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Tuesday, September 3 Live Feed Updates


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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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12:02 AM BBT Idle chit chat about drugs in the chair room with Judd, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, and Andy. GinaMarie is upstairs in her bathroom taking a poop.

12:08 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as McCrae and Spencer talk about doing acid. Talk turns to idle chit chat in the chair room. Upstairs, GinaMarie cleans her HoH.

12:18 AM BBT In the KT Judd, Andy and McCrae make something to eat while talking about previous seasons of BB. In the chair room Spencer and Amanda talk about Amanda and McCrae's love. Amanda calls (screams) for him several times. He wanders in with a plate of food in his hand and she asks if they go out to eat who would pay. He says he'd try. He gets up and wanders off and Amanda cries out "Where are you going?!" McCrae says he wants to get his water. Spencer makes fun of Amanda telling her she's crazy needy and he'd shoot her in the head.

12:30 AM BBT Idle chit chat down in the chair room while some of the HGs eat. Up in the HoH GinaMarie listens to her CD while laying in her bed.

12:40 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the chair room. Brief period of FoTH before we get all four feeds on GinaMarie. Elissa calls Amanda into the KT and pulls her into the cockpit. Elissa says she feels like she trusts Amanda and McCrae more than she trusts Andy or Spencer. She asks Amanda if she'll come after her next week. Amanda is stunned and gives her numerous hugs. "Are you serious? I was dying in there...and here you are trying to save me?!"

12:43 AM BBT Andy walks into the cockpit and Elissa asks Andy what if the two of them make a final four with Amanda and McCrae. Andy says they'll talk later. (He looked as stunned as I feel...)

12:45 AM BBT Amanda heads into the WC and Elissa heads out talking to GinaMarie in the KT.

12:51 AM BBT Andy pulls Elissa into the colorful room and asks her if she's for real. Elissa says she feels like she can trust Amanda and McCrae more than Spencer. She feels like Amanda and McCrae would be able to help get them a step further in the game. Elissa says if Amanda stays GinaMarie would be the only one upset and she can't play for HoH this coming week. Elissa says the more she thinks, the more she can feel that she trusts Amanda and McCrae over GinaMarie and Spencer.

12:56 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in the BY. McCrae says 'she' sounded regretful earlier about the whole thing. Judd comes outside and talk has stopped. Meanwhile inside GinaMarie has bagged up a bunch of extra towels and dropped them off in the DR for them.

12:58 AM BBT Spencer and GinaMarie in the WA. Spencer says Elissa has pulled Amanda and Andy off to the side. Spencer has no idea about what. GinaMarie wants to go track down Andy but Spencer says give it a bit and wait for the right opportunity. GinaMarie says she'll ask Elissa. Amanda and Elissa begin nightly ADLs.

01:00 AM BBT Judd asks Andy what Elissa wanted. Andy says Elissa was concerned about what to do if it's a double eviction. (McCrae is sitting there smoking so this may be why he lied). Spencer joins McCrae and Judd on the couch in the BY. GinaMarie asks Elissa what's going on because Spencer is getting nervous. Elissa says nothing. Talk turns to makeup/color. GinaMarie tells Elissa to have a goodnight, she's going to have a shower and then go to bed.

01:10 AM BBT Idle chit chat out in the BY. Elissa has joined the crew. Roll call...Judd, Spencer, Elissa and Andy currently in the BY. I'm fairly certainly Amanda was called to DR after she brushed her teeth.

01:17 AM BBT Idle chit chat about different TV shows in the BY between Spencer, Judd, Andy, and McCrae.

01:20 AM BBT Feeds 1/2 switch to DR door and Amanda comes out and she goes straight to the darkened colorful room where Elissa is trying to sleep. Amanda tells Elissa that Judd and Spencer are working together. Elissa understands. Elissa says she's 100% on board with voting Spencer out. Elissa says she feels it more. Amanda says she's never trusted Spencer. Elissa agrees. Amanda says she could always trust Andy. They both say reassure each other that they have to have each other's backs. They both understand. Amanda suggests they hold onto something of value of each others before the eviction. Amanda leaves the room lights out.

