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CBBUK Season 12 - Week Two: When Good Celebs Turn Bad


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Day Nine: It's the morning before the second eviction and the bad blood between Lauren and Sophie hasn't softened overnight. Louie continues to engender himself to his fellow housemates by dishing on them behind their back. Dustin is given the chance to win the house a meal via a secret mission - he must convince his fellow celebs that VI Pop is his own drink and convince them to endorse the product. Louie says this is so typical American. The reactions are, well, mixed and Mario & Ron call it out as a task. By calling Dustin out, the house cost themselves a tasty meal.

The stress builds leading up to the live eviction as first Lauren and Charlotte are declared safe, then Courtney and Louie, leaving Ron as the second evictee from the CBB House. Yabba Dabba Do, says an overjoyed Ron. Louie, on the other hand, seems put out that the British public kept him in the house. Talk quickly turns to how Bruce will miss Ron and how inappropriate Bruce has been in recent days with his mood and temper, calling Sophie a busy-body know-it-all, Dustin is too nice and wondering why Lauren got so many votes to save. It doesn't take these celebs too long to turn on their next fellow housemates.

Some people shouldn't drink, says Mario about Carol.

Coming Up: After the celebrity housemates sober up, it will be time for nominations again, with the third eviction set for next Wednesday.

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Day Ten: After breaking the rules over nominations again, the house is without hot water and electrical again, no access to the gym and Courtney and Sophie are sent to jail. The house doesn't take to the news very well, no one fuming more than Bruce, Carol and Louie. The jailbirds get some exercise while Mario & Charlotte provide some indecent graffiti on the telly's. As punishment, they had to deface their own faces.

For today's task, Louie judges his fellow housemates on a dance off. The hand-picked winners enjoyed a VIP party with Judge Louie. Round one is Disco and Abz gets the nod over Vickey. Lauren and Courtney face off for a breakdance and Courtney wins. Charlotte & Mario take on hip-hop and Louie awards Mario with the complete performance. Bruce & Sophie perform to rave music beginner raver Bruce tops Sophie. Finally, Carol and Dustin recreate their entrance into the CBB House through interpretive dance. Carol leaves Louie breathless and she wins the interpretive dance.

After the VIPs dance the night away, the losing housemates commiserate in their boredom as Courtney misses home. The VIPers discuss Courtney's life with a man so much older. While Abz waters the garden, the housemates reunite in the party room, as Lauren's play in a cage dance generates tsk tsks from Sophie and Bruce. Courtney talks about turning down porn opportunities when she turned 18. Dustin, Sophie and Lauren talk about how Courtney is stepping out while in London, feeling out her teenage oats. Carol gives a drunk Courtney advice on how to be evicted from CBB.

Coming Up: Will the celebs nominate out of strategy, harmony or by grudge? And what will be the British Public's rational for eviction? With under 2 weeks remaining, how far will the celebs go to win?

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Day Eleven: Fallout from last night's party continues with Bruce and Charlotte having harsh words over being quite at night. This leads into Sunday's nominations as strategy gives way to personal feelings and reasons. Nobody escapes nomination points this round, but it is Bruce, Courtney, Lauren, Louie and Sophie who will face the public vote with the most nominations. But BB digs the nominations knife a little deeper, showing clips of their fellow celeb housemates reasons for nomination.

The petty personal reasons for nominations exposed, the celebs do what they do best and fake being unaffected. Courtney coaches Lauren on how to believe in her fans, Louie celebrates his nomination and Bruce walks around with a frozen smile on his face. And then the alcohol is served, with Louie hiding the wine. Lauren breaks down in private solace, Courtney gets sized up by Carol, and Sophie bitters to Mario.

Lauren tells Sophie it's the public's decision, not the other housemates. Carol trash talks Sophie in her absence as Courtney tells her to let it go. Charlotte and Bruce find common ground in reflection of their youth. Dustin tries to lift a sleeping Lauren's spirits, Sophie calls out Louie for being nasty, and Carol tries walking a mile in Courtney's shoes. Sophie completes her round of victim-hood by feeling sorry for herself to Vicky and then unloading on Mario.

Coming Up: To say there is little love in the house would be like saying the Thames is a great swimming hole. Will Bruce lose his temper and turn into the Incredible Hulk? Is Lauren so fragile she might break? Is Courtney no more than the sum of her enhanced parts? Is Sophie gutted or just playing the game? And will Louie finally get his wish? The next live eviction is on Wednesday!

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Day Twelve: Fallout from last night's nominations and the reasons behind them weigh heavily on the celeb housemates' minds. Everything's fine, Carol lies. Fine, Bruce lies back. Lauren can't remember who nominated her. Mario, Lauren and Carol are taken prisoner by an evil villain, Mr. Big, to kick off this week's Shopping Task. The rest of the house will be made to think they will be living in horrible conditions and tortured. In fact, they will be living in luxury and watching the rest of the house on the telly. They have to act convincingly to fool their fellow housemates. Which means no laughing.

