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Totally rigged for Amanda to win!


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amanda doesnt fit the likely candidates bb "usually" try to rigged//steer the game for

1. she is not male thou many may disagree with that :laugh4:

2. she is not a fan favorite

3. not in a popular showmance :animated_bouncy:

4. She doesn't have salt and pepper hair.

5. You can't get lost in her baby blue eyes.

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I think they're trying to rig it now for sure. With Elissa suddenly wanting to help Amanda. That's a load of crap. The DR probably said "Look, you're the sister of a previous winner, you're not going to win because you were just this season's gimmick houseguest, so we'll write you out a check, maybe fudge the America's Choice results, if you help Amanda."

But then the rigging got a wrench in the wheel when the floaters banded together. They can't pull the same kind of DR manipulation out of fear that more than one person getting a similar offer might lead to them talking.

Maybe the bribe theory is bordering on loony tunes conspiracy, but it's been confirmed multiple times that the DR manipulates the decisions of houseguests. I just hope if the DR is manipulating Elissa, they at least provided her with a prop wedding ring. Because Amanda is going to bolt straight out the door and pawn that shit on Thursday night.

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i am starting to believe it is rigged for amanda to win :giggle::animated_bouncy:

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