01:25 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY Andy is telling Spencer and Judd what Elissa is up to (and the net rejoiced!). Andy says he is telling them this to show them how committed he is to The Exterminators. Andy reassures Spencer not to worry about anything. Meanwhile in the WA McCrae says he wants to go smoke.

01:28 AM BBT Amanda taking a shower downstairs. Idle chit chat in the BY between Andy, Spencer and McCrae.

01:39 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat in the BY for the past 10 minutes or so. Amanda finished her shower and is out. GinaMarie finished her shower and is out. She came down to the colorful room for a moment to look for clothes in her drawers. She apologizes to Elissa and says she's going to go to bed soon. Andy comes in and talks to Amanda briefly in the chair room and says that's awesome but he's afraid she's going to try and frame him somehow.

01:44 AM BBT Andy and Amanda in the WA. Andy says he doesn't trust Elissa and he fears she's doing this to frame him. Amanda says she understands but Elissa is willing to give her wedding ring so she believes this is legit. Andy wonders why Spencer and GinaMarie are heading up to the HoH. Andy is going to go break that up. Amanda agrees it's a good idea. Andy tells GinaMarie what is going on. Spencer and Andy tell her to not tell anyone otherwise it falls on him because he was being honest with them. Meanwhile out in the BY Judd wonders why everyone suddenly feels shady.

01:49 AM BBT Amanda is telling Judd that she told Elissa that Spencer told her that he wants GinaMarie and Elissa out. She swears on her life. Judd doesn't know who he would put up. Amanda says if she was here, he could put her up. Up in the HoH Andy is telling GinaMarie she has to remain BFFs with Elissa over the next couple of days as to not tip her off that Andy told her. Andy says he and Judd are solid so worse comes to worse it'll be a tie and GinaMarie breaks the the tie. Back out in the BY Amanda says says Andy seems sketched out by it and she understands. Ultimately she won't believe Elissa until she gives up her wedding ring like she said she would.

01:53 AM BBT Up in the HoH they discuss the fact that Elissa apparently said she wants Judd out which makes them feel better because they feel like that means Judd and Elissa don't have a final deal together. Andy says he's going to act shocked on Thursday as to keep the ruse up. GinaMarie says she saw Amanda and Elissa come out of the cockpit together. She thought something was up. Andy says Elissa called Amanda into the KT telling her she left something on. Andy and Spencer knew something was up. Andy says he saw them in the cockpit and that's why he went in there.

01:56 AM BBT Judd is down in the WA talking to McCrae. Up in the HoH Andy says he's heading downstairs. They all agree that Amanda and McCrae will end up in bed before anyone else tonight. GinaMarie and Spencer begin studying the different things that have happened on what days in the house. Andy comes downstairs and tells Amanda that GinaMarie and Spencer weren't really talking game in front of him. Amanda and McCrae are going to go snoogie in bed. Meanwhile Judd and Andy head outside to chat. Judd said he didn't want to go upstairs obviously. Andy tells him that he reassured Spencer that the two of them (Judd and Andy) are 100% in his corner and he will be safe this week.

02:00 AM BBT Andy says he's going to act shocked on Thursday and hopefully that will put doubt in McCrae and Elissa. Andy pushes the point that Judd cannot act sketchy this week because it will tip them off that Andy told. Meanwhile in the chair room Amanda and McCrae are whispering in the chair room. McCrae wonders about Andy. Elissa says Andy wants to feel things out because he thinks this is an elaborate trap.

02:04 AM BBT Spencer wanders outside. Andy points out that Elissa has a glass of wine and is trashed. Judd says it's always stranger how she comes out of DR and has a completely different mind (I've thought that myself about her, more-so than any other HG! - Niteslacker).

02:14 AM BBT We've had more of the same from the chair room...Amanda believes Elissa is being genuine. While out in the BY Judd, Andy, and Spencer can't believe that Elissa flipped. All four feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae and the three are called out for talking about DR. Amanda says Spencer has to be freaking out right now.