Mario plays the role of Mr. Big, his voice disguised and in costume. If the housemates fail to do everything Mr. Big says, one of the housemates may not return to the house. To show he is serious, Mr. Big drops thousands of beetles and fire ants on the hostages. There scene complete, the three hostages are treated to pastries, sweets, and fruit juice. Mr. Big calls the CBB house with his first demand: housemates must surrender all the food in the house, including basic rations and condiments, emptying out the refrigerator, even the crumbs out of the bread pan and ice from the ice maker, and they will get the same slop the prisoners are eating.

Mr. Big's second demand is to eat individually crafted meals of inedible food items, making an impression on the watching hostages. Meanwhile, the hostages order off the gourmet room service menu. In the house, they figure the hostages are living in luxury and watching them. Dustin and Courtney's reluctance to participate in the task is not lost on the hostages. Mr. Big's next demand is for Courtney to give up all of her clothes, including her toy bunny, in order to save her husband, Doug, and wear dirty overalls. Courtney complies and is given the opportunity to see her husband and free him.

No Smoking, Doug admonishes her.

Mr. Big's demand for Dustin is for him to become Skreech and to sing the song from Saved By The Bell. He has to get into a Skreech costume and get into character, singing the song. Some housemates are amused while others are completely nonplussed. Sophie wonders if the hostages are prisoners or them?

Mr. Big's last demand for the day is for Louie to dance across broken glass (really sugar glass). Louie steps onto the glass while the other housemates grimace, stunned and unable to watch as he grinds his feet on the shards of glass while dancing some of the ugliest modern dance moves ever seen. He receives a standing ovation when done, his footies none the worse for wear.

Coming Up: Will the Celebrity Housemates meet Mr. Big's demands and gain the return of the hostage housemates, or will they get tired of the Shopping Task and let the house fail? The nominated housemates have to be concerned with public perception, but the safe housemates also have to be worried about the next round of nominations. There is an eviction Wednesday and again on Friday as this accelerated season of celebrity continues.

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Day Thirteen: Whatever you do, don't blink. No, it's not Dr. Who, it's another CBB UK eviction!

When last we checked in with the celeb housemates, Carol, Mario and Lauren had been taken hostage by Mr. Big and the rest of the house made to suffer at Mr. Big's whim. The hostages actually are living a life of luxury while the other housemates border on mutiny against Mr. Big. Courtney refuses to wear her jump suit after having forked over all her clothes to see her husband, causing a riff with BFF Lauren.

Mr. Big's next demand was for Abz to perform one of his hits with the group, Five. Even the hostages watching from the luxury sweet are on their feet and dancing as Abs on-stage personality comes out. Next Vicky and Bruce must recreate their married character from the long running soap, Coronation Street, and diss their fellow housemates. It's like watching TV, says Louie.

The housemates gather in the LR for a message from Mr. Big and the life of luxury of the housemates is revealed, juxtaposing the hostages observations with the main house's suffering. One of the hostages will not return, says Mr. Big, they must now be evicted from the house and the main house must choose whom. Lauren will be returned to the house because she is already nominated and her fate is in the public's hands. They must instead choose between Mario and Carol and they must cast their vote to evict live in front of their fellow housemates with the hostages watching.

Carol gets all the votes with some venomous reasons, except from Charlotte who voted out Mario. Carol is evicted from the CBB House as the main housemates watch on screen. But BB tells Carol tonight was not a real eviction and her place in the house is secure, but instead will return to living in luxury and watching the main house. Mario and Lauren are welcomed to the main house. Courtney and Lauren have a heart to heart and make up as Carol watches the rest of the celeb housemates react to her suddenly shocking (and fake) eviction.

It's time for the real eviction of the evening, and the celebrity with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction is Lauren. The housemate with the fewest votes and the third to be evicted is Sophie. After Sophie leaves the house, her former housemates are stunned when Carol returns from her fake eviction to luxury house. Charlotte, Lauren and Mario give her a huge hug as Carol announces it's payback time to the others.

BB then reveals that Carol must nominate one housemate to face the public vote on Friday. She nominates Courtney.

Coming Up: Did you blink? If so, you may miss the next round of nominations and then a live DOUBLE EVICTION on Friday! Who will join Courtney in facing the public vote? And how will Carol's return affect the rest of the housemates?

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Day Fourteen: It's the morning of eviction and the housemates reflect on Carol's unexpected departure while she secretly watches them preparing for the night's live eviction. Dustin is depressed, says he's over it, they don't even have basic rations anymore, the cupboard is bare. He decides he's going on a hunger strike. Charlotte turns psychic and gives Lauren a reading using her psychic socks.

