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How does PoV work? (a.k.a. "The History Channel")


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Really? Almost 300 emoticons, and still not enough?

(I really don't use any of them much.)


Marty, do you have them in an XML archive file? (Or two?)

An IP.Board Emoticon Pack is an XML archive file of the images and activation words (i.e. :smile:)

stevea11, I'll see what I can do!
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Well it's weird , I have no access to any emoticons, I have my own on my iPad but if I try to use them they don't show up and for some reason they are nowhere to be found in the posting section, unless even with my readers on I can't see them,lol, I love your emoticons Marty

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It takes a long time to add emoticons one by one. (And Marty has over 250 of them!)

That's why I asked about an XML archive, which would let them be added all at once.

(I like the cow one, though. Maybe I'll add just that one for practice.) :cowwave:

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Unfortunately, I am not the original creator of the inanimate objects thread. I wish I could be that creative, but I did try to keep it alive each year. Sometimes I do want to change my avatar too, but the little lad just looks so adorable doesn't he? lol

Also, the History Channel is a fantastic name for this thread. Finally, a chance to put my BB knowledge to the test.

For the life of me, I could not remember the platinum power of veto, so I had to look it up. BB10 was the same year hurricane Gustav hit, and I was without power for a week and in the dark about BB. Did the platinum power of veto make it to air?

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