02:25 AM BBT Nothing new to report. All four feeds remain on Amanda and McCrae.

02:27 AM BBT McCrae is speaking rap and finally we get a set of feeds in the BY. BY discussion...GinaMarie says she'll gladly break the tie on Thurs and vote to evict Amanda "I'll be like Amanda...get to steppin'" FoTH.

02:37 AM BBT The BY crew Spencer, GinaMarie, Andy and Judd continue to Elissa/Amanda bash and plan for Thurs double eviction. Inside McCrae and Amanda talk music which gets us the occasional FoTH.

RT @Bond1217: @mortystv something tells me this is Elissa just trying to made Andy look bad to others, and also to get McCranda jury vote. -- I guess we will see on Thursday or the following Sunday!

02:46 AM BBT Amanda up and using the WC. Judd runs in from the BY and uses the bathroom up in HoH. BY crew says Judd is getting a bit heated and they need to reel him in a bit. Amanda back in the chair room with McCrae and says her period is here.

02:54 AM BBT Amanda is talking to McCrae about his schooling and she asks if he has an Associates or a Certificate and he says he doesn't know. Amanda asks if he can transfer to a four year college. McCrae says he "probably". Amanda says she's going to have to be his mom. Meanwhile out in the BY the crew continues to sing each other's praises.

03:03 AM BBT Amanda tells McCrae that he'll probably find work in Florida and McCrae does a couple phrases in what can be considered a stereo typical radio voice "You're listening to KPTX the voice of..." McCrae says he has something back home as well. Amanda says "You're going to come live with me right?" McCrae says yes but he has something back home as well. Amanda says it'll be the big time compared to Minnesota.

03:10 AM BBT The BY crew has moved to the HT. GinaMarie has pulled out the claws while talking about Elissa behind her back. She brings up her child and says he looks like "f***** Spanish Puerto Rican little dirt f*******" Judd chimes in and says lets not talk about her kid. GinaMarie understands but says he looks Spanish. Andy says he thinks her son looks cute. GinaMarie is fired up. Judd wonders who even cares. Spencer says if she spoke the truth about things they wouldn't have to reverse engineer her stories.

03:19 AM BBT Talk in the BY has turned to how Amanda said she and McCrae had sex in the WC and the photo booth and the bed Judd had to move into when he came back without the opportunity to wash the sheets. Now GinaMarie is going on about how Elissa is sleeping in her bed and that she will want to continue sleeping in her bed. GinaMarie doesn't understand why she suddenly wants to sleep in that room, in that bed.

03:23 AM BBT Amanda is being obnoxiously whiny right now because McCrae is getting up and turning off the light. He says he's going to go smoke as well. Amanda whines out in a high pitch whiny voice "Noooooooooooo!" She asks if he'll be back. He says he will and she asks if he'll be back after he turns off the light. McCrae says no he's going to smoke first. McCrae flips off the light and makes a stop off in the kitchen and puts something in the microwave. Meanwhile in the BY they've begun studying what happened on what day.

03:34 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat in the BY for the past 10 minutes or so. The conversation turned to the different things people call their grandparents. GinaMarie gets specific about someone (that didn't sign a waiver?) and we get a brief FoTH before being switched to all four feeds on a darkened colorful room with Elissa sleeping in GinaMarie/Nick's bed.

03:36 AM BBT Feeds back and the talk is turned to needing to cut Elissa off because she gets down right silly when she drinks. Talk now turns to different cities.

03:42 AM BBT Andy gets up from the HT and heads over to start working out. McCrae says he's going to try and lay down and go to sleep. Judd asks if Amanda is asleep and McCrae says "Yeah, she got her pills and she started acting goofy." All four feeds switch to a darkened colorful room.

03:49 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show a darkened colorful room.

03:56 AM BBT All four feeds cycle through a different camera focused on Elissa in Nick/GinaMarie's bed and then into the darkened chair room. We now have all four feeds on the chair room. The camera above Amanda/McCrae's bed slowly pans down, showing McCrae and Amanda in bed.