In today's task, the boys take on the girls in 3 maxi-muscle challenge. First Vicky and Bruce square off holding trays of drinks on vibrating shake platforms - the first to drop their dray loses and Vicky proves to be the more stable of the two, giving the girls their first point. Challenge #2 finds Mario battling Lauren in the Pillow Bag Punchout, each punching their way out of a large paper bag. Mario breaks free without Lauren even making a hole, evening up the score. Everything rests on the Gunge Dip final challenge, with Dustin and Charlotte holding themselves up over a vat of pink gunge. The trash talk from the peanut gallery is as thick as the gunge as a Charlotte outlasts Dustin to win the task for the girls.

BB announces the availability of basic rations and Dustin refuses a cup of tea from Bruce. Courtney mistakes a bag of rice for coffee. The girls receive a junk food feast for winning the muscle task. Carol learns that she will be returning to the house after the live eviction and will have the opportunity to nominate one of her housemates for eviction. She watches the nominated housemates make their final preparations and offer their final thoughts to BB about the eviction.

After Sophie's eviction, Carol makes her dramatic return and announces it's payback time. She nominates Courtney for being unwilling to pay the price for the privilege of seeing her husband. Mario and Charlotte welcome Carol back, saying the Crew is back. In the DR, Courtney acknowledges that Carol's reasons for nomination were valid. In the house, Carol continues to trash Courtney's behavior.

The celeb housemates then are called together for their first face-to-face nominations and the reasons are harsh, bitter, petty and personal. Abz compliments Courtney on handling all the negativity from the other housemates, while Carol continues to tear her down behind her back with Mario and Louie. Courtney worries to Lauren that she'll leave the house so independent her husband will think she doesn't need him anymore. Lauren says you have to love him but you have to think about your own identity. Courtney says she would leave the house if Lauren were ever not there with her.

Coming Up: The bitch is back, stone cold sober as a matter of fact. With 2/3 of the house up for nomination, how will Carol's return affect the mood of the house? And who will become fourth and fifth celeb housemates to lose their place in the BB House as Friday's live surprise double eviction looms on the horizon?

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Day Fifteen: It's double trouble for the celeb housemates as Friday brings a live double eviction to the CBB House. But first, Louie is giving Carol a massage and fart-gate erupts. Louie demonstrates for Carol the proper technique for a Slut Drop. Vicky gives Lauren encouragement while Carol confesses to Louie why she walked off her show, Loose Women.

The celebs are going stir crazy after 15 days in the CBBUK house and BB provides some party food and drink to lift spirits. Louie is given a secret task to drink an entire special non-alcoholic bottle of wine, then to act drunk and have the mother of all meltdowns. After about an hour, it's time for the show to begin. It all starts with laughing and smiling and the unusually inebriated housemate but then Act II begins as crazy drunk Louie comes to the party, teeing off on is fellow housemates as the whispering behind his back begins. Smiles become grimaces and stiff upper lips. 17 minutes later it's time for the Act III as Louie begins dumping the contents of the fridge out onto the floor and begins throwing food around the house.

For Louie's finale, he breaks down in Charlotte's arms as Carol, Bruce and Dustin clean up the kitchen. BB calls the housemates to the living room as Louie continues to cry and the other housemates quietly complain about his behavior. The climax comes as BB reveals that it was all a secret task and Louie basks in the accolades of his fellow celebs, who were all completely taken in by his acting prowess.

As a reward for completing the task, the house gets more dinks and music to dance buy as Courtney hangs off Mario's ample shoulders. But Lauren is rattled and seeks quiet in the bedroom. Bruce reminds Mario that Courtney is a married woman and Mario asks Charlotte to keep Courtney away from him. Courtney announces it is hot and she is distressed and she wants to release something. A nervous Mario asks what? Later, Courtney spoon feeds Lauren cereal in bed as Mario pours out his frustrations to Charlotte. Courtney intentionally spills milk in Dustin's bed.

But before we can find out the next chapter in this story, it's time for an eviction. It's time to talk to the house as the housemates are told that the double eviction they have been anticipating has arrived. The fourth housemate to be evicted from the CBB house is Dustin. He wastes no time saying his goodbyes and making a beeline for the door. Back to the house where the remaining six nominees wait nervously. The housemate with the fewest votes to save and 5th to be evicted is Bruce. Yes, he says as he jumps up, says his goodbyes and races up the stairs. Courtney asks hopefully if it will be a triple eviction.

Coming Up: There's only a week left in the Celebrity BB UK game, but there's one more live eviction before the final five face the Public vote to win. Which means there's one more set of nominations this weekend. With Dustin and Bruce gone, who will the housemates turn on next?

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