PM BBT: Elissa is joking around with GinaMarie, they are just sitting around joking and talking.

10:40PM BBT: Andy and McCrae, are talking in the kitchen McCrae said Elissa is the fall guy, if this plan all goes south and Amanda gets pissed blame it all on Elissa. Andy is like yea OK.

10:45PM BBT: they wouldn't let them in the storage room, they are look for wine in the storage room. or waiting for it.

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11:05 PM BBT Small talk in the BYD talking about the annoying things they all do. Spencer's is that he swears and talks about his friend Larry a loot. Mccrae's is that he says I don't know a lot. Amanda says I think that...before anything. GM's is her accent and the way she says certain words. Andy’s is the way he says Byeee. I didn't hear Elissa's yet.

11:15 PM BBT Spencer went in and got a snack then went back outside to listen to Amanda talk about her friends. GM is the only one I see inside eating.

11:35 PM BBT now the BYD crew is discussing famous people, their charities, and movies.

11:45 PM BBT They have moved on to talking about reality shows. GM knew a girl from tough love named Elizabeth. Judd knew someone who knew someone who was on Antonio Sabado Jr.'s dating show.

11:55 PM BBT Talk has moved on to working out and the show the biggest loser. Andy had a friend that was a finalist for the show the biggest loser.

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