RT @Tammielee66: @mortystv Disapointing is right. She is just as bad as Aaryn. I thought their was hope. I guess not. GM=Racist. discusting. -- It truly is sad. Especially when you're talking about a child that has absolutely nothing to do with the game.

04:06 AM BBT Feeds finally return to the BY with Andy, Judd and Spencer now sitting around the couch. They're talking about Amanda and Elissa (still).

RT @Tammielee66: @mortystv @bb15 It couldnt be cause BB cut them off cause GM is spewing racist remarks against a child. OMG what is wrong with this group -- Unfortunately that was before that. The last conversation that was being had was about Amanda and her pills (that McCrae brought up).

04:11 AM BBT Andy leading the Elissa bashing in the BY at the moment.

04:18 AM BBT In the BY Judd, Andy, and Spencer discuss options for who will do what during the double eviction. They're going to suggest to Elissa if she were to win to put up McCrae but there is no reasoning with Elissa. Andy is heading to bed. Judd says he's not far behind. Spencer thanks Andy. Andy says no problem. Spencer knew something was up the way Elissa told Amanda she left something on in the KT. Judd says he caught her talking to Andy and they quickly changed the subject to something random. Judd says that stopped working week 4.

04:27 AM BBT Spencer and Judd continue to talk in the BY. General game play predictions/rehashing.

04:39 AM BBT More of the same with occasional Elissa/Amanda bashing. Spencer confirms his final 2 deal with Judd. Judd agrees.

RT @christophergia: @mortystv so if E votes to keep A:E-1, Mc-1. Votes to keep S: Ju-1, An-1. Deciding vote is GM? So Amanda goes regardless? Right?#BB15 -- GinaMarie has made it abundantly clear that she will vote out Amanda if it's a tie vote, so you are correct...unless something happens between now and then...which is entirely possible. It's only Tues Morning. We still have 2.5 days of campaigning/plotting ahead of us which means anything is possible.

04:46 AM BBT Judd and Spencer continue to talk in the BY. The most interesting topic being how whipped McCrae has been. Spencer bets the place he rents stinks because he's seen how McCrae cleans around the house. Spencer says he's not a neat freak by any means but he does what he needs to. Talk turns to how everything happened at the right time to make their alliance work.

04:50 AM BBT Spencer is heading to bed. Judd might as well too. They're going to use the bathroom and brush their teeth.

04:56 AM BBT Spencer tells Judd goodnight before Judd heads into the WC. On that note, we're finished for the night as well! Have a great Tuesday everyone!

RT @MrTatum24: @mortystv u do a great job i just kno u guys get no sleep -- Always appreciate the kind words!

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8:30am bbt Everyone is still asleep...

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9:05am BBT: All HG still sleeping all snug in their beds.

9:29am BBt: Andy gets up and heads to the bathroom. Spencer up in STR changing his batteries then heads to the bathroom and passes Andy and says morning i am still tired. Andy heads back to bed.Spencer comes out of bathroom rinses his hand off then heads back to bed.

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#BB15 10:25 AM BBT we are back and the rooms are still dark. Only Andy is up. No one else has moved.

#BB15 10:31 AM BBT We now have more FOTH.

#BB15 10:43 AM BBT It was the wake up call. Judd and Andy went outside to dance. And now stating they are going back to bed. Amanda rolls over and she and McCrae are back to sleep.

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#BB15 10:58 AM BBT Judd and Elissa give a shout out to Howard wishing him a happy 30th birthday.

#BB15 11:08 AM BBT All HG snuggled back in their beds.

#BB15 11:18 AM BBT occasional tossing and turning. You can heard footsteps in the walls from production. Otherwise all quiet.

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1:00pm bbt Everyone is asleep, except GM, who is still doing her makeup in the HOH room.

1:15pm bbt GM has made her way downstairs to the WA. Using sink to wash/condition her bangs. Now on to the blow dryer.

1:23pm bbt BB:Gina Marie, please report to the Head of Household bedroom. GM: Yes sir!

1:24pm bbt GM climbs the stairs, opens the HOH door, and says 'yeaahhh'... but we don't get to see anything... all cams switch to sleeping HGs.

1:27pm bbt BB calls Elissa to the DR. She lifts her head, rolls onto her back... then gets up... (it's an exciting day in the BB house)

Judd wakes up, tells Elissa he is so sleepy. He is going to go take a shower, thinks GM should be getting the HOH camera soon. Elissa wants to work out. They suggest possibly running together. Elissa thinks the air quality is worse here.

1:34pm bbt Elissa has gone to DR, Judd is back asleep, but Spencer is now up and headed to WA...

1:37pm bbt ... and Spencer is back in bed asleep.

1:44pm bbt Elissa is back out of the DR, in the kitchen cleaning out the coffee pot. Andy comes walking thru, she tells him her concerns that Judd/Spencer are working together, and reconfirms that Andy is ok with voting out Spencer on Thursday. Andy agrees, then heads to the WA.

1:45pm bbt BB calls Spencer to the DR, so he is back up and heads in.

1:50pm bbt With Spencer in the DR, Elissa is now the only HG visible that isn't asleep. She is cleaning the kitchen. Spencer comes out of DR and goes back to bed.

1:53pm bbt BB calls Andy to the DR, but we don't see him on any feeds, to know if he goes or stays in bed. BB gives Elissa a 'thank you' for cleaning the camera glass in the kitchen.

2:00pm bbt Elissa is preparing a bowl of grapes to snack on...

2:03pm bbt FOTH.. for about 15 seconds, then back to... Elissa on patio eating grapes, and everyone else sleeping.

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2:10pm bbt BB calls GM to the DR... and comes up yelling for everyone to get up, it's HOH camera time. She tells Andy her blog went well, she did good, she was on top of it, she says she had a birthday, the zingbot, the chickensuits, Judd came back, Aaryn left, did it real quick, used spell check, it was really good. She needs people to take pictures of... GM... so whoever wants that job... Andy is the only one awake and playing photo-time with GM. (Elissa is still silently sitting on the patio)

2:13pm bbt GM heads to the Kitchen, takes a picture of herself with her key. BB calls for an ILD, causing Elissa to come inside. GM wants Elissa to go upstairs to take pictures of her in the HOH room. Elissa says they can do a full photo shoot. Andy is up out of bed, but everyone else is still sleeping.

2:15pm bbt Andy/Elissa join GM in the HOH room. Elissa starts playing photographer for GM's photo shoot, GM is wearing the HOH robe, picture on the bed, GM in the tub. While GM changes to her BB Baseball jersey, Elissa/Andy take a picture together. GM is changing into her bathing suit. Elissa says the music yesterday was so good, but today was a letdown, "When Jennifer Lopez is your best choice..."

2:20pm bbt Elissa is listening to Britney Spears cd while Andy takes pictures of GM. Elissa: These are for Nick! Andy says BB is going to yell at GM for wearing heels(because of her toe). Judd gets called to the DR.

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2:32pm BBT: Gm walking around taking pictures.Judd heading up to hoh rm and Gm taking pictures of andy in KT from balcony. Amanda comes in and says the coffee smells amazing.Judd and Andy both in hoh for a group picture of the exterminators minus Spencer.

2:35pm BBt: Elissa and Mccrae in WA talking about keeping Amanda and getting Spencer out this week and Elissa says lets doit and Amanda is going to keep me safe even if it is a double?Mccrae says yeah she will. Elissa says if it is a double i dont want to win the first hoh and Mccrae says yeah.

2:40pm BBT: In the hoh rm the exterminators are taking pictures and looking at the all. In WA Mccraeand Elissa whispering about getting Andy and Gm ou

2:42pm BBT:Amanda is looking at a ring and says it is 14k . It is Elissa ring to make a deal not to vote Amanda out this week and to keep each other safe . Mccrae asking Amanda what to do if it is a double and Amanda says Gm and judd need to go.

2:47pm BBT:Judd is in Wa with Amanda and Mccrae and says they are on LD maybe because there might be a suprize eviction wednesday you know when Julie comes on and says tune in wednesday for a special live eviction. Amanda says no i havent got my suitcase yet and Judd says thats right.

2:52pm BBT: Gm telling Spencer Judd and Andy what she wrote in her blog about the exterminators had to make a big move and get out the baby rats.

2:55pm BBT:Elissa and Mccrae in Wa talking and Judd walks in and says he is making nuggets if Mccrae wants some and we get foth.

2:57pm BBT:Mccrae telling Judd what he and Elissa said and Judd says we should talk You Me and Andy and Mccrae says yeah i am gonna grab some more nuggets and leaves. He comes back with nuggets and keeps singing.

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3:07pm BBT: Elissa in BR doing yogsa and all other HG in Kt talkig about what if they brought David back in and Gm says they better not. Amanda leaves Kt then comes back. everyone getting something to eat.

3:09pm BBT: Amanda pulls Andy in the have not rm and tells him that Elissa gave her her wedding ring and it is real even the diamond is real and Andy says alright and they hug and Andy leaves the rm Amanda is happy as she heads into the color rm where Elissa is and Judd walks in Amanda says where did Andy just go and Amanda leaves the rm.

3:22pm BBt: Gm in HOh rm listening to music and Andy Mccrae and Judd in color rm talking and Spencer walks in and talk stops.

3:25pm BBT: Amanda and Elissa in lounge rm and Amanda says things are looking good Andy gave me his working shirt to hold and Judd never wins nothing and Elissa shakes her head and they leave the rm. Elissa in KT making a bowl of grapes.

3: 30pm BBT: Elissa doing yoga in chair rm with amanda talkig to her since all the guys are in the color rm now and Amanda says Judd was so nervous lastnight cuz he is close to Spencer and he doesnt want spencer to go home. Amanda says this is going to be the biggest eviction of the season thank God. She says you cant trust spencer at all you just cant.

3:38pm BBT:The BY is now open and Amanda and Mccrae are smoking now and talking about making a deal with Elissa was a good idea and she might get to stay here and Mccrae says this was a good idea.

3:43pm BBT:Amanda saying she wonders what they was doing out side today cuz she coulod hear drilling like into plywood and we get foth. we are back and Andy is telling Judd Gm and Spencer that Elissa gave Amanda her wedding ring today and Gm says let her walk out with it.

3:45pm BBT: Andy goes to STR with Amanda and says this is totaly gonna work with me and Elissa arguing and this is gonna work. Amanda says yeah and leaves STR. Elissa is outside running in the BY as Mccrae is sitting on couch. Gm is moving her stuff down from the HOH rm so Amanda and Mccrae can have her rm tomorrow night.

3:52pm BBT: Spencer is telling Andy to tell Amanda that Mccrae wants an all boys alliance and Spencer heads outside to the BY where Mccrae is sitting. Andy walking around the KT waiting to talk to Gm and Gm says how can she think we would keep her? Amanda walsk through with bleach and heads back to BY to do laundry.

3:56pm BBT: Gm says she wants to go out and get sun while she can still sweat. In the BY is general chat.

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4:03pm BBT: Amanda and Elissa in chair rm talking about the sleeping arrangments and how comfy Elissa was but she has to move for Gm to have her bed back so Elissa is moving to chair rm with Amanda and Mccrae.

4:10pm BBT: In the By most hg are sitting around telling stories and jokes and amanda complaining that it is so hot out. Elissa doing yoga in BY by the weights.

4:13pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae going upstairs to HIh rm looking for Andy and mccrae says this is crazy and Andy says getting her engament ring is crazy and amanda says it is real and it is easly a 5k ring and Andy says oh my gosh and Amanda asking if they suspect anything and Andy says no and Amanda says good it will be a blindside and i know elissa isnt lying and her demeanor has changed toward me and she says Elissa said she cant wait to see Judds face cuz he lies to Elissa .

4:15pm BBt: Amanda says we just have to make sure Judd doesnt win HOh cuz we dont know what he will do and Mccrae says i dont think he will put up Elissa and Andy says actually the only thing he wouldnt do is put up Gm.

4:18pm BBT: Amanda says she told Elissa that they will blame the vote on Judd cuz he is the only one left to out it on so blame Judd and Andy says yeah and says he is going to act the next few days that she is dead to him and amanda says yeah we have to be careful, this week is going to be crazy if we have a double . Andy says i know thats why i am gonna act like you are a dead man walking and Amanda says yeah me too.

4:23pm BBT: Amanda says that elissa is being really close to her and Andy says i know but if it is a rie then i lose all trust with Gm that i have worked hard for . Amanda says she cant wait to see the look on GM's face when she stays this week. In the By there is general talk about school and bullys.

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#BB15 4:39 PM BBT In the HOH Judd telling McCrae that Elisa is lying about her age. The guys can't figure out why she would like about her age.

#BB15 4:44 PM BBT Amanda and Elissa talking in the BY. Amanda fills her in on that Andy in HOH solidifying the deal to keep Amanda.

#BB15 4:49 PM BBT Elissa asks Amanda if she is sure that they can trust Andy. Amanda assures her that they can. In the HOH, McCrae talks about he likes to go out to bars but doesn't because he can't afford it. Says he prefers bars that has drunkards.

#BB15 5:04 PM BBT In HOH they talk about past seasons. Judd says he thinks ED only came back so Danielle could play again and never intended to stay for the season.

#BB15 5:18 PM BBT General chit chat in the HOH room. About cell phones and where they are from.

#BB15 5:33 PM BBT Talk in HOH about movies and actors/actresses. All HG are getting along and chatting.

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5:46pm BBT: most Hg in HOh rm talking about movies and Amanda out at BY doing laundry.

5:54pm :Amanda outside smoking alone Gm sleeping in HOh rm as Andy Judd Mccrae and Spencer talk about movies and Elissa laying on the couch in HOh covered up.

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6:01pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in By talking and Amanda says i really think Elissa is for real. Amanda says Elissa is saving my life in this game and Mccrae says she shouel you have saved her enough and Amanda says and i was so mean to her but i feel like she is saving my life. mccrae says we both saved her and Amanda says that elissa kept saying it feels right to save me and Andy walks out and talk stops he leaves and mccrae says i feel like this is destiny and Amanda says the worst thing that happens is i can go and i already expected that.

6:05pm BBT: Amanda says we have to include her in all our game stuff and just because she told me that Gm was wanting her to vote e out i believe her and she says spencer is gone. Mccrae says i think she is afraid of being down to two girls and the boys coming after her.

6:12pm BBT: Mccrae, Andy, Spencer and Judd are all going to workout and run in the BY. Amanda is doing her nails in the BY and Elissa and Gm are sleeping in the HOH rm.

6:18pm BBT: All men in the house are running in the BY and Amanda still doing nails and smoking .

6:25pm BBT: Andy and Spencer still running around BY and Mccrae and Judd have stopped running and sitting with Amanda on the couch.

6:36pm BBT: Andy is still running and Mccrae sitting on couch with Amanda and Judd talking about needing higher arches in his shoes and Amanda says yeah you are flat footed..

6:43pm BBT: Mccrae and Spencer talking in BY about Cbs needing to make apps for BB so there is more interaction with BB. Andy is still running around the BY and Judd sitting just listening to Spencer and Mccrae.

6:56pm BBT: General talk in the BY with all the men and the women are in the house sleeping.

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7:25PM BBT: Andy and Spencer solidify their plans. They tally possible jury votes. Andy goes inside because no one has been outside and that makes him nervous. McCrae and Judd have been in the WA discussing past seasons and former HG. Andy walked into the convo easily and exited just as easily. Amanda whispers to him in the KT about Elissa. Judd is now in the shower. Spencer has requested alcohol.

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7:50PM BBT: McCrae is working on forming a secret alliance with Judd in the BY. McCrae feels he doesn't have a place in the game. They feel others get nervous when they talk together so they are going to keep things quiet. In the KT, the girls are mixing the cake. Small talk, mostly about fruit.

7:55PM BBT: Amanda:"GinaMarie, what are you gonna say to Nick when you see him?" GM:"I don't.. I missed you." She showed no emotion as she cuts up a pineapple